Breaking News: Say Love


MBLAQ Leader, Yang Seung Ho, finally released his first solo through a drama soundtrack! It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting to hear his solo voice for quite sometimes now and the wait is finally pay off. I’m so happy that he is finally venturing into being a solo singer. I’m sure all his fans have been waiting for this moment since his debut. I’m one of them, too! I hope he takes advantage of more solo albums before he gets enlisted.


Can I just say that his voice is beautiful? It is! In this emotional song, you get to hear and feel his emotions. Although he sounded a bit nasal to me, yet he sang it beautifully. There is a lot of love in this song. Now, I’m not sure if he wrote it… But does it matter? I just want to enjoy it. By the way, it is now available on iTunes if you are interested in buying it. I’ve been listening to the song nearly 6 times now. So I’m sure you get it… I’m biased. I’m an A+ girl and I support my boys! *wink* By the way, if you are interested in watching this drama, it is called Happy Home. It is still airing on MBC. Sadly, I’m not watching it… T__T

Breaking News: G.O To Enlist…

CaptureI came back from work to the news that G.O will enlist in 3 days. February 18, 2016 is the day all G.O fans will shed their tears. Though we all know this day will come, but to finally hear it I can’t help but feeling emotional and teary. I have been following his singing career religiously until recently that I sort of shy away from all GO stuffs since it can be overwhelming to my current emo state. G.O is a timeless singer of all time and I know he will understand that this fan of his needs a time of her own since 2016 can be overwhelming to herself too.

G.O recently performed on I.CALL Concert (on Valentine’s Day) and his outstanding performance proven that no matter what song he is given to perform, he will perform it as if the songs are his. This guy is beyond great! Check out the vids below:

Anyway, I will miss him. It will be a quite 2 years until his release date on February 17, 2018. To all G.Oddesses out there, you will be fine. I will be fine, too. We can do this together. Regardless of our experiences with G.O (dreaming of him, meeting him, shaking hands with him, chatting with him, or whatever), we will stand strong and unite, and patiently wait until he complete his mandatory army service. *hugs*

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Naturalness

dal-shabet-3.pngHappy Hump Day, yeoreobun! I’m back for another music post for this week. I admit I have a tough time deciding for today’s post. But I managed *beams* and today, I’ve decided that Dal Shabet will be the center of my attention. I had the opportunity to meet them unexpectedly last year when I was in Japan with my MBLAQ girls. I was surprised and excited. The group debut in 2011 with 6 members and today, there are only four. They recently released a new single for their 9th mini album. It is called Someone Like U. How appropriate that they released this song to celebrate their 5th year anniversary as a group.

I really like Someone Like U. It has this 80s vibe which super upbeat and catchy. Seriously, I can’t stop listening to this song. And you totally can dance to it too… What a fun, fun song! Take a listen!

The next song I have for you is one of the songs the girls sang at the concert. It is called Joker! Well, I love the song for the song. I do not want to say anything that could offense anyone coz believe me, there are way too many negative comments out there. Joker debut in April 2015 and now has nearly 7 million views. Wow!!! The choreo is a bit provocative but hey, it’s a girl kpop group so it is expected *shrug*


I hope you enjoy the songs I have selected for today’s post. I’ll see you next Wednesday! Cheers!

Breaking News: It’s G.O Day!

Capture 1

I hope it is not too late to dedicate a post to my bias, MBLAQ G.O! Today, November 6, is his birthday. And the man tweeted the above pic not too long ago. I caught it just in time before I left for work and currently stealing my precious work time to blog it. He looks so good in that hat. And I can’t help but smiling as he came to my dream last night. I was with him the whole time. I woke up happy. Thank you for showing up in my dream, G.O! And a very happy, HAPPY, birthday! I really hope he will have a success year, personal and career wise! Blow your candles, G.O! *blows kisses*


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Introduction to Autumn


Happy Autumn Day, everyone! Today marks the first day of autumn and I’m excited! Coincidentally, my hub brought me a bowl of pumpkin soup! Isn’t it appropriate for this weather? *giggle* And you know what else is happening here in my area? Pope Francis is here! Yeap, I made it just in time yesterday to watch his arrival live on the net. Unfortunately, I will be watching his parade from far. The city is packed with hooooooooman and so, my office is closed and we are all working from home. And wow, look at the time… I overslept and did not prepare for anything for this post today. *laughs* Can you blame me? I get to sleep in!!! So speaking of introduction to autumn, all the clips for today’s post are live performance of some of my favorite groups! Enjoy!!!


FT Island

SNSD – Girl’s Generation



Wednesday Eu-Mak: Gangsta Paradise


Dear yeoreobun, happy hump day! How you doing? I hope all is well. How’s September treating you? Is it cooler where you are? It has gotten warmer again in my part of the world. Heh, I don’t want to complain much. Frankly, I’m not ready for cooler weather even though I prefer it that way. Anyway, let’s just get along with September…

This week, I have prepared two oldie songs for you to reminisce. The reason I named today’s post as Gangsta Paradise is because they seemed to be almost ready to fight whatever that is coming their way. The two fortunate groups I have selected for this post are B.A.P and of course, MBLAQ. They are two very different groups but they delivered their songs strongly and confidently. So let’s hear out the first song.

Yeap, it is one of B.A.P’s famous songs! One Shot! The song started cheesy in the beginning but after that mini intro, booooooom they went strong and high notes on us until the end! The soulful of the song despite being a pop is extremely welcoming. The rap part is a bit weak, I wish the rapper has stronger voice like Rap Mon but hey, you can’t have it all. The song itself is magnificent to my ear. It’s quite a masterpiece on its own. The MV is pretty intense, right? The forceful song added with this intense acting, I’m quite sold. Love the dance and plot of this MV. And the color scheme is fierce. What can I say… but daebak! *nods* I approved them and I’m excited that they are coming back after years of battling with their agency. I guess the lawsuit is over. I wish the boys all the best! Okay, next…

Hehehe… Yes, This Is War! Need I say more coz you know I am extremely biased since I’m an MBLAQ girl through and through. This song is just out of this world insane! The marriage between military and classical music blend in with pop is simple melodic. The passion is there. The feeling is totally there. It has this pow that you can’t resist to quit. Like BAP’s One Shot, This Is War MV is also intense. The dance and choreography are awesome, and the plot is great.. My only complain? Joon is toooootally into the character and it appeared to be overacting a bit! But hey, he is into his character and that’s why he is an actor today. But aren’t the boys lookin’ very fierce and strong and powerful on the floor? They filled my heart with this intense sensation that I just can’t describe. I’m just full of wow right now… *grin*


So yeah, I like these two songs like that *giggle*. I have yet to see gangsta influence MVs lately… Perhaps idols have move on to something different? I say bring it back! Old school MVs are classy! Alrighty, I’m out, yo! See y’all next week!