Currently Watching: Please Love the Useless Me

tokyo_torisetsu_img_409-01Lately, I have a series of Japanese dramas on my watch list. They all aired around the same time and I got so confused. Should I watch all of them? Do I be selective and watch only a few? Fat chance, I decided to watch all of them! And one of them is Please Love the Useless Me! I started without expecting anything miracle whatsoever but after 6 episodes, I’ve concluded that the show is very interesting with a bunch of unsolved mysteries that… I don’t know if I will get my answers on the next two episodes. The series is only 8 episodes long so I’m now a bit panicking (on behalf of the writer and PD, of course!) whether they are able to address all my concerns! Will they? Seriously though, the show is a stress reliever. It is my stress reliever. Fukada Kyoko as clueless Michiko is hilarious! I last saw her in somewhat similar character in Second Love. She was a bit klutzy back then; she remains klutzy now, too! Oh well… I guess she is drawn to such character! *shrugs*news_header_damekoi01_01Anyway, but guess who is the male lead???? Dean Fujioka!!!! Omg omg I really did not recognize him until later on! He is so cool and handsome behind his glasses! Oh Dean, long time no see! He was on Tantei No Tantei but I remembered him vividly in Taiwanese’s Just You. In this series, he is the cool, calm and collective yet cold Kurosawa that once served as Michiko’s boss. His presence was unexpected; he turned to be Michiko’s life angel! Michiko is clueless and clumsy in her life but can’t help noticing the side of Kurosawa. She constantly mentally noting his behavior and how he treated her. From her being nearly homeless, he helped her get on her feet and offered a part time job in a restaurant he inherited while she looks for a new career. Also, his ex (yes, Kurosawa’s ex) helped her dumped her gold digger boy toy! Now that says a lot!


So when he took her in, she had no idea what her life would turn out to be. If you are watching this drama, you’ll notice how much he treated her like a princess but in Michiko’s eyes all she sees are nothing but how scary he is. But her constant mental notes on him are really cute. When Michiko started seeing her colleague Mogami, Kurosawa sees something else as well. And I do, too. I don’t know what it is but Mogami is not a person you should trust easily. Not even a few dates, he asked her to consider seeing him seriously with a marriage in mind. Then, he offered her to stay with him while giving excuses that he is in debt due to his parent’s health. I’m glad that Michiko has learned her lesson through her gold digger boy toy incident. She keeps Mogami’s trouble issue in mind. But does she thinks Mogami is for real? Kurosawa constantly referring Mogami as a swindler. Well, I wouldn’t say that… I’m skeptical over him of a different kind.

258a22bd36fc15e5fa839827fc92a2caMogami is a successful office worker (though he did make a big mistake that Michiko stepped in to save his ass) and pleasant looking man with a secret. He admires Michiko’s attitude of doing her best and never give up. But knowing that Michiko lives with Kurosawa made him feeling uneasy. There is a two side to him which I really can’t tell. Is he just jealous? Does he have a beef with Kurosawa and simply using Michiko to get closer to him? I don’t know, am I thinking too hard? What do you think? Again, we have two episodes left. I wanted to say the ending is predictable but then again…. I shouldn’t say anything. I really can’t wait for the ending…




Currently Watching: 5-ji kara 9-ji made

From_Five_To_Nine-p1When Bel said Yamapi is back, I squeeeeeeed so hard! But wait, we still haven’t finished Flowers for Algernon! Oh well, it can wait. But another dose of Yamapi? Sign me up! And when I heard that he is playing a monk in love, *hands on cheeks* can I be in line??? Who doesn’t want to marry a handsome lookin’ monk, right? *giggle* This drama gets a lot of attention in my home now. Since my husband is a full time househusband, I made him watching it too. And of course, so is my son! We are all actually enjoying 5-ji kara 9-ji made. It is freaking hilarious!!!5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep01-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_17-21_2015-10-14_20-48-35Ooooh wait, did I tell you that this is a Japanese drama? Wow, I need to count how many Japanese dramas I have seen this year! So far, my love for Korean dramas is slowly decreasing. I don’t know if I am bored or what, none got my attention as much as Jdramas. Besides, Japanese dramas are way interesting and shorter in the number of episodes. Kinda like 5-ji kara! It’s only 10 episodes long and I just finished watching episode 9. This is my first time finding a Japanese drama frustrating, though. The story keeps going back and forth. I mean they managed to recycled the plots twice in the past 9 episodes. The only consolation: the OTPs are too cute to resist and hence why I’m still watching! It’s a mixed of modern and traditional romance world and the show itself is funny!5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep02-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_14-08_2015-11-01_22-23-tileThe concept of this drama is very unique. Who would have thought a Buddhist monk could fall in love!!! Well, it is happening here in 5-ji kara 9-ji made! I mean, it is a blasphemy for a Buddhist monk to have a wife. I know since my in-laws are dedicated Buddhist and both my sister in laws are Buddhist nuns! Takane is the monk’s name and he fell in love with Junko, an English language teacher. She made such a great impression on a funeral service when she flipped the burning ash from the burning incense onto Takane. At the time, Takane was leading the prayer service. Junko was embarrassed but felt that she won’t be meeting him again so she should just suffer a one time humiliation. Wrong! She was asked to go for a blind date by her family and it turns out that Takane is her date! *screams*tumblr_nw6j2cvavH1s8t96qo5_1280maxresdefaultFor Takane, it was love at first sight and since then he’s been working hard to get closer to her. The funny thing is that his style of getting to know Junko seems stalkerish, creepy and pushy. He did not give a room for her to breathe and think. I can’t blame him though… No one has thought him the art of dating *laugh*. Junko was never interested with Takane because she has her eyes on her sensei, Makoto, the man that made her became an English teacher. Takane is under pressure by his grandparents to marry as he is entrusted to lead the monastery as the next chief. Sadly, his grandmother chose Kaori as his bride and Takane prefers Junko. He brought Junko into his monastery by force and made her show to his grandmother that Junko is fit to be a monk’s wife. Junko was not ready and her mind is on her teaching work. 5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep01-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_42-00_2015-10-14_21-45-37Junko left but Takane did not give up. He persistently pursuing her until one day she realized his love for her is real. What happened to Makoto? She found out that he was married, too! Poor Junko but she was so happy that Takane loves her and she then loves him back. They both are determine to be together and face the challenges his grandmother throw to her. She moved in and failed again. Takane is at lost and by the end of episode 9, he told Junko that he will be marrying Kaori! I nearly exploded when he told Junko that! He had to marry Kaori in order to save the monastery from being teared down by his evil younger brother, Amane. What a sacrifice he made!CT_qvOdUcAEHSmfI was sad by the end of episode 9. Takane was pushed to the corner by evil Amane and selfish grandmother. Takane is the best thing had happened to Junko since Makoto and now she is left in a limbo. What would happened to her life next? We have one last episode to wrap up this entire mess. Could they do it though? I feel that the final episode will either give us a messy or breeze ending. Am I ready to see it ends? Hell yeah! Amane needs a kick in his butt! Takane’s grandmother needs a slap on her face! Takane and Junko needs to be happily married by the end of it! maxresdefault (2)

Currently Watching: Q10

Q10-p2Lately, I’m more excited to blog Japanese than Korean dramas. I don’t know why. It’s taking forever for me to blog High Society and it is still under draft! I am losing it, the interest is really sipping away from me. But the feeling is different with J-dramas. They don’t dwell so much and they get to the point. And this is why you’re seeing more and more reviews on Japanese dramas… And Q10 is my latest victim *giggle*.


The reason I started Q10? Sato Takeru, of course! I’m awed by his talent in his recent drama Tenno No Ryoriban that I’m determined to watch more of his work. And Bel picked another great drama for us to start! Q10 is a 2010 aired drama and though it feel old (it’s the quality of the film), but the story is otherwise. Seriously guys, leave it to Japanese in coming up with all sort of unique stories. Q10 is no different… The poster itself intrigued me! What is he carrying? Is that a real person? Or just a cut board girl? Why is she wrapped in plastic? *rubs chin*. Hmmm… Many questions!


When I first saw the first episode, I did not know what to expect. And I’m not a huge high school drama fan. I announced my usual NowWatching hashtag on Tweeter and several tweet friends tweeted back and told me how they loved Q10. Well, that’s a good sign, right? The show started with a quick intro of Heita, a high school student and his family. One day, on his way home, he saw a “person” leaning towards the window in one of the rooms in his school  building. Being a Curious George, we went and checked it out. There, in the room, sat a girl who appeared sleeping with her mouth wide open. Heita told himself that he wouldn’t put his finger in someone’s mouth but as he was saying it, he found himself slowly inching closer to her. Before he knew it, he put his finger in her mouth and boom! a light lit up from her mouth and he fell to the ground. He saw the word Q10 tattooed on her right foot but wasn’t sure what it was for. The girl opened her eyes, scanned the place and requested him to name her in 15 seconds (or something like that). Panicking, Heita quickly named her Kyuto (Q10). It turns out, Kyuto is a robot! But her appearance is very human… minus her voice. I actually adore her voice, cho cute! Although some may find her voice a bit annoying…


One of Heita’s classmates, Hisashi, actually is infatuated with Kyuto (episode 3 is all about infatuation!) but when he saw a cut on her hand that exposed her robot-self, he freaked out. When he told Heita if he could own Kyuto, Heita jokingly said yes. But when Hisashi insisted, Heita started to feel agitated and frustrated. Heita came to realize that Kyuto is more special than just a robot. He is starting to fall for her… Wow, is it possible? I mean she’s a robot!


There are only 9 episodes in Q10 with each episode about 45-55 minutes long. This drama is funny at times, but at other times, very passionate and sad. It is just how you see it… I found myself laughing a lot more but I also suspect I will soon be crying, too. Kyuto is funny with all her ridiculous and curious questions, and her kawaii expressions. She actually made Heita thinks… Including me, too! You know, things that you have taken for granted… It is definitely interesting to hear it from a high school’s perspective on what he understands about life. Q10 is a harmless drama, you should totally give it a watch! Check out this clip I found on YouTube – great fan-made clip!