Currently Watching: Your House Helper


So yeah, I lied. I added Your House Helper yesterday to my list. However, I realized this drama is still airing! Thankfully though it ends this week and I can marathon it with ease. Speaking of marathon, I am currently on episode 19 of 32 episodes. I did not realize I have gotten this far. If not because of this morning’s hiking with the family, I could have been caught with all the episodes by now.

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Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons


If you are looking for the most interesting, intriguing, engaging and intellectually stimulating sageuk drama, Six Flying Dragons is the drama for you. Even though I am only on episode 39, I can assure you that this drama is really great. A year ago, I was in a different place and time. I was not interested in watching it all. In fact, I started episode 1 because of all the hypes it received. No luck at all. I was bored and frustrated that I could not feel the excitement like others.

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Just Watched: Legend of the Blue Sea


In the beginning, I hesitated to start this drama because… you know, I am just partial with Lee Min Ho. He is a good looking and handsome guy but he does nothing to my heart. Besides, I was a bit disappointed with his character in Heirs. Nevertheless, I went with my gut again this time and saw it anyway because I love mermaid! Well, not really but… the idea of a mermaid in a kdrama is interesting! *laughs* And I love Giana, she is so pretty! I also like her casual acting. I mean, she’s not the greatest actress but she is awesome and I adore her.


The first 6 episodes were torturous. I don’t know where to begin. I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP. The show itself was funny, though. I laughed so hard. And the story itself is extremely mystical and magical. What kept me going was the past lives of the OTP – how they met and how he reincarnated from one life to another looking very much the same and how she still able to remember him. Well, I guess she should… She’s a mermaid, so she should have good memories, right? The Legend of the Blue Sea did not only cover their present life, the show also gave us flashback scenes when they met in Joseon era. Their lives intertwined by chance and the writer continued to build the OTP’s relationship off of that. However, there is one thing that made this love story never gets its happy ending. The mermaid continuously erased his memories before she disappeared. And this is why every time they met, it feels like they are falling in love for the first time.


Magical? Yeah! Mystical? Absolutely. Tiring? Not really. In the past, the mermaid, Shim Chung, had a tough life living in the human world. But, in this modern world, she succeeded. She got closer to Joon Jae very quickly; Joon Jae is the love of her life. Joon Jae happened to like her for a fairly good reason, too. Being a professional illusionary and thief, he had his eyes on Chung’s jade bracelet. So this happenstance was very comical to me. I really enjoyed the troublesome and the meddlesome these two goofs encountered in Spain. The only problem is their twisty path reincarnated with them too. The villain from the Joseon era followed and haunted them in this life as well. And you know what this means, right? It is like a karma… If you don’t take care of the business now, it will continue to follow you in the next life. So Joon Jae and Chung finally took care of it.


As I said before, I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP in the first 6 episodes. I also kept going back and forth whether I should drop the show all while continuously watching it. I am so glad that I talked myself out of it because the OTP grew on me more and more. They are visually stunning together and they really carried the show beautifully. I became so in love with them more and more the minute she moved into his home. The drama did drag but by this time, I couldn’t care less anymore.



Legend of the Blue Sea has 20 episodes. When it is over, I was completely feeling down. My son and I really enjoyed the show. By all means, the show did not get the Descendants of the Sun popularity, but for whatever reason, I found a few of my tlist that I wouldn’t think would watch Legend watched it. And best of all? They all loved it! Surprise surprise! I highly recommend Legend of the Blue Sea. I also highly recommend for a rewatch too! *beam* Oooh, one last thing…. You can’t have a Min Ho drama without a catchy theme song, right? *sings* This is a love story……. *giggles*


Currently Watching: Mirror of the Witch


My second sageuk of the year! Well, kinda. Mirror of the Witch is a fantasy drama took place in sageuk era. I’m a bit relieved because I can’t handle two-period dramas at the same time. My brain would explode! I’m glad I finished The Royal Gambler and soon, this drama will end too. 4 more episodes to go and I’m currently ready for this show to be over. Wae? Yeah, it is getting too draggy. It’s a typical kdrama, at some point, the writers start to recycle plots again. I am like haven’t we seen this before? Are you really our of your mind? You’re hired to be writers! Get creative!


Sadly, no one could hear our screams. We again continue to get bored with repetitive plots. But I must say I’m still having fun. This drama is quite engaging. I really like the fantasy style this drama portrays. The story can be very confusing. At one point, I even watched several episodes twice. It is twisty and the time jump was really puzzling. Thank goodness for Twitter, a portal where I release my anger and frustration. And thanks to Twitter, I got my questions answered.


Anyway, this 20 episodes drama is ending this week. I have yet to watch episode 17 and 18 and most likely won’t be watching it until I get back from my work travel. But, if I’m lucky, I may catch it this week! But from what I remember from episode 16, episode 17 and 18 could be fillers since the Shamaness seems to be trapped in her own evil juice! I guess I should wait. I can’t stand the shamaness, she seems undefeated! Jun sacrificed himself and got the sword from her. And thank goodness, he was able to control and not get possessed by her evil smoke! Or did he? Seo Ri, on the other hand, sacrificed herself too and the shamaness still holding on strong! I really hate this! The ending better be good! Better be!!!


Instead of giving my usual ritual, which is my own synopsis, let’s take a look at the acting side instead. Kim Sae Ron. Let’s focus on her. I had fear in the beginning. Both male leads are way older than her. Yet, she is able to pull it through! Like a champ! I can’t tell her age in this drama after episode 3. Her acting is top notch. And the men, I’m surprised by how awesome they are in Mirror of the Witch. Their body languages are just superb. Knowing the age difference and playing a love interest to a 17 year old girl, they are able to give the feels without crossing the line. I’m impressed *claps*.


Anyway, Mirror of the Witch is watchable. Sadly, this is not a FF drama. You really need to sit and watch it. If you look away,  you will miss all of it. Trust me. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. If you decide to watch it, please be patience. Like I said, this drama gets draggy and it is not even funny anymore! I’m pissed but I will remain strong to the end!


Just Watched: Blood


From one controversy drama post to another! Yes, I’m talking about Blood. When Bel and I discussed on Tweeter whether we should watch it, we received zero support. “Think twice before you watch it!” or “Go YouTube a scene clip and you will understand why this is a must NOT watch drama!” Oh, wow. The overwhelming of outrageous support took us by surprise. WE have heard how bad it was but ever since the article Drama Fever posted on the OTP’s real life love, our curiosity won over us. How can we not, right? We must judge it for ourselves!


For the record, we completed Blood in three days! THREE DAYS!!!! And we kept our watch in secret (okay, my big mouth spilled it to a few people) and we continuously to tweet each other via DM. Bless the Twitter DM. And strangely, we were so absorbed in it and we kept telling each other that we cannot find the show painfully annoying nor uninteresting. Are we that ignorant? Or is it because we are so immune with overacting and overzealous in dailies that Blood turns out to be extraordinarily entertaining and acceptable?


I asked Bel her opinion and this is what she has to say:

“A funny thing happened on the way NOT to this drama, Blood (2015). Not only did we ignore everyone’s opinion and watched in secret; but an amazing thing happened… We liked it!!! Mickey!!! We liked it! Okay, this is really not unusual, folks! My drop list is full of drams that people liked that I either hated, couldn’t finished or just blame didn’t understand the excitement for!

Here’s the strange thing about Blood. It really wasn’t a medical drama! At least, I never looked it as such! Brain is a medical drama! The Virus! Hell, even the crappy Medical Top Team was really a medical drama! Blood was simply about a man who finds himself affected by a disease and is searching for the cure. I admit that a lot of the supporting characters like Joo Hyun Woo truly added substance to this drama; however, we watched it in 3 days and I cannot say I was even, truly bored!”


And there you have it, folks! Bel and I against the world! WE did it and happy to say we are completely satisfied with the drama! Tell us what it is about Blood that you dislike. Bel and I would love to hear it from you!


Currently Watching: You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin


Waaaaaahhhh it has been awhile since I started weekend family drama. I don’t even remember my last weekend drama to be honest. Was it Goddess of Marriage? Ooooh ooh ooh it was Wonderful Days! Wait wait, wow…. Can you see the pattern? One weekend family drama per year! I don’t even know how I could stand watching crazy daily dramas but I can’t stand weekend dramas. I know… *raises brow* Most likely it is because daily drama is 30 minutes long whereas weekend is an hour long. It is harder to walk away on an hour long angsty drama. At least that’s how I feel…


But anyway I decided to watch You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (YTBLSS) because I saw few episodes while I was in Malaysia. It got my attention and I laughed so hard for the few episodes. Of course I’m not laughing now since the story has moved on from comedy to real drama. Another thing I wanted to mention is Jo Jung Suk. Because of him in this show I gave Oh My Ghost a watch. I was impressed by him but in YTBLSS, he is actually better. I like the way he carry himself as Junho. He’s not too cocky as a rich CEO and knows his place well. You can almost feel him when he’s sad, happy, frustrated, and angry. In my opinion though, he’s not the best looking actor (at least to my eyes), but his acting skill is super impressive *thumbs up*. Well, enough evaluating Jo Jung Suk for now… Let’s focus on the real deal. The show. You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin.


The reason I did not watch it immediately was because of the title. I don’t know, I guess I really judged it by the title! Mian, it is just me and my ignorance self. I know I shouldn’t and I regret it now. I really like this show. When I first tweeted it, I received mixed responses. A few liked it, but mostly said they were frustrated and couldn’t finish it. Maybe because I’m marathoning it, the so called “crazy and madness” are completely breeze to me. In fact, as a season daily drama watcher, YTBLSS did not scare me at all. I truly enjoy it so much! I do not need any cat toys nor scream foul words. Yeah… and the drama made quite a lot of sense. The reasons for the characters to get angry and the way they resolved it can be very dramatic at times but then, it is not kdrama without the ridiculous plots, right?


YTBLSS is a 50-episode drama focusing on the life of Lee Soon Shin. She is the youngest daughter in the family but with zero talent. She applied for many jobs but continuously getting rejected. She later was scouted by an entertainment agency. The agent’s name is Shin Junho and they signed up a contract with him in a restaurant located underneath the agency. IThe contract was so believable to Soon Shin and her mom that they signed up immediately and paid up $10,000 at front. Well, as expected, she was actually conned. She hang out in the restaurant hoping to meet the conman and started waitressing in hoping to catch the conman. Needless to say, she was unable to catch the conman but finally, met up with the real Shin Junho! *dun dun dun*


Shin Junho is the CEO of an entertainment agency and agreed to a bet with a useless actress that once was his ex-girlfriend and his actress under his agency. She said that if he could turn Soon Shin to be a superstar actress, she will stop asking him to take her back into his agency (as well as his girlfriend). Yeap, yeoreobun… That was some idiot bet. But Soon Shin was skeptical in the beginning but since she was short on cash after being conned, she signed a contract with him. At this time, her mom has lost faith and insisted of her not to ever talk about acting. Plus, with sudden death of her dad, and for her mom to find that Soon Shin could be her husband’s daughter with his longtime girlfriend, her relationship with her mom became more tense. I can see why some watchers cannot watch it coz it can be a little harsh but heh, I’m used to it.


So the story moves to Soon Shin sneaking out from her house and attending acting class with Song Mi Ryeong, a veteran actress, who happens to be under Junho’s agency. However, right before her auditioning for a role, her name was cut from the list! Song Mi Ryeong did it out of spite after knowing that Soon Shin is her first’ lover’s daughter. But what she doesn’t know is that Soon Shin IS her daughter! And then the sudden misunderstanding in Soon Shin’s household as her mom, sisters and grandma thought that Soon Shin’s dad cheated with Mi Ryeong. All this misunderstanding could have been solved had all sit in one sitting and talk. But hey, then there won’t be any dramas, would they? *giggle*


I confessed YTBLSS is currently my krack drama. I put hold the rest of my drama watching for this show. I crave for new episode every time I completed one. It has a good mixture of feelings in one drama and I’m not sure whether all issues can be resolved under 50 episodes. There are many twisty plots but as a season drama watcher, I’m used to it. The romance between Soon Shin and Junho is a snail pace but I think I can handle it. I’m currently on episode 33… wait episode 34 now *giggle*. See, this drama is just so gooooood! Alright, forget everything… Just watch YTBLSS. It is awesome! It’s worth it!