Currently Watching: Possessed


Ever since I got back from my trip last month, I was not in the mood of watching any dramas except for Game of Thrones (GoT). I think GoT got me so hooked I did not want to watch anything else. But in the last season, I knew I should start a drama immediately. I did not want to be in a slump so I decided to start Possessed (and He is Psychometric). It is on Netflix if you decide to watch. The quality is super good! Initially, I was drawn to the genre but 7 episodes in, I realized I am drawn to the main leads too. They are definitely an odd pairing! Beauty and the Beast. Or I should say… Beauty and her Beast! Who would have thought it works out really well? And the best part of it? The chemistry between the actors! I am sold! Continue reading

Currently Watching: The Guest


Finally, a drama I could brag about! Scary? Maybe. Intrigue? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Romance? Get the hell out of here. However, I must say, The Guest is not for the weak heart. Surprisingly, my heart is strong to handle all the grossness. I started watching it when I was in Myanmar. Jet lag is my best friend and it gives me ample of time to catch on new dramas. Hence, I started 100 Days My Prince and of course, The Guest. Bel warned me to watch it at day but I could not resist. When someone says that, it felt like a challenge. The worse part was I saw the first episode while having dinner! I felt so satisfying watching the bloodiest scene while slurping my delicious pasta con funghi!

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Just Watched: Strongest Deliveryman



All I can say is that I am so glad this show is over! Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories. I love the casting. But it feels forever for it to finish even though it is only 16 episodes long. This drama became extremely draggy in the middle. I lost my mood quite often and almost want to abandon it. But I didn’t and I couldn’t. I am a huge fan of the second lead couple and their stories. I think it is extremely rare to watch chaebol kids leave their golden nests behind and became independent on their own. And I also fascinated by madam jjajangmyeon’s story too.

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Just Dropped: Remember – War of the Son

02042716_2Yeap, this is rare. I’m dropping the show. I don’t think I have the heart to continue it anymore. The moments have passed. I have no desire to go back and watch it. I saw up to episode 7 and that’s it. Please don’t get me wrong, I think the show was intense and awesome. But I couldn’t handle Nam Goong Min’s evil character! What a pain in the azz! I’ve seen too many evilness but coming out from him, I was a bit upset. I kinda like his acting. Kinda. He pretty much diversified his acting gig. Good guy. Bad guy. Funny guy. Awesome lead. Not too shabby second lead. You name it. He has played such characters. And many, many more. But really, this is it. I have to part with him and Remember – War of the Son.


In the beginning, I was still trying to convince myself that I should continue watching it. Do it for Yoo Seung Ho, I said. Do it as a fan. But deep, deep down… I started watching it not for him nor Goong Min. I wanted to watch it for the stories. But the brutality was something that I can’t tolerate. The murder part by Goong Min’s character Gyu Man, for instance, gave me chills. And Yoo Seung Ho’s character as Jin Woo is too pitiful. I just can’t stomach to see him like that.


This drama is extremely sadistic. It plays with my emotional terribly. I remember not willing to get hurt and decided to watch it later. But now… I just don’t feel like watching it anymore. Maybe I’ll pick it up again at a later date… Just not now. Bye bye, Remember – War of the Son. *cries with Seung Ho*


Currently Watching: Hidden Identity


Lately, I have been craving action dramas. I guess my rounds with some action Japanese dramas really made me think twice for my next to-watch drama. And Hidden Identity came in just in time to fill this void in my watch hole. What’s more? This is Kim Bum’s latest comeback since he broke up with Moon Geun Yong. I’m sure I was not the only one waiting for Kim Bum’s comeback to small screen. And with the preview pics of him in stache and guyliner, of course I can’t say no to that! Can you? *wiggles brows*


Hidden Identity reminds me of Ten and Cruel City. It’s an action police drama, as it is as dark as those two (and many more dramas that I’m lazy to list them here). I typically not a fan of kdrama police drama. We all know how ridiculous and injustice the Korean law system is. But somehow I was able to stick through it. The first two episodes did it with me. I was sold completely by the entire cast. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but as a team, they are daebak! I truly enjoyed watching the team and the way they dealt the situation, I’m impressed. I mean, the cases are not extraordinary, but I just love the way they tackle things in their own way. Yeap, this drama is interesting in its own way.


So what is Hidden Identity about? Just by its title, the team was created secretly and perhaps no approval given by the top. It is consisted of 6 undercover police officers that led by Team Leader Jang. Each of them has their own abilities to fight crime in any means they have. They will do whatever they can to hunt the criminal. Under the Team Leader Jang’s fierce leadership, they were able to catch the criminal. However, the one main plot that get carried away throughout the series is the revenge Min Tae In forever carrying with him. His sister was killed and he is determined to find the crooks. But after 10 episodes, I still questioning his intention. I don’t know, Kim Tae Hoon is notorious for playing baddie so it is difficult to actually see him on the good side. I will feel at ease if he remains the good detective until the end of the series.


Back to Hidden Identity, Team Leader Jang recruited Cha Geoun Woo as his sniper man. Coincidentally, he was given an undercover mission by his Leader to save another team member that was trapped and his under cover was blown by the crooks. Unknowingly, the person Woo had to save is none other than Min Tae In. They have a history together. They are connected through Tae In’s sister. Woo dated Tae In’s sister and he witnessed the brawl that caused her life. So to meet again at such situation, it was not only awkward but also felt that they are meant to meet again. You can totally see the reaction between the two through their eye contact, and Tae In’s life was totally depending on Woo’s move. Well, this was one of the nail-biting situations you get to see in Hidden Identity. Throughout the 10 episodes, the team will work to solve the crime and at the same time, you will expose to clues that would lead Woo and Tae In closer to find the murderer.


Well, the question now becomes would I recommend it to you? I’m in a tough spot. I was completely blown away by the first two episodes but felt I was let down the next two episodes. And then, the climax came in waves… Episode 9 and 10 were very suspense yet awesome, I couldn’t sit still. Hidden Identity is not for everyone. There is no romance and there will be no romance. Also, I found Hidden Identity drowned by OCN’s action drama, My Beautiful Bride (review to come soon). I found My Beautiful Bride more intriguing and exciting than Hidden Identity. Nevertheless, Hidden Identity is worth watching if you don’t mind the agenda but definitely not worth rewatching… *shrugs* that’s how I see it.

Currently Watching: The Girl Who Sees Scents


Clearly, the title does not make any sense, right? Is this true? I mean is this syndrome exist? Trust me, I’d like to believe it is but deep down, I think it’s yet another kdrama creation of a new sickness. *shaking my head* I feel like I’m living in a bubble sometimes since I fall for it so easily. But nevertheless, I did fell for it and sort of deep in love with the show. However, there is one thing I’d like to point out… This is my second drama this year that has death in it! *gasp* I really did not expect it! Not at all… And the worse part was that the writers led us to believe that the person is the suspect of interest! *dun dun dun*. Heh, I didn’t buy it but all the watchers that commented on Viki did!


Originally, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama. I thought I should devote more of my watch towards non-popular dramas such as daily dramas, Chinese dramas and oldies. But somehow the gravity from newer dramas is pretty strong!!! Like a bee drawn to flowers, I surrendered myself to The Girl Who Sees Scents. *giggles*. Did you like my mediocre implication of life? Oh yeah, I’m feeling a little philosophical… don’t mind me! Back to the drama, it is scheduled to end next week and I’m excited for it to end and move on to a new watch.


The Girl Who Sees Scents has actually a deeper meaning than its title. It’s not only comedic, it also has the elements of thriller and supernatural. I wouldn’t say it is heavily romantic, but it has some cutesy moments that I think they are cho, cho cute! As the matter of fact, I adore the OTP. Shin Se Kyung has once again step up her acting game! After Blade Man, she definitely improves her gig really fast. I’m fast becoming her fan! *smiles* I’m glad it is her and not Suzy. Heh *shrugs* just saying *ducks from Suzy’s fans* As for Micky, the only drama of his I have yet to watch is 3 Days. I’m quite a fan of his acting even though I still think it can be improved a lot more. But at least, he is more agile in here. Good job, Micky!


So what the show is all about? Oh Cho Rim woke up from her accident able to see scents! Yeah, that’s it! *giggles* *laughs hysterically*. Okay, okay… Let me add more to this to make it interesting. So it started with Detective Choi Moo Gak who lost his sister to bar code serial killer. Yeap, the killer put a bar code on his victims (he slit the victim’s wrist with a bar code using knife) *shudders*. Anyway, the killer mistakenly took Moo Gak’s sister, Choi Eun Seul, as the person of his interest. But in reality, the real Choi Eun Seul is Oh Cho Rim. Wae different name? Her parents were murdered by the bar code killer as well. In order to protect her, she was taken in by a retired police officer as his daughter and changed her identity to avoid the killer. But why did the killer wants to kill Oh Cho Rim? Hmmmm, let’s go back to Moo Gak. While Cho Rim could see scents, Moo Gak lost his ability to taste and feel after the death of his deongsaeng. If you give him a 150 Fahrenheit, super spicy food to him, he will gauge it in under 2 seconds! Moo Gak met Cho Rim unexpectedly when Cho Rim helped him to catch a robber. But this unexpected partnership made them grew fond of each other and eventually work together to sniff the bar code killer.


At the end of episode 14, the killer has been exposed and found so I’m not sure how they are going to play around for the next two final episodes. What I love about the serial killer is that he is nothing what we would imagine a killer would be. But I wonder why he kills and why bar code? Pretty interesting style! And also, his method of keeping his victims for days before he kill them is pretty intriguing. He is a genius and using his victims death letter as his way of inspiration to move forward to kill more. He’s like breathing in into the life of his victims per se. Most viewers are drooling by the killer’s good looking and abs… Well, *scratches head shyly* me included! I hope the next two episodes will reveal who Oh Cho Rim is and why she is wanted by the serial killer. This drama is not too bad, although sometimes you will find yourself wondering what the hell are the writers thinking! Regardless though, The Girl Who Sees Scents is pretty entertaining and time flies when you’re watching entertaining drama! Thumbs up from me! Now shoo… go watch it!