Just Watched: The Lies Within


I decided to watch The Lies Within because of the politics behind it. And also the synopsis (yes, I read the synopsis since it is available on Netflix) – it is like waking up the sleeping dragon. I love the pace of this show but as you dive in deeper into it, there is nothing extraordinary about it. It is, unfortunately, quite predictable… until I saw the ending. The ending blew my mind. But please, just because the show is predictable, it does not mean it was not good. It is far than good! I think it is super brilliant!

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Currently Watching: Possessed


Ever since I got back from my trip last month, I was not in the mood of watching any dramas except for Game of Thrones (GoT). I think GoT got me so hooked I did not want to watch anything else. But in the last season, I knew I should start a drama immediately. I did not want to be in a slump so I decided to start Possessed (and He is Psychometric). It is on Netflix if you decide to watch. The quality is super good! Initially, I was drawn to the genre but 7 episodes in, I realized I am drawn to the main leads too. They are definitely an odd pairing! Beauty and the Beast. Or I should say… Beauty and her Beast! Who would have thought it works out really well? And the best part of it? The chemistry between the actors! I am sold! Continue reading

Just Watched: Trap


This drama was not in my radar at all. I did not know Lee Seo Jin would be in a thriller drama. When Bel told me that it was only 7 episodes long, we both thought it was a mistake. But after completing the series, I am happy and glad that it was made this short. After SKY Castle, I was looking for a drama to could corner me. Trap did. I was breathless after each episode. Trap is nuts! This drama is neurotic and psychotic. So many twists and turn that got me screaming! Intense, I tell ya.

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Currently Watching: God’s Quiz: Reboot


The classic God’s Quiz is back!!! I did not expect it would make a comeback again! The best part? The network got all the original cast! I am stoked! 10 episodes of goodness aired so far. Next week is the final week. Am I ready to end? I just love the cases in this drama since episode 1. It is so interesting and engaging. And for the first time, we see a blooming romance between Dr. Han and Detective Kang! Itsabout time, y’all! You have no idea how much I squee so much!

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Currently Watching: Player



Initially, Player was not in my list to watch but when Bel raved about how handsome Song Seung Heon oppa in this drama, I knew right away I do not want to be excluded from this party. I started watching on the week when Drama Fever did not update any of the episodes up. With the demise of the platform, I thought I am doomed. Daenghida, Bel is watching so I get to piggyback on plex with her. I knew that I do not want to skip this show. I love me some Robin Hood like show! Player reminds me of Switch. And Player is as fun as Switch! Winner!

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Currently Watching: The Guest


Finally, a drama I could brag about! Scary? Maybe. Intrigue? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Romance? Get the hell out of here. However, I must say, The Guest is not for the weak heart. Surprisingly, my heart is strong to handle all the grossness. I started watching it when I was in Myanmar. Jet lag is my best friend and it gives me ample of time to catch on new dramas. Hence, I started 100 Days My Prince and of course, The Guest. Bel warned me to watch it at day but I could not resist. When someone says that, it felt like a challenge. The worse part was I saw the first episode while having dinner! I felt so satisfying watching the bloodiest scene while slurping my delicious pasta con funghi!

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