Currently Watching: Weigthlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo 

Ever hear of the phrase “Don’t judge a drama by its title”? That’s exactly what I did earlier this year when I heard this show  was being made. Then I heard who the leads where and I laughed hysterically & swore to not go near this with a 10 foot poll.  So I’m here to say.. I MariD was WRONG ( please note the time & date you read this, I might never say it again!)

This drama!!! This little drama has my heart! Every week I have a little countdown till Wednesday/Thursday. The amount of feels I have for this drama! If you follow me on Twitter you seen me gush nonstop, since I watch it raw and search all sites for information and translations. So why should you watch it? Do you want to spend 50 minutes smiling at your screen?  Do you want to watch a show that has a great family line, and some amazing friendships? If the answer is yes, the let me introduce this show to you. Continue reading


Currently Watching: Cheese in the Trap

b3EgeXk1_ff898b_fHow did this happen? From being curious, 8 episodes later I’m still glued to Cheese in the Trap. This anticipated manga turned drama received so many buzz in my Twitter list. As Grace would say, I’m officially trapped. But being trap doesn’t mean I really, really, REALLY like it. In a way I do, but deep down I feel something is missing. I really can’t pin down what it is… Perhaps, the slow pace and quirky mood? I usually like this style of drama. But this time I am half sold *pouts sadly* E1VOVAjL_d7660c_fIt has nothing to do with the cast although Baek In Ha, one of the characters, is driving me batshit crazy. I’m not a fan of the actress (since It’s Okay, It’s Love) and definitely not a fan of her as In Ha. Her over dramatic acting skill says it all and it is grossing me out! Yes, I am taking it personally. Other than that, I wish this show will give more feels because I only feel it tiny bit. I want more. The whole thing is just too cold. *shrugs* maybe I have been pms-ing for the past 4 weeks?X3bApaAL_fda961_fBack to Cheese in the Trap, this drama is all on Seol the cheese girl. She’s nerdy and quirky yet super cute. I love her and her conversation in her head. Very fascinating! She started her university course again after taking a year break. Prior to her break, senior Jung and herself were never on the same page. His then girlfriend always picks on Seol. And one time at the party, Seol witnessed something that creep her out. A drink suddenly spilled onto Jung’s girlfriend and she got wet. But what shocked Seol was that Jung acted all worried over the spill but as soon as his girlfriend left for clean up, he broke a wicked smile. Seol happened to see that smile and Jung caught her staring at him. To me, that entire scene was insanely creepy. Obviously, Jung spilled the drink on purpose. Wae? Did he not like her? Or did he find it very thrilling to make someone frustrated and angry? Hmmmm interesting behavior… VLQ2woq3_157f24_fFast forward a year later, Seol was forced to enroll into a class under a professor she doesn’t favor with. And Jung happens to be in the class. She continues to avoid him whereas Jung continues to get closer to her. Seol became suspicious and started questioning his intention. Why is he oh-so friendly now? It turns out he approaches her with an intention to date. Of course, Jung hesitated in the beginning but now, our cheese is trapped under Jung’s spell. At the same time, Seol started to befriend Baek In Ho and found out that In Ho and Jung knows each other. In Ho advises her to beware of Jung’s sleek tricks and Seol keeps that in mind. Sadly, he never really gives her a concrete reason. Why? Why can’t he tell her everything?  D45Xym23_da58ad_fTo me, the whole drama is intriguing and fishy. Some speculate that Jung is a serial killer. Some say that he is a murderer. Or whatever. I am curious. We know his background. We know how powerful he is simply by watching him controlling In Ho and In Ha. How far can he be to control these two? And now I need to know whether is he a serial killer or just a mistaken identity? Park Hae Jin as Jung is really something. He somehow brought in his serial killer mindset from Bad Guys into this show. It is hard to read him which makes Cheese in the Trap very interesting. All I ask is that can he and Seol be a bit livelier?

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Breaking News: It’s Okay, That’s Love


Oh my god, oh my god, errrrmageeeeeed!!! Are y’all ready to watch It’s Okay, That’s Love with me????? It’s Jo In-Sung (my kdrama crush) and Gong Hyo-Jin (my kdrama crush)! I mean my crush vs crush! Daebak!!! *claps like a maniac* Daebak daebak! Abomination in my head!!! MUST.WATCH!!!! It starts a week from today!!! *breathe Nelly, breathe*

Okay,  back to regular schedule… Carry on, ladies and gentlemen. Try not to spazz too much, okay? *winks* Keep calm and watch It’s Okay, That’s Love! Hwaiting! *fist pump*