Breaking News: Say Love


MBLAQ Leader, Yang Seung Ho, finally released his first solo through a drama soundtrack! It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting to hear his solo voice for quite sometimes now and the wait is finally pay off. I’m so happy that he is finally venturing into being a solo singer. I’m sure all his fans have been waiting for this moment since his debut. I’m one of them, too! I hope he takes advantage of more solo albums before he gets enlisted.


Can I just say that his voice is beautiful? It is! In this emotional song, you get to hear and feel his emotions. Although he sounded a bit nasal to me, yet he sang it beautifully. There is a lot of love in this song. Now, I’m not sure if he wrote it… But does it matter? I just want to enjoy it. By the way, it is now available on iTunes if you are interested in buying it. I’ve been listening to the song nearly 6 times now. So I’m sure you get it… I’m biased. I’m an A+ girl and I support my boys! *wink* By the way, if you are interested in watching this drama, it is called Happy Home. It is still airing on MBC. Sadly, I’m not watching it… T__T


Currently Watching: Who Are You: School 2015

wech4You’ve heard me saying this over and over before that I don’t like to watch high school drama. Most of the time, it is because of bully and jealousy between kids. I just can’t stand it. Kids should behave like kids, you know? But then again, they are only human and bully cases are everywhere. I’m blessed that even though I grew up in all girls school, not once that I encountered such bully cases. I don’t even know it existed if not because of Korean dramas. I was well sheltered by my parents and they tended to my every needs. I felt lucky now that I think of it… So, so lucky! But for some of us, maybe are not so lucky. Erl told me that she couldn’t watch dramas with bully issues because she had terrible experience growin’ up in her school. Even that she took my advice and saw Angry Mom. Bless her soul for taking my advice *beams*.


I wasn’t planning on watching Who Are You School 2015 simply because I  had bad experience with high school dramas. They are either too much for me to handle or too boring for me to stay awake. And this is why I hesitant to start this drama. I kept hearing good things from girlfriends (Jules and Mari) and read quite daebak tweets on my Tweeter timeline. Still, my heart was not feeling it. I came back from Japan and was determined to give it a try. I’m giving a high school genre drama my last chance! I want Who Are You School 2015 to prove me that I’m wrong. 10 episodes later, I am wrong! *smiles*. This drama, despite the heavy bully issue that really encourages me to cuss and tosses cat toys to my tellie, I’m happy to report to you that it is written so well and the characters are solid performers. The protagonist and the antagonist are both strong! Even though I hate the antagonist, I applaud the actress for playing such a hard character!


Kim So Hyun. I’m sure you all familiar with her. I couldn’t watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun because of her. I barely able to get through Rooftop Prince because of her, too. But after that, I adore her so much in Ma Boy! God, this girl is heading her way to be one excellent actress. To able to act as an antagonist at a tender age, you know she is not the typical cookie cutter actress from South Korea now. She is a great actress. I’m in love with her more and more now. She is definitely one of the best actresses to watch! She was awesome in Reset even though the drama was disappointing. And now she continues to be awesome in this drama. I must say this girl is a chameleon. Give her any scripts, she will give more than the PD would ask!


Ok, back to Who Are You School 2015. It is full of typical high school drama plots, to be honest. Bully issues. Overprotective parents. Rebellious kids. Mistaken identity. Frenemies. Triangle love. Revenge. This drama has it all. I’m not surprised but the reason why I like it is because the writer give surprises that I never imagine it could be done. When you have seen a lot of kdramas, you typically would know the next reaction for each character. Well, I was a bit surprised in here. I’m not gonna tell you everything so if you haven’t seen it, please watch it. But here is what I can summarize it for you. Eun Bi is a victim of bully in her high school. Eun Byeol is Eun Bi’s twin sister and living a glamorous life as a popular girl in her high school. They both lead a complete different life when Byeol was adopted and Bi left behind in the orphanage. I’m not sure why they were not adopted together and for sure, the girls never knew they are twins. I could be wrong. Someone please let me know… Anyway, something mysterious happened. I am so lost to how it happened. Eun Byeol went missing from her field trip, which took place in a town where Eun Bi is. And for odd reason, Eun Bi was saved from drowning and she woke up with no recollection of what happened or her own identity. So long story short, Byeol mom thought Bi is her daughter! Eun Bi plays along and believes she is her mom’s daughter. She tries to blend in with her school friends. Fortunately, she is welcomed by all due to Byeol’s popularity in school. But one day her memory came back and she feared that someone would know. Thank goodness her mom is understanding and asks for her to play along as Eun Byeol. Fair enough, right? *raises brow*


Well, all fun must come to an end! Guess who showed up as a transfer student in Eun Byeol’s class? None other than her antagonist, Kang So Yeong. I shudder just thinking of her name. She really get my BP high! This girl is a great actress! She not only made my blood boiling, she made me wanna cuss out loud! Holy smoke! So when she showed up in her class, Eun Byeol (or Bi) knows who she is. But instead of showing fear, she is determined to fight back. I believe having a great support system really helps her in tackling So Yeong herself. So Yeong was confused in the beginning but later convinced that Byeol is Bi. She is using all her might to get back on Eun Bi. But something happened. While pursuing her goal into revealing Byeol’s true identity, she didn’t plan it so well that her revenge plan was taken down by her entire class without Byeol speaking a single word! Oh my god, when that happened, I was like “in yo face, m*ther phocker!” Yeap, excuse my language! You didn’t see that coming, did ya? *giggles*. So did I *laughs*.


Who Are You School 2015 is ending next week. I started this drama on Tuesday, June 9, and I’m 10 episodes down. I have 4 more episodes to be current and just in time for the finale next week. Aren’t I the best? I know, I shocked myself too. How did I do it? With a great story and cast, I was extremely sucked in to it. Plus, a little jetlag helped my way in catching up with this drama *covers her face*. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Who Are You School 2015, I think you should consider adding it to your drama watch list. I am so dead focus on Eun Byeol/Bi and So Yeong I actually, for the first time, doesn’t care who will Byeol choose for her boyfriend. Seriously, the boys are cute but I got my eyes on these girls. They made Who Are You School 2015 so real!


Currently Watching: Pinocchio


I contemplated earlier on whether I should give Pinocchio a green light. I love Park Shin Hye so much. I love her sweet, innocent look and most of her characters she played were quirky. She’s my type of girl. But I had a set back with Pinocchio because I hate to hear comments about her kissing scene. Some called it her infamous “gold fish” kiss. Yes, she doesn’t know how to kiss as perfectly as Hollywood actresses but hey, I’m perfectly fine with it. She’s an actress and kissing is not her forte. Plus, just imagine if she does put her 110% effort in kissing her leading males, I don’t think she will survive today! She will be grilled! No, she will be tortured, abused, boycotted and slammed by the SK netizens. I do not want my girl to be treated like that. No, no, no…!


However, Shin Hye was not THE only reason I shy away from Pinocchio. Beautiful casts is my other reason. I don’t want it to be another *shrugs* IDK…. Heirs? Anwyay, I started watching it last Saturday… Plex was down at the time and I was already current with all my drama watch. So I hold my breath and started Pinocchio. 6 hours later, I was convinced that this drama is the best I’ve seen in awhile. The plots are nice. The casts are great. The chemistry between all the casts and just the OTP are so spot on. I can feel the love in the air with all of them! Also, I love the color scheme. Very soft and soothing. Also, not to forget, it even gives me I Hear Your Voice (IHYV) vibe! Me likey! I’m very close to compare it with Pinocchio since I found that the writers are the same. And it does feel as if it is a continuation from one drama to another. But I do not want to go there… I want to be fair for Pinocchio and the cast. And now, at episode 20, this recently wrapped drama is awesome at all angles, whichever you look at it. I’m impressed by Lee Jong Suk more and more now. He is darn charming and acted his character well.


The story started with a wrongfully accusation of death towards Fireman Ki. He and his crew responded to an explosion in a factory. He didn’t survive and his body was not found. Someone with a Pinocchio sydrome, a syndrome that will make a person hiccup when he or she lied. So this person mistaken for a passerby he saw on the street as the late Fireman Ki. Ki’s family in return was tormented by the media, especially by Reporter Sung, and accused Ki for various painful accusations. This wrongful accusations forced Ki’s wife to suicide. Her younger son, Ha Myung went missing too and was presumed dead as they found just one of his shoes on the cliff with his mom’s. It turns out, Ha Myung is alive and was adopted by a grandpa. Instead of going by his name, he disguised himself as Choi Dal Po.


Fast forward, Dal Po grew up well. Though he is smart, he lay low in school and pretended he is useless and not able to learn. One day, he started to show off how smart he is by participating in a national TV quiz show with mostly aced students as contestants. The reason for him to come out is to see if he’s ready to be in a studio and eventually to take up his revenge on Reporter Sung. During the time he grow up, he met In Ha, his adopted father’s granddaughter. Though he love her a lot, she is Reporter Sung’s daughter. But he is not driven by the revenge but more of getting the things right and in order! I love Dal Po as he is not as nasty as I thought he would be but more of probing things to make the guilty parties voluntarily surrender. There are a lot of verbal information exchanged between the characters and they are not to be missed.


I enjoy Pinocchio so much. The show is driven by moral. It’s very entertaining and suitable for young teens as well as adults. I love the message they brought in to this drama. And the best of all, there is no angst whatsoever. It is a light yet very rich drama. Pinocchio is a 20 episode drama and it is as good as I Hear Your Voice. I’m sad that I will finish this show in a few minutes time but dang, it’s worth my time. I highly recommend this to everyone.


Currently Watching: Emergency Couple


Medical drama and I don’t get along really well. I’m too afraid of blood and this phobia could sent me into coma. Yeap, I’m that bad. Ok, I may be a little dramatic but you get the idea… And because of this phobia, I missed out a lot of good medical kdramas. I wish I could hypnotize myself. Even though I know the blood in dramas is fake and it’s all just another acting, my brain though couldn’t process it well. It still wants me to think it’s a real blood. Stupid brain, why can’t you be normal? *knocks her head* So because of my weakness, I delay watching Emergency Couple for the longest time until I got caught up with my other dramas.


Why do I even bother watching it even know this drama could send me, ironically, to the emergency room? The drama teaser, of course. The fact that the OTP hates each other to the gut was enough to justify why I should watch it. Plus, it’s Choi Jin Hyuk’s first time playing the main lead! I gotta support him even though I’m not his biggest fan! *ducks from his fans*. Song Ji Hyo on the other hand is not new to most of us. The only female lead in current airing Running Man (lucky gal)she has been one of my favorite actress to watch since Goong. I know I know but you know what? She shows versatility in that she’s able to play innocent wench, bitchy or lovable characters anytime. Amuden, it’s great to see her back in drama. She’s been quite tomboyish lately…


Ok, enough of them… Let’s focus on Emergency Couple. The story plot reminded me of 2006’s Alone In Love. Have you seen it? No? Hmmm you should watch it. I love it. Ok really, back to ER Couple. It is quite funny to be honest. A divorced couple found themselves working together as interns in the hospital emergency room. Yeap, how awkward is that? *laughs* This show is crack-a-lacking! I laughs so hard at this show. At episode 15 and still able to laugh, this show is definitely worth your time. I’m happy that it not only meet my expectations, which is a true romance comedy genre, it also met my friends’ expectations too. We enjoy it so, so much! And of course I enjoy it more and more after the bloody scenes on the first two episodes *shudders*


Emergency Couple is currently exclusively airing on DramaFever in my region, I’m not sure which site it is in yours. This 20 episode drama is classically laugh out loud funny. The hate love relationship is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I seriously enjoy watching them battling and fighting each other. *giggles* I find happiness in people’s miseries. Whaa…..? Pure evil? Well *flips hair*, that I am! Well, don’t waste your time reading my blog… Go watch it!