Breaking News: Midnight Foodstore


Or Midnight Diner or Late Night Restaurant. Whichever you want to call it, the show is up for airing in 8 days from today! The first trailer was posted today and in my opinion it is the most heart-wrenching trailer I have seen in years! Our handsome Mark Chao pulls a dramatic tragic scene with his daughter here. But he is only a supporting this drama.  I really can’t wait to start it! It has been my anticipated drama since Eternal Love. All because of Mark. Even though he will only be in one of the 40 episodes… But that’s okay.

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Just Watched: Eternal Love



The most anticipated Chinese drama arrived on my lap in February and I immediately fell in love with the show. Despite heavily CGI’d, I somehow manage to ignore it. Well, when you are in love, all flaws turn to rosy no matter what. This show received and still receives lots of love on my twitter. And it not only gets a huge audience in China, it also receives lots of coverage, loves, and raves internationally. Eternal Love proves to be another successful Chinese drama, in my opinion, after Nirvana in Fire. Well, I am not going to jinx anything because there are more Chinese dramas coming soon that may potentially rock our hearts and souls again!

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