Breaking News: Say Love


MBLAQ Leader, Yang Seung Ho, finally released his first solo through a drama soundtrack! It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting to hear his solo voice for quite sometimes now and the wait is finally pay off. I’m so happy that he is finally venturing into being a solo singer. I’m sure all his fans have been waiting for this moment since his debut. I’m one of them, too! I hope he takes advantage of more solo albums before he gets enlisted.


Can I just say that his voice is beautiful? It is! In this emotional song, you get to hear and feel his emotions. Although he sounded a bit nasal to me, yet he sang it beautifully. There is a lot of love in this song. Now, I’m not sure if he wrote it… But does it matter? I just want to enjoy it. By the way, it is now available on iTunes if you are interested in buying it. I’ve been listening to the song nearly 6 times now. So I’m sure you get it… I’m biased. I’m an A+ girl and I support my boys! *wink* By the way, if you are interested in watching this drama, it is called Happy Home. It is still airing on MBC. Sadly, I’m not watching it… T__T


Currently Watching: All About My Mom


When was the last time you saw family weekend drama? I really can’t remember anymore. I finally took a plunge when I found out that Eugene is making a comeback after giving birth. And then Lee Sang Woon is in it. Good lord so exciting. But when I started the show, I began to feel that the show is too… cozy. Not as dramatic as typical weekend family drama should be! In a way, I’m fine with it because I’ve been watching so many crazy daily dramas that I actually appreciate watching an uneventful, slow pace, mild conflict dramas like All About My Mom. Sadly though, a few found it extremely boring that they drop it after 20 some episodes. Wae? The back to back to back plots. The boring and whining daughter. The selfish mom. Same old thing over and over and over again…

It is KBS drama after all, peeps. I guess they are trying to lay low after series of uninteresting dramas by this network. But for me, the show is outstanding and solid. It sort of reminds me of Wonderful Days. Pure family agendas and not forgetting, heavily invested on doing the right things for the person(s) they love. It is so outstanding that it receives additional 4 episodes. But I believe they had to do so because the show was getting tighter had they continue to end it at episode 50. Well, it can be a win-win or a win-lose thing… Depending how you see it. But I’m find either way and dying to catch up. I have 8 episodes left since it just completed airing.photo621315All About My Mom. The title says it all. It is all about kids trying to impress their moms. And all about the daughter in laws trying to impress their mother in laws. Sad enough? Furthermore, the relationship between mom and daughter are so strained that neither one of them could be on the same page. Their love hate relationship is nothing to be envied of. I hate to be in their shoes. But yeah, that’s All About My Mom in a nutshell. I don’t want to throw names into this post because there are too many characters and you won’t know who’s who until you watch it. But if you have the time and energy, I highly recommend this drama. It can be boring at times but it certainly hearty to watch *smiles*All_about_my_Mom_07_20150905_12M.mp4_20150907_142816.803



Currently Watching: High Society

Upcoming Drama “High Society” Releases First Set of Posters

Whoa! An upgrade version of Heirs? Sign me up! And with Sung Joon as the main lead? Hello, I am so in! *licks* *giggles*. Plus, ZE:A’s Hyungsik is back. *smiles*. Great cast, eh? But the title gives me the impression that we are in it for the young, bold, beautiful and rich! Urgh, I hate dramas with nothing but featuring the rich lifestyles. But after watching several episodes, High Society defies the lifestyles. Somewhat. But I do like the idea of a chaebol girl working her hardest to have a normal life like us. The idea is kinda fresh and different. Plus, I don’t recall seeing girl shower scenes in life. Well, maybe I have but High Society gave a great fan service for Uee’s fans as they did with Sung Joon’s fans. Ahhhh… it is definitely balance.


I had a hard time blogging this drama due to several reasons. I know majority of watchers love this show. Most of them are for the second lead, which I completely get it. My reason is for the first lead. Prior to the latest episodes, I was extremely disappointed with the lead. I feel that the sparks between the two were rather boring. The feelings I crave for I only found it with the second lead. *sigh* Really, the second lead stole the thunder completely! The chemistry between Ji Yi and Chang Soo are much more interesting than Joon Ki and Yoon Ha. But I found the table has turned recently. Yoon Ha finally snapped out of her fantasy but Ji Yi sunk in deeper and sounded too shallow to me. Oy, I despise shallow character so, so much. But hey, I’m not shooting the messenger… I will shoot the writer for making Ji Yi’s character shallow and childish.


High Society describes the life of young, rich and beautiful still in search for their own identity in this twisted world. Yoon Ha despised her status as a rich girl and feels that she should make her own living. But to live in disguise is difficult. She is constantly trying to run away from her status but somehow, it is difficult. It is funny that she wanted to make her own living but still driving her luxury car and living in her mansion home. *scratches head* Well, so much for being independent, eh? Anywho, being rich came with a prize. Being the last child in the family, she is not only the rebel one but also the better one among her sisters. She is loved dearly by her brother but her mom hated her so much. Yoon Ha questioned her existence but eventually was shut by the same DNA she shared with her mom. This is truly the worse case I have ever seen in a rich kdrama land. She was arranged to meet Chang Soo not knowing that he is the Director in the supermarket she currently working in.


Joon Ki met and fell for Yoon Ha for the first time the minute he saw her in a hotel elevator. When he found out that she is a chaebol daughter, he started to pursue her. Well, we can call him a gold digger all we want but to him, he has his own reason. This is a survival. A stepping stone so to speak. But I do have a beef with him. Even though he is proud of his family, he was ashamed of his father’s occupation. Pathetic, really. Since then, he is determined to make a better living for himself but his intention for a better life is a bit selfish. Prior to meeting Yoon Ha, he was dating another rich chaebol. Coincident or not, we all know where he is heading with his current life.


Yoon Ha and Joon Ki met and it was a love of a different kind. She saw him as a man that would accept her regardless of her background. Sadly, unknowing to her, Joon Ki already know her background and was just playing along as she madly in love with him. We could see him developing love for her but his intention trumped his feeling. When she caught on to him, her furious was unbearable that she is now willing to use her status to get on him. But how far is she willing to do that? Will she understand if she is in his shoe? Joon Ki never shy to admit what he did to her and my feeling is that the reason he was frank was because he is genuinely falling for her. *shrugs* I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know… I’m not sure if I want to recommend High Society. It was a hard watch for me but not for others. Just go by the ears if you think you want to watch it. For me, I do not see a happy ending for this show but who knows, I could be wrong…