Currently Watching: My Little Lover


I have been wanting to watch My Little Lover like forever. I originally saw it posted on Viki and then the drama pops up on Netflix. I added it to My Watch List early this year but still haven’t had a chance to catch up with it. Yeap, my life has been too hectic recently. I have less time to devote to watching dramas. Even my blog is neglected. I feel terrible and sad. But what can I do, right? Real life wins. All the time. Anyway, I finally decided I should give My Little Lover a watch. It is only 10 episodes long… And since it is a Japanese high school drama, it is easy to marathon.

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Just Watched: Your Lie in April 


It took me forever to finish it. For some reason, I was not keen on watching it in the beginning even though I’m a huge Kento fan. I don’t know. My mood was all over the place with this one. Part of me wants a mature romance Japanese movie and Your Lie is circa high school students. I was expecting cheesy romance.

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