Just Watched: Vampire Detective


I finished what people label it as trash! *laughs* I can’t help it myself. The more people hating it, the more I like it. I guess I am just born with that gene. Bel enjoyed it, too, and that’s all that matters! And if you ask why I decided to watch it? I had a fondness for Lee Joon’s acting in My Father is Strange and thought I should give him love on his other work. Vampire Detective came up in my search and I immediately asked Bel to get it. She was interested too and I was glad coz I did not want to watch it alone.

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Currently Watching: My Father is Strange


There is something in KBS weekend world air! I’m not sure what it is but they have been applying the same formula for the past three weekend dramas. They hit a jackpot with Five Children. I then said the next drama will need to work harder to meet Five Children‘s success. Laurel Tree Tailors happened. First of all, what a title. The synopsis wasn’t attractive at all. Like Five Children, I did not watch it immediately. It took me several weeks to finally gave in.

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Just Watched: Luck-Key


I went back and forth with myself whether I should watch this movie or not. After watching Your Name, I don’t think I could handle another body swap movie again… especially when I just finished watching Your Name for the second time (on the same flight). Also, I reminded myself that if I stick to this movie until the end, it will be my victory to finally finish Lee Joon’s acting work for the first time since he left MBLAQ and turned actor professionally! Yes, it left a deep scar in me when he and Thunder decided not to renew their contract. I get the reasons behind it but I was too hurt to look into Joon’s work.

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Breaking News: There is No Love for Your Luv for MBLAQ


Yes, I’m as devastated as the rest of MBLAQ fans. It is official, Lee Joon and Thunder decided not to renew their contracts with JTune. What hurts the most is that they released the statement via their lawyers, and it caught off guard to the rest of the members. Well, I don’t know… That is what I heard. I refused to read anything lately, too heart broken. I knew it is coming but didn’t expect that Thunder would leave as well.


JTune released a statement that Seungho, GO and Mir will remain as trio from now on. To be honest, I’m quite satisfied. Actually, I’m very happy with this decision. The trio powerhouse. There was a rumor going on actually that they will find replacements for the two spots. I’m not really keen on this idea. I know it works for some other groups, but it will not be the same for MBLAQ. Powerhouse rule!


As you can tell from the title of this post, there is NO LOVE for YOUR LUV for MBLAQ now. But there will be LOVE for the new and improved MBLAQ trio, that’s for sure. For that, here are two MBLAQ MVs and you guess it right! They are NO LOVE and YOUR LUV (Japanese one – quite rare and I wasn’t willing to share but I just hafta since I don’t own this vid).

I will remain loyal to the five of them and will continue to support for Thunder and Joon. Best of luck to them! But now I’m excited for the trio to make their debut in February! Are you as excited as I am? *wink*