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Well, as a (kinda huge) Lee Jong Suk fan, of course, I could not miss the world to watch him in While You Were Sleeping. In fact, the first episode was so impressive that I even considered doing a crazy recap like I did for W with Mari and Erl. I knew I was being ridiculous and too ambitious. I can’t even keep up with my regular blogging! Okay, back to Lee Jong Suk. Yeah, he is a darling and his goofiness since episode 1 really entertaining and his puppy smile… I can’t help but melt into gooey caramel. He is choooo cute!

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W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 16


Erl: It’s the final stretch people and they are running out of time. Will our questions be answered? Will our OTP survive? Will we have a happy ending? Are you all ready to find out?

Mari: I think I speak for all of us… yes!!!! Let’s get it over with! 

Nelly: Is it over yet?


Me: We start where we left off – Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul plotting the ending of the manhwa cause yeah, this is the final episode. And my nails are all short because of the biting.

Nelly: I’m just worried whether they will remain as couple or not *rocks back and forth*

Mari: This is a great idea! Make sure that there are no loopholes this time! You last few plans have backfired because of loopholes. 


Me: This is my exact reaction when they removed the rings, like what?! Is that the only thing Kang Chul can think of?

Nelly: I was shocked! It doesn’t make any sense! 

Mari: *defending her uri Kang Chul* but he is being selfless! He loves her so much he can’t see her suffer anymore. He knows that if her father dies as a result, the ending won’t really be happy. 


Me: Yes, you go girl! Tell him! It’s not like you could ever forget him anyways. After all that crossing back and forth just to be with him and save him. I know you can find better ways to end the manhwa.

Nelly: Yeap, you tell him! Being a coward will not change anything right now!

Mari: I loved her answer to his silly plan! Dude, this girl has been to hell & back because of you. She’s literally died, and watched you died ( twice!). If she can help it, she’s never letting you go! 


Me: I love you, too. Oh wait, he’s not saying that to me? Sorry.

Nelly: He meant to say it to me, Erl *wink*

Mari: I’m borrowing my own joke about KIA, I made on Twitter when I was watching this. KIA the perfect family “getaway” vehicle. Yes, I’m trying to be “punny”. 

Nelly: Thanks for sponsoring this drama, KIA! *not sponsored* 

Me: Poor puppy! But Chul, have you thought this through? You saved Do-Yoon but how are you gonna save yourself?

Nelly: Self-sacrifice. Kamikaze. I’m a bit annoyed with him now. He’s entering the lion’s den once again.

Mari: I feel the need to explain this… Crazy Chul has completely lost it. He kidnaps Do Yoon to get a hold of Kang Chul. His ultimatum is “bring me the tablet or I kill you hyung”. Seriously watching my sweet puppy bleed was hard! As you guessed Kang Chul would never let his hyung died so he shows up. 


Me: NOOOOO!!!!

Nelly: No worries, he’ll survive. He always does.

Mari: How many times has Kang Chul been shot? I don’t want to worry, but this is the last episode! This may be it! 


Me: I advise you to remain less curious sir. You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat.

Nelly: Sorry, our world will spit, chew and vomit you back to W! We don’t want you!

Mari: freaking psycho! This insane man is a presidential candidate. I know it’s fiction but it makes me wonder if all politicians are one step away from crazy. 


Me: *covers eyes*

Nelly: C’mon, Kang Chul! Take this A-hole down!

Mari: Fight Kang Chul! Fight! Don’t let this be our ending. I mean! Don’t leave Oh YeonJoo alone! 


Me: My questions exactly, why did you leave Kang Chul alone. He’s bleeding and he almost died in the lion’s den you know. Wait, a lion is also a cat, right?

Nelly: Exactly! No matter what, he’s your boss! He paid your paycheck!

Mari: Worst bodyguards ever or best? They were technically following instructions. Their boss told them to take DoYoon to a hospital, they listen. 


Me: Yes, it is him and yes he managed to get out but now Kang Chul is dying!

Nelly: *sigh* they left Kang Chul behind to defend himself alone!

Mari: Where’s Kang Chul? Why is he not answering the phone? *starts thinking the worse, slaps self to snap out of it* 


Me: NOOO!! He’s dying! where’s Yeon-Joo? Is this really happening? Tell me it’s a fake out, please!

Nelly: *bites nails* this is not how it supposed to be!!! 

Mari: Kang Chul may not make it guys! The fact that he keeps passing out and the phone calls to YeonJoo. They “scream” I’m dying. 


Me: I know that look. It’s like the look Sirus had when he toppled through the veil. This is making me sweat through my eyes.

Nelly: He is not allowed to die!!!! 

Mari: Of all the times for a character to not break the stupid traffic laws & do those illegals turns chaebol’s love. Seriously girl? Run across the freaking street to him!!!!!


Me: Is this really it? WHY? WHY?!

Nelly: Huh? What? This is the ending? At this critical moment? 

Mari: nope, nope, nope!!!! I refuse! I demand a redo! Someone from another world needs to draw another end dammit! 


Me: I need a moment.

Nelly: What the…???? Why now????? 

Mari: pretty much me… 


Me: She just lost her husband that’s why. Oh and she possibly lost her dad as well, that’s why.

Nelly: This poor, clueless doctor…

Mari: I’m surprised she’s functioning at all. 


Me: I knew one of this days Soo-bong is gonna have a breakdown. And I find it so funny that Crazy Dog found his match through him. Thanks, Soo-bong, you tell him!

Nelly: Finally!!!! I was wondering when he will break down and yell!

Mari: Crazy Dog meet Crazy Bong! Poor Soo-Bong, he is as stressed or even more stressed than everyone else. He just found his noona a mess on the side of the road, his hero died and his mentor is missing. 


Me: Question: How come she got out of the manhwa world but it seems dad didn’t? Dad’s human, right?

Mari: I believe her dad explained this in the last episode. When he killed the nurse to escape the mental hospital, he became part of the manhwa. 

Nelly: Yeap, he became part of the manhwa now. 


Me: I haven’t accepted the reality too. That makes two of us.

Nelly: I don’t think I can accept the reality, either. 

Mari: The poor girl just goes to the bus stop to cry? This is heartbreaking 


Me: Wait so it’s the end but it’s really not the end? What? *scratches head*

Nelly: Apparently, the W world keeps on going… Just like any parallel world would be. 

Mari: So… do I start my rant against the writer now? Or keep pretending? I’ll keep pretending. So this is a voice over by Do Yoon I believe. They drove to the stop and found Kang Chul barely alive & Oh YeonJoo’s car abandoned. 


Me: Yes dad, he’s been shot.

Nelly: But could someone release him, please? It hurts me to see him tied up like this.

Mari: Rules, never ever trust an old man that has countlessly betrayed you. 


Me: This is so cruelly brilliant! You go, dad!

Nelly: Yeah!!! I’m so happy he is killing him!

Mari: I’m so annoyed by theses scenes, but since I want Crazy Chul punished, I’ll cheer along. 


Me: Justice served!

Nelly: Just die! DIE!

Mari: A bit brutal but well deserved!


Me: Why do I have this feeling that Dad’s gonna sacrifice himself. Oh, can I just say this actor is really good? He managed to bring out different emotions from me – from anger to pity. It’s like a love-hate relationship.

Nelly: Yes, I agree with you. I love his character. 

Mari: For being such a spineless coward for most of the show, I liked this redemption arc. He loved his daughter & he knew that he killed so he could not leave the manhwa. Yet he made sure his daughter had a chance. 


Me: I’m bawling here. The sacrifice he’s willing to make. GAH. Somebody hold me, please.

Nelly: *sings* Time to… Say goodbye… 

Mari: Goodbye Cartoonist Oh! May you Rest In Peace. 


Me: The only explanation I can think of why he didn’t really die is because dad killed Han Cheol Ho. Right? Could that be it?

Nelly: Because the antagonist died before him… I guess so.

Mari: Yes, somehow Han Chul Ho’s actions & cartoonist Oh sacrifice made the manhwa “logic” work so that Kang Chul could survive. 


Me: Oh, she’s back. Do I really wanna see her?

Nelly: *ignores* next scene, please.

Mari: blah! Blah! Bland…. ahhh, but we must share that after Kang Chul gets out of the hospital he is arrested. There’s new evidence that clears some charges (the CCTV video of Han Chul Ho torturing him?) but he still faked his death. He can’t escape that. He must serve his sentence for Manhwa world to be ok. 

Nelly: for justice that the W readers don’t get to see… 


Me: And I thought I already shed all my tears for dad. *sobs, sobs*

Nelly: Here we go again. *reaches for the Kleenex box*

Mari: I love that Cartoonist Oh drew a picture of himself. Also, the letter *cries along with unnie* 


Me: This here, she’s still waiting. I think the reason she keeps coming back here is in her heart, she believes it’s not over yet.

Nelly: I don’t blame her. She lost him. It’s a big deal. 

Mari: I want to be mad at her & tell her to snap out of it! But the two most important people in her life are gone. She needs to mourn! 


Me: She left her phone at home and now she’s soaked in the rain.

Mari: Wait who’s on the phone? Could it be?? 

Nelly: Who’s calling? Who would be calling her???


Me: Awwww. Bittersweet.

Nelly: Omo! How? I thought he’s in prison? 

Mari: yes!!!! Yes!!!! *happy dance* he has come back to her! They are together again! I also need to share that in real time it’s been 2 weeks while in W ( Manhwa world) Kang Chul served a 2-year sentence. 


Me: They will definitely no longer be at risk of death. That’s another way of saying “and they live happily ever after.”

Nelly: I’m still curious. Will he still go back to W world?

Mari: If 2 people deserve a happy ending, it is these 2! Kids be happy!! 


Me: And it’s a wrap, folks! *throws confetti* Although I didn’t get the answers to the questions that I have, I’ll let it pass. Maybe just like Writer Oh delayed to give a distinctive characteristic to his manhwa’s original villain, there was also a delay in the delivery of the answer or most probably the writer is challenging us to work on the imagining part. Yes, that’s probably what it is.

On the other hand, some parts of this episode really left an impact to me, the first being dad’s sacrifice. It’s heartwarming and saddening at the same time that in the end, a father is a father. He wants nothing but the happiness of his child or in this case children because, in the end, he accepted Kang Chul as part of his family. Then there’s Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul. They never stopped trying and believing that they can make it, they are very determined.

Overall as I told Nelly, W – Two Worlds to me is like a tornado. It’s exciting at first but ends in disaster with the disaster being until the very end, I still don’t know how it happened that both worlds connected. I don’t buy that it’s because of the tablet, but yeah, I won’t get that explanation anymore.

In closing, can someone tell me what happened to Soo-bong, please? Thank you!

Nelly: I’m satisfied with the ending! I really am! Content with how it is despite the chaotic the writer threw to us. We survived! I must say I enjoy the roller coaster ride. Yes, many unanswered questions but, sometimes, it is best to leave it as that. I am happy with Han Hyo Joo’s comeback to the small screen. I really love her comical character in the beginning and her transformation from comical to frantic to a heroine. She definitely nailed it. Not a whole lot, but I’m satisfied.

Jong Suk came to no shock. He continuously to perform as an actor. I’m happy with his acting progress. I definitely look forward to his next project. I really want to see him in a heavy action drama. I hope he will consider it. As for the writer, she could have made it clearer and cleaner. She ran out of time, too consumed with every little detail in the beginning and in the end, she became less microscopic and sloppy. That’s not the way to end a great show, writer-nim! Plan better next time!

Overall, I’m glad this show is over. I really need a breather now. And, like Erl, what happened to Soo Bong? *sigh*

Mari: I think I’m cured of my Han HyoJoo allergy. She won me over with this show. She may not be the best actress but having to cry as much as she did & still look beautiful takes work. As for the story… *takes a deep breath* let me say I love the actors, they did their best when the writer lost it. I’m not as nice as unnie hoping the writer “meant” for us to understand later. I’ll call out the writer for her carelessness. You can’t create the world, make rules for said world. Then when the rules don’t suit you, change them! A good writer knows how to work themselves out if a corner. It’s not about shocking your viewers. I honestly stop caring for the show after the reset. Because that was such a cheap way of messing with our heads & making their  job easier. Ditto for once Kang Chul starts travelling back & forth between worlds. I’m putting this writer on my “avoid”  list from now on. My dislike grew even more after I read  her post interviews and she mentions that she does not care for final episodes. Wtf? How can a writer not care for how her story will end? That’s the most important part of a story!  In the end, I feel that if I had not been writing these recaps I would had dropped the show early on. My love for Lee Jong Suk also helped me stick around, but this is one show I won’t ever watch again like his other works ( I watched “I hear your voice” & “Pinocchio” multiple times).

W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 15


Me: This episode got me tear up! I’m embarrassed but those tears were real, ok?


Me: Our main characters are now fully aware that the battle is ending soon! But what is the solution to this? Han Chul Ho is still effing alive!

Erl: It’s a complete turn of event and I honestly do not know what to expect anymore.

Mari: ahhh so everyone is now inside W… this is not good!


Me: This is not easy for anyone, particularly for Writer Oh. To see his daughter alive in manhwa is a relief yet painful. If I were him, I’d like to be there when she’s awake.

Mari: He is a complete spineless wacko but you can’t deny that loves his daughter.

Erl: That he is. I’m glad that the plan that he successfully brought his daughter to life.


Erl: What just happened? *scratches head*

Mari: This is the part where Writer Oh realizes he is in W. The question is why him too? I understand Kang Chul & Oh YeonJoo but why Writer Oh?

Me: I’m so confused…


Mari: This should technically knock her out for months when she goes back to the real world. Also, why did we not get a nifty “time goes by” montage? Did they run out of money?

Me: Our sleeping beauty slept for a year… She must be very energized!

Erl: Now that’s a really long rest. I’m envious!


Erl: This is confusing. This girl has completely moved on? Hmmm..

Mari: I don’t like her, why is she still here?

Me: People move on…


Mari: Unfortunately for Kang Chul, going back to W, meant going back to Crazy Presidential candidate. So guess who is getting beat up again?

Erl: This beating up part gets really tiring to watch, though. It’s not like he would get anything from Chul. That’s not happening!

Me: My ovary hurts from watching this scene!


Erl: For a person getting sentenced, he looks really happy. Oh, and when did she get that clothes? She’s in manhwa world, right? Where’d she get the money?

Me: He sure looks good being in a prison for a year! Also, I love her outfit! So chic!

Mari: So Kang Chul is on trial for killing his sunbae, fabricating evidence & faking his own dead. I’m amazed it took them this long to get the trial together. Also, yes! She’s so pretty and he looks great for a jail inmate.


Nelly: I wonder why, too!

Mari: Good question! Why did his time travel powers stop working? I know they tried to explain it, but it made zero sense.

Erl: Well, maybe because it’s the last chapter? That’s what I’m thinking.


Mari: seriously? A gun & handcuff keys magically appear. I think this writer’s name is Deux ex Machina.

Erl: Does this mean that the tablet is back in manhwa world too? How? HOW? I need answers!

Me: Who’s drawing now????


Me: He’s coming to get you, sucker!!!!

Mari: Hide your self! If anyone deserves a crappy ending, it is you, sir!

Erl: I second that Mari! I need him to get beaten up badly!


Me: Lookout, he is coming behind ya! I’m loving this mental game on him now! Serves him right!

Erl: He’s really coming for you, Sir! It’s about time to hide in a hole somewhere! Fast!

Mari: He sees you when your sleeping! He knows when you are awake! Anyone ever realized Santa is a stalker?

Me: Oh girl… Do I need to hide from Santa, too?


Erl: That progressed faster than I expected. It brings more question to mind. At this point, should I give up on getting answers?

Mari: How did she know which coffee place to meet him at? Seriously! How? Writer, are you even trying?

Me: She’s a mind reader!


Mari: cheeky handsome bastard! How are you so charming?

Erl: That’s the only consolation so far, she’s pretty and she’s a really cheeky handsome guy.

Me: That lips…. oy.


Me: I’m so glad the house wasn’t locked! *rolls eyes*

Erl: Unbelievable! Isn’t this Writer Oh’s house?

Mari: in case anyone is lost. This is Kang Chul explaining what happens after he escaped from jail.


Mari: This cab driver was not very smart. Let’s tell the man that looks a bit deranged, that he looks like a serial killer.

Me: That glance! Sang Hoon is taking over!

Erl: So dad has a split personality now? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?


Mari: So yeah, writer Oh  inside W can’t get rid of Han SangHoon’s memories. He basically thinks he is him. This lands him in a mental hospital.

Erl: Ah, the loony bin. *shakes head*

Me: He’s officially gone crazy!!!!


Me: As a daddy’s girl, I would cry if I see my dad tied up like this.

Erl: Me too. It’s heart breaking. And yeah, am a daddy’s girl too.

Mari: I know Kang Chul tied him the second time, who tied him the first time?


Mari: So, who wants to hear the bad news, and the worse news?

Me: I want to know what were they discussing about!!!

Erl: I want to know where we’re going? I seriously am singing in my head right now. “Do you know where you’re going to?” We need a compass or something!


Mari: This was a sweet scene! She knows she can’t cook. Yet him lying made her feel good. Also, he genuinely loves her. I know a lot of people did not buy their “quick” love. But you have to keep in mind that she’s what made him real. That’s why he loves her.

Erl: And I think love thrives in danger, so I’m buying their connection.

Me: Can they stay like this forever?


Me: Just because… But it looks flat *sigh*

Erl: Let’s not go into the flatness of this. I was staring at an applebutt before seeing this.

Mari: skinny Jeans are bad for your circulation. Also for men, how do you have enough room for your “friend”?


Erl: Why him? WHY?!!

Me: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Mari: Seriously can we just draw an anvil on top of this guys head?? Also, someone please save the puppy!!!!


Mari: My girl has a plan!! Love that’s she’s always ready!

Erl: It’s such an advantage that they can just modify things but I wonder how they can’t brainstorm to fix the whole situation.

Me: It is never a good thing when she starts drawing again… Especially drawing while she’s in W world!


Erl: The other personality is back. Tsk, tsk.

Mari: Told you guys Writer Oh is nuttier than a jar of peanut butter.

Me: Oooh I love peanut butter! Quit distracting me with food, Mari!


Mari: So the bad news… There won’t be a happy ending for our OTP. The worse news, Kang Chul refuses to let Oh YeonJoo suffer anymore. If he lives, Writer Oh must die. So Kang Chul won’t let her choose. He is going to disappear from her life!

Me: This is torture!

Erl: I’m out of words.


Me: You’re one corrupted man! Either world you’re in, you will be going to hell!

Erl: The difference is you’re not going there, no matter how hard you tried.

Mari: leave puppy alone!!!!!


Erl: And there’s no way in, but is there a way out?

Me: Exactly how long are they going to barricade themselves in that house? Can’t she draw an escape route for Kang Chul?

Mari: I wonder this too. How are you getting out? The police should technically be surrounding the house. Does she draw an underground tunnel? A teleport machine?


Mari: Ahhh this hurts! He takes both their rings off.

Me: No no NOOOOOO!

Erl: What are they doing? Why are they even doing it?


Erl: Is that black coffee? Give here! Now!

Mari: lol. The writer is trolling us with this guy again.

Me: I’d like to see where is the dark circle!


Mari: I’m still so upset my brother kept texting spoilers for book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I was out of town & he was reading it already. Point? Spoilers suck!

Me: But I love spoilers!!!!! I’m a rare gem!

Erl: And that’s the reason I don’t get on twitter and Weibo so much lately.


Mari: This is every Kdrama viewer, no? We hate, he rant, we love. We appreciate, even if sometimes we do want to become the writers’ anti-fans.

Erl: Exactly! Despite everything, we appreciate and we cross our fingers that we survive or something like that.

Me: He is me. Everytime. All the time.

Final Thoughts:

Me: No thoughts. I need to watch episode 16 now!

Mari: I’m so ready for this to be over!!! I love the OTP, but the writer basically hates us. Also, I hate the stupid magical tablet!!

Erl: Mari’s words are so true. Let’s get this over with, shall we?


W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 14


Me: This episode is not for those of you that faint at the sight of blood. There was a lot of blood in this episode. Most of it was Kang Chul’s and it was very hard to watch! Will Kang Chul be able to get his girl back & have a happy ending he desperately wants?

Nelly: I survived the blood, Mari! I did! 

Me: after we get our normal “previously on W” we are back in the emergency room with doctors & nurses trying to revive Oh YeonJoo. Eventually, they are able to get a heartbeat again *exhales the breath she was holding*

Nelly: I literally couldn’t believe she got shot and transported back to real world. So glad we got a heartbeat, though!

Erl: Thank God she got transported to the real world. I shudder to think what could have happened otherwise.

Nelly: I knew what he’s up, too! He wants to erase all the evidence associates with him! 

Erl: Was he this smart before? Who knew?

Me: Before we figure out what’s going to happen to Oh YeonJoo. Let’s meet up with bastard… I mean Han-Cheol who arrives at the factory (?) to find a car crash, a dead Han SangHo, 3 dead henchmen and a puddle of blood. But instead of you know, calling the police, he goes around removing anything that can be traced to him.

Erl: Ah, at least one of their theories are correct. Lookie, face!

Me: look who has a face again! Writer Oh is back and wakes up with memories of hurting Oh YeonJoo. Also, I demand that SooBong gets his amazing happy ending after all he has endured!

Nelly: I agree with giving Soo Bong his well-deserved happy ending! 

Me: SooBong & writer Oh rush to the hospital. There they are given the news that Oh YeonJoo is alive but brain dead. Her changes of recovery are low. Also, both she and her husband disappeared.

Nelly: I’m not surprised. Being penniless in a real world… It’s not his thing. He will do whatever to get her up again.

Erl: And I feel there’s more to it why he took her with him, but let’s see how things will play out.

Nelly: They magically vanished into the thin air!

Me: I love that the nurse looked under the beds for them. Yes, nurse, the brain dead woman & her husband are under the bed!

Erl: She must be really going out of her mind cause yeah, that’s a first.

Me: I hate Writer Oh he is such a weak man. His response to his daughter being gone. Let’s drink! Also, OMG the pain in Kang Chul’s eyes! There’s no good news coming.

Nelly: I think Writer Oh is exhausted, too. And so is Kang Chul. 

Erl: They’re both mentally and emotionally drained. Kang Chul in my opinion looks like he’s mourning.

Me: nope, nope, nope,  Kang Chul explain that he took her back to W because there was no hope. There he got the same prognosis and after 2 weeks she only opens her eyes, looked at him & died. Nope nope nope!

Nelly: I’m crushed! Could someone turn back the clock? 

Erl: NOOOOO!!! *sobs in a corner!

Nelly: So disappointed with Writer Oh. Jumping off the building will not solve the problem, sucker!

Me: This man! Seriously was going to jump off the building! Hate him! Thank god Kang Chul was able to stop him. I’m glad Kang Chul even full of grief can think.

Erl: He’s determined, he believes it’s not over until it’s really over. That’s the spirit.

Me: I was hoping Kang Chul would punch him. But he can’t because he needs him & he is his father-in-law so yeah… But guys! We need a tablet!

Nelly: But how? Where can we get the tablet?

Erl: Maybe they can get it fixed I mean has time he destroyed it Yeon-joo got it fixed, right?  He smashed it with a fire extinguisher before. It’s possible! They can bring her back to life. 

Me: Kang Chul explains to Writer Oh that for him, Oh YeonJoo is his humanity. He must get her back! He won fail. I swoon!

Nelly: He is one determined man! My kind of man… 

Erl: Yes, Kang Chul, we need a happy ending. Make it happen.

Nelly: This is brilliant!!! But fudge, now that A-hole took it!

Me: sigh* of course, there’s a second tablet! And, of course, the bad guy has it!!! Why would it be easy?

Nelly: Nothing is easy now! 

Erl: Oh, I wasn’t expecting the tablet to be in the manhwa world but as long as there is one and as long as Kang Chul can get it back, I’m okay.

Me: Kang Chul zaps himself into Han-Cheol office in W and gets knock out. He wakes up tied to a chair & with Crazy Cheol demanding answers. To make matters a bit worse, Han-Cheol now has a basic idea of how the tablet works.

Erl: EEEEP! Some of the secrets are out! Not good, not good!

Nelly: *audible gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOO! Reset! Where is my reset button?

Erl: *Covers eyes* Can’t look, can’t look, can’t look!

Nelly: It hurts me to see him bleeding to death like this! Even Soo Bong is feared for Kang Chul’s life!

Me: Han-Cheol is officially batshit crazy & beat uri Kang Chul to a pulp with a pipe! Poor SooBong, who freaks out when he gets a notice that there’s a new W episode.

Nelly: You’ve been summoned, Soo Bong! Now go do your magic!

Me: yes! Finally, SooBong gets his name in W! But wait when did we make the 30 min rule? How did Kang Chul know?

Erl: I think the 30 min rule was established when Yeon-joo first came into the manhwa world. She usually just stays for 30 mins, right?

Me: Kang Chul manages to pique Han Cheol’s interest when he tells him the tablet is a “resurrection” tablet. Kang Chul feeds Crazy Cheol just enough info to get him to go to the hospital. This is great! No idea why Crazy Cheol would care. Curiosity?

Erl: Greed! That’s why! I mean it’s a “magic” tablet, of course he would love to get to use it to the fullest.

Nelly: It keeps the show going! That’s for sure!

Erl: And boom, here comes the delivery guy!

Nelly: I hate that he is in our world! Urgh…. Send him back! SEND.HIM.BACK!!!!!!

Me: Ha! Crazy Cheol gets transported to the real world by Kang Chul. How awesome is that SooBong gets in on the action & they get the tablet back!!

Nelly: She’s awake! Rejoice!!!

Me: Now that Writer Oh has the tablet he can bring back Oh YeonJoo. But not good that Writer Oh is also disappearing.

Erl: Why is he disappearing? Is it because he’s the “villain?” Is he still tied in the manhwa I mean his character died already.

Me: Oh YeonJoo is transported back to the “real world” and calls SooBong. Yes, she’s, ok. Where’s Kang Chul? SooBong can’t find him!

Erl: Yeah, where is he? Isn’t he supposed to be back in the real world too? I’m confused! Can somebody please give me directions!

Nelly: Oh sh*t, is Kang Chul stuck in W?

Erl: WHAT? What do you mean?

Nelly: Final Episode!!!! Oh, my god!

Me: Oh YeonJoo catches up on what’s happen by reading the manhwa. She runs outside to wait for Kang Chul and suddenly the weather changes. She’s now back in W & the words “The Final Episode” appear in front of her.

Final thoughts:

Me: What! What does that mean? That we just witnessed was the final episode? Or that the final episode is about to start? Or is Kang Chul dead & this is it? Ahhhhh

Nelly: Final Episode is starting! Oh my goodness, are we ready for this? Two more episodes, ladies! Two more episodes!

Erl: I don’t think we’re ready for this baby. We need therapist, that’s all I can think of.

W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 13


Me: Wow! Like episode 12, this episode is a roller coaster ride too! And it ended with tears! Oh my God! I can’t! Could someone please hold my hands?

Erl: I volunteer! I need more than holding hands, though, I need a new box of tissue. I’m bawling here! NOOO!!!

Mari: I just finished the episode and I’m crying. Is our OTP ever going to get to be happy?

Me: I don’t know. I’m scared to death!


Me: I do not like this at all. On what ground that the villain thinks he is damn influential now?

Mari: What plan is this? Plan F? Once again we are getting the set up of how everything should play out. It looks a lot like Kangaroos Chul’s original plan, the assassin gets caught.

Me: Kangaroos Chul? *laughs* Is that your new puppy name?

Erl: I love his dedication to keep this story flowing smooth. Also, interesting name for a puppy. Hmmm..


Erl: This is why I say he is smart. I think he almost has all the bases covered.

Mari: Kang Chul’s want to leave nothing to chance. He makes sure his body is found with a letter where he incriminates the Assemblyman.

Me: Sigh. I think it is depressing to plan out your own death.


Mari: In case you missed it, once the assemblyman finds himself cornered. He will want to get rid of anything and everyone that might incriminate him. So he will hire someone to kill the assassin in Jail. This is what Kang Chul’s means by “simple-minded”. He will always want to save himself first.

Me: Is it really? Even though the villain is caught, I wouldn’t underestimate him, Kang Chul. The man has his own mind and soul now.

Erl: Yeah, don’t underestimate the villain. I figure Kang Chul is only a few steps ahead of him anyways. The structure  that Kang Chul laid out tallied with the Assemblyman’s character now I’m crossing my fingers that it does play out as expected.


Me: Typical congressman and his goons. Money buys everything in SK…

Erl: On some parts of the world as well Nell but hey, at least he’s constant.

Mari: See, same behavior again.


Me: Don’t pick up the call!!!! DON’T!!!!

Erl: Dear Soo-bong, next time you want to eat remember to turn off your phone.

Mari: lol. He will never get to eat his ramen right away.


Mari: She’s so pretty! She’s glowing!

Me: Ooooh she looks so happy…. It’s the calm before the storm, though!!!! Aish!

Erl: I really have a bad feeling about this. Happiness = Tragedies most of the time.


Me: This amazing transformation… Creepy yet beautiful. But he’s not beautiful. Not at all.

Erl: IKR! Almost magical! If only…

Mari: In case you were confused, this never happens. This is what they hope will happen  once plan 34567 is set in motion. The bad guy needs to die if writer Oh wants his face back.


Erl: This is something unusual. Watching people leaving flowers on your tombstone.

Mari: How many people can claim they went to their own funeral?

Me: Well, he looks happy to see his funeral went smoothly *laughs*


Mari: I guess meeting the parents is awkward for everyone, even rich CEOs. I think it does not help that they both tried to kill each other before.

Me: Awkward… I would take a step back. Or two. Look at Writer Oh’s glance!

Erl: Awkward doesn’t even cover it with this setup. I mean your daughter marrying the character of your comic book. Hmmm.


Me: So Kang Chul 2.0 is way smarter than his creator! I laughed so hard at Writer Oh. Nothing he does could beat Kang Chul right now. The man was upgraded to a new and improved software lol

Mari:  Lol. No, he is not smarter. Writer Oh just made Kang Chul good at everything. So even outside the manhwa, he continues to be that way.

Erl: Let’s not forget the fact though that this is just an expectations. This is how Yeon-Joo wants things to turn out to be and she’s detailed.


Erl: And of course dates are a must. A MUST!

Mari: Their dates were so sweet! It hurts that they technically never happened.

Me: Baby Kang Chul is definitely pweeeeety! Squeeeeee!


Mari: Mad Dog is all of us when the story we love goes crazy. Would any of you turn into anti in real life?

Me: Would you like me to be anti-fan, Mari? It ain’t pretty!

Erl: Ahmmm, no, I won’t. I’m too depressed as it is to start hating too.


Me: This trashy talk by the  professor, though… He is, undeniably, the most let down fanboy we have ever seen! lol

Erl: LOL. He has high expectations that’s why! If he only knew that he’s talking to the hero of the manhwa..

Mari: Can you imagine being a regular reader? With as many random accidents that have happened. I could totally understand fans’ frustration.


Erl: Oh my! Kang Chul is having a lot of fun confusing this doctor.

Mari: No matter his anger, Mad Dog is still a Kang Chul fanboy. How can you not be? Dude is hot!

Me: Bahahahhaha awkward


Mari: As Nelly would say. This is not good. How are they in the same world again?

Me: I know!!!! Mayday mayday, the world is overlapping!

Erl: Foreshadowing. Things are definitely taking a wrong turn!


Me: I don’t have a good feeling on this!!!! There is no way he could escape the room on his own!

Mari: warning something is not right! Warning!!!

Erl: *bites nails* I’m scared..


Mari: pff* I love that Kang Chul pretends to get what’s going on. Also, someone please take that horrible shirt off him & burn it!!!

Me: He’s trying to write his own legacy! The way I see it, there will be no happy ending to W.

Erl: No happy ending? What happened to their resolution? I need a happy ending! Kang Chul, make it happen!


Erl: AAAAHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!! What’s happening?!!!

Me: Oh my… LORD!!!!

Mari: Frak! Seriously! Frak!


Me: His last attempt to get out. Urgh, I hate him so much! Also, how in the world he gets to transport back to the real world ? Did someone turn on the monitor?

Mari: *begins to explain to unnie, realizes she has no idea* Remember Kang Chul’s speech earlier about his secretary. He thought of her & she appeared in front of him. Same here, Kang Chul was putting his plan together & thinking of this dude. So he got transported too.

Me: This is stupid! Why is it not working on me??? I’m thinking of Kang Chul right now! Why is he not here? Wait, can I get my Gummy? *giggle*

Erl: Ah, if we could just summon people just by thinking of them… I’ll have Taec. LOL


Mari: Dear writer, please admit you have no clue either. Also, this actor is scary.

Me: This actor is a chameleon! I’m liking him a lot more now!

Erl: He’s good, I’ll give him that. Creepy AF too!


Me: I am very torn right. Do you think he should have met with the villain?

Mari: Keep in mind that Kang Chul has studied both men. He knows how they work, so he knows that they would have had contact. It’s the obvious place to go to.

Erl: Exactly. He knows it happened before. He’s the best bet!


Mari: Magic!!!!!!

Me: He is a zombie, Congressman!

Erl: And he’s possibly a weed persisting to live. LOL


Erl: See this here. He pretty much knows why he’s created.

Me: Nothing can stop his determination! His mission was to wipe Kang Chul’s family. And now, he’s determined to do so with Yeon Joo. Urgh.

Mari: He is really going to kill her, I kept hoping she would disappear and be safe.


Me: Really? Like right now??? Bad timing!!!!

Mari: Screw Rules now. What happened to Kang Chul being able to control his travels?

Erl: I call a time out! Time out!


Mari: Are his Jeans distressed all the way to his butt?

Erl: Can I possibly unsee that?

Me: Ack!!! Really bad timing!!!


Erl: NOOO!!! Please, NOOO!

Me: Seriously???? Will she die? *tears*

Mari: *rocks back & forth in corner, crying*


Me: Face off time!!! In that small tiny KIA *giggle*. Mission: Kill In Action – Kang Chul style (disclaimer: no KIA was ever hurt in the making of W – Two Worlds)

Mari: why did their airbags not deployed? Also, anyone knows what type of guns these two have? I feel that they should have run out of bullets quicker.

Me: The power of manhwa. You get unlimited bullets!

Erl: There are handguns with 36 rounds, it is all depends but yes, it’s a manhwa, they get as much ammo as they want.


Mari: Blood & a wedding ring.

Erl: A true declaration that he is the husband.

Me: I can’t help but admiring his arms. I wish I could touch it.


Erl: Somebody hold me, please. *sobs uncontrollably*

Me: *gulp* this can’t be happening!

Mari: nope! Nope! Nope! She’s the main character, she’s not dead!

Final Thoughts

Me: I like this episode a lot more than previously. It has more action and humor. But I’m also curious now. We have 3 episodes to go and Kang Chul shot the villain to death. So now what? Did we miss anything in this episode? I’m also worried about Yeon Joo. Will she make it alive? Wait a second! Is the writer going to add another variable to rewind back so that Yeon Joo will be alive? If this happens, then the villain will be alive too! God, we are so toasted!

Mari: I’m going to complain again. I totally dislike the set up of this episode. They have done it before where they explain a “plan” & what would happen afterward. They kind of make it seem like it’s really happening. Then the villains change the plan. So all the cute dates we saw today, never happen. Only their coffee date was real.

Erl: I’m lost, confused and emotional. I was really thinking that what happened on the last episode was too smooth, too good to be true. At this point I don’t want expectations to be thrown at me, I want the actual one. I agree with Mari on disliking the setup of the episode. True we want to see lovey-dovey moments but we don’t want to see them as an imagination. Give us the real thing, fast!



W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 12


Me: I’m thoroughly excited for this episode as I’m expecting more questions answered and probably a reversal of the damaged done. One can hope and dream at the same time, right?

Nelly: The new and improved Kang Chul. Aka Kang Chul 2.0. Yes, I’m excited as well!

Mari: I’m still here! Sorry for the delay! The Moons took my “life” away! 


Me: After the usual “intro” plus the closing scene of the previous episode where Kang Chul ask the question if he was the husband that Yeon-Joo is talking about, everything stopped like the first time he found out that he’s a manhwa character. And like the first time, a portal opened. Ta-da!

Nelly: The dramatic effect *giggle*

Mari: ahhhh so if the characters in a manhwa became “self-aware” ( also if this also works for anime, Team Rocket might be walking around!) the window to the other world opens. Also, why is he so nonchalant now? His first time he went insane? 


Me: Of course he wanted to see the writer, like last time but thankfully this time around he knows better…

Nelly: Omo, look at her. She must be so exhausted from running here and there!

Mari:I guess calm Kang Chul is better then Crazy gun holding Kang Chul. Also my poor girl! She technically has not slept in 1 month. 


Me: I have to add this cause I need an answer. How and why is offering ramyun to someone “racy?”

Nelly: Ramyun is hot and spicy *wiggles brows*. Get it? *wink*

Mari: I don’t know either, but our married unnie is probably right. 


Me: Soo-bong’s reaction is priceless. I bet he’s thinking “here we go again!”

Nelly: How a grown up man can be such a wuss? The pitch of his screams was a sore painful!

Mari: random by why does this actor ( the doctor) look hot here, but like such a dork in the other drama that just needed? Styling? Also, you all know Soo-Boong is just fangirling when he screams? 


Me: Yes, she’s just tired. No need to bring her to the hospital. She’ll be okay with some cuddle. ^_^

Nelly: I know, right? Cuddling is the best medicine ever! Especially with Kang Chul ^^

Mari:I was a bit surprised he was so willing to let her go alone. Then I panic thinking he might go do something crazy. 


Me: Poor Soo-bong, always forgotten.

Nelly: Hahaha sorry Kang Chul, Soo Bong doesn’t exist in your world! He’s a nobody T__T

Mari: I have to keep reminding myself that Kang Chul really does not remember anything. 


Nelly: Our very own McGyver! Sigh… Isn’t he so cool? I now want to go back to school and major in Computer Engineering.

Mari: I honestly don’t see how this is different then just turning the screen off. I do however love that Soo-bong got to meet his idol. 

Me: Me too! Not that I don’t love pulling things apart already. LOL. And more LOL because of Soo-bong asking for a handshake in the midst of Kang Chul’s brainstorming.


Nelly: *laughs* look at him… fanboying over Kang Chul.

Me: He’s never gonna wash his hands! NEVER!

Mari: Never ever washing that hand! Ever! 


Me: And because he wants to prove that he really is smart, Kang Chul continue to “think” on the situation.

Nelly: I admit it really challenges him. Kang Chul 2.0 is awesome!

Mari: The writer has no clue what’s going on, so let’s just sit him in a chair & have him look hot! 


Me: This here is a better confrontation than last time. See, you should have been calmer the first time you saw him. He’s as helpless as you are, he’s not a God.

Nelly: Yeah, he’s no longer a God. He can’t even control his own manhwa now. Sad.

Mari: The threads start unraveling here for me ladies! This speech makes zero sense! Writer Oh created the manhwa, he technically is the God of it, he was full power & control. 


Me: At first I thought that the villain was frozen in time too so I freaked out a little when he moved. Seriously though how  does he know when the tablet opens? Why is he moving? Why is Kang Chul not shooting?

Nelly: But what stop him from shooting him, though? Seriously, he should have! Urgh, I was so disappointed with this.

Mari: He can’t shoot him! Remember he is disappearing because he can’t be the main character in his manhwa anymore. He needs to clear his name & go back to hero status if he wants to not be Casper. 


Nelly: By the way, is that the gun he’s been hiding from his first trip to the real world?

Me: I think this one is the gun from the director’s death. The first gun he brought to the real world he just took from some “frozen” police officer. Sorry, I keep track of guns. LOL. Back to Kang Chul and the now you see it now you don’t hand.. This is worrisome.

Mari: I honestly don’t remember where this gun came from! Oh, wait! This is the gun they drew on him when he killed his ahjussi friend. 


Me: WOW! Just wow! I must say that’s one hot man. How is that ever possible? He’s wearing a white shirt; since when did wearing white shirt make men look so HAWT?

Nelly: Every handsome man in the world must own a white shirt. It’s a mandatory!

Mari: This exchange was cute, I love that’s she’s a bit freak out. Yet in my head I keep wondering why he is putting so much effort into it. He has only seen her a handful of times. How can he have feelings? Also poor SooBong, he is now an ATM 


Me: Yes, you don’t have to look so flushed. After all the chaos of the manhwa world, you get to have a date in the real world.

Nelly: I’m down for a date with Kang Chul. 

Mari: *pushes you all out of the way* mine!!


Me: This is unexpected. But then he doesn’t really know anybody so yeah. Plus Soo-bong did say he’s a fan, not that it’s a ticket to ask for things. LOL

Nelly: He asks nicely, Soo Bong.

Mari: Give him all the monies!! He must buy skinny jeans now!!! 


Me: I think someone should tell him not to ask questions like that if he doesn’t intend to see the end anyways. Don’t just say it, DO IT!

Nelly: Gosh Kang Chul ah…. *blushes*

Mari: I was annoyed by this. Again he does not know her! 


Me: And the room inspection begins. This is so embarrassing but at least he’ll get to know her better.

Nelly: I bet he sees her heart more and more…

Mari: Whydidshenotlockthedoor!!!


Me: Awww.. So sweet.. But I don’t think it’s ever possible for Yeon-Joo to forget you Kang Chul.

Nelly: She drew her dream man. I don’t think he will ever be forgotten. 

Mari: He can’t imagine her pain either! 


Me: Now that’s more like it, take it slow. We need to go slow.

Nelly: Oh Erl…. *blushes*

Mari: She loves him so much. I feel like I’m invading her privacy by looking at the way she looks at him. 


Me: I take it back, i take it back! I need more kisses!

Nelly: I must have been on different world but is this their first kiss since director’s cut?

Mari: I’m completely ok with this. 


Me: Please tell me you have a brilliant plan of your sleeves Kang Chul. Please.

Nelly: Just say it!

Mari: Mari is going to call out bs of the following plan!!! 


Me: I knew it! Here’s the answer I am looking for! Now I understand why their plan failed. The villain saw Writer Oh first!

Nelly: Writer Oh is so exposed! And now the villain is taking all the credit!

Mari: Makes no freaking sense! Why would Writer Oh be afraid of the killer? Kang Chul just tried to stab him & could not harm him! So why would the killer be able to harm him? That aside, her dad sucks!!!!


Me: Damn! Why would he promise something to the villain anyways?

Nelly: So the dream was nothing but the villain’s plan?

Mari: No, the plan was to get rid of Kang Chul & have the villain be the main character. When they reset the world, the villain did not go along with it. Why? Reasons! 


Me: That you did, now you have to make up for it. You need to fix things fast.

Nelly: Kang Chul 2.0 will clean up the mess. I’m sure of it. Hwaiting!

Mari: I voted we start all over, then we can think this out! 


Me: Attagirl Yeon-Joo! Speak your mind! Tell him it’s not fair.

Nelly: Well, she’s a big girl and no longer the comical Yeon Joo we saw in the beginning. I’m sure she can handle it all again. 

Mari: Love her! He does not understand that she’s the one that suffered alone. 


Me: At this point I’m really excited about Kang Chul’s plan. Did he see the connections of things?

Nelly: OMG he’s way smarter than Writer Oh! But first, let Soo Bong finish his ramen, first! Poor boy… always gets interrupted while eating his ramen *giggle*

Mari: *throws hand in air* what???!!?


Me: WOW! Just WOW! That’s all I can say.

Nelly: This is the coolest scene ever! How did he travel between W and real world? I need this ability so I can transport myself to stand next to Gummy! *sticks tongue out*

Mari: I give up!!! But I like his shirt! 


Me: YAY! He got him! YAY!

Nelly: *weak hooray* but THIS seems to be so easy, though!!! I’m skeptical! 

Mari: * sitting on couch with arms crossed* 


Me: Time to turn this show around sweetie; your turn Yeon-Joo.

Nelly: Yeah, I still don’t know how he can transport himself between the two worlds. Can someone care to explain this to me? I’m a bit slow!

Mari: This drama is brought to you by KIA! A reliable brand in any world! *waits for KIA to send check for promoting* 


Me: Is that what I think it is?

Nelly: What is it???

Mari: if you think it’s dead Kang Chul, you are right!!! Because!!!! Why not! Nothing else makes sense. 


Me: This is brilliant! But does that mean that he’s planning to stay in the real world?

Nelly: Yeon Joo, his pretend wife, is in real world. But this means he will be penniless. 

Mari: look! Hot, tall & hunky  puppy still here! Let me play with him. Distract me from this mess 


Me: It’s back! And look at that smile. He’s so happy to have his ring back.

Nelly: Your wish is my command, sire *wink*

Mari: mmmm this is just silly! That ring is not his! It’s Kang Chul 1!!


Me: It amazes me that now he can just go back and forth as he pleases.

Nelly: Right? And also scary! What if he lost control of himself and get transfer to W unknowingly? 

Mari: *still sitting on the couch with arms crossed* writer-nim we must talk. 


Me: Look at you being jealous of yourself. This so reminds me of The Moon That Embraces the Sun. LOL

Nelly: The new and improved Kang Chul. With better sizzles *giggle*

Mari: *full pout* 


Me: Back to the sweet and I’m really loving Kang Chul 2.0. He’s more reasonable and logical than the first Kang Chul although they are one and the same. He has a clear grip of the situation, he’s not angsty and he’s out to find long-term solutions for him and for Yeon-Joo. Now that’s more like it.

Nelly: Yes and this time Kang Chul is calmer. He put a lot of thought before action. He was quite emotional before… I love Kang Chul more and more! 

Mari: Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer guys! But if you are completely going to change a story on me. I need at least a ray o logic! You can’t just mention words and hope I go along with it. So if you change your rules constantly, the story becomes pointless & a mess! If you are going to go full crazy at least let me have a shower scene so I can be distracted. 


W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 11


Me: We are almost done, folks! I was the one crying in most of episode 10. I’m praying that 11 is nicer to my feelings.  I love Kang Chul & Oh YeonJoo so much! I want them happy together somehow! So let’s begin…

Me: So we get our usual “previously on W” intro. I need to congratulate the PD for keeping it under a min. Also, I’m totally agreeing with Kang Chul. She needs to stop sounding crazy.

Nelly: I love the one minute recap, it reminds me of American shows.

Me: this scene continues to break my heart! Also their tears! Both are crying. I get why she’s crying, but why is he?

Erl: I think he subconsciously remembers her, that’s the only reason I can think of.

Nelly: Did he cry? I wasn’t paying attention to him! Oops!

Erl: That’s what I’m talking about! This woman is all about getting down to business.

Me: I love that Oh YeonJoo is not your usual “damsel in distress”. After the kiss brings her back to her world she runs to search for medicines to help Kang Chul. Then heads to see Soo Bong and her dad.

Nelly: She’s a quick thinker! How can you not like Oh Yeon Joo now?

Me: She finds her dad in his office (his back to the door) & begins to reprimand his actions. Why did he frames Kang Chul? Why can’t he give him that happy ending?

Erl: Why can’t we look at her dad? I’m scared!

Nelly: This scene made me so nervous! I thought he is dead! 

Me: when she gets no answers, she walks towards her dad, sees that he has no face & runs away screaming. Seriously, what else could she do? It’s freaky as all heck!

Erl: She could have fainted, like Soo-bong. But I think she’s not the fainting type, she’s one tough female.

Nelly: I’d be curious and inspect his face. Of course, after I wet my pants! *laughs*

Erl: Can I just say that I’m getting a little confused whenever I see this doctor. Really confused. I just saw him in another drama.

Nelly: Is he a doctor in another drama, too? Is he living in two different dramas, too? 

Me: she contacts Soo Bong to ask for an explanation. He is in the hospital trying to find her, and the poor guy is barely holding it together.

Nelly: I’m surprised that he is still alive!!! I mean…. His screams were deathly!

Me: Soo Bong tells her that’s not her dad, and he is blindly following orders from a voice inside the tablet. He begs her to get out, but she refused. Our girl is stubborn, she’s going to save her man!

Nelly: I think she has every rights to save him! She created him in the first place.

Erl: Attagirl! I really love her determination. She seems to not falter at all.

Me: This girl is awesome! I don’t know where she gets the strength to sneak back in for the drawing board. Then she has to fight off no face dad who comes to life when she touches the board!

Erl: I said it before, she’s determined.

Nelly: With Kang Chul in mind, she needs to be determined. 

Me: look at her brain!! She wins the battle with “no face dad” and begins to draw. First making sure her Kang Chul is not caught. She erases his room door just in time, changes his car, then draws the medicine & equipment necessary for his wound.

Nelly: This was the smartest idea ever!!! 

Erl: She’s amazing! Brilliant! Not your average drama heroine.

Nelly: Thank God I was alone watching this episode coz I was screaming on top of my lungs! 

Me: this part was freaky! And yes I was screaming at her to stretch more to turn off the screen. we also get  some clues! The assassin does not know how Oh YeonJoo is getting in & out of the manhwa. Also, it seems he needs the drawing board to get out. The other portal must have closed?

Erl: Isn’t there just one portal? Apparently, the creepy assassin doesn’t know where to factor Yeon-Joo as well. Huh, we’re not alone.

Nelly: Yeap, Writer Oh destroyed his other monitor.

Me: this is just here for comic relief!

Erl: And boy am I really relieved!

Nelly: It’s an odd saving Grace! Holding hands together on the other hand? Third base! 

Erl: Isn’t there any other way to reset the story aside from making it all a dream? Is a dream a “reset” button now?

Nelly: I do not want them to reset it again! They already did it once! The assassin will not disappear because HE IS part of the story since the beginning!

Me: yes, resetting the story again sounds like a good idea. As a fan of Kang Chul, I agree with This. I also feel that Oh YeonJoo would be ok with him being safe.

Me:Nelly! Another answer. The killer remembers her and that’s how she came back into W.

Erl: Now the killer can drag her to the manhwa world too! Wow! It’s like whenever someone from the manhwa thinks of her, she gets dragged in.

Nelly: What the fudge???  I’d like to think that the assassin drags her in, but Kang Chul could also be part of the reason, too!!! I mean, she left him alone in that motel… I’m sure he thinks of her. A lot!

Me: So before Oh Yeon Joo can go search for Kang Chul, time decides to fast forward. One month later & no one has seen or heard from him. Desperately she goes to see his friend. He gives her an address. Kang Chul is alive!!

Erl: Yay! That’s so good to know that her efforts are not futile. It’s not in vain! You did it girl!

Nelly: That was so convenient. I guess Kang Chul told him about her. 

Erl: Can I just say that He looks so good in this clothes and that lips. Can I bite it?

Me:kids, If a strange man offers you a ride on a deserted country road. Make sure he is hot. (I’m going to hell for that advice)

Nelly: Kids are drawn to anything that is pretty to their eyes. I say go for it! 

Me: holly cow!!! He had to treat himself! Excuse me while I go cry in a corner for him!

Nelly: *fainted*

Erl: I’m feeling all queasy with all this blood. Did we really have to see him removing that bullet?

Nelly: Was dad on a loose in the real world and trying to get rid of Kang Chul per the assassin’s instruction? That’s all I could think of! Wait, remember Yeon Joo’s doctor friend? He might have open that damn door!!!

Erl: NOOOOO!!! This cannot be!

Me: wtf????? Why is he disappearing? He is the main character!  How?

Erl: Ehem, Kang Chul, what were you saying again? Are you sure?

Me: Cheeky bastard! But I love the “pent up lust” line

Nelly: Let him enjoy his moment, girls. He’s been lonely for a month now *wink*

Me: What’s going on? Does he remember her?

Erl: I think he does, why else did he mention “homework?” What did we miss?

Nelly: The memory is built in his mind… Because what we saw before the writer reset the story was in his dream!

Erl: Did he suddenly turned psychic or something? WOW!

Me: …… does he know?

Nelly: Sigh… I don’t know now.

Me: ahhhh!!! So he once again got a hold of the manhwa. I guess since this is not time traveling, the universe remains intact. He is very calm this time around.

Erl: Plus he’s already in an unbelievable situation to I guess he can’t be weirded out anymore.

Nelly: And there you have it, ladies and gentleman! The manhwa saves the day!

Erl: Can I answer that question instead? YES, you are her husband. Feels good to get that out of my chest.

Nelly: *laughs* I am glad he is smart enough and connects all the dots!

Me: He is a bit disconnected from all the information he has learned this time? He should be asking if they can change his fate!

Final thoughts:

Me: This episode gave me a roller coaster of emotions! I was scared, terrified, laughing, proud ( is proud an emotion?) then I was confused and excited. I might not know where the writer is going with the story. Yet I’m happy following along.

Nelly: I remain speechless yet I’m enjoying this roller coaster ride! Will the manhwa triggers back his dream memory? I can’t wait to see the next episode!

Erl: I agree with Mari. I seriously do not know what to expect with this show anymore, all I know is that I am ready to taken away, anywhere. Please drive safely writer-nim and be careful with our hearts.