Currently Watching: Reply 1988


Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday 2016


I do feel this year flies by really quickly! I went through so many things this year. My husband was away for almost 9 months, we almost moved to Washington (the state), we bought a new house and just sold our townhouse 4 days ago. The worse part of all is that my husband changed his job twice! It was a hard journey to be a breadwinner for the past 4 years. I am really tired of life sometimes.


If you notice, I have not been blogging a lot. I don’t watch as many dramas as I used to. My Wednesday Eu-Mak post got neglected and now I do not have the desire to continue. But, what I lost I gain with new ones. My son started his school this year and he continues to be the joy of my life. We love our new home! And the best of all, I get to enjoy life more comfortably!


I better stop ranting and venting *laughs*. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your families and friends! I will leave you all with Jingle Bell Rock performed by my newest crush, Park Bo Gum and Irene!

Magical Radios, dramatic soldiers, blended families and lots of great friendships: 2016 a year end review  

Hello again!!! I finally got the girls (Nelly and Erl *waves*) back for another combined post. After “W” I was afraid we would never work together again.

My Love for end of year list is humongous, I read every single one I see. So I was very excited to put this one together.

The rules were simple: 1. Any show that aired in 2016 2. It can be SK, Taiwan, China and Japan 3. only get 2 picks per question and one honorable mention ( I suck at following my own rules).  Lastly 4. Only shows that have finish airing. I have tons of love for mermaids, weightlifting fairies and goblins, but they can’t be in this list! Also keep in mind, these are our opinions, life would be boring all loved the same things. Lastly guys there may be spoilers so please beware. Let’s get it started!  Continue reading

Currently Watching: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight


I’m pretty sure, PRETTY PRETTY SURE, that by now you know my intense obsession, I’m not kidding, with Park Bo Gum. I’ve seen him a few times before but never as an OTP. I even joke around one day that all I see (when he smiles) is his teeth. At the time, my heart was not moved by him. He was just another puppy to me. Then the Bombastic clip happens. My jaw was on the floor for a minute but then, I moved on. The first episode flew by and I was feeling good. The second episode passed by and I was still calm. By the fourth episode, I was completely smitten, head over heel, ready to dump all my biases for Park Bo Gum! I have never felt this intense feeling in my entire life! I see Gummy everywhere. He’s with me in the office, he’s with me when making dinner, he’s with me when watching other dramas, he’s on my reports too…! Oy, I’m having Gummy fever. I don’t think I will recover from this. I’m this close to writing a stalking post but thank’s to kfangurl, I don’t need it anymore. God, now I have a second thought. Dang it!


Because I love everything Gummy and all I see is Gummy in this drama, I intend to do something different for this post. I just want to ogle him *giggle* and so, this post will be video clip heavy! What, you can’t expect me to calm down after what I wrote, right? It has to be a fantabulous post for bubblyGummylicious!

Yes, my Gummy is the Crown Prince. And Yoo Jung baby is Eunuch Hong Sam Nom but her real name is Hong Ra On. She crossed dressing as a man but not on her own will. She was forced to do so due to her mom’s request. She never knew the reason why. As a child, she trusted and obeyed her mom. Atta girl!

Prior to becoming the palace eunuch, Ra On was a dating doctor. She helped men write love letters. As a woman, she knows what women want to hear. Hence, she got so popular among men in love. Through this, she got to meet the Crown Prince Lee Yeong. By this time, I was completely sold. Lee Yeong is a funny scholar guy. He and Ra On became close but the Prince was not aware that Ra On, or rather Sam Nom, is a woman. And Ra On did not know Lee Yeong’s royal identity! Well, this is where the fun began!

Unfortunate for Sam Nom, she was caught by Lee Yeong’s cousin, Kim Yoon Sung. The man known to hang out around brothel could smell Ra On’s ladylike move. He immediately became attracted to her and tried to protect her from Lee Yeong. Sadly he failed. Ra On got summoned to work under Lee Yeong. Fine by me! But… when Lee Yeong revealed his true identity to her. Omona omona omona!

So how their relationship turned out to be? As you have guessed it, it turned out just fine! More than fine! Lee Yeong and Sam Nom became really closed. Their relationship blossomed so strong that they became the talk of the palace! The Queen Mother, Lee Yeong’s step mom, got suspicious and hinted gay rumor. Of course, it is natural to accuse when two men spending time like lovers. But something happened. Queen Mother wanted to humiliate Lee Yeong in front of the public. She bribed the performing dancer for Lee Yeong’s event and sent her away. The Head of Eunuch for Lee Yeong’s household was panicking. Thankfully… Ra On came to the rescue. But…

Lee Yeong heard about his missing dancer but was stunned by the substitute dancer. He wondered who stepped in. Her eyes reminded him of someone. He was not sure. Could it be Sam Nom? After all, “he” was the only person who knew the dance steps by hard. But the thought was shut down when he found Sam Nom in his room finishing up her assigned work. Somehow, Lee Yeong couldn’t sit still after the night’s event. He eventually found out her identity… Was he angry? Was he mad?

*sings Love is a star….* In the beginning, he thought he was crazy to love another man. But when he found out that he is in love with a woman, he grinned from ear to ear. But along with the discovery of her name, her identity started to reveal. She is a daughter of a wanted man. Her father is a rebel and a traitor to the country. Sam Nom eventually realized who she is and decided to take a leave. Poor Lee Yeong, he really did not want to separate from her.

So what happened next? Well, this happened… *laughs*

And this…

And of course… we must not forget this *wink*

Meanwhile, while Ra On is gone the politics continue on as usual. The King was weak and had  no choice but to create an ally with another minister. The Prime Minister is a vicious man and this forced the King to marry Lee Yeong away. I was sadden by this… To watch him marry someone he didn’t love was, and still is, painful. My heart hurts badly!

Episode 15 was my last episode of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Since then, I have been extremely busy with traveling for work, moving to my new home, selling my old home, working, and being a housewife and mom. Life is a pain. I finally able to breathe and blog this. Also, I’m surprised that even though the show has ended for a while, I have managed to avoid spoilers. I have seen photos here and there but I just couldn’t really connect the dots.


What do I expect for the next three episodes? I don’t know what to expect. Knowing that it is a happy ending for our Prince and his girlfriend, I assume the wedding did not take place. I also assume that someone or perhaps the Crown Prince himself was able to shake some sense over King’s head. However, my biggest fear is Ra On. She is a traitor’s daughter so did they turn this around and accept her as Prince’s girlfriend and maybe, I don’t know, his wife?


As you can tell, I pretty much ignore other characters. You can watch it yourself. I’m for the OTP and they are the center of my attention. This 18 episode drama is great and also exceptional in today’s Korean drama world. It started as a typical gender bender drama but the development of the story as you go deeper and deeper it makes you really hook on it even more. Park Bo Gum and his many faces took this drama to a whole new level. There is no awkward in his acting even thought he is not a season actor and also inexperienced in historical drama. His acting gig is definitely rising now thanks to this drama. He is certainly an actor worth watching from now on. I look forward to his future project.


As you know, I’m not a sageuk fan. But the romance got me intrigued. Even the politics got me curious. I know some of the watchers don’t follow much of the politics but I feel that it is one of the important elements of this drama. I admit the story gets a bit draggy after episode 12. But it did not matter to me as you know why *giggles*.


Before I end, I will leave My Person, the final song of the great soundtrack from this drama. The song is performed by none other than our Prince Gummy. Please, this is not the only songs I love. I actually love the entire soundtrack. The songs are easy to my ears and for sure, easy on yours, too. Please do give them a hear.

By this time, it is clear that I’m all for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I am sure you get my hint, right? If you have not seen it, what are you waiting for? WATCH IT!


Breaking News: Love in the Moonlight Trailer is OUT!!!


I’m so excited! The trailer is here!!!!! I’m so excited!!! 12 days to go! Yes, I am counting! And now praying for Love in the Moonlight aka Moonlight Drawn by Clouds success from the beginning to the end! You know how I feel with KBS production dramas! Ma fingers and toes are crossing now!!!!


Breaking News: Bombastic


I was in Dubai when I saw this clip and seriously I fell off my chair from laughing too hard! I just can’t! The handsome Park Bo Gum looks hilarious! His dance was on point! Even I can’t help but dance with him! The song itself is so appropriate! Who would have thought Jessy Matador’s 2011 Bombastic would be used for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds teaser? Seriously, Jessy is going to be famous!!!

Back to Park Bo Gum, he will play the Crown Prince who fell in love with a crossed dressed Hong Ra On. Yeap, anything with a cross-dressing drama theme, I am in!!! Holla! You can tell how exstatic I am for this drama. The teaser alone is effing bombastic!!! Is it bad that I’m already falling for the teaser not knowing how well this drama would be? We all know KBS dramas tend to go south. I cringed when I heard Moonlight is a KBS drama but I vowed to stick to it! I’m glad August is around the corner. I am excited to watch it!

Tell me if you, too, fell for it!!! Seriously Park Bo Gum!!!! You really slayed in this vid! This clip really made my morning 10 times better (even though I should be sleeping now!). The way he danced and bit his lower lips…. Aaaaaaarghh I’m so dead!!!! Bo Gum ahhhh…. don’t do this to your fans! Below is the making of the clip! Oy….. you must watch it till the end! Cutie, sexy, kitty… woof woof! *laughs hard*


Currently Watching: Wonderful Days


After Goddess of Marriage, I got quite skeptical in starting on another weekend family drama. I’m afraid of the angst, makjang like plots. It affects my mood and I do not want to treat people with anger. But because it has Lee Seo Jin aka dimple ahjusshi, I changed my mind. I fell in love with him when kfangurl introduced me to him through Lovers aka gangsta love story. Wow, that dimples… Really, really something. Can I go on forever? He’s that handsome!



Wonderful Days is a wonderful family drama. Minimal angst although I loathe the female lead’s mother to the max! Ooops, sorry I’m not supposed to say that out loud in the public *sticks her tongue out*. But for any of you who are watching this with me, I’m sure ya’ll would agree my resentment towards her. Other than that, the plotting of Wonderful Days is pretty awesome. What I like the most about this drama is the warm feeling you get being in a family which I’m lacking at this moment. Though the idea of living under the same roof with my parents can be a little daunting, but it has some benefits as well. You get to dine together as family (which I missed this experience the most!), you don’t have to do all the house chores alone and you can always count on someone to care for you when you’re ill.


collageAnyway, Wonderful Days tells a story of Kang Dong Suk. He was a smart boy in school but unfortunately, his family condition forced him to run away to the  big city in search of life and secure his future. He later  became a successful prosecutor and was sent back to his hometown to lead in one of the cases there. Because he ran away from home, he hesitated to meet his family nor staying at his childhood home. But later on, because of his ill grandfather, he was forced to move back into his family home and live with his family that seems strangers to him. Cha Hae Won, a girl who has been head over heel with Dong Suk, came from a wealthy family. Dong Suk’s mom work at her home as a housekeeper who does everything Hae Won’s mother told her to. She originally wanted to run away to the big city with Dong Suk but because of her mom’s nasty remarks about how he’s so poor and came from an uncivilized family, she was left alone. Fast forward to current life, Hae Won became a loan officer who gives a hefty fines for a loan shark company that is owned by Oh Seung Hoon. Her family wealth is all gone after her dad passed away. She is now living in poorest neighborhood and support her ungrateful mom (who still trying to act that she’s a rich woman) and her wannabe actress sister.


So the drama started when Dong Suk met Hae Wan through a fight with Dong Suk’s half brother, Kang Dong Hee. They both are working together and from then on, Dong Suk’s feeling for Hae Won grew stronger and stronger. But the object came from her mom at the beginning and it was hard to swallow. Later on, his family objected as well after they found out that it was Hae Won’s late dad that caused the accident that left his harabeoji paralyzed and his twin sister mentally challenged (though I do not see her being mentally challenged at all!).

collageMy last episode was on episode 32 out of 50. I’m certainly behind with this drama but no sweat, chingus coz once I started, I cannot stop. The story is so good and the surprises in this drama is Dong Hee, played by 2PM TaecYeon. He is surprisingly good in his role! I last saw him in Who Are You? and when I thought he was good then, surprisingly he is way better in Wonderful Days! The  boy improved his acting skill big time! *snaps*. And the child actors are extremely good too! When you think it is impossible to have great acting, think again!  Amuden, Wonderful Days is one helluva great family drama! I really, really enjoying this show! Besides, the rating of this drama is crazy high! If the Korean loves it, then ya know it must be good! AND IT IS THAT GOOD!!! Watch it!