Currently Watching: 1 Pound no Fukuin

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I needed something silly to watch and Bel suggested 1 Pound no Fukuin when she stayed over at my house last weekend. The first episode got me laughing my butt out. I mean… a boxer fell in love with a nun? How silly is that?! And then to watch Kame three quarter naked all the time? Juicy juicy juicy! He is super skinny though but very fit! But the best part of this drama? Fun and entertaining! I have never laughed so hard watching a drama lately.

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Currently Watching: Future Diary aka Mirai Nikki


Are you a loyalist? Would you turn yourself to be the knight in shining armor and save the people, the world and future?  Would you kill others to save your own life? Or would you stay true to your own principle to never kill? If I were to be asked all these questions, I’d voluntarily dig my own six feet under myself. Seriously, it is hard to bear people’s lives on your shoulder. I’m already responsible for three lives (my child and two cats). But my questions are minuscule compare to what this drama is trying to prove.


Mirai Nikki, a sci-fi Japanese drama I’m currently watching is about that. And it’s about survival. Survival like Battle Royale meet Hunger Games, that’s how I’d summarize it. Mirai Nikki, also known as Future Diary, started as a game on who gets to be the last person standing and crown the winner. Not surprise, right? The winner gets to live! All 7 players were given futuristic cellphones that would transmit future messages in detail. It’s so detail and precise the phone would even details out the owner’s death timeline. But but but, is it really a game they are playing? Who controls this game? Who determines the next death? *shudders* And I always wonder how these people get selected. Are they all related to something? This drama is deeper than I imagine it would be. Super duper complicated and jam packed with twisty plot since episode 1!


This 11 episode, manga-turned-anime adaptation drama is quite philosophical and psychological  (think Wachowski Brother’s The Matrix saga) yet sophisticated mind boggling  f*cked state of mind. Pardon my language, but it is the only way to describe it at the moment. I’m still blown away by episode 7. The story is designed to see how would you react to certain situations. This lethal game of survival drama is not for everyone. I’m at the stage where it is all part of discovering the truth and finding the controller of this game. It is a racing game against the future for all I know. If you are into semi live-action, twisty plots and thriller drama, Mirai Nikki is the one for you! I am loving this series even though it gives me a little headache (a good headache). Watch it!