Just Watched: Unnatural


Not knowing what it was about except that it is a medical genre and has Satomi in it, I waited last minute before starting Unnatural. I must say anything with Satomi is a winner. She lights up in any kind of drama and in here, while the genre consists of medical, investigation and mysterious, her presence really sets a tone that medical drama can be fun, entertaining, interesting and funny! My love-hate relationship with medical drama totally disappears as soon as I started seeing her. Satomi is the epiphany of Japanese dramas. She is, no doubt, one of the greatest Japanese actors today.

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Currently Watching: Akira to Akira


So glad that Akira to Akira is finally subbed. This currently airing drama is my current obsession. Well, Saito is an added bonus, of course! *laughs* But really, you have to believe me when I said I’m obsessed with this drama. Why? It reminds me of Midas, a Korean drama by Jang Hyuk. Though the base of the dramas is similar, the stories are completely different. Akira to Akira is a hearty drama that focuses on friendship, relationship, inheritance, and life. And most of all, the background of this drama is circa financial sector in the 80s.

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Just Watched: Clone Baby


While I was busy researching, I came across Clone Baby. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I read the synopsis. It sounds sci-fi. While I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan, the cloning part got me intrigued. Another Japanese drama playing God. Well of course, now I am really intrigued! I sounded an alert to Bel and before I know it, she has all the episodes up and ready for our viewing. And we finished it! I saw the final episode today but Bel completed it yesterday. Yes, you can complete watching this drama in one sitting. Only 11 episodes with 22 minutes long per episode, Clone Baby is a drama designed to keep you on your toes from the beginning to the end.


The first four episodes were extremely, extremely confusing. I tried looking for clues but they were too hidden for me to discover. I kept tweeting Bel and she, too, was lost. Glad neither one of us drops the drama, though. Why? Because, no matter how lost we were, it was still fascinating to watch. Our interests were piqued. On top of that, this is my second time watching Tori Matsuzaka’s work. I really liked him in Siren and enjoyed watching him playing a semi-antagonist character in Clone Baby. But his existence in this drama was hard to judge in the beginning. He certainly appeared as a disguised angel. Not until episode 8 until I realized his purpose.


Clone Baby is somewhat unique. It also reminds me of Never Let Me Go. This drama is all about survival. I finally figured out that in order to survive, the clones will need to kill to live. On top of that, they are programmed to kill and get certain body parts for the master clone. It’s like a barter trade. Master clone relies on this new body parts to continue to live. But does the master clone really plan it herself? NO! She herself is under hostage. So who is the mastermind behind all this? At the beginning, I suspected the sensei since he was introduced to us as pro-cloning. But it turns out, he was used as well! When the show revealed the culprit, I was in shocked. I never suspected this person at all!


Clone Baby is an extremely fantastic drama. It was never draggy and it got me addicted (like a good novel) from the beginning until the end. I’m surprised not many people have seen it. The acting can be somewhat choppy since most of the actors were young. The ending was hard to predict. I dislike an open-end ending. I knew it needs a sequel but this is a 2010 drama. I don’t see any sequel 6 years later so… But to conclude, I highly recommend Clone Baby. It is interesting with full of suspense. The twists on each episode will get into you badly… Hence, I finished it in a day! *laughs*