Currently Watching: Lawless Lawyer


All I can say is… wow!!! Seriously, one of the best Korean dramas I have seen this year! The level of intensity is awesome. I had a blast watching Switch which employed similar style – laws and action. While Switch focused from the prosecutors’ angle, Lawless Lawyer is, of course, from the lawyers perspective. The music is upbeat and strong. The plot is engaging and intense. The pacing is perfect. The acting is superb. The villains are effing good!!! I really need Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young in life! Why didn’t anyone think of casting these two together before?

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Just Watched: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


It just so happened that Scarlet Heart Ryeo was aired around the same time Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Because it started airing two weeks later, my focus was mainly on the other drama. But to be honest, I usually don’t do this. Last time when Kill Me, Heal Me was aired, Jekyll, Hide and Me was airing too. I’m not a big fan when two similar genre or theme drama airing at the same time slot. Almost always one will get neglected. Fortunately for Scarlet Heart, I decided to pick it up because it has different story plots than Moonlight.


The show ended in early November. It ended with a bang! I was stunned. The ending was not as I imagined it to be. It feels incomplete. Someone told me to draw my own conclusion. I usually am good at that but for some reason, I was being stubborn and refuse to do so. I mean the show, despite the flaws which I really did not mind, ended abruptly as if it was edited by a newbie! The certain loopholes got me really frustrated and disappointed. The writer ran out of time! How could you run out of time? Certainly bad planning! If she wants me to watch her next work, she better work on planning and coordinating her writings well!


One thing to adapt from the original Scarlet Heart, but as a writer, she should have challenged herself and determined to outbid the original! Geez, this is just a lazy work. She wasted good talents’ time and effort! Prop to the PD for giving us beautiful cinematography; but his direction can be a bit choppy. His editors definitely should have done a better job in editing. Some scenes seemed choppy. Prop to the costume designer for giving us such beautiful costumes, though. I really adore them. I really love UI’s earrings. I wish I could keep them! Prop to the musical director for giving us a beautiful soundtrack! Till this day, I still listen to the OST.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo suffered a lot! I blame the writer and some would blame her and the PD for bad editing. Either way, this show was once the most anticipated drama is now the most disappointing drama of the year. So glad none of the actors and actresses are newbies. Or else it’d be tougher for them to sell out on their next role. Sigh.. what a mess. Though I enjoy the pretty and the stories, I don’t enjoy what the writer did. I wouldn’t recommend this show if you have the eyes for every little flaw. If you are able to see through it, I don’t mind you watching it. It’s watchable but please keep your expectations closed to nothing.

Just Watched: Erased, Seondal & Never Said Goodbye

Yeap, I’m on movie marathon again. Seriously, if not for Bel, I wouldn’t be watching these many movies. I have another movie to watch but currently, my son and I are too absorbed into Indiana Jones series. It will come later… But for now, here are my quick thoughts on the movie I just saw this week.


w3rprqm1_68a104_fErased feels like a time-traveled movie. This 2-hour show tells a story of Satoru, a manga artist by day with a part-time job as a pizza delivery guy. Satoru has this magnificent ability that I wish I have. He’s able to see what is going to happen and turn back the clock to prevent the incident from happening. Literally. Within seconds. But one day, he came home and found his mom was stabbed. He went back 18 years back to figure out who the killer that kills children in which one of the victims, Kayo, was his friend. When he thought he saved Kayo, he realized Kayo remains dead in the present life. He then went back again to figure out what happened. Would his second attempt of saving Kayo eventually saved his mom? This thriller movie is not suspenseful enough but brilliantly acted by Fujiwara Tatsuya, to my opinion. The children scenes were the best part of all. I wish I have the time to read the manga because I am sure not all of the stories get adapted to the movie. I’m a bit hesitant to recommend this drama, to be honest.



I can’t believe what I saw. This movie was hilarious from start to finish! Kudos to the person who wrote the novel that sparks the making of Seondal. I truly enjoyed it! My son and I laughed so hard this morning. This movie is about Seondal – Kim Seon Dal, that is. He cheated life once. With his good looks and partnered with few friends, he became the infamous swindler in the country. He’s able to steal many things and disguise himself as a eunuch, a king, a monk and even as a woman! Trust me, Seung Ho was beautiful as a woman! One day, he and his team decided to steal tobacco from a powerful and notorious merchant, Sung Dae Ryeon. This gets dirtier when on top of that, Chinese is involved in this corrupted trade. Seondal is no hero but being caught in between Dae Ryeon and the Chinese, he indirectly saved his country. The movie was predictable yet enjoyable. I highly recommend this movie!

Never Said Goodbye


Lee Joon Gi in a Chinese movie? Sign me up! And he sounds good in Chinese! I could understand what he said, and not just mumbling the words. Never Said Goodbye was never on my radar until Bel put it up for me to watch. I did not know that Joon Gi would do Chinese movie. Since he’s currently famous as Scarface in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, I don’t mind watching him in a different setting. And truly, Never Said Goodbye is different. Unlike the first two movies I saw, this love story is somewhat confusing. I’m not a fan of a flashback-style movie. The movie is about a Korean exchange student played by Joon Gi, who fell in love with Xiao You, a Shanghainese. The story started with how deeply in love they are but then something happened that prompted them to break up. It was his decision to do so and she could not understand why and her life went spiraling down since he left. And then the movie started to tell us the story of how they met, his life before her, her life before him, and also answered to why he wanted this breakup. It’s hard for me to recommend it since I’m not a fan of back-and-forth plots. Another odd thing is in the beginning, Joon Gi was speaking in Chinese. Later on, he speaks in Korean and the actress in Chinese. It reminds me of Love Me If You Dare. That’s a no-no for me… *sigh*


Currently Watching: Scholar Who Walks The Night


You have no idea how much I have been begging, not literally of course, for Lee Joon Ki to do another sageuk drama! Except for the what-the-hell ending, I really enjoyed him as Sato in Arang and the Magistrate. He made my heart fluttered so much in that drama. He is definitely great as a period man and in hanbok. Wow, don’t get me started with him in hanbok! *blushes* His charm is unbelievably charismatic. The man made my knees shaking… Okay, okay… the man made all women gushing over his dashing look! Yeoreobun, by adding Scholar Who Walks the Night into my watch list, this drama is now my fourth sageuk this year. I know I’m a little behind with my resolution schedule but I think I can still make it by December 31. I have 3 sageuk dramas to add after this and I sort of have dramas in mind now. I’m excited to watch them all, hopefully they won’t bore me to death! *shifty eyes*


The Scholar is based on manhwa. You know I don’t read manhwa so I wouldn’t know how closely this drama is to the original storyline. But what I love about this sageuk is the element of vampire. I’m not into vampire dramas much. I find most vampy dramas are overly romanticize by PDs. I mean, who doesn’t want to be bitten by a godly, dashing, forever young vampy, right? Believe me, if I could surrender my neck to Lee Joon Ki’s character, Kim Sung Yeol, I would! *nods madly* So although I love the concept of vampy in sageuk, I sort of dislike the writing of this drama. I’m not sure if you notice it as much as I did, but the story keeps going around and around in the loop! If not because of oppa, I would have give up on it! Seriously, this writer has issues… She could have make the story richer but nope, she just want us to watch oppa going back and forth like a mad man! *sigh* I’m sad that we are going through this again and hence, dragging us like mad all the way to episode 20. Puhleeeeez, do something more creative and dramatic! *stomps her feet*


Why am I still watching it? This drama has potential, I can see the plots get thicken soon. But so far, nada. She got us excited with some romance and that’s about it. *shakes head* Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash it but I’m trying to explain that we could have gotten somewhere at episode 10. Oh well, this is her style and I’m going to respect it. But the last episode I saw, episode 10 that is, got me excited. The bath scene was… Drool worthy! Eeermagerd! I must say that the chemistry between Eun Bi and Joon Ki as the OTP is weak but I’m very forgiving considering of how big of an age gap the two are! Eun Bi as Yang Seon is pretty cute and slick. I really like her when she cross-dressed as a boy but as her true self (girl), she is somewhat melo and sensitive. I can see how she is much stronger and confident as a boy. She reminded me of Yoon Hee/Shik, a character played by Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Okay, to summarize the Scholar in few words, it can be difficult. There are several characters that cross path but they don’t confuse you much, unless if you don’t follow it thoroughly. I will try to sum it up up to episode 10. 200 years back, Sung Yeol was a good friend to the Crown Prince (CP) Jung Hyun. CP wrote books under pen name Lustful Students. At the time, his dad was under the power of Gwi, a vampire that resides in the palace and literally have his hands on the King’s neck. CP refused to bow to Gwi and it has caused his life. Sung Yeol defended but lost his battle to Gwi. Gwi has turned him into a vampire and used his then-fiancee as ransom. Sung Yeol has no choice but to drink her blood to live. He then determined to take revenge on Gwi. But in order to do that, he first must find a book written by Lustful Students that could be the key to terminate Gwi forever.


Fast forward 200 years later, Sung Yeol is known as a mysterious nobleman who is looking for the book written by the late CP. He seeked help of Jo Yang Seon, a cross-dressing girl that works as a story teller and bookseller. Yang Seon’s identity was revealed one day when she was chased by the police and had to reveal her true self to the nobleman. Meanwhile, Gwi continues to search for Sung Yeol and now found a new weapon to lure him in. Gwi found a lookalike Sung Yeol’s fiancee; her name is Choi Hye Ryung. She has wagered her life with Gwi and in return, he must get her a seat as the King’s wife. In this case, the closest seat she could get is with the current CP, Lee Yoon. Lee Yoon’s dad was killed by Gwi and he, too, is searching for the book. In memorable of his ancestor Jung Hyun, Lee Yoon took his pen name and he is now the modern world Lustful Students.


On the last episode, it was revealed that Gwi once had an affair with human and had to kill her because she was pregnant with his child. According to him, that child could be the key to end his life. Dun dun dun! Coincidentally, when Yang Seon’s dad was killed as a scapegoat for hiding Lee Yoon’s identity, she found out that she is not his real daughter. Now, remember when Gwi mentioned that his child is also killed as well and it was years ago. *bites lip* He was not confident when he said that so… Can you smell where we are going here? I’m thinking that Gwi’s child survived and Yang Seon is his descendant! Ba da bing!


So far, we are 10 episodes in and 10 episodes more to go. I have no clue if they will extend the series. Too soon to know, kids. But would I recommend it for watch? I don’t know. By this time, we are deep enough to know that Yang Seon has fallen for Sung Yeol. Could they survive this human/vampire relationship? Or should Yang Seon moves to Tamra with her mom and sister? I really want a happy ending but at the rate of where we are right now, and with the OTP came from different world, I suspect another Arang ending. For those who are watching, what do you think? If you haven’t and have reached up to this point, would you watch it? It is at your risk, chingu. *shrugs*


Wednesday Eu-Mak

Woo! Here we are again, another Wednesday coming to ya! By the way, Happy June! We are couple of weeks away before the official summer starts. I’m excited! How about you? I hope the weather is awesome where you are. As I was hinted last week, this week eu-mak is related to BOF: Boys over Flowers. Yes, I’ve decided to feature two BOF stars for this week music. Without further ado, introducing Kim Hyun-Joong and Lee Min-Ho! Yay, these good looking boys can sing! They are good ballad singers and have a very good reputation (besides being handsome) as actors.

First mv is Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun-Joong! Yeah, this handsome boy can sing very well. He’s grown so much since BOF and SS501 time. His recent Korean album was more of a rock and rap but I think he should stick to ballad. His voice, IMO, can be a little husky at times and other times he sounded normal but the best part is he can sing low note! But overall, his voice is so-so (please don’t kill me!) but it is his choice of music that made all his songs addict-ably catchy. He is very famous in Japan and China right now, but really… He’s just famous! Internationally famous. Period. I was debating between Kiss Kiss and Marry Me but I think Kiss Kiss fits better because the music is so upbeat and it naturally fits the weather today. Breezy and summery 🙂

The next song is by Lee Min-Ho. Everybody knows Lee Min-Ho. Who doesn’t, right? He got famous through BOF but really, he is been acting in several dramas prior BOF. He recently released an appreciation album dedicated to his fans. Isn’t he sweet? Why, thank you Min-Ho. I really appreciate it. And the song I love the most out of the 6 songs from his album is My Everything. The song sounded very familiar and I’m not sure if this is his real song or a song he decided to put his version to it. Either way, I don’t care. I love this song. And I love Min-Ho. His voice reminded me of Lee Joon-Gi, a bit husky yet sensitive. And I love the way Min-Ho pulls high note… *fanning myself* Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an official MV so I’m resort to, again, using fan’s video made by BubbleFeetGravityCH9. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

So, there you have it! I hope you enjoy this week’s music selection. Next week? Girl Power!