Currently Watching: Akira to Akira


So glad that Akira to Akira is finally subbed. This currently airing drama is my current obsession. Well, Saito is an added bonus, of course! *laughs* But really, you have to believe me when I said I’m obsessed with this drama. Why? It reminds me of Midas, a Korean drama by Jang Hyuk. Though the base of the dramas is similar, the stories are completely different. Akira to Akira is a hearty drama that focuses on friendship, relationship, inheritance, and life. And most of all, the background of this drama is circa financial sector in the 80s.

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Just Watched: Our Times, Nobunaga Concerto and Mood of the Day

I traveled through time zones (from Washington DC, USA, to Colombo, Sri Lanka) and saw three movies that took place in three different times as well. Time is an essence in these movies. Here are my quick opinions on them!

Our Times


Recommended by kfangurl (click here for her review), this is a Taiwanese movie that was aired last year. I was so looking forward to it but never had the opportunity to watch it. Finally, the moment has arrived and I’m glad I waited. Our Times is so precious! What a memorable movie! It was set in the 80s. Watching it is like you’re reminiscing your 80s life even though I was only a child back then. What I love this movie was the stunning performance by the lead. The music was awesomesauce! This movie is a story of Truly aka Lin Zhen Xin and her life told in under 2 hours and 14 minutes long. Her life was changed after she received a chain letter! You just have to watch it now! *laughs* Wait, did I mention I saw the movie three times? Yeap, the quality of this movie speaks volume! It was THAT fabulous!

Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie


Yeap, the movie! I loved Nobunaga Concerto, the drama so much! The movie? This is another movie I saw three times! Excellent movie to be honest. The story continues from where the drama left off. We again follow the life of Saburo transported through times and met his doppelganger Lord Nobunaga. Saburo stepped in for Lord Nobunaga place and ruled with compassion. The real Lord Nobunaga who is now known as Lord Oda eventually got jealous and he was then driven by Tahara’s vengeance to put Saburo on the chopping block or sacrifice his life. This movie is a must watch! It is quite funny and entertaining! The background music was so awesome. Once again, Shun Oguri shines! He’s truly a star!

Mood of the Day


This movie reminds me of One Fine Day! It all happens on the day they met. The universe was telling them that they are meant for each other. But surely, she is attached and in on the cross line between moving forward with her fiance or take a leap of faith. And Soo Jung answer was ahead of her. She met handsome Jae Hyun on the train and her life was immediately stirred by him. He is such a flirty man from the start. She didn’t know how to react. But by the end of the day, she was convinced that there was something more with Jae Hyun than she was bargaining for. Compares to the first two movies I saw, Mood of the Day is quite refreshing since it took place in today’s world. I like it but not enough to watch it again. Bel fell asleep watching it! Eeeep!



Currently Watching: Nobunaga Concerto


Wow, can I count this drama as my fifth sageuk? I mean it is a historical drama *shrugs* except that it is a Japanese historical drama. Anyone objecting my decision? Wait, wait… My own self is objecting it. Drat. My resolution was made solely for kdrama so I really can’t amend my own decision. *heads down* I am my own enemy. But, on the bright side, *perks up* this is my first Japanese historical drama in a very loooong time. I don’t recall my last jdrama of this genre, I just knew I haven’t seen it in years.


Nobunaga Concerto was never on my radar list to watch. If not because of Bel, which I can’t thank her enough, I don’t even know its existence. And if I’m not mistaken, Nobunaga Concerto is my fourth currently airing Japanese drama I’m watching this year. *pats shoulder* I’m quite impressed with myself, maybe I should include this for my 2015 drama resolution. Hmmmmm… *rubs chin*


Nobunaga Concerto is a unique adaptation from manga series of the same title. You won’t see any slapstick humor at all. The humor is in the script and I find it hilarious just reading the subs. If you decided to watch it, you better pay attention to what they say. Some are direct humor, some are so indirect you’ll only gets it once the episode is over. In my case, hours later after I finished that particular episode. Yeah, I need time to digest it. I’m a bit…. Slow *sticks her tongue out*. According to Wiki, Nobunaga Concerto, the manga, is still ongoing. Wahhhhh this tells me there will be sequel once this series ends. And we only have 11 episodes, 45 minutes long. If there will be sequel, I want it soooooooon!


As a I said earlier, Nobunaga Concerto is VERY unique. The story is centered around Saburo, a high school teenage kid who suddenly transported back to Japan’s Sengoku era. And it turns out, he met a spitting image of himself in this era and he is Nobunaga-sama. Nobunaga was surprised but took this opportunity to make Saburo as him and he left disguising himself as Saburo’s helper, Mitsuhide. Saburo led the Oda clan, after Mitsuhide’s father passed away, and he vowed to be the most humble and caring war lord in the country. Reliving the history is pretty surreal for Saburo and along his journey, he met a couple of time travelers like him too. However, his history textbook became a problem. More people want to get hold of it to know what the future lies for them. As the episode progressed, you’ll meet with Hisahide (name could be wrong). He found out Mitsuhide’s identity and took this chance to stir things up and caused ruckus to Saburo.


So how will Nobunaga Concerto ends? I hope on a higher note! I’m currently watching the last episode and I must say, I’m very impressed with this show. I doubted Shun Oguri as the main lead in the beginning. He’s too old to play a high schooler but he did it! This live action drama is one of the best dramas I’ve seen this year. This is a must watch 2014 drama. I highly recommend it, peeps!

Currently Watching: Nodame Cantabile

871I was told to watch this drama by Mari when I was in the Philippines. She made it such a big deal and I would regret for the rest of my life if I don’t listen to her. Yup, that’s my Kakao deongsaeng. And yes, she’s that scary *laughs*. So like a good eonnie, I started Nodame back in February. But I had to quit watching after the two episodes. Why? Two reasons: the show was available in parts in GoodDrama and on YouTube (of course later on I found out someone posted the entire series with complete episodes on YT) which I dislike the most AND secondly because my RL schedule is getting busier and busier. When OKC members voted on Nodame, I was so happy once again. Despite that I failed to find the complete full episode, I couldn’t contained the joy of watching it with my friends.


Nodame Cantabile is full of slapstick comedy scenes since the very first episode. I was super impressed how the show is as extremely comical as the anime. The facial expression, the reaction and the comedy this drama offered just so entertaining. The best part of this show is the classical music. I love classical music and this show somewhat feeds my dying soul (though not as much as I had hope for). The story plot is pretty straight forward but the presentation can be a little tricky and confusing. I sometime found myself lost in the midst of humor and crazy characters in Nodame. And I also found myself exhausted from this show… There are too many characters. I just couldn’t keep up… *scratches head* maybe I’m getting older tsk tsk tsk


Anyway, Nodame Cantabile told a story of Megumi Noda aka Nodame. She’s a bright and talented pianist who plays by hearing rather than reading the musical notes. But her ambition is not to play piano professionally despite her great talent. She wants to be a kindergarten teacher. One thing about Nodame that no one knows is that she’s a messy, messy girl. Wait, I think I might have understate her. She’s not only messy, she’s also clumsy and socially awkward too. And that’s all about her. In comes Shiniki Chiaki, an arrogant yet handsome top music student in the school. He is a perfectionist. So as you know, as a perfectionist you can almost associates him to a weeee bit anal in just about everything. He’s a respected violinist and pianist who dreams of becoming a conductor. Nodame and Chiaki met in a weird circumstances one day. He fell asleep outside of Nodame’s apartment door instead of his door (which is one door down). And of course the rest is history… She took him in and fell in love with him immediately. Chiaki on the other hand, as other boys do, took awhile to realize his appreciation and love towards her. But throughout the entire 11 episodes, you can see the development of their relationship together. It is cute sometimes…


Sure I laughed so hard with this show but I think it gets old after awhile. It’s too comical for my drama taste. I’m not so into slapstick comedy but for anime fans, this is a drama for you. Nodame Cantabile is not a new drama however. This 2006, 11 episodes drama received lots of great reviews! Maybe I’m the only exception as I rated 6 (fine). If I’m a little  younger, I could like it more. But at this age, it isn’t for me.