Just Watched: Train to Busan


It takes me 4 years to finally watch Train to Busan! I have never been interested in any zombie shows or dramas. I mustered my strength when Kingdom and Kingdom 2 aired. Even so, I was too scared I watched them in broad daylight. Yeah, I am a chicken and wuss. I don’t do well with the horror genre. When I started to work from home due to COVID-19, one of the things my son and I decided to commit to watching different movies every night. Though my son cheated at times, I stick to the rule. Only unseen movies and of course, I suggested Train to Busan. I needed a friend!

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Currently Watching: Bad Guys


Oh yeah, another action drama added to my watch list! How exciting, right? Bad Guys started around the same time as Reset. I was disappointed by Reset and at one point, had this mixed feeling whether I should start Bad Guys. Sadly though, my real life hectic was too busy to consider it and went on with it. Wait, what? Yes, the busier I get, the more dramas I decided on watching. Hectic life resorts me to be a hermit and drown myself in dramas. Bad Guys though became a different kind of victim. I started watching it as it was currently airing but it suddenly fell on my ‘let’s put in on hold’ list because of my tiredness, health issue (yes, again!) and work life. This drama don’t deserve it as it is effing awesome! I thought Heartless City was awesome, Bad Guys is beyond awesome!


The story is quite interesting. Maybe I am too naive, I’ve never seen or heard a detective recruited criminals as part of his team. And this is exactly Bad Guys is about. Detective Oh recruited 3 criminals to support his work mission and ultimately his mission is to find out who killed his daughter. The criminals came from different criminal background and each equipped with their own “special” talent *giggles*. I can’t believe I said that but that is how they were chosen from. Based on their criminal talent! Wong Cheol was recruited based on his gangster background, Jung Moon *swooon for his good looks* for his intelligence as the youngest serial killer, and Tae Soo *swoooon for his hotness* for his ability as a contract killer. Detective Oh also included Inspector Mi Young as his support system. And to be honest, adding a female inspector is appropriate for feminine balance into a testosterone team, don’t you think? She puts them into a real perspective, adding some emotional and straighten up their crooked mind. Also, to be honest, woman inspector can be as bad ass as male too, right?


The missions are interesting. Some are recycled from what we have seen in any western or even local dramas, but some are fresh from the good ol’ Korean oven. But what makes this show super solid and interesting? Bad Guys really makes you feel like you are watching a real cop show. No hidden agenda, and no crazy stupid and wacko unrealistic bull crap. When you thought the show will go to a typical cop kdrama move, think again. The action is super awesome. Their ass kicking is out of this world good! Seriously, esp Tae Soo, he is so cool I can watch him beating those crooks again and again. No mercy and I like that! So where is Bad Guys going from here? Episode by episode, we watched them cleaning up the city’s dirty laundry as well as their own personal dirty laundry. I like that. And best of all, I like the violence they put into it.


Bad Guys is only 11 episodes long. I’m currently playing catch up before my vacation starts. Well, technically, I’m on vacation *sticks her tongue out*. At episode 6, I hate to say this but… Why this show is only 11 episodes long? They made us begging for more because this show is very solidly written and acted. My wish is to see OCN consider making another season for this drama. Bad Guys is one of my favorite 2014 show even though I haven’t finish it. I don’t watch as many prime time dramas this year as I should and I don’t watch many weekend dramas as well. If you haven’t seen Bad Guys, please consider watching it. The action will get you going! I swear!