Just Watched: Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together


This Korean remake, Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together, was on my flight movie selection and I was so thrilled to finally get a chance to watch it. As much as I loved the original Sunny, I also loved the Japanese version. I cried buckets! It was such a heartwarming movie from the get go. I adore every characters in this movie. Sisterhood and sismance are the best. It is a tearjerker towards the end but it was worth it. Sure the guy sat next to me must have thought I was crazy. First, I laughed so hard. Then, I cried so hard! I even spilled water on him… *laughs*. I mean, I was too clumsy but at least it was water…

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Just Watched: Guardian of the Spirit II


Oh.my.god! What a ride! This drama, a continuation from the first season Guardian of the Spirit, is better than the first one! I could not blog it while watching because I was totally invested in this season. As I was with the first season. This saga is too good to be missed. If you are a fan of taiga fantasy, this drama is for you. But really, if you haven’t seen the first season, you MUST watch it before you start on this one. Technically, you can still skip the first season but I feel it sets a tone for this season.

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