Currently Watching: Queen of Mystery


I just love Choi Kang Hee. She is just so adorable! From the way she talks and makes faces, I just find her utterly adorable! I have been trying my best to watch all her dramas though I couldn’t get into her Glamorous Temptation and quit 7th Grade Civil Servant. And even though I said I have been trying, I still haven’t seen her old dramas. Anyway, I love her in Heart to Heart and I thought Queen of Mystery will give me the same feels as well. I have been playing catch up with this drama since Monday and I am finally watching episode 10. I really enjoy watching the OTP. Their chemistry is awesome. She calls him Detective Ha. He calls her ahjumma. So hilarious!

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Currently Watching: The Good Wife


I didn’t watch the original The Good Wife. I was not interested at all. When I heard tvN is picking up Korean version for The Good Wife, I hesitated. But I had a change of heart after hearing good comments about the show on my Twitter. I usually try not to get influenced but I can’t help again this time. Besides, since my watch list is pack with Japanese dramas, I thought it would be a great balance to add this drama to my list. Also, I changed my mind because of Jeon Do Yeon. I saw her two movies recently and was impressed by her acting! She is so natural and her acting skill is solid. So I thought if she is good in movies, she should be good in dramas, too. Her last drama was 8 years ago. Oh my God…



Since I did not watch the American version, I do not know how it compares with this version. But I’m sure some plots are in line, right? Anyway, I did not find this show intimidating as I thought it would be. I hate legal terms. I used to envy attorneys and their sophisticated work but after working with several of them and been thrown into legal work recently, I sort of hating anything to do with laws. I started avoiding legal dramas, hence part of the reason for dropping Remember – War of the Son. But I found The Good Wife easy to watch. Thank goodness!



The Good Wife is a life story of Kim Hye Kyung. After years of leaving the working force and become a good wife to prosecutor Lee Tae Joon, Hye Kyung finally decided to go back to work and to find her identity. Surely being a housewife isn’t easy. We get to see her flashback scenes of gatherings with friends at her house. But why she suddenly making a career comeback? Because of her husband, Tae Joon. He was found guilty of corruption. Not any corruption, but political corruption! Hye Kyung joined a firm that is now lead by Seo Jung Won. He used to be in love with Hye Kyung but gave up when Tae Joon swooped Hye Kyung away. But now, Tae Joon is nervous and worried that Jung Won will steal Hye Kyung’s heart. As the matter of fact, Jung Won did but Hye Kyung managed to shake it off her shoulder. Tae Joon needs his wife by his side. Why? A strong man needs a strong woman to be next to him. He needs her energy and support when he is in a trial. I hate it! He’s not only using his wife but he is using her to curb her freedom! Oh yeah, the woman retaliate alright! I would, too!



This drama is more than a drama. What I like about it is the powerful emotion Jeon Do Yeon, Yoo Ji Tae and Yoon Kye Sang invested in this show. Their chemistries are off the chart! And I am surprised how awesome Nana is! She has natural talent in acting! What a badass girl she is! The Good Wife is a very mature drama and I feel everyone should watch it. I’m surprised that the rating is low. Why why why?  If you have not seen it yet, I think The Good Drama is a drama you should consider. Solid acting, awesome chemistry, interesting plots, and definitely worth your time!