Currently Watching: Switch – Change the World


I seriously cannot quit watching Switch! This drama is really my current crack! It is so much fun and entertaining watching Jang Geun Seuk managing two roles. Just like Nice Witch, Jang Geun Seuk plays two roles – as a flamboyant con man and as an uptight prosecutor. He really is so good at switching roles. I am amazed by the way he did it. It does feel like I am watching two different people before my eyes! The story is so fun and exciting! I really love con- artists storyboard. When you almost figure things out, the bad guy is a step ahead of you or the conman is a step of you. The constant guessing on who does what and when is so thrilling!

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Currently Watching: Queen for Seven Days


Surprisingly, I am watching sageuk again. I believe Queen for Seven Days is my second one this year. The first one was with my Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler. And I also started Six Flying Dragons early this week with Mari. Trust me, I have more historical dramas to watch. Now that I am no longer allergic to sageuk, I will watch more and more. Be prepared *wink*.

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W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 1


Welcome to W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap, where the intention of our recaps is to squee on Lee Jong Suk’s lips. If possible, of course! I hope you enjoy reading our recaps!


Mari: Well! We should also probably talk about the story too considering it’s good. How many times have you read a book or manga & wish to meet the hero/heroine in RL? Which is what happens here! When Oh YeonJoo gets sucked into the world of her favorite Manhwa & she meets the beautiful Kang Chul in the flesh.

Erl: We definitely should talk about the story too, which I think is spectacular! Being sucked in a manga, come on? How’s that not spectacular? And the characters, I say gold. Beautiful Kang Chul and Oh YeonJoo. Oh YeonJoo, how to be  you?

Me: I really want to be her character. This is like the dream come true… Except I’m not the character. Yeon Joo is!


Mari: Meet Oh YeonJoo a medical resident ( not sure what year). Judging by the fear she has of her supervisor we assume she’s not very good at her job. Then when we meet her supervisor and our assumptions are confirm by him. The only bright side! He is a huge fan of “W” the current hit Manhwa and it’s beyond himself when he finds out that Oh YeonJoo is the writer’s daughter! He orders her to pump her dad for spoilers.

Me: Isn’t she a residence now? I don’t know… She is too quirky for a doc! But I still love her!

Erl: She’s really quirky, a sentiment worth repeating! She seems to be having a hard time at work too. Also, I’m getting confused, I just saw that actor somewhere and he’s just a college student. LOL


Me: Oh my God, her dad’s assistant is hilarious!

Erl: Right? I like him, I need funny.

Mari: Oh Yeon Joo knows her dad will never give her spoilers so she calls his assistant Park SooBong and it’s told her dad is missing!

Me: Smart move, Yeon Joo!


Me: I screamed! This was super scary! Oh my god!

Mari: the fun begins! Oh YeonJoo rushes to her dad’s house & is told he mysteriously disappeared. While searching in his office she also finds out via Park SooBong that her dad was planning to kill his manhwas main character. Oh YeonJoo can understand this and then suddenly something grabs her coat! And bam! She’s now on top of a rooftop and a bleeding Kang Chul is on lying on the floor!

Erl: The question is, how and why did she end up there?


Me: Do you know I have blood phobia? But Kang Chul makes it really good! I see no blood here!

Erl: I don’t see the scary blood, I see luscious lips, colors draining away but still luscious.

Mari: Oh YeonJoo freaks out for a minute, runs to get help! Then remembers she’s a doctor & does her best to stop the bleeding/help him breathing (by the way!!! There’s no way that pen was sharp enough to penetrate! But I’m letting it go!) Also how can he look so beautiful cover in blood? While he is being wheeled away to an ambulance the word “To be continued” show up on screen and Oh YeonJoo is back in her dad’s office.

Me: Uhm, with a force, you can stab people with a pen! Have you not seen Jason Bourne??? And I have seen this practice in the medical world before… Well, from drama, of course! lol


Me: Why so serious? *laughs*

Erl: Not the joker question, noooo!! I’m digging the blueness of this, and poetically speaking, he’s blue – melancholic.

Mari: filler info on Lips…. I mean Kang Chul. Olympic gold medalist, his family was murdered in cold blood and he was accused of the crime tried & sentenced. In a retrial, he was let go because of insufficient evidence. He then tries to end his life but does not go through with it at last minute. He is now very rich ( more info on how later) Also looks wonderful in the rain!! Let him walk in the rain show!!!


Erl: Not you’re the inspiration? Wait this is not some lyric of a song right? Who’s he talking about?

Me: He is talking about me, right?


Me: Is she sure he’s looking for her? I believe he’s looking for me!

Mari: our unnie is delusional…  Ok, Kang Chul survives the attack & now the police  ( Kang Chul too) is looking for Oh YeonJoo to figure out what happen on the roof!!

Erl: He’s probably looking for a reason, I think. In any case this here, this trippy scene here is a winner.


Mari: ahhh, so I forgot to add that everything that happened once Oh YeonJoo got to the roof is in now drawn in the manhwa! So she has to go through this trippy feeling of seeing herself in the story!!!

Me: it’s a bit creepy to see yourself drawn into a manhwa. I would freak out too!

Erl: Magically drawn. How long did all that take, though? Drama, give us all you’ve got! We got our freak on!

Just Watched: Northern Line Limit, The Throne and The Classified File

You know I’m on work travel when all you see on today’s post are movies! Yeap, I was forced to watch them in order to stay awake on my flight. I kind of glad I did because the movies were wonderful. I even shed my precious tears!!!! So here are my quick two cents on the movies:

Northern Line Limit


Bel had asked me to watch this movie before. I should have listened to her sooner. It’s a military movie! Anything military genre like, I’m in! (don’t remind me of DotS, okay?) Plus, Kim Moo Yeol and Jin Goo are in it. Based on true story, this movie was about the navy clash between the North and South Korea. Obviously, it was told from the South Korean side. The story mainly focused on the lives of the South Korean soldiers and how they fought against the sneaky North Korean. I cried at the end of the movie. It’s a war movie so death was inevitable but I loved how the movie portrayed the courage and high-spirited soldiers. They were so young and naive. Battle of Yeonpyeong was their first true battle and left a deep scar not only to them, but to the country. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was just a steady pace in the beginning but it picked up towards the end. If you love anything military-like movie, you would want to watch it. I wished I saw it with someone… I had so many questions. Well, I have summoned my husband and good friend to watch it so we can discuss the NK tactics *wink*.

The Throne


This movie can be a little bit frustrating. The back and forth flashback annoyed me in the beginning and I was able to feel comfortable with it 30 minutes into it. The Throne was great. The King was painful to watch and so did the Crown Prince. The King expected a lot from the Crown Prince to take the thrown. But he was disappointed that his son was more into arts than governing the country. The Crown Prince blamed the King for not giving him the fatherly love he deserved. Basically, the movie lingers around father and son relationship. The Crown Prince was mad that his father did not celebrate his mom’s 60th birthday and threatened to kill him. The King charged his son for treason and asked him take his life. Well, the Crown Prince did not but he ended up dead anyway. The King killed his own son. How? You just have to watch it. This is a really good movie of how a son tried so hard to please his father and a father showed too much of his disappointment of his son to members of the palace. The struggle was hard to watch but I really thought it was acted well by Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In. Bravo! *claps*

The Classified File


I hesitated to watch this movie. The synopsis was not interesting at all. I mean a fortune teller and a detective joint forces to find a missing girl? First of all, how could they possibly solve a kidnapping case? I did not start this movie until my last leg of flight. *giggle* I was running out of movie to watch! But, by the end of this movie, I was beating myself for not starting it sooner! Another true story that you must not miss! The detective really did not believe the fortune teller (I didn’t either) but by the end of this movie, he was impressed by how much the fortune teller’s reading and speculation has helped him with the case. They solved the missing case and worked together few years later again to solve another missing case with the same girl! This movie also showed that the police force in SK is truly corrupt. Well, as if we don’t know already, right? Anyway, this movie left me in tears. What is up with me and crying on the plane? *shakes head* You have to watch this movie. The detective and fortune teller were brilliant. They remain true friends until today. It’s a good hearty movie and seeing how dedicated they were to their work and families were truly admiring and rewarding. It gives a great sense that as long as you do your part, you will soon be recognized.


Currently Watching: Healer


From one reporter drama to another reporter drama, it suddenly becoming a trend again. I usually avoid the same kind of drama back to back but Healer is getting so much commotion and hype, and my tweeter feed is constantly bombed by Healer tweets I just can’t help but to join the crowd too. I saw the first couple of episodes and I was just meh… I remember telling myself that it is okay to not have the same mutual feeling as others. The next night, I saw another two and another two and another two. After episode 8, I started to feel something weird. My heart was not completely shaken but I felt something. That something is quite tingling and I like it! I like it a lot!


Healer reminded me of City Hunter but in my opinion, it never really exceeds the coolness of City Hunter. Lee Min Ho was definitely daebak as Lee Yoon Sung but Ji Chang Wook did not meet that coolness (due to lack of action as the story progress) I wanted but still…. watching him leaping from one building to another, he is still a badass! But you know what, he met my expectation in the romance department. The marriage of quirky and charming he brought in as Park Bong Soo stole my heart completely. I like that one minute he is a badass,  kickass swoon-worthy Jung Hoo and another minute he’s a teddy-bear cuddly cutie pie Bong Soo. I was torn between the two but I know ultimately it is Jung Hoo that we will end up with. And surprise surprise, Park Min Young is as good as she was in City Hunter. Perhaps this style of drama really appeals to her personality. As Young Shin, she’s quite a feisty and strong and I like her character a lot. Strong yet feminine. I like that and she is creative when she received rejections.


At this moment, Healer is scheduled to run for 20 episodes and 16 episodes have aired so far and we have two more weeks before it ends. I have not heard any extension rumor and I hope there will be no extension. Healer story is not complicated but it seems like my mind is complicating it. I tried to write my own synopsis but in the end, it sounded so awful and tacky and frankly, quite disaster too so I think the best way is to shorten  up by focusing on Healer alone. Healer is Jung Hoo. He was trained as the modern Robin Hood by his late dad’s friend, Young Jae. At the beginning, he gave me that Simon Templar vibe by stealing and gathering info for his clients. One of his mission was to get Young Shin’s DNA. Before all this, he does all his work without putting much thought into it. But after meeting Young Shin and was told to keep eye on her more often, he started to put his work on the line more and more. As he falling for her, he also realized his fate with her is not just coincident but rather predicted since the beginning. He tried so hard to separate himself as Bong Soo and it took a toll on him. She herself started growing on him as well.


But what is the mutual connection between Jung Hoo and Young Shin? Their fathers were once best friends. The conspiracy between their dads and the friendship they had with Young Jae, Young Shin’s mom, her now step dad (which she still hasn’t figure it out) and Moon Ho could hold the key to Jung Hoo’s and Young Shin’s happiness. The story is kinda complicated and at times, I found myself feeling lost. But I am certain with the OTP story and to be honest, I only care for them. Just them *giggles*. They make me happy. They give me that warmth fuzzy tingling feeling. I like that. This show is highly rated and highly recommended by all. As for me, I’m watching it just for the OTP. So yeah… that. What is that means? I don’t really care for the story line to be honest. All I care is my OTP. Love love love!


Currently Watching: Reset


I was not sure what to anticipate when I started Reset. I saw the trailers several times. I knew it has something to do with crime. I knew the drama would be very thrilling. I was hungry for drama that could and would knock me off the chair. I am not easily impressed, lately. Korean dramas have been really lacking whachamacallit… the oooomph. Yes, lacking the oooomph. I was frustrated with the My Secret Hotel. As much as I hesitated to start with another drama that could possibly lead to nowhere, I went in anyway. Mind you that I dislike reading synopsis (yeah, another bad trait of mine) so watching trailers can either help me understand the drama somewhat or not. In Reset case, I don’t get it. But what makes me wanna watch it anyway? Because of Chun Jung Myung.


Chun Jung-Myung, once known as baby-faced actor, is no longer a baby. The man has grown handsomely. I’ve only seen him in What’s Up, Fox? as an immature world traveler who fell in love with his elder sister’s BFF. Yeah, he looked pretty young then since it was a 2006 drama. Fast forward 8 years later, the main grow up pretty well. His coldness and boldness as prosecutor Cha Woo Jin is quite impressive. I should say he’s pretty darn good actor for able to make me believe he’s a new person in Reset. And I like that he wears a tiny smirk on his face! I find it cute! Back to Reset, this OCN production drama is only 10 episodes long. Well, we all know OCN dramas are quite short but the quality of each drama is pretty splendid. Reset is spectacular and the first episode was aaaaaahmazing! So far, 8 episodes have aired and we are 2 episodes to go. After episode 7 though, I was a little confused and so is Bel, my drama sidekick. This drama is quite tricky to begin with. You really have to pay a lot of attention.


The story started with Cha Woo Jin himself. He’s an impressive prosecutor and is able to get victim’s confessions, and perhaps to hear the truth, just like that! His secret to success? His ability to hypnotize at a clicking of his pen! Yeap, he love to click his pen. Normally, it would drive me crazy but it works in his line of work. One night, as he accompanied his drunken colleague for a fresh air, they stumbled on a group of troubled teens in the dark walkway. One of the girl ninja attacked them. She is Eun Bi. Woo Jin was stunned as she resembled his dead girlfriend. And somewhat, his twisted fate with Eun Bi didn’t stop there. The next day, she was caught for a murder she claimed she knew nothing of. Yes, this high school kid was found guilty and did not has an alibi to prove it. Her case was taken by his crook colleague. Eun Bi begged for help and to make sure she truly is innocent, he hypnotized her. Sure enough, she was blamed for the whole shebang. He took her case and was able to clear her name out. But since she’s a minor and may possibly targeted, he sent her back to her home but only to realize she’s unwanted by her family. His assistant, who happened to live next door to his apartment, took Eun Bi in. While protecting her, Woo Jin is tested by a case that could answer the reason his dead girlfriend was abused (possibly raped) and suicide. But he is facing many road blocks at the moment… It’s quite scary to be honest.


I’m in the middle of watching episode 8 and I’m thinking out loud *rubbing chin* will the murder case get solved in the next two episodes? Will there be a sequel? Truthfully, I do not see how this show can be wrapped up in the next two episodes. I am skeptical but then again, OCN is known for short dramas. I just don’t want to hear a sequel and ends Reset with a major cliffhanger. So far, I don’t hear any rumor so I think we are good. I’m still skeptical and curious, and I really want to know the ending. The dark mood is really awesome and it set a thrilling yet chilly tone, kinda reminded me of Vampire Prosecutor, TEN and God’s QuizReset is awesome like that too. You should watch.