Just Watched: Hot Gimmick


Hot Gimmick popped on my Netflix. I had no idea what it was about and hit play. I regretted it. This movie is poorly written. I don’t know where to begin… I sense missing plots as soon as I started. I was left confused. I don’t know where the writer wanted to take the viewers to. For the first time in many years, I used a lot of FF button. The acting wasn’t bad but wasn’t good, either. I was led into a rabbit hole by Hot Gimmick. At one point, I found the revenge pretty disgusting.

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Just Watched: The Naked Director


This drama has been in my Netflix To Watch list for quite sometime. The word naked got me worried. How naked? Well, it was so naked! Nothing soft about this show! All hardcore naked and sex! Was I worried? Yes and no! Yes, because I did not want to be caught by my child watching an erotic show! But I was not worried much because this drama has content! In fact, the content is so relevant and strategic! I am very surprised and felt educated by the porn industry. It is not an easy industry to be in. The Naked Director did it! I am impressed by this show.

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Just Watched: Time to Hunt


I was just being random one night and wanted to watch something different. Something funny. Something badass. Something Korean. I landed on Time to Hunt. My son and I thought it would be fun to watch a non-Disney or non-classic movie once awhile. I did not realize this movie is fairly new and available on Netflix. I guess COVID-19 really pushed some of the movies that should be released in theaters to choose a different path to get the movies out to the public. Time to Hunt is one of them. Sadly, this is the reality we are living in. As much as I prefer to watch in the movie theater, I had a good time watching it on my big telly, too!

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Just Watched: Train to Busan


It takes me 4 years to finally watch Train to Busan! I have never been interested in any zombie shows or dramas. I mustered my strength when Kingdom and Kingdom 2 aired. Even so, I was too scared I watched them in broad daylight. Yeah, I am a chicken and wuss. I don’t do well with the horror genre. When I started to work from home due to COVID-19, one of the things my son and I decided to commit to watching different movies every night. Though my son cheated at times, I stick to the rule. Only unseen movies and of course, I suggested Train to Busan. I needed a friend!

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Currently Watching: The Untamed


Listen y’all, I have to be on The Untamed wagon! Ok? I mean I cannot resist some hotties! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are so irresistible together. Forget that it is a Chinese drama, I just need to focus on them. I’m never a fan of the fantasy genre. I don’t particularly love it but I made an exception for this one. For the boys. It looks like my BL drama watch list is growing. I am quite impressed with myself. However, The Untamed is unlike Until We Meet Again. Rest assured, The Untamed is very tamed! Nothing naughty whatsoever which makes it easier for my son to watch it. The only untamed about it is the story. It is complicated but I managed to follow.

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Currently Watching: Crash Landing on You


If you are a fan of You Who Came From the Stars, and The Legend of the Blue Sea, then you WILL love Crash Landing on You. It is written by the same writer, Park Ji Eun! I did not believe I am still into cheesy romance. The appealing of this drama is out of this world. Hyun Bin is so gentleman and handsome as North Korean Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. And then we have Son Ye Jin, my heroine and one of my favorite actresses as chaebol Yoon Se Ri. Rumor has it that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are an item. I can see their chemistry online but I have never seen them offline. If the rumor is true, I wish nothing but the best in their relationship. I secretly hope it is true.


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