Currently Watching: Reply 1988


Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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 Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 26 to 31!

30 day challenge

Day 26: Drama character you’d actually want to be.

Me: Call me crazy but I wanted to be as cool as paksa’s son from Cruel City. I don’t mind the beat up as long as I get 9 lives and still looks good *giggle*. Another character as cool cucumber as paksa’s son is Kim Do Hyeong from My Beautiful Bride. Yes, I’m drawn to these calm, cool, badazz, and collective characters!

Mari: ahh this is hard!! I want to responsible with this choice…. But honestly, I have to go with Cheng You Qing from In Time with you. She had amazing fashion taste, a good job, a great family (sometimes) and she had the best man ever in Li Da Ren! He was her best friend & the one person that was never afraid to tell her the truth! We all need a Li Da Ren in our life 

Erl: Kim Hang-ah from The King 2 Hearts. She’s so badass but she’s also vulnerable and she has a cute puppy for a hubby.

Sada: Do I wanna be smart as Choi Seo Yeon, capable as  Miss Kim, fangirl as Sung Shi Won, unstoppable as Kim Hang Ah, devoted as Yuan Xiang Qin, lovable as  Chun Song Yi or just Makino Tsukushi? Hmmm…

Day 27: Your top three bromances in dramas.


Me: Dae Gil and Jun Choi in Chuno, Ki Tae and Yeo Reum in Marriage Not Dating, AND Dong Soo and Yeo Woon from Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

Mari: all the Reply series had excellent forms of guy friendships but 1988 had my favorite. Those kids adored each other so much. 

Erl: Yoon Yoon-jae and Kang Joon-hee in Reply 1997, Samcheonpo and Haitai in Reply 1994 and Yoon Dong-ha and Yong Soo-cheol in A Witch’s Romance.

Sada: Hana Yori Dango, Flower boy ramyun shop-Shut up flower boy band, Cruel City, School 2013, Bad guys…it’s easy to name boys.

Day 28: Your top three sisterhoods in dramas.

Me: Shi Won and Yoo Jung from Reply 1997, Bong Seon and Sun Ae from Oh My Ghost, AND Soo Kyung and Jin Yi from Let’s Eat

Mari: The 3 girls in The woman that still wants to Marry. I don’t remember them ever fighting over anything major. The first I need romance, also had 3 good friends. It’s sad that I can’t think of more. Female friendships are so rare in dramaland 

Erl: Park Gae-in and Lee Young-sun from Personal Taste, Na Bong-sun and Shin Soon-ae from Oh My Ghost, Sung Shi-won and Mo Yoo-jung from Reply 1997.

Sada: Protect the boss, Wild romance, Marriage plot…hmmmm…why is this difficult.

Day 29: Drama that everyone else absolutely loved and you absolutely did not.

Me: Descendants of the Sun. Seriously? *shrugs* Don’t shoot me, I’m just following my heart.

Mari: I don’t know how well loved it was while it aired but I constantly hear people praise it and I hate it with such a passion I want to throw stuff at it What Happened in Bali, then Full House

Erl: My Love From Another Star and no, I seriously do not want to explain myself.

Sada: I can’t say I hate it..but I never saw City Hunter. I was loved, I was indifferent towards, Blade Man as well. The list goes on…

Day 30: Caption a screencap from a drama you’re currently watching.

Me: Good Morning Call. A 2016 Japanese drama I’m currently watching from Netflix. *wink*VLQ2zWN3_77a84e_f

Mari: I’m currently watching Back to 1989 and this is the most adorable girl in the planet Zhen Zhen

Erl: Doctors. So far, still interesting in my opinion. Although I suggest a new title – Irresistible Hye-Jung or Guy Magnet Hye-Jung. It’s apropos.


Sada: The Good Wife – K version


Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 21 to 25!

30 day challenge

Day 21: Your favorite ahjussi romance.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Not really an ahjussi romance but Lovers came to mind! Wae? Mr. Dimples was in it. Enough said *giggles*

Mari: Not an Ahjussi romance… A grownup romance “Last Scandal of My Life” 

Erl: This is tough. Which one? Does Marriage Contract count? I’m confused.

Sada: The Spring Day of My Life… it was a beautiful story.

Day 22: Your favorite noona romance.

BeFunky Collage

Me: This is easy! A Witch’s Romance! Who doesn’t like it? Imma get ya if you raise your hands!

Mari: while I do love A Witch’s Romance, I have to go with the original. “My Queen” Ethan Ruan might be a douche in RL but in this show he made all my feels be feels! Followed by Dal Ja’s Spring!!! 

Erl: A Witch’s Romance. Oh so dreamy! And I am currently listening to the OST. Coincidence? Hmmm.

Sada: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop any day…and Dal Ja’ sSpring…one of my all time favourites.

Day 23: Drama where the child portion of the story was better than the adult one.


Me: I typically don’t like the child portion but Can You Hear My Heart storyline was one of my favorite ones. They were sad and the kids were believable. The adult part was fine but I just couldn’t stand the angsty!

Mari: The Moon That Embraces The Sun!!! Those kids could act circles around all their adult versions. Especially the two leads who was just a crappy written (the male) and a very pretty piece of wood (the female) 

Erl: The Moon That Embraces the Sun. All of my favorite teenagers in a show, I was really happy. And they were great. I love the grown up version as well but we’re talking The Moon That Embraces the Sun so I’m completely biased because Jung Il-woo the guy who makes me cry, always. *sobs* 

Sada: The Moon That Embraces The Sun…it’s a universal answer.

Day 24: The unhealthiest drama OTP who were better off not being together at all.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Urgh I can’t think of any!

Mari: Recently I would say the OTP for Oh Hae Young Again. Bad couple! Just bad! The next is the OTP for High School King of Savvy

Erl: Kwon Ji-hyuk and Im Soo-ah from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. I just can’t, sorry not sorry.

Sada: Thorn Flower…still hoping for end subs.

Day 25: Drama character you’d actually want to date (not just lust over).

BeFunky Collage

Me: Jang Geun Seuk’s character in Love Rain as Seo Jun. Don’t ask me why… He made my heart pitter patter like mad!

Mari: Li Da Ren!!!! LI DA REN LI DA REN!  From  “In Time With You” ask me on Twitter & I’ll tell you why! 

Erl: Enrique Geum just because I have a thing for geeky talkative, fun loving guys. 

Sada: Yoon Yoon-Je aka Gukkie love from Reply 1997

Song of the Moment: Going Back In Time…


I suddenly miss the Reply series and started to browse for the OSTs. I started listening to Reply 1994 OST first and it made me miss oppa so much! And then I saw this MV and I went beserk! Tell me if you don’t miss Seo In Guk and Eun Ji combo!!! They are the most awesome OTP couple to date! Seriously, I can’t even put into words how much I ship, ship, ship them on and off the screen! We all know Eun Ji is like the best girl next door to date! Hmmm, well at least in my kdrama dictionary! And Seo In Guk… Well, he is not only cute but he’s the best dork ever! *hands on cheek* What else can I say? Geez, I wish we all could go back in time and live watch Reply 1997 again together. Won’t it be fun? *grins*


Let’s bring some love back to small screen!

Currently Watching: King of High School


Another noona romance drama! Who’s with me on this one? *screams happily* It’s Seo In Guk! Kyaaaaaaa…. I was so ecstatic when he decided to be in this drama. I dunno, there is something about this boy that I like. His quirkiness, his cuteness (not over the top), his half open eyes, his perfect body (can’t forget that, can we?), and his perfect voice. Ever since I saw him in Love Rain as hipster Chang Mo, I got extremely curious. When he took up the lead role as Yoon Je in Reply 1997, my attachment for him became concrete. Acting is so natural to him. It feels as if he has done acting gig for a while… I’ve seen almost all of his dramas now except Rascal Sons (I am not interested) and Another Parting (I am interested and will watch it). On top of that, he has done 2 movies in 2013. This Superstar K winner and alumni has everything under his belt in a short period of time. I’m very impressed! If only I could pat his head right now… No, no, no. I wanna tackle him from behind and ruffles his hair… You dorky cute In Guk, you *smiles*

Hehehe a little overboard, aren’t I? Sorry, just a little affectionate towards him. Let’s get back to his drama. High School King of Savvy. What a title! I prefer it High School King. For me, when I first heard the title, I thought it is a drama of a popular male student in high school. Well, it is partially true. Seo In Guk plays an immature, naïve and clueless student in his high school. He’s famous as a fearless and incredibly talented hockey player. He even has his own cheering squad. By “cheering squad” means one person, just one… Yoo Ah, who cheers him all the time. She’s definitely cray cray over him. No other girls are allowed to cross path with her Min Seok. Her Min Seok. Her husband. Yeap, her madly one-sided love towards Min Seok. I thought Na Jung from Reply 1994 was cray… It turns out, Yoo Ah ousted her big time. Ooh yeah, she’s one scary girl even I got irritated and intimidated by her.


So here is the deal with High School King of Savvy. Min Seok’s hyung supposed to come back from overseas and reported to his work in a prestigious advertising company immediately. But… for some reason we have no idea why, his hyung asked Min Seok to take his place in the company. It seems that his brother is in a hideout. So with the help of two people in that company, Min Seok came to work disguising as his brother. No one has any clue because apparently he and his hyung are so lookalike they both could pass as the same person. Obviously now we know that In Guk is playing two characters in this drama. Anyway, he met a quirky temporary worker in his brother’s (his) team that has been working there for two years. At first, it was out of pity to save her from losing her job, Min Seok started falling for her. Soo Young, the quirky yet innocent-like worker has feeling towards Jin Woo, the handsome yet cold director in the same company. So can you picture the triangle love in this drama? She later found that Min Seok is as same age as her sister, the psycho Yoo Ah. So how will they turn out? Will she continue going out with him? He’s an underage, it is hard to see going out with him let alone to fall for him. She’s 10 years older than him! *facepalm*


Originally, High School King of Savvy started as 16 episodes long. And all of sudden, they extended the series to 18 episodes. I’m not sure if it is a good thing or bad, it all depends on how they introduce Min Seok’s hyung into the show. My last episode was episode 14. So I’m dying to know… Would I recommend it? Most people dropped it because they can’t stand how immature Min Seok is. Why am I not dropping it? Well… Reason #1 is Seo In Guk. *shrugs* Of course, right? Reason #2 is because he is a high school student and it is so obvious that how a young teenage boy would behave with his crush older than him. Reason #3 is even though Soo Young is much older than he is (most people are disgusted by the age difference), her level of maturity is extremely low and I hope that this experience will wake her grow up a bit. Reason #4 is that this show reminded me of another noona drama (as pointed out by Erl), Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  Anyway… If you’re okay with these reasons, *smile* c’mon, let’s watch it! If you are not okay, then don’t watch it. I personally don’t mind because I think it is cute and it gives me pure entertainment. After Witch’s Romance, I sure need another noona romance drama. And I got one! *cheers*


Currently Watching: Reply 1994


*giggles* I can’t stop. No…! I won’t stop! Wait, wait… Let me shout this for at least once! Oppa! Oppa! Hm oppa!! Opppppppppppaaaaaa yaaaaah! Phew, I feel better now. I just have to get it out of my system, like everybody else too. This is the most basic reaction when watching Reply 1994 (it’s ending this weekend *pouts*) and I can assure you, oppa yah is not the only name you want to shout. Other names are Chilbong, Haitai, Binggrae and even Sam Chun Po! Yes, yes… these names are very important. And if you are watching it, you probably on either Team Oppa or Team ChilBong. Heck, a couple of my tweetple are on Team Haitai! The game is so on! *fist palm* It’s not the end so the writers can still twist our necks however they want and believe it or not, it is fun! I love puzzle like drama. They made you put the pieces together and sometimes, the clues can be either helpful or not! Are you with me so far?


Believe it or not, I have a few of friends that are still not watching Reply 1994. Waeeeeeeee? This is a must watch. Yes, I’m letting my judgement out this early! My god, this show is just to die for. I think it is my best comedy drama for 2013. It’ll make you snort so hard, laugh so loud, giggle every second of it. Not once do I felt frustrated or want to yell my heart out. Reply 1994 is the best way to end my 2013! Jjang jjang! I love the way this drama is written. It is quite nostalgic to see old stuffs such as old computer, old Adidas slippers, and many more I can’t think of. Another best part about this drama is the food that was put on the table! Oh my god, one best food porn sight right there *major drools*. I wish I live with them. Seriously, it is just tad fun!

So what is the puzzle about? Similar to Reply 1997, it started with a group of friends reminiscing down their memory lane through Na Jung’s wedding video. The groom is, of course, unknown *duh* and the only obvious clue I can name is Joon, as in the name Joon. The problem is all the bachelors, except Sam Chun Po (SCP), has Joon in their names *rubs chin* Hmmmmm, now that my brain is working, does Haitai has Joon in his name too? The first elimination of groom candidate is SCP. I was a little disappointed however. Even though he looks older than his age and the youngest of them all, he’s definitely a husband worthy. Too bad boooooooo…! The next bachelor that get sacked is Binggrae. At the very beginning, he was suspected to being gay by the rest of us watchers. That itself is the biggest elimination, ever! The look on his eyes, the puppy face he always make and the swoon look he gave to Trash oppa made us all think he is gay gay gay! He himself wasn’t sure either on his own sexuality and that, my chingus, why Binggrae is not Na Jung’s potential hubby.


The next in line is Haitai. He’s in the same major as Na Jung in the university. He does have feeling for her but poor soul had to push away his feeling knowing that both Trash oppa and ChilBong are in love with our girl. As of today, the mystery husband is still up in the air. It could be any one of these three boys. But the most obvious one is  between Trash and ChilBong now. I’d like to confirm that Haitai is also out of the game *cries*… So who is Na Jung’s husband? This is the question we’ve been trying to figure out among ourselves. I have been shipping on Trash oppa since the beginning. Yes, I’m oppa loyal and I don’t jump on another ship even though I’m tempted to do so, occasionally. He’s a medical student that has been part of Na Jung’s family member for a long time. As much as her parents, especially her dad, felt displease as they have been treating Trash as their own son, Na Jung though has her eyes on oppa and oppa only. But many people are on ChilBong ship as well! ChilBong is super sweet, fresh looking, handsome international baseball player. He fell for her slowly and slowly and the crush he had for her was very sweet.


Oppa and ChilBong are completely opposite of each other. Oppa is rude, obnoxious and simply cray cray. But deep, deep down he’s the sweetest man… ChilBong is a sad boy coming for a broken family. He’s gentle, polite, good looking and most of all, the guy you would want for a husband! At this point, I’m just happy with either one…*shrugs* Ok, ok I lied! I’m on Team Oppa and I’m positive Oppa will win this race!!! Watch it guys! This drama is great! And I can’t wait to watch the finale!