Just Watched: Designated Survivor: 6o Days


Honestly, I never thought of falling for Designated Survivor: 60 Days this much. I never heard of the original one until I started this drama. I am considering now after being so engrossed with the Korean version. I don’t do political drama and when I do, it mostly sageuk kind. So it is refreshing to watch modern politics in a drama. I was on the fence starting it but got super addicted as soon as I started the first episode. Never would I thought I would love it so much. I just completed the last episode and A and I cried because of the ending. I am hoping that this show will get a second season. But will it?

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Currently Watching: High School- Love On


Another drama I wasn’t planning on watching but I got bored one night and decided to give it a try. I kept telling myself that High School Love On is a high school drama and I should not put that much hope into it. When I think of high school, I think of cuteness, adorableness, jealousy, and teen rampage. Because this is a one episode drama per week, I did not start it right away. I believed I marathon 8 episodes all together. I immediately glued to this show since the first episode. My impression after watching few episodes was how it reminded me of 49 Days, except that it is more kiddish and cute.


At the beginning, I liked it. I loved the flow of the show, the pace and the plots. The casts are cute! The color tone of this drama is very vibrant. All to grasp teenagers’ attention. But later on, I found HSLO a bit annoying. I started to see the same plots and tactics recycled over and over again. Why PD-nim, why? I don’t like this! And then oh em geeeee, this show has the worse mom in the world! I’m not going into details but when a mom finally found her own child and acknowledged him, and the child acknowledged her too, yet insisted of listening to her ex-MiL that she should not acknowledge the relationship they both should have? Now that is bogus! With that, I’m sick of this stupid tug of war relationship and the reason why I decided to advise you to skip it. Or in my case, to drop it. After weeks of not watching it, the burning desire to know their relationship has died. So yeah… It’s a waste of my time. This 20 episode drama is still airing but in near completion. If you don’t mind seeing recycled plots within the same drama over and over, go right ahead. It went downhill for me and gotten draggy and boring. Next drama, please!