Currently Watching: Borg Mom


This rare gem is definitely not a popular pick among Kdrama watchers. I only saw few people on my Tlist. Too bad because for me, Borg Mom is sort of my daily drama fix. Only shorter. 12 episodes short. But it is no daily drama, it feels very sitcom-ish. It is pretty funny. Definitely a show that gets me excited these days. The best of all is Park Han Byul. I first saw her in Freeze but her role was not very memorable. This is my first time watching her as a lead.

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Currently Watching: Shopping King Louie


The last time I saw Seo In Guk, his drama High School King of Savvy received critical reviews. I mean, a teen who fell in love with a much older woman, definitely screams protest from all around. But to be on the fair side, she behaved like a high school kid, too. I enjoyed the drama for the most part and took the issue lightly. After all, it was only a drama and the ending was satisfying. I missed watching his I Remember You but I will certainly add this into my next to watch drama.



Back to Shopping King Louie, I was not planning on watching it. It got great reviews and to be honest, I was trying to find an alternative to Jealousy Incarnate. The show infuriates me with the tug-n-pull plots between the OTPs. Thank goodness Shopping King Louie isn’t like that. In fact, this show is so refreshing to watch even though it is quite predictable. Or not. You know me, I love to be surprised and pretend I know nothing *laughs*. Plus, I love amnesia. Not on me, of course!


Yes, amnesia is the main topic in this drama. Louie is the second generation chaebol but since his parents’ passing, his halmeoni placed her precious grandson far, far away from home. In Spain, to be exact. In a giant mansion. With maids and one loyal butler. Wow. When can I get a life like that? Wow. Louie is definitely spoiled. He does not have to lay a finger on anything. Whatever he want, his wish will be granted. Except for one. He doesn’t get his freedom. Being stuck in a mansion is a lonely life. His butler will chaperone him everywhere. Ok, now I don’t envy his life. Anyway, his uncle wants him dead. So he hired some bad bikers to kill Louie. Clearly because of the inheritance. Same old sh*t. Greedy family member. And Louie woke up forgetting who he is and where he should be. This is when the show gets funnier.


I really enjoy watching Seo In Guk as Louie. His casual acting really awe me. His cuteness, his silliness, his quirkiness really makes me happy! I must say this is his best role ever since Reply 1997. You must watch him. He speaks cute Spanish. He speaks cute French. And the way he carries himself as Louie is squee-worthy. It almost feels as if the role is meant for In Guk.

Okay, let’s be frank. There is nothing new with the story. The happy ending is almost predictable. But what I love about this drama is the acting. So carefree and funny. The scrips were well written. And the OST, oh my I’m totally in love with all the songs in this drama. I need to buy or download it soon. You should, too!!!! Anyway, Shopping King Louie is a must watch fall drama. With three episodes left, I can’t see how the writer will screw this up. Really I can’t. I’m currently watching episode 13 and this show still makes me laugh out loud!


Just Watched: The Diary of A Resentful Woman and Hair Transplant Day

So, besides movies, I also saw two special dramas on the plane. One of them was called Diary of a Spinster, which thanks to Grace, I finally know the official title which is called The Diary of A Resentful Woman. Another drama I saw was Hair Transplant Day. So let me give you my two cents on the dramas:

The Diary of A Resentful Woman aka Diary of A Spinster


Off the batch, I said yes immediately because Kim Seul Gi is in it! I immediately thought of Grace and wondered if she has seen it. Well, it turns out, she did and I even commented on her post! What is wrong with me? Okay, let’s not discuss my aging issue coz it can take days! Kim Seul Gi plays Kong Ji who prefers reading and drawing and gives up on the idea of finding a spouse. One day, she was on the swing and reciting a poem (or whatever she was doing), she attracted the handsome Magistrate who just moved into her area. He asked her out on a date (through his assistant) but Kong Ji was not ready to unveil herself so she went in with a mask on. Their first date didn’t go well – she ran and threw one of her shoes (which she stole from her bestie, Chun Hyang) to him. He then searched for her with that one shoe he caught. It sounds like Cinderella now, right? They met again later on. She was afraid that he might not like her. She is just an average Jane with unpleasant attitude. He mistook Kong Ji for her bestie (that damn shoe!) so he was ready to marry her. But, on the day he was planning to propose to Chun Hyang, Kong Ji stepped forward and confessed her love. And showed her true self to him.

Seriously, I enjoyed my time watching Diary of A Spinster! It was so much fun! I really don’t know where you can watch it, though. It is only an hour long. I hope someone or MBC would release the subbed for this drama. It’s too cute not to be watched! If you are interested in watching, Grace included links to the drama on her post. Check it out!

Hair Transplant Day


What a title!!!! And seriously, it was just that! I really have nothing good to say about this drama. Please avoid it. I had a good laugh but… *facepalm* Yeah, please do not waste your time watching it.















Currently Watching: Marriage Contract


Judging by the title, you can pretty much tell how this drama will go. If you are an avid kdrama fan, I’m sure you are familiar with marriage contract. Often time you know that the show will end up with a happy ending. Aaah… And also, marriage contract almost always take place between rich man and poor girl. Opposite attract = everlasting love. Call me shallow, that’s the typical formula I’ve seen throughout my drama watching with marriage contract and I love it! Love, LOVE it!


But with Marriage Contract, this drama is not a romcom. Say what now? Yeap, it is a bit sad. Wait, not “a bit” but very, very sad. I cried at the end of episode 7! Uee did a fabulous job that she really did not just move me, but moved the entire nation with her crying scene! I really believed her! I really felt for her pain and panic and all the clutter things that went through her head.


Let me tell you what Marriage Contract is about. I will tell you from Han Ji Hoon’s perspective. His mom was diagnosed with liver cancer (it’s her fault!) and in need of a new one. Oh Mi Ran is Ji Hoon’s mom and mistress to Han Sung Kook. When Ji Hoon was young, she left Ji Hoon in the care of Sung Kook. Clearly, because of that, Ji Hoon’s resentment towards his mom is deeper than a black hole but deep inside him, he still cares for her. After all, she is still his mom. When his mom was diagnosed and possibly will face her death, he started to feel guilty and wanted to save her. His bestie who happens to work for him suggested finding a liver donor. Guess who heard their conversation and volunteered to be a donor? Kang Hye Soo!


So who is Kang Hye Soo? Ji Hoon met with Kang Hye Soo briefly one day when she accidentally collapsed in front of his car. What appeared to be that she was hit by him, and as claimed by her bratty daughter and the rest of the world, it turns out to be none of that! She was hospitalized immediately and Ji Hoon made her go through thorough check up just to be sure that he won’t be sued by Hye Soo. She was released hours later with no concussion but the hospital called and told her that she has a brain tumor. And this was behind his back! Now can you relate why she jumps into Ji Hoon’s convo and volunteered to be a donor for his mom? Jjakammanyo, another thing… Hye Soo works in Ji Hoon’s restaurant. He doesn’t know that his bestie manager hired her!


So now we know… She has her reason to live and so does he. Ji Hoon wants his mom to live but was skeptical of Hye Soo’s request. Plus, donor and donee must be related. Or else… Someone will need to go to jail for that. Ji Hoon and Hye Soo entered a binding contract. A marriage contract with a promise for divorce after the surgery is done. Their agreed terms? She wants money that would support Eun Sung, her daughter, for the rest of her life in return for her healthy organ. That’s a deal! Ji Hoon happened to be a rich guy though most of the money came from his dad. So this marriage deal was done in rush and hush behind his family’s knowledge. But when his dad found out, he pulled a plug on Mi Ran’s surgery and forced Ji Hoon to work back in his main business office.


Ji Hoon is his dad’s favorite son. His older brother, Han Jung Hoon, is pathetic and a sore loser. He is jealous of Ji Hoon. His fiancée was Jung Hoon’s ex and first lover and now she broke up with him so she can be with Ji Hoon again. Sadly, Jung Hoon is no longer in love with Na Yoon and she’s determined to get him back. Jung Hoon became attached during the process of proving his “legit” marriage to the hospital consular. He was able to make Hye Soo’s bratty daughter into liking him. For some weird reason, he started to feel comfortable around the girls and feeling puzzled of his own feelings. Well, Ji Hoon-ssi, that feeling is called LOVE.


So in the next 8 episodes to come, we should expect retaliation from Mi Ran since she does not want to burden her son anymore. We also should expect a romance between Ji Hoon and Hye Soo and of course, Ji Hoon’s world will be shaken by his cruel dad. At this point, I can see how Ji Hoon is very consistent in meeting his dad’s demand and at the same time, getting to what he wants. He knows that pleasing daddy means he will be taken care off for the rest of his life. But how will he please his dad to accept Hye Soo and Eun Sung? Looks like you and I must continue to watch it!


This show is surprisingly good! This is by far Uee’s best performance I’ve seen in years. She really is very mature as Hye Soo. The show was not bad in the beginning and as it progress, it has gotten better and better. Marriage Contract is a must watch drama. I will think of nothing less of this drama even if Hye Soo ends up being dead (due to her illness). If you haven’t started Marriage Contract, please do so! It’s worth it!


Currently Watching: Imaginary Cat

b3EgQjy1_1c5717_fIt’s Yoo Seung Ho!!!! I have no choice but to watch it even though the drama is moving at a snail pace! The only winner in this web drama is Bok Gil. She’s the most adorable kitty and the fact that she’s so cooperative (wait, how many kitties they have to play Bok Gil?), I feel like they make this show 10 times more worth it. Bok Gil ahhhh… Meow! ImaginaryCat4The only downside to Imaginary Cat? It’s 35 minutes long! I’m also disappointed with the love story Imaginary Cat is portraying. I think it is unnecessary. I’m here to watch Seung Ho and his kitty, that’s all. The show is heartwarming and cute. Seung Ho as Jong Hyun is pretty much a very calm character. I like him and understand his frustration as a webtoon writer. The way they develop this drama is pretty refreshing even though story wise, it is another typical kdrama style. I really don’t mind. But I do mind the lead girl. She is cute and all but her character can be super annoying. And sometimes pushy. Na Woo really pushes Jong Hyun’s button and sort of, unapologetic and does things her way. So to really ship them together is definitely a no no from me *sad face*ImaginaryCat02-00212Anyway, Imaginary Cat is still worth watching. Jong Hyun found Bok Gil on a rainy day and adopted her immediately. They are such a good pairing together. Jong Hyun loves his cat so much that he tells her everything but it is harder for him to open up his mind and heart to another human. He came to know Na Woo one day through an unfortunate incident. She was browsing in a book store where Jong Hyun works and a thief put a book in her bag. He eventually had to chase her when she left the bookstore and caught up with her later and accuse of such bad behavior. But he was late, she already knew about the book and returned it to the bookstore. He was ashamed. ImaginaryCat03-00246aBut later on their conversation led to cats in which she found out later that he has a cat. She showed up at his apartment one night and he was startled. She told him Bok Gil looks like her cat. She lost her cat and found peace through other cats, including street cats. Her eagerness to meet Bok Gil was turned down by Jong Hyun and when she found out that his kitty was sick, she paid all her medical fees. It bothered Jong Hyun so much but has no way of pushing her around.CUT2Op-UkAAEQksI somehow figure out how this show will end. Wait, not somehow. I think I already know how it will end. I’m sure by now you have figured it out too. But the question to ponder is… Would I recommend Imaginary Cat? Of course! A drama with kitty and my handsome bias? Totally! Besides, it is only an 8-episode drama. You have nothing to lose *giggle*. And it is great to watch with kids… *wink*fullsizephoto661442

Just Watched: Splash Splash Love

b1zaBOZ4_ccff12_fBy now I’m sure everyone has seen Splash Splash Love. If you have not already, what the hell are you doing here? Palli park yourself on your favorite couch, bed, corner, or whatever and start this uber cute web drama now!!!!! I mean it!!! This highly anticipated show really won so many hearts, including mine. I think I’ve seen episode 1 nearly 7 times since it aired. The show was too cute. My heart for Yoon Doo Joon went dugun dugun like crayyyyyyzy! Just thinking of him drives my heart speeding to 200 mph! He is insanely adorable and cute! And who doesn’t like his leading lady, right? Kim Seul Gi is utterly cheeky and cute and adorable I just can’t look at her enough! She is a natural actress and she brought the cuteness in her and Doo Joon. Gahhhh, so in love!splashRemember how I said earlier that I need another sageuk drama to complete my 2015 drama resolution? Voila, isn’t it great to end it with Splash Splash Love? I’m so happy that it did!!! And now all I can see is Doo Joon and Seul Gi as Lee Do and Gosam *giggle*. What a cute couple!splash6Splash Splash Love is a perfect Christmas love story even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. Splash told a story of Dan Bi. She is a senior high school who is about to sit for her university exam. Sadly, she has math anxiety and really has no way of getting away with it. On the day of her exam, it was pouring hard. She worried for her exam so hard that she forgot her yellow umbrella in the bus. She keeps hoping that she could disappear. She was not ready to take the exam and felt she will not excel in it. She sat on a bench in a park and stared at the water puddle. She wondered if she jumps into the puddle, it will take her to somewhere else. She looked over the puddle, she saw and heard something through it. Her mind was set, she knew if she jumps into it, she will be somewhere else. She took a few steps back, ran and jump into the puddle! Voila and the water act as a medium and transported her to joseon time! Yeap, she time traveled to hundred of years to King Se Jong Yi Do era!

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When she arrived in Lee Do (the King’s short name) side of the world, the place was facing a major drought. Dan Bi introduced herself as Gosam. In current world, Gosam means student but back then, it means eunuch. So Dan Bi was confused as one and since she appeared out of nowhere, she promised that she will disappear once it rain. Meanwhile, Lee Do began to feel smitten by his new Gosam. He has trouble with math and Dan Bi miraculously was able to solve the math problem he gave her. And engineering, architect, neuroscience, medical and astronomy problems! Come to think of it, she is GOOD!!!

King Lee Do and Dan Bi spent time together daily and they eventually fell in love. The hardest part is that she’s from a different era and started to miss her mom. He wants her to stay with him but she will only be his mistress, since he is married. These two love birds eventually separated because of her promise to return to her time when it really rain. And she did but lo and behold, she met a man that looks exactly like Lee Do! So we know how the ending would be… Gah, what a beautiful love story.splash9Splash Splash Love not only a great web romance drama, the OST is also as awesome as the drama. Gosh, I love this drama so much I think I need another rewatch! I love every second of this show. It is so fluffy, so funny, so easy to watch. Really, if you’re depressed or need a quick pick-me-up, Splash Splash Love is to go to! jLl6R2M4_682be3_f


Currently Watching: Que Sera, Sera


Whatever will be, will be… Yeah, whatever. I’ve been putting this drama on hold for the looooooooongest time! I don’t know why. There are many factors that cause this delay. First, I’m not a fan of Eric. He is just a meh. Second, it is the title. It sounds so cheesy to my ears. Third, I don’t like Yoon Ji Hye. She’s not attractive to my eyes. Hmmmmm, I sounded very picky and personal, right? Sorry, I can’t help it. This is just who I am. If the poster is not a picture perfect to my sight, I won’t be watching it. But sigh… I finally decided to watch it because I’m in this depression state and I thought a melodrama would heal me. I’ve heard many mixed reviews on Que Sera, Sera. But  *shrugs* that does not stop me from watching it. It is time to put my bias opinion aside and witness it myself…Aja!


This drama was aired in 2007. So if you decided to watch this drama, it will feel old and everything you see (fashion, technology and style) are old-fashioned. But really, it gives some sweet memories especially with the flip phones. The hairstyles weren’t bad at all; in fact, they all looked pretty classy and they could go well with today’s world. And for all I know, their acting is quite professional and way better than some of the actors today. But the plots are typical of kdrama style. If you decide to watch Que Sera, Sera, you would recognize some of the typical scenes… To purposely kiss another person to make their love one jealous, to pull the car to the side of the street unexpectedly, to ask the person leave the car in the middle of nowhere, OR to act cold to the person you love *giggles*. See? Nothing we haven’t seen it before, right?


So what is so special with Que Sera, Sera? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve watched too many angst-like daily dramas and melos to feel angsty with this one. I guess I’m extremely immune to melodrama. Or perhaps I’m too depressed to feel angry and frustrated. Overall, I like it. If I was asked to describe Que Sera, Sera in one word, I would say it is very toxic! Yeah, the relationships are so toxic that I just can see where they will take me too. Wait, can I add another? *laughs* It is also very twisted! It’s been awhile since I saw such dramas like this… I believe the last drama with similar twisty plot but not necessarily the same was Thorn Birds. Thorn Birds drove me up to the wall! Urgh… Never, again!


Anywho, Que Sera, Sera is a drama full of dramas! This show is about taking advantage of one’s wealth to get another person jealous by involving a third party into his/her own game. Does it sound complicated? Easy, it is a jealousy drama that led to a triangle love. Wait, make that times two! Madness and twisted, I tell you! *shakes my head* But I love it, regardless! They keep pressing my button with crazy conversations that if I could get into my screen and slap them, I would! I want to slap Kang Tae Joo mostly; he keeps pressing the button just to show how superior he is against Eun Soo, Hye Lin and Joon Hyuk. This love and hate relationship that started cold remain cold throughout the series. I blame Tae Joo for this misery. He is a player that loves to date rich women. But now that he is officially used by Hye Lin to get back to Joon Hyuk, who is actually her oppa (adopted) that she madly in love with, Tae Joo finally realized how miserable he is. A player that, once, used to get what he wants now is finally in love but with a girl that he once despised and realized money does nothing to him now. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Can we tame this money beast?


I’m currently watching episode 11 out of 17 episodes all together. I’m curious where Que Sera, Sera will take me on this dark romance drama. Will it have a happy or crazy ending? Will all OTPs ended up dead? Who knows, right? Bahhhhhhh… I just want to know how the ending will be. If you can stomach this love/hate drama, give it a watch. It is peculiar and really get your heart boiling, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. Plus, this drama has great OST! Take a listen to Moonlight, one of my favorite songs from this drama *wink*