Our Favorites Shows of 2017

Hello guys!!! I can’t believe that this year is over and it’s time for this list again. I pitched this idea to Nelly about 6 weeks ago and she said “let’s do it” and then she got busy & I got.., well let’s say my middle name is “procrastination” but here we are.

So what dramas made me have lots of feels? What dramas did I rewatch? What dramas did I talk about nonstop on twitter? Like always the criteria for this list is simple. A drama that aired in 2017, it has to be an Asian drama but it can come from any Asian outlet. Nelly let’s do this!!!

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Currently Watching: Queen of Mystery


I just love Choi Kang Hee. She is just so adorable! From the way she talks and makes faces, I just find her utterly adorable! I have been trying my best to watch all her dramas though I couldn’t get into her Glamorous Temptation and quit 7th Grade Civil Servant. And even though I said I have been trying, I still haven’t seen her old dramas. Anyway, I love her in Heart to Heart and I thought Queen of Mystery will give me the same feels as well. I have been playing catch up with this drama since Monday and I am finally watching episode 10. I really enjoy watching the OTP. Their chemistry is awesome. She calls him Detective Ha. He calls her ahjumma. So hilarious!

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