Currently Watching: Her Private Life


Initially, I was more interested in his private… life! *laughs* I mean, it is Kim Jae Wook! If you are not interested in him, you are in the wrong blog! Please exit because I plan to fangirling and squeeing over him throughout this post! But if you are interested, eoseo oseyo to you, chingu! Welcome to Jae Wook’s first romcom drama blog post! We have been waiting for him to be the main lead – where he gets the girl (FINALLY!!!!), where he gets to show his quirky side, where he gets to show his romantic side, where he gets to show his capability in making all of us fall in love with him through and through – and no longer the second lead. I am so happy!!!!

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Just Watched: Encounter aka Boyfriend


Yes, I finished Boyfriend and I am glad I did not drop it. To be honest, I really liked it. It was such a sweet drama and it was delightful to watch Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo together. The slow pace is bothersome to some. I know that. Many drops because they could not see the chemistry between the pairing. I had my reservation as well with this pairing. Bo Gum did not disappoint me although I feel like he smiles way loads in this drama. Sometimes, I feel his character is a bit stalkerish but I get it. When you are in love, you want to be with the person you’re in love with 24/7. However, I also felt that he wasted his time in this drama even though I regretted saying it now when I saw his peak performance in episode 15. I can’t help but cheer for his awesome performance for a heartbroken man and son.

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Currently Watching: While You Were Sleeping


Well, as a (kinda huge) Lee Jong Suk fan, of course, I could not miss the world to watch him in While You Were Sleeping. In fact, the first episode was so impressive that I even considered doing a crazy recap like I did for W with Mari and Erl. I knew I was being ridiculous and too ambitious. I can’t even keep up with my regular blogging! Okay, back to Lee Jong Suk. Yeah, he is a darling and his goofiness since episode 1 really entertaining and his puppy smile… I can’t help but melt into gooey caramel. He is choooo cute!

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Currently Watching: Reunited Worlds


I was surprised to find out that Yeo Jin Goo is on this show. I just completed Circle when I started Reunited Worlds. Watching this drama was a pure coincidence because I was bored and at the time, I needed a buffer drama while watching Six Flying Dragons with Mari. So I thought why not give it a try and if I don’t like the first episode (which basically two 30-minutes episodes) I could simply move on. No strings attached.

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Just Dropped: Jealousy Incarnate


I started this show because I was influenced by Grace and Mari. My undying love for Gummy was too strong and Grace’s fear that I will combust led me to start Jealousy Incarnate. I sort of agree with her. It was difficult to breathe. Gummy took over my life completely I couldn’t focus on anything. And if you notice, I have not been blogging almost a month because not only I was busy with work, I just couldn’t focus on my writing. I blame Park Bo Gum *laughs*.


Anyway, let’s not talk about Gummy. Or else this post will turn into another Gummy post *giggles*. And his post will come up soon. Jealousy Incarnate. An attempt to get me to fall for the second lead, Jeong Won, played by handsome looking Go Gyeong Po. Well, clearly my heart did not sink in with him. He is a puppy alright. But not for me. His character is too char for me. He has this romance aura but somehow I found Jeong Won a love beggar. As a humble chaebol, Jeong Won is the man of of your dream. He is generous with smile, generous with his money, generous with love. But his generosity is overshadowed by Hwa Shin, his nemesis played by Jo Jung Suk. Let me just say, I dislike Jo Jung Suk and his character in this drama is pretty chauvinistic! I just can’t!


As of last night, 19 episodes have aired and I have seen up to episode 18. I have decided to quit this drama because of its continuous tug and pull between the main characters, the second leads and the third leads. Yes, there are three triangle love in this show. Between Hwa Shin, Na Ri and Jeong Won, between Seong Sook, chefu and Ja Yeong, and between Red, Seong Sook and Ja Yeong. The show is romantically cute, funny and mature yet dark but I don’t think it is for me. I’m just tired of it.


But what good about this drama is the OST. Oh my God… I would love to own it! That’s all. For now, goodbye Jealousy Incarnate. Thanks for the laughs. If I ever continue to watch it again, I’ll just FF to chefu scenes. He’s hawttttttt! EOP (end of post) *giggles*

Just Watched: DramaWorld

dramaworld-poster-reveal-790x450All the kdrama cliches in the world can now be seen in one drama! DramaWorld! How fantastic is that? This mockery/parody web drama was produced by my favorite Asian drama streaming site, Viki! Don’t worry, they did not pay me to say that. In fact, I’m paying them monthly fees to provide me good services. And they are! I love Viki! And I love DramaWorld! It’s funny and witty. It’s so relatable to my everyday kdrama questions! I mean… It’s about time someone come out with a drama that addresses all our concerns! *snickers*


But the question to ponder is… Did DramaWorld deliver? I don’t know about you, but it did to me! I truly enjoyed it! I had a blast watching it from start to finish. Even my husband was stunned by one episode he saw with me. To be honest, he thought kdramas have gone English! *laughs* Actually, I don’t mind watching more of this meta kind of drama like DramaWorld. It’s so creative and done in almost perfection! Surely the writers understood our cringe and displeasure in watching our dramas and dump all it in this 10-episode web drama. Bravo, writers! Bravo! *claps* And the show was able to score some big names to cameo is a huge victory!!! SuJu Siwon? Lee Ji Ah? Han Ji Min? Sung Hyuk? And more! Yeap, you can’t beat that!


So DramaWorld is not just funny, it makes sense in a nonsensical way, too! The foolishness was out of this world adorable and dorky that really, my mind would accept anything that thrown to me. On top of that, I found myself so attracted to Claire, the main character in this drama. Her badass haircut is so badass! But her acting is very immature and wooden. I often saw her giving the “it’s your turn to say it” look. It is too obvious. But I don’t know if it was her lacking or done on purpose? I don’t know. Hard to tell. Additionally, her character is extremely superficial. Again, did the writer create Claire to be superficial on purpose? We wouldn’t know. I bet it was intentional. Just to make us seasoned watchers cringe more. Hmmmm, come to think of it, the writer must have done it on purpose to torture us all!!! *gnashes teeth* 


Ok, enough blabbing. Here is my two cent on this drama: Claire is an avid kdrama watcher. She is so obsessed with her drama (ooops, sounds like me!) that she would watch it at work, too! But it really affected her work and focus. One night, she was so glued to her frustrating show that she wished she would be in it and make the drama to her liking. I mean, don’t we all wish we could live in the drama we like and change the story? Claire got her wish and she landed in the drama she is watching! She found herself in between the OTP and was guided by another person, Seth, who got transported into a drama as well. Seth shared his kdrama guide manual with Claire on 101 kdama plots. In the beginning, she was behind the scene but suddenly found herself IN the drama! Now Claire not only gets in between the OTP, she is stuck in between them and the (unknown) villains! So how she solve the show?


By the end of episode 10, despite the actress’ woody acting, I was begging for more! Can I have season 2 right now??? DramaWorld was enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. Don’t take it seriously, it was meant to poke fun at us. For me, DramaWorld could be the beginning of something new. Perhaps we would see more collaboration with two or more countries in near future? We have seen Korean, Japanese and Chinese collaboration dramas and movies. Adding the US not only opens up doors to new watchers, perhaps to a new adventure!


Currently Watching: Ruby Ring


Throw me a sh*t and I’ll magically turn it to fun! Ohhh yeah, I’m gifted that way! LOL. What? You think I’m incapable of doing that? Well…let see, when everybody was busy hating Kim Ji Won’s Yoo Rachael character in The Heirs, I was actually rooting for her. The drama was made to hate her but never told the story from her perspective. She’s a victim too, ya know? *breathes hard* And then we have Ji Chang Wook’s character as Yoo In Ha in Five Fingers. No one ever considered that he was bamboozled by his dad too… He deserves to be angry, don’t you think? So you see, sometimes I cheer for the unthinkable character(s) but don’t we all with our second lead syndrome? My feeling for second lead syndrome applies similarly except in Ruby Ring, instead of love though I wish all the worse of the worse toward both the female leads. Yeap, you heard me… I wish them dead! *evil laugh*


Ruby Ring is my second daily drama I decided to watch this year after Angel’s Revenge (review will be up soon). This 93-episode drama began airing late last year and completed the series on January 3rd, 2014. However, it was not available for viewing with complete subbed until April this year. Thanks to KBSWorld YouTube, I now can enjoy (or rather cuss) this show with ease. I’m currently current with all the episodes. So far, there are 65 episodes out and I’m looking forward for more subbed episodes to come. This show is pretty addictive. How addictive? Do you remember John Travolta and Nicholas Cage’s Face/Off movie? Ruby Ring is the exact remake of Face/Off, ahjumma style *laughs*. Wae? The plots. What else could it be? The plots not only will make you clenching your teeth and throwing toys (cats or kids) to the tv, it will also turn you into a different person during this 30 minutes of airing. *nods* You do not want to see me after watching this show.


Ruby Ring is a revenge story of two sisters, Ruby and Runa. They are both of the same age but aren’t twin even though the synopsis says they are twin. The story laid out that one of them is adopted and another the real daughter. Their mom never really disclosed which is hers but I’m sure eventually the word will be out and it will be a jaw dropping scene! Anyway, Ruby is one angel-like daughter. She’s very responsible, obedient and a model daughter for the family. Runa is everything Ruby isn’t. She’s a drinker, a manipulative child who cares no one but herself. She craves money, branded clothes, popular status and men. Angel and devil in a form of human. The devil constantly jealous of the angel. One day, when Ruby announced her engagement with Gyeongmin, her longtime boyfriend and a chaebol son, Runa went berserk and mad. It is her ambition to marry a chaebol but instead her life is ruined with an unexpected pregnancy with her Producer Director boyfriend, In So. As much as In So was willing to take care of her, she insisted that the pregnancy is a burden to her. Runa’s jealousy went up to the roof when Ruby drove home a luxury car, a gift by her in-law. Her jealousy was so deep she forced Ruby to exchange her clothes with her. And to make it worse, she insisted of using Ruby’s engagement ring to match the outfit.


Ruby is too obedient sadly and let her sister do whatever she wants including letting Runa drove the car while she sits on the passenger side. Their conversation turned to south and Runa started to speed. Of course, the came into an accident and both their faces were ruined by the shattered windshield. Because Runa was found with Ruby’s possession and behind the wheels, her face was constructed as Ruby and Ruby’s as Runa’s. Runa took this chance to live off of Ruby’s life while the real Ruby was left in coma. When the real Ruby woke up, it took her months to recover her memory back. When she realized her life is taken away by her sister and the fact that In So is also aware yet did nothing to expose Runa, Ruby started to plot her own revenge towards Runa.


Despite Runa’s clever plan, she constantly faces troubles due to her own evil scheme. And now that Ruby knows it too, she has now turned herself into what I think another Runa. *facepalm* Either way, Ruby Ring will not have a happy ending based on my hunch. But I will continue to watch because I really want to know how the stories unfold. The questions are who will unveil the truth of the Runa’s face? Will Gyeongmin continues to love her after knowing the truth? How about In So? Will Ruby understand that his love is real and not just because of the face? Yes chingu, Ruby Ring is very entertaining! Please watch… It is only 30 minutes long! C’mon, trust me… You wanna watch this face/off drama!


pic credit: Soompi