Just Watched: Ramen Teh aka Ramen Shop


Ramen Teh has been popping on my Netflix for a while. I put it on hold for quite some time but I finally succumb to it last week. I needed something light to watch and seeing the word “ramen,” I immediately thought of comfort food. Sure enough, the movie is about a relationship that can only be amended with comfort food. If you are a Singaporean or Malaysian, this movie is quite dear to our hearts. I know bak kut teh is a very famous dish among Chinese Hokkien. I never tried the original since I don’t eat pork. But, as it turns out, you can also have it without pork. As a vegetarian, bak kut teh is my go-to dish especially in wintertime. Say… is it winter yet?

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Just Watched: Designated Survivor: 6o Days


Honestly, I never thought of falling for Designated Survivor: 60 Days this much. I never heard of the original one until I started this drama. I am considering now after being so engrossed with the Korean version. I don’t do political drama and when I do, it mostly sageuk kind. So it is refreshing to watch modern politics in a drama. I was on the fence starting it but got super addicted as soon as I started the first episode. Never would I thought I would love it so much. I just completed the last episode and A and I cried because of the ending. I am hoping that this show will get a second season. But will it?

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Just Watched: My First First Love


I don’t know what to say about My First First Love… It was okay for me yet I felt it quite addictive. It is a light-hearted drama so you don’t really feel a burden. To me, this drama was cheesy and funny yet very entertaining. It is pretty much a slice of life drama from college students’ perspective without emphasizing much on the studies. It is all about that dating life, about survival, about freedom, about doing the right thing, about the future, about friendship, about truth, about family, about money, about dignity, about jobs, etc. The typical dilemma for young adults.

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Just Watched: Persona


Rated mature, Persona is a series consisting of 4 different stories on Netflix. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. I was drawn to this series because of UI. I adore her as a singer and actress. I decided to give it a watch – I had no expectation and no clue what is it about. But now, I just feel like what did I just see? So my review is based on 4 episodes. The stories are not related but the only common is IU. She is in all of the episodes playing four different characters.

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Currently Watching: Romance is a Bonus Book

LxmdbfI DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!!!! I am just loving Romance is a Bonus Book since the beginning. It’s Lee Jong Suk effect, I tell you. He gives me romance fever! I cannot describe this feeling of excitement. Whenever he is on the screen, I melt. How is he so, so, so cute, adorable and handsome? Great package! Thank you, God! THANK YOU! But the recent news about him enlisting in the military devastated me. I mean I knew it would come anyway but I am not ready to let him go… *cries*. I don’t want him to come back mannish! I want him to come back in one cute piece *giggles*. Continue reading

Just Watched: Kingdom


I finally saw Kingdom last week and boy oh boy, I finished season 1 in one day! And now I am angry! I need season 2 now! This perfectness of a rare Korean drama which I just cannot even put into words! Only 6 episodes long, this zombie drama is out of this world daebak! You know I dislike watching horror stuff. I still can’t bring myself to watching Train to Busan. I managed to start Kingdom after days of convincing myself that I can handle it. It works out well. Even my son watched it with me and we both enjoyed it so much! This blockbuster like drama is a must watch for everyone!

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Currently Watching: Project S Series – Skate Our Souls


Okay, so I decided to watch the third series of Project S two days ago. Am I crazy? Yes. Am I addicted to it? Yes. I don’t know what to say. It’s a great slice of life drama, to be honest. Again, I have to thank NeeNee of Asian Addicts Anonymous for this recommendation. On the surface, they make the drama series around sports. The previous two seasons were used volleyball and badminton as the theme. The third one is pretty obvious. Skateboarding. But I feel that each season gives us a deeper meaning to life. To be fit in. To be accepted. To be respected. To be independent.

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