Just Watched: Legend of the Blue Sea


In the beginning, I hesitated to start this drama because… you know, I am just partial with Lee Min Ho. He is a good looking and handsome guy but he does nothing to my heart. Besides, I was a bit disappointed with his character in Heirs. Nevertheless, I went with my gut again this time and saw it anyway because I love mermaid! Well, not really but… the idea of a mermaid in a kdrama is interesting! *laughs* And I love Giana, she is so pretty! I also like her casual acting. I mean, she’s not the greatest actress but she is awesome and I adore her.


The first 6 episodes were torturous. I don’t know where to begin. I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP. The show itself was funny, though. I laughed so hard. And the story itself is extremely mystical and magical. What kept me going was the past lives of the OTP – how they met and how he reincarnated from one life to another looking very much the same and how she still able to remember him. Well, I guess she should… She’s a mermaid, so she should have good memories, right? The Legend of the Blue Sea did not only cover their present life, the show also gave us flashback scenes when they met in Joseon era. Their lives intertwined by chance and the writer continued to build the OTP’s relationship off of that. However, there is one thing that made this love story never gets its happy ending. The mermaid continuously erased his memories before she disappeared. And this is why every time they met, it feels like they are falling in love for the first time.


Magical? Yeah! Mystical? Absolutely. Tiring? Not really. In the past, the mermaid, Shim Chung, had a tough life living in the human world. But, in this modern world, she succeeded. She got closer to Joon Jae very quickly; Joon Jae is the love of her life. Joon Jae happened to like her for a fairly good reason, too. Being a professional illusionary and thief, he had his eyes on Chung’s jade bracelet. So this happenstance was very comical to me. I really enjoyed the troublesome and the meddlesome these two goofs encountered in Spain. The only problem is their twisty path reincarnated with them too. The villain from the Joseon era followed and haunted them in this life as well. And you know what this means, right? It is like a karma… If you don’t take care of the business now, it will continue to follow you in the next life. So Joon Jae and Chung finally took care of it.


As I said before, I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP in the first 6 episodes. I also kept going back and forth whether I should drop the show all while continuously watching it. I am so glad that I talked myself out of it because the OTP grew on me more and more. They are visually stunning together and they really carried the show beautifully. I became so in love with them more and more the minute she moved into his home. The drama did drag but by this time, I couldn’t care less anymore.



Legend of the Blue Sea has 20 episodes. When it is over, I was completely feeling down. My son and I really enjoyed the show. By all means, the show did not get the Descendants of the Sun popularity, but for whatever reason, I found a few of my tlist that I wouldn’t think would watch Legend watched it. And best of all? They all loved it! Surprise surprise! I highly recommend Legend of the Blue Sea. I also highly recommend for a rewatch too! *beam* Oooh, one last thing…. You can’t have a Min Ho drama without a catchy theme song, right? *sings* This is a love story……. *giggles*



Please Welcome…

Say HelloWe have a new blogger in town and her name is Mari! Mari and I have been friends for years and years. We are closed like sisters! She is witty, hilarious, cute, blunt, wicked and yet, she is full of sincerity and honesty. She has no reservation in telling me what’s wrong and what’s right. If you are looking for a friend, she’s a keeper! But wait… I’m not giving her away! She’s mine!!!! *laughs*

Mari recently started to blog on My Myooz as a guest. We started with W, and slowly her wings grew and blogged for more posts. She even led the 2016 year of end post. I’m super proud of her! So what will you see from her in the year to come? Who knows! She has done Currently Watching and Series Review segments. She might do Stalking post! *coughs* she has lots oppas, ahjusshis and babies. Wait, and puppies, too! One of them is to be enlisted soon. She will be mourning for the next two years! Can you guess who he is?  *winks*

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Amuden, I am so glad to have Mari on board. The canvas is hers. Please congratulate her as an official member of My Myooz. You can also tweet her at @maridoz.

Just Watched: Time Renegade


Oh my God, if you haven’t seen it, please watch the movie! Time Renegade gives me Signal vibe! But, because it is a movie, everything went fly so fast!!! I mean, it is done already?? You really can’t take your eyes away! It was so suspense that for the first time, I really wanted to bite my nails! And I got short nails! This thriller movie is definitely worth watching. The future is changed because of the past. As I’m typing this, my tears are still rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t expect the show to be not extremely good, but so touchy! I was afraid that the movie has a cliffhanger ending. From the way I see it, I couldn’t see a happy ending at all. But nope, the movie turned around brilliantly and the ending was simply beautiful.

This is another brilliant Korean movies I saw this year! It was directed brilliantly! Imagine if the movie handed to a less-skilled director, it won’t be this good. Prop to the PD! He was able to use superb techniques and applied to both 1983 and 2015 scenes. In addition, great execution by Lee Jin Wook, Im Su Jeong and Jo Jung Suk.  Again, I can’t get enough of saying how good Time Renegade is. This movie is worth watching a hundred time!!!

Just Watched: Northern Line Limit, The Throne and The Classified File

You know I’m on work travel when all you see on today’s post are movies! Yeap, I was forced to watch them in order to stay awake on my flight. I kind of glad I did because the movies were wonderful. I even shed my precious tears!!!! So here are my quick two cents on the movies:

Northern Line Limit


Bel had asked me to watch this movie before. I should have listened to her sooner. It’s a military movie! Anything military genre like, I’m in! (don’t remind me of DotS, okay?) Plus, Kim Moo Yeol and Jin Goo are in it. Based on true story, this movie was about the navy clash between the North and South Korea. Obviously, it was told from the South Korean side. The story mainly focused on the lives of the South Korean soldiers and how they fought against the sneaky North Korean. I cried at the end of the movie. It’s a war movie so death was inevitable but I loved how the movie portrayed the courage and high-spirited soldiers. They were so young and naive. Battle of Yeonpyeong was their first true battle and left a deep scar not only to them, but to the country. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was just a steady pace in the beginning but it picked up towards the end. If you love anything military-like movie, you would want to watch it. I wished I saw it with someone… I had so many questions. Well, I have summoned my husband and good friend to watch it so we can discuss the NK tactics *wink*.

The Throne


This movie can be a little bit frustrating. The back and forth flashback annoyed me in the beginning and I was able to feel comfortable with it 30 minutes into it. The Throne was great. The King was painful to watch and so did the Crown Prince. The King expected a lot from the Crown Prince to take the thrown. But he was disappointed that his son was more into arts than governing the country. The Crown Prince blamed the King for not giving him the fatherly love he deserved. Basically, the movie lingers around father and son relationship. The Crown Prince was mad that his father did not celebrate his mom’s 60th birthday and threatened to kill him. The King charged his son for treason and asked him take his life. Well, the Crown Prince did not but he ended up dead anyway. The King killed his own son. How? You just have to watch it. This is a really good movie of how a son tried so hard to please his father and a father showed too much of his disappointment of his son to members of the palace. The struggle was hard to watch but I really thought it was acted well by Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In. Bravo! *claps*

The Classified File


I hesitated to watch this movie. The synopsis was not interesting at all. I mean a fortune teller and a detective joint forces to find a missing girl? First of all, how could they possibly solve a kidnapping case? I did not start this movie until my last leg of flight. *giggle* I was running out of movie to watch! But, by the end of this movie, I was beating myself for not starting it sooner! Another true story that you must not miss! The detective really did not believe the fortune teller (I didn’t either) but by the end of this movie, he was impressed by how much the fortune teller’s reading and speculation has helped him with the case. They solved the missing case and worked together few years later again to solve another missing case with the same girl! This movie also showed that the police force in SK is truly corrupt. Well, as if we don’t know already, right? Anyway, this movie left me in tears. What is up with me and crying on the plane? *shakes head* You have to watch this movie. The detective and fortune teller were brilliant. They remain true friends until today. It’s a good hearty movie and seeing how dedicated they were to their work and families were truly admiring and rewarding. It gives a great sense that as long as you do your part, you will soon be recognized.


Just Watched: Gangnam Blues, I Just Wanna Hug You & A Stitch of Life

Hello again! My movie watch continues as I saw these three movies on my way home. I saw the fourth movie but looks like I won’t be able to blog it. Wae? *giggle* I forgot the title! I feel so old *laughs*. I should have taken note as I always do. *shrugs* I’ll figure out the title one day… Anyway, here are my quick review on these three movies. Hope it helps you!

Gangnam Blues (2015)


So yeah, I finally decided to watch Gangnam Blues. I was curious to what everyone was raving about. Well… This movie is definitely not for me. It was dark and as expected, full of testosterone. I spent most of my time yawning than watching it. This movie could have been better, I think. The story began with two childhood orphans were dragged into a fight in Seoul. They both entered the underworld of gangster. Jong Dae was taken in by a semi-retired gangster lord. After awhile, he got involved in a fight between the land in Gangnam. Sadly, this movie is so bias. I see only Jong Dae’s story (played by Lee Min Ho) but very minimal on Yong Ki (Kim Rae Won). Like I said, it could have been better had the director focus on both rather than one character. So unfair!

Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari (2014)


Well, this movie made me cry! It was a wonderful drama! I seriously highly recommend this movie! Based on a true story, this movie is all about unconditional love. Tsukasa is paralyzed from waist down after involved in an accident in high school. The accident not only costs her legs, but also her memories. But she did not let her illness slow her down and decided to live by herself. She met Masaki one day and fought her right to use half of the basketball court with Masaki and his friends. From then on, Masaki got curious with her and started approaching her. Before you know it, Masaki fell for her and decided to accept every obstacles that knock on his door. The movie ended with Tsukasa’s death but don’t let her death stop you from watching it. It is a drama with heart.

Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito (2015)


Another great movie I saw on the plane. I’m loving the slow pace of this movie. It was very detail and thoughtful. I hesitant to watch it in the beginning. The summary didn’t grasp it at all. It sounded bloody boooring. But I regretted starting it late. It was a wonderful life drama! Just like Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari. Ichie is a dressmaker, she continues the legacy her grandmother left behind and continues to make clothes using her grandmother’s old sewing machine. The clothes she made was very personal and Ichie appreciated her customers’ value on hers and grandmother’s work. One day, she was approached by Fujii. Fujii is a fashion lover and feels that Ichie’s work should be known to others as well. Ichie, on the other hand, refuse to advertise her work. This is just a great movie life. Everything in this movie is very personal. You will feel as if you’re taken care by Ichie through her dressmaking. I really enjoyed this movie so much!

Currently Watching: Heirs


Heol! I’m on Heirs wagon, like everybody else. I can’t believe I got sucked in by teenage drama again *head desk* Seriously Nelly, wae? Have you not learned from Boys Over Flower experience? *shakes head* I’m at the lowest point of my kdrama watch experience. Oooh my gosh *imitating Lee Bo Na’s tone of voice* all I can think of as I’m watching this over-hyped Heirs is why oh why these actors decided to go for this kind of mindless story? Oooh wait, I know! Money!!!! And exposure. And MONEY mostly! Beautiful cast attracted audience and I am *heads down* is one of them! *sigh* And audience means kaching kaching!!!

Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang

Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang

This modified Cinderella story mortified me! Jjeongmalyo, why do they have to make this drama really bad? Bad heirs *hairs*, dreadful clothing, seriously bad attitude, awful music… Yup, this is seriously by far the most publicized drama of the YEAR! Epicly heir-y bad!!!! I don’t even know where to begin… I almost, ALMOST, want to give up on Heirs. Why? Not only it is down right cheesy and bleh, but considering that all the characters hate each other so, so much… What good will I get if I am to stay with Heirs until the end? Stay for the boys? Stay for the laugh? Or just keep watching since everybody else are watching it too? If not because of my stupid 2013 resolution, I’d have quit Heirs way early *fist air*

Kim Won

Kim Won

If you have seen Heirs relationship map, everyone are inter-related to one another. A 6 degree of separation doesn’t go very far in Heirs world. But then again, this isn’t new in kdrama world. Heirs is a typical high school romance. A handsome looking boy *nods*, Kim Tan, is tore between a new found love for Cha Eun Sang and his duty as a second to the family throne to marry Yoo Rachael, a predetermined wife *what a shame*. Cha Eun Sang, daughter to a housekeeper working in Kim Tan’s household did not only caught Kim Tan’s eyes, but she also caught Choi Young Do’s eyes too, Yoo Rachael’s future step brother and Kim Tan’s onced BFF and now a close rival. On top of that, Lee Bo Na, Cha Eun Sang’s BFF Yoon Chan Young’s girlfriend once dated Kim Tan as well. What  a cobwebs mess! And these are not all! Yes, there are more! In comes Kim Won into this fairy tale, Kim Tan’s elder half brother and his scheme to take the family business all for his own good. Kim Tan was kept away from the family affairs by, Won’s evil scheme, sending him to the States *rolls eyes* (where else, right?) mainly because he is an illegitimate child. Kim Tan admires his elder bro but only to get cold shoulder by Won again and again… So Heirs is a struggle story for Kim Tan between home and school. But you won’t be able to see this much of struggle because we are all blinded by money, power, status, horrible attitude, awful clothes and many more. I’m sure you get it by now… It is another Boys Over Flower kind of story.


Yoo Rachael, Choi Yong Do, Yoon Chang Young and Lee Bo Na

Yoo Rachael, Choi Yong Do, Yoon Chang Young and Lee Bo Na

This 20 episode drama is not for me! Period! If I could pick up my bag and ship myself to Mars, I would. I don’t recommend Heirs.  Not worth a star IMO. And save your 20 hours for something more worthy… like sleeping, getting facials, eating ice-cream, watch better kdrama, etc. It’s crappy as hell, it’s greasy cheesy, it’s so high-school, and you guessed it? So obvious! Most people watch it for eye candies and for some teenage squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I watch it as a filler now when there’s nothing else to watch. Some watch it so that they can poke fun at it! Have you check out The Problematic of the Unproblematic? The ladies are having tons of fun poking at each character and their ‘tudes and clothings. I personally find it hilarious! But if you are a die hard Heirs fan, please visit Musings of a Twinkie instead. I would love to be nice and gentle to you readers to be quite honest, but sorry no way and I can’t be any kinder to Heirs. Heir-y, heir-y baddddddd!

Dreamscape: Fangirl’s Haven


Lee Min Ho. So Ji Sub. Rain. Lee Jong Suk. Kim Woo Bin. MBLAQ Thunder. Park Shi Hoo. No Min Woo. What do these men have in common? Hehehe they all have visited me in my dreamscape. Very surreal dreamscape I had! Whoa you say? How about me? Each time I woke up from this fabulous dreams, I’d sit down and wonder what did I do to make myself be so LUCKY to have these beautiful men parading in my dreams? I’d like to say I’m lucky because this is the only environment where it allows me to be my own self which permits me to get closed, one breathe away, cheek-to-cheek and hand-to-hand with them. My heart is still beating 200 mph from this morning dream of Woo Bin *beams*

There are few vivid dreams I remember and some, boy how do I say it…. I’m just glad there is no police roaming around in my dream. It felt so illegal just remembering it but since I look pretty young for my age (ahem, still get carded and people though my kiddo is my brother), I think it was okay LOL. So here are few vivid snippet of my dreams, not in chronological order but in the level of intensity (and insanity!):

Pee-ka-boo Dreams


Rain was in my dreams. But I couldn’t see him entirely. He was about to give a performance and as he walked into a tunnel that led him to the stage, he turned back and wink a me. Omo! A wink! You know how hawt that was? When I woke up that morning, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t give anything back to him! I should have blow him a kiss or tackle hug him from behind… I’m so disappointed with myself. Next time… next time!

Hwak Dreams


This is an odd dreams! Seriously, I don’t know what prompt me to dream that Kim Woo Bin and Park Shi-Hoo attacked me in the first place… Clearly they were ninjas! They flew from my back in some wacko somersault moves and drew their swords on me! I was stunned obviously but I fought them back! Unfortunately I woke up before the dreams end, so I don’t know what happened. What funny though, the dream scene was around Joseon time so both of them have ponytails. Ok, we have seen Shi-Hoo in long hairs before… but Woo-Bin in a long ponytail? Omo, not quite I expected. If you’re reading this Woo-Bin, please DO NOT consider doing sageuk drama! Never ever!

Touchy Dreams


Ok, I had two sweet touchy dreams. Why do I say touchy? *wink* I actually get to hold hands with two awesome gentlemen in KDrama history! It was a huge deal! The first one was with Lee Min-Ho. How do I know it was him? He has his beads bangles on his right hand and I have mind on my left. His was whitish and mine greenish. Squeeeee…. just to hold hands with Min-Ho is an honor! Kaching kaching!

so ji sub

My second touch dreams was with So Ji Sub. This was awhile back when I saw him in Ghosts. He was being a sweet gentleman to me. We were sitting down on the floor, our backs to the wall, holding hands together and we people watch. That’s all… We didn’t talk but we keep looking at each other and smile. Awwwwwwwwwwww… it was such a sweet, sweet dreams then.

Illegal Dreams


I’m obsessed with the MBLAQ boys. OK, ok…. I’m obsessed with Yoo Seung-Ho too but he has yet to visit me in my dreams so. Until then, I will continue my obsession with these boys. Don’t ask me why but I <3, <3, ❤ GO. He has this mannish look that I just simply can’t ignore. Every night (yes, this is true!) I will listen to their songs on YT and focus on GO hoping that he would come and visit me. Guess what? I didn’t get him but I got Thunder instead! Aiks… Thunder is as young as Seung-Ho but his looks is so babyish I just can’t. But when he was in my dreams, he was the sweetest boy ever! You know what we did? He had his arm wrapped around me and we both were trying to escape from a bunch of his saesang fans! OMO! Imagine that in real life…. I’ll be executed! I felt like I did a hefty crime knowing Thunder was in my dreams since he is so young he could be my son! Aish…

Double Trouble Dreams


Double trouble? Hehehehe…. What prompts me to have a double trouble dream? Why School 2013, of course! The boys, Kim Woo-Bin and Lee Jong Suk were in my dreams! Talk about hitting a jackpot! Now, I don’t remember exactly the dreams was all about but I do remember one thing: we were sharing an ice-cream together. Aaaaaaah…. And for some reason, I was almost as tall as the boys! I don’t remember if I wore heels but I do know I don’t have to tiptoed when I kissed their cheeks! Hah! *sticks tongue out*

Mamma Mia Dreams


Now this is my latest dreams, and how latest? This morning (Sept 25th)! I was riding my skateboard and for some reason I was trying to escape… guess who? Yes, Kim Woo-Bin! Again… I know! When is my Seung-Ho gonna show up in my dreams?  Anyway… I  climbed up the stairs which looks like in a medieval castle. I ran and ran and ran and then I gave up and quit on the landing. Suddenly, I thought there were steps coming down from the stairs so I decided to run down. And there he came showed up in front of me…. He walked straight to me and gave me his meanest look. Oh brother, if looks could kill I would have been dead by his stare! I’ve never seen him angry before. And suddenly, I just jump straight to him! He picked up, I put both my hands onto his cheeks, we both giggle and I hugged him! *fanning self* I remember running my fingers on his softy, sort of curly hair, rested my head on his shoulder and kissed him on his cheeks. Whoa! When I woke up today, I thought to myself… This dreams could prompted a divorce if not properly handled! LOL…. I’m so in trouble if D (my hubby) finds out LOL

Now, I have a lot more dreams but I don’t remember them specifically. Like with No Min Woo… I can’t remember what was the dream but I knew he was in my dreams. So how do I remember all these dreams? Heck, I jotted all of my dreams down just because… hehehe. Ok, back to work now and please… don’t be jealous hehehe.