Just Watched: Circle


Circle was the most complicated drama I have seen this year. The reason I said it was that this drama was difficult to predict. Really drove me insane! I really could not piece out the puzzle until the last three episodes. Yeah, I think my brain was not able to keep up especially that in each episode, the story was told in two different years. The first 30 minutes focused on the present world while the last 30 minutes on the year 2037. It felt like watching two different stories in a drama. Thankfully, Orion and Drama Panda were available to explain exactly the story was.

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Just Watched: My Friend Is Still Alive


I’ve been trying to cut down my watch list in half. And my success rate so far? I’m nailing it! Woohoo… As of today, I have 6 dramas on my watch list. 4 are currently airing show… *grins* With my work travel coming soon, I decided to focus with what is there on the list and focus on movies or drama special. Well, after watching Lee Ki Kwang’s success drama special Twenty Year Old, I decided to give My Friend Is Still Alive a try. Thanks to aqaria of Crush on Da-Hae, I finished this drama in teary yet happy.

My Friend Is Still Alive is only an hour long and it fits into my busy schedule. The story is very simple and despite trying to fulfill the needs of a dying hwaksaeng who wished to get his first kiss before he moves on to the after life, the message the writer(s) wanted to convey is mostly about friendship. And surprisingly, you would think the network would hire new and amateur actors and actress but nope… The drama consisted of pretty great and quite seasoned casts! The boys were great! Seriously, I’m not biased and really I’m blessed to witness such great chemistry on screen, in my opinion.

My Friend is Still Alive

My Friend Is Still Alive told a story of a dying teenage and his bestie. His dying wish is to have his first (and hopefully not the last) kiss. His bestie’s mission is to lure any attractive girl who would fall into this kissing trap. Well, one day his bestie found the right girl to be the girlfriend for his dying hwaksaeng but found out he himself is falling for her. What would you do at this point? Be greedy and keep her for yourself OR fulfill your dying friend’s wish? It’s the biggest dilemma for teenage kids and it sure is testing out their true friendship.

The sad ending is compensated with a much rewarding feeling from these two boys. Really, I’m happy how this drama turned out to be. As much as I wanted to cry, I can’t because the writers were truly amazing because of the humor they injected in this drama. I tell you… This drama is excellent. Lee Ki Kwang did it, once again! *claps* *shouts Bravo*. This is a must watch!


Just Watched: Twenty Year Old aka 20s


Oh.My.God! Please please watch 20s. I believe this is the best mobile webdrama I’ve seen to date! So much cuteness! So bubbly! So lub lub! *giggles* You wouldn’t believe how good this drama is! In my humble Korean drama experience, this is even better than a real regular drama! Very flawless! Jjeongmalyo! Twenty Year Old was well executed by both actors and director. The chemistry between the OTPs are very believable. Oh yeah, I wrote OTPs because in my eyes, there are two relationship to this. And both relationships are equally important to the main lead.

The main lead of Twenty Years Old is a 20 year old university student, Hye Rim. Her life turned upside down when she started seeing her old flame again, Lee Ki. Lee Ki as in Lee Ki Kwang from the famous kpop group, Beast (B2ST). They met in high school but broke up for a silly incident. He accidentally placed his hand on her chest while kissing her. Anyway, they met again and now they’re in relationship. Unfortunately, because of his famous status, they have to keep their relationship hush hush from his agency, netizens and saesang fans. Well, know how it is when you are dating someone famous… Ok, no I don’t know how it feels unless MBLAQ GO decided to date me *giggles*


And speaking of saesang fans, Hye Rim’s housemate and BFF, Ga Yong is Ki Kwang’s biggest fans. She would go to all of Beast concerts. Hye Rim had to hide her lover knowing how crazy her BFF would be. But one day, both Hye Rim and Lee Ki was caught by paparazzi and Ga Yong stormed out of the house calling Hye Rim a traitor to their friendship. Relationship fell apart after that and Hye Rim got harassed from netizens and saesang fans alike. But in the end, the BFFs mended their relationship and Ga Yong understood the pain Hye Rim faced for dating Ki Kwang. The ending was beautiful and sweet. Hye Rim won over her friendship and romance-ship all together. Excellent!

This 4 episode, 20-25 minutes long is definitely a must watch. What a great start to my 2014 watch list! WINNER!