Currently Watching: Queen for Seven Days


Surprisingly, I am watching sageuk again. I believe Queen for Seven Days is my second one this year. The first one was with my Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler. And I also started Six Flying Dragons early this week with Mari. Trust me, I have more historical dramas to watch. Now that I am no longer allergic to sageuk, I will watch more and more. Be prepared *wink*.

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Just Dropped: Remember – War of the Son

02042716_2Yeap, this is rare. I’m dropping the show. I don’t think I have the heart to continue it anymore. The moments have passed. I have no desire to go back and watch it. I saw up to episode 7 and that’s it. Please don’t get me wrong, I think the show was intense and awesome. But I couldn’t handle Nam Goong Min’s evil character! What a pain in the azz! I’ve seen too many evilness but coming out from him, I was a bit upset. I kinda like his acting. Kinda. He pretty much diversified his acting gig. Good guy. Bad guy. Funny guy. Awesome lead. Not too shabby second lead. You name it. He has played such characters. And many, many more. But really, this is it. I have to part with him and Remember – War of the Son.


In the beginning, I was still trying to convince myself that I should continue watching it. Do it for Yoo Seung Ho, I said. Do it as a fan. But deep, deep down… I started watching it not for him nor Goong Min. I wanted to watch it for the stories. But the brutality was something that I can’t tolerate. The murder part by Goong Min’s character Gyu Man, for instance, gave me chills. And Yoo Seung Ho’s character as Jin Woo is too pitiful. I just can’t stomach to see him like that.


This drama is extremely sadistic. It plays with my emotional terribly. I remember not willing to get hurt and decided to watch it later. But now… I just don’t feel like watching it anymore. Maybe I’ll pick it up again at a later date… Just not now. Bye bye, Remember – War of the Son. *cries with Seung Ho*


Currently Watching: Healer


From one reporter drama to another reporter drama, it suddenly becoming a trend again. I usually avoid the same kind of drama back to back but Healer is getting so much commotion and hype, and my tweeter feed is constantly bombed by Healer tweets I just can’t help but to join the crowd too. I saw the first couple of episodes and I was just meh… I remember telling myself that it is okay to not have the same mutual feeling as others. The next night, I saw another two and another two and another two. After episode 8, I started to feel something weird. My heart was not completely shaken but I felt something. That something is quite tingling and I like it! I like it a lot!


Healer reminded me of City Hunter but in my opinion, it never really exceeds the coolness of City Hunter. Lee Min Ho was definitely daebak as Lee Yoon Sung but Ji Chang Wook did not meet that coolness (due to lack of action as the story progress) I wanted but still…. watching him leaping from one building to another, he is still a badass! But you know what, he met my expectation in the romance department. The marriage of quirky and charming he brought in as Park Bong Soo stole my heart completely. I like that one minute he is a badass,  kickass swoon-worthy Jung Hoo and another minute he’s a teddy-bear cuddly cutie pie Bong Soo. I was torn between the two but I know ultimately it is Jung Hoo that we will end up with. And surprise surprise, Park Min Young is as good as she was in City Hunter. Perhaps this style of drama really appeals to her personality. As Young Shin, she’s quite a feisty and strong and I like her character a lot. Strong yet feminine. I like that and she is creative when she received rejections.


At this moment, Healer is scheduled to run for 20 episodes and 16 episodes have aired so far and we have two more weeks before it ends. I have not heard any extension rumor and I hope there will be no extension. Healer story is not complicated but it seems like my mind is complicating it. I tried to write my own synopsis but in the end, it sounded so awful and tacky and frankly, quite disaster too so I think the best way is to shorten  up by focusing on Healer alone. Healer is Jung Hoo. He was trained as the modern Robin Hood by his late dad’s friend, Young Jae. At the beginning, he gave me that Simon Templar vibe by stealing and gathering info for his clients. One of his mission was to get Young Shin’s DNA. Before all this, he does all his work without putting much thought into it. But after meeting Young Shin and was told to keep eye on her more often, he started to put his work on the line more and more. As he falling for her, he also realized his fate with her is not just coincident but rather predicted since the beginning. He tried so hard to separate himself as Bong Soo and it took a toll on him. She herself started growing on him as well.


But what is the mutual connection between Jung Hoo and Young Shin? Their fathers were once best friends. The conspiracy between their dads and the friendship they had with Young Jae, Young Shin’s mom, her now step dad (which she still hasn’t figure it out) and Moon Ho could hold the key to Jung Hoo’s and Young Shin’s happiness. The story is kinda complicated and at times, I found myself feeling lost. But I am certain with the OTP story and to be honest, I only care for them. Just them *giggles*. They make me happy. They give me that warmth fuzzy tingling feeling. I like that. This show is highly rated and highly recommended by all. As for me, I’m watching it just for the OTP. So yeah… that. What is that means? I don’t really care for the story line to be honest. All I care is my OTP. Love love love!


Song of the Moment: Eternal Love


Call me crazy but I just can’t get this song out of my head! “Do you believe in the power of the everlasting love?” I do. I do! I ABSOLUTELY DO!!!! Dang, this song is growing on me as continue catching up with Healer in less than a week! I completed episode 14 yesterday, and by the end of it, my heart could no longer pumping my blood properly to my body system. It has been aching all day today. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My hand constantly on my chest. And then I realized that I’m missing Healer terribly. I’m missing and longing for Eternal Love so badly. How can this be? How can a song gives me so much pain? This song keeps on playing in my head as I started catching up with Kill Me, Heal Me. You see what Michael Learns to Rock did? I grew up with them and their songs and to hear them back and giving support to Korean drama, I simply can’t deny that the power of Eternal Love has conquered not just Asia and America, but in Europe too.

The lyrics is a typical love song. It can be cheesy but if you are in love, and are watching this show, it ain’t cheesy yo! It’s more of a blessing that we finally get an English kdrama OST that could project our feelings into words. “Oh, my love. I’m all yours. And there will never be another one ’cause I’m eternally yours”. Tell me if your heart isn’t aching… Mine is aching. Oh boy, and I’m shipping the OTP to the moon and back! Please enjoy a fan made vid made for this song. And watch them coz your heart will be growing stronger as you see them together…. Eternal Love forever.