Currently Watching: Caution, Hazardous Wife


It is Ayase Haruka! I am a huge fan of this young lady! And in this drama, she once again plays another smart character – a smart housewife. I am also a fan of Nishijima Hidetoshi but he is not the main attraction in this drama. Ayase is. I am so glad I started it – been on my watch list and Bel’s tweets has forced me to push Caution, Hazardous Wife to be on top of my watch list. Only 10 episodes long, this drama is an easy watch and quite relaxing. I don’t feel stress at all!

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Just Watched: Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-Han


I finally finished marathoning Crisis! Oh em gee… the feelzzzzz! I really had this massive withdrawal and denial. The show ended on a high note and one major cliff! I had to sound the alarm and alerted my girls, Bel, Panda and Trotwood, when I completed it this evening. I was shocked by how it ended. I simply could not believe it… the team was created just to get Akira? I just can’t accept it! They went this far just to lure him? Ridiculous!

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