Currently Watching: The 100th Love with You aka Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi


Yes, I finally moved on from high school movie! For now! And I finally found a movie that I really, REALLY, like. I am still watching it but at the same time, I can’t wait to blog it. It’s a time travel movie. I am a sucker for time travel show – I find it intriguing going back in the past to change your destiny, future, fate, whathaveyou. But time travel genre can be frustrating too especially when the characters are stuck in a loop. And this is exactly what happened in The 100th Love with You. I have a hunch that this movie will not end well. Get your Kleenex ready, folks!

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Just Watched: My Teacher aka Sensei!


Yeap, another teacher-student relationship movie. Also, another manga adapted movie. Why do I do this to myself? Oh right, because I am bored to death! And I also want to knock down as many movies on my list as possible. My Teacher, a 2017 movie, was a movie I never into but had to watch because someone recommended it to me. It somehow reminded me of Sensei Kunshu. But unlike Sensei Kunshu, My Teacher is on a serious side. I kinda like it, though.

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Just Watched: Unnatural


Not knowing what it was about except that it is a medical genre and has Satomi in it, I waited last minute before starting Unnatural. I must say anything with Satomi is a winner. She lights up in any kind of drama and in here, while the genre consists of medical, investigation and mysterious, her presence really sets a tone that medical drama can be fun, entertaining, interesting and funny! My love-hate relationship with medical drama totally disappears as soon as I started seeing her. Satomi is the epiphany of Japanese dramas. She is, no doubt, one of the greatest Japanese actors today.

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Currently Watching: Kenja no Ai


Forbidden love. Yes, I love a forbidden love theme drama. Knowing that what I am watching is wrong excites me more. Do I sound narcissist to you? But I bet you would be curious, too! It’s a human nature to be curious and busy body when comes to forbidden love. Kenja no Ai not only explores this issue from one angle, but this drama explores it with revenge in mind. Well, come to think of it, not just any revenge. It’s a payback time for one person did to another. Only fair, don’t you think?


Kenja no Ai is a story of two women. To conclude that they are destined BFF, it’s a bit harsh. But it is what it is. Life is cruel. And so is their relationship. Yuri and Mayu are their names. Yuri moved in next to Mayu’s beautiful beach mansion and had always been envy with what Mayu had as a child. She envies her crush. She envies her dad. She envies her relationship with her parents. She envies her home. She envies her money. She envies everything Mayu has. When Yuri realized that Mayu is ladylike, sweet and gentle, she took this opportunity to get what she wants. And guess who win? Yuri, of course!


She started with Mayu’s crush. Yuri knew Mayu loved him so much. But knowing how reserve Mayu is, she took this opportunity and seduced him. It’s a working progress for Yuri because she was new on the block. Her possessive behavior started to take over her body when she saw him kissing Mayu. She knew she must have him no matter what and she did. Years later. And Mayu left alone. As a spinster.Poor Mayu for living in a dark. Yuri is definitely scheming the life she wanted since young. Look where she is right now! A winner! She got a husband, a handsome son, a life that Mayu wants.


This drama has a lot of flashbacks. You know I hate flashbacks. But the flashbacks are necessary to understand Mayu’s current situation. So what happened to her now? Yuri had a child and her son, Naomi, has been in close relationship with Mayu. They are so closed that a loveship took place between the two. Naomi hides it from his parents. Mayu felt guilty over their big gap but at the same time, it is the perfect revenge to get back at Yuri. I actually feel very nervous for the two. It is not a healthy kind. Mayu noticed it too. She tried hooking Naomi with a girl. Her intention is genuine. It is true. Love will fade after awhile and she worried Naomi will move on one day… Considering their age. But Naomi is persistence. So what now?


Kenja no Ai is only 4 episodes long. I have seen 3 episodes and currently waiting for the final episode to get subbed. I am curious what the final episode will take us. Is Yuri going to accept Naomi’s choice? Will Mayu continues her relationship with Naomi? How Yuri’s family, especially her ex-boyfriend-now-Yuri’s husband will take? This drama is taking us to walk on a grey line. I would not know how to react. I believe Mayu is on the wrong side for allowing Naomi to love her and for seducing a child. *throws towel* now I’m nervous. For both of them. If you can stand this type of romance drama, I recommend you to watch it. I’m just glad someone finally subbing the show!

Just Watched: The Himalayas & Orange

Yeap, I was able to squeeze a couple more movies during my flight! I was on a roll! So here are my reviews:

The Himalayas


This movie really touches me to the core. I cried a lot! The men bonded over their mutual interest! To hike the Himalaya! This is a courage citizen stories of a different kind. The goal is one! To get on that peak! And another peak. And another! But I loved it. Based on true story, The Himalayas is definitely a movie you need to prepare your heart. This is a hearty movie that everyone should watch it!



I was contemplating whether I should watch Orange. But I did and quite liked it. My only beef with this movie? It was a bit too long. Too many fillers, I really couldn’t stand sitting for too long. But overall, it was a great movie concept. Naho and Hiroto are both married. They decided to write letters to their younger selves to save their depressed friend, Kakeru. Basically, their letters are meant to change the world. But I didn’t get the ending. They were able to save Kakeru but what happened to their future? Naho and Kakeru dated prior. Did their lives change too? The acting was great. The emotional part was extremely strong especially by Kento as Kakeru. I’m always drawn to his movies and this is another great one!

Currently Watching: Rebound


Yes, more JDrama added to my watch list and I have to thank Bel again for recommending Rebound. I’m having fun so far with this drama but when I tweeted it, so many people tweeted me back and said they couldn’t go beyond episode 2! Whaaaaaa…..? Why? Some says the drama is too ridiculous and just doesn’t make any sense. Some says Nobuko, the main character, is so annoying. Hmmmm… am I missing anything? I do find flaws in this drama but I do not think it is that bad *shaking head in disagreement*. No, I do not think it is bad at all. This drama contains minimum slapstick humor, and more of cute funny. The only thing that may offended some viewers is that the drama is over weight issue. In Asia, overweight is rare but they do exist. I’ve seen many overweight girls in where I am from so I do not think this is uncommon. The girls even poke fun at each others’ weights and no hard feeling taken between them. Well, at least on the surface… And also, this drama really enlighten you in that it help shedding this typical image that not all Asians are always skinny. No, no, no… We are not. We are human too!


Rebound is well, rebound from being overweight to skinny and back to overweight and skinny again. I lost count! Really, I lost count. But I do love the story. It’s a daily life struggle among women, including I. Our very own weakness is sweets. Cakes. Tarts. Pies. Creme brulee. *licks lips* Yeap, anything sugary… I know I am *looks over her shoulder at her giant ass* *shudders*. So this is Rebound. It is a daily life struggle of a cake addict named Nobuko and she was nicknamed Buko (means too healthy, correct me if I’m wrong Japanese speakers) in school. She was dumped by her college boyfriend due to her round figure and determined to win the struggle with her own body. She put all her effort into dieting and did it! She started a new career in a fashion magazine as a junior editor but work a lot doing side jobs for the team. One day she was assigned to interview a pastry chef. Yeah, it did not go well as planned. The chef, Taiichi, is the second generation baker in his family and he wanted to revive the family business.


Nobuko refused to try his pastries and Taiichi felt uneasy and wary. She gave bunches of excuses but finally surrendered to him and his pastries. The rest is, of course, history. They fell in love but she had go into hiding after gaining back all her weights from becoming Taiichi’s lab rat. She doesn’t want him to see her fatty figure. Nobuko almost lost her job due to her physique but promised the chief editor that she would write a “Journal of a Fat Diary” article. If her writing didn’t get enough attention, Nobuko will be sent to work to their sister magazine, a sports magazine. Fortunately her article received good review. But her editor got bored once Nobuko lost all her weight.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 6.14.46 PM

During her absent from Taiichi, he became depressed for missing her so much he started to put on weight. When she found out, she hesitated to love him for his new appearance. So now we see the reverse of her. It never gets ugly though as he took the initiative to shed all the pounds he gained. Both Taiichi and Nobuko used a non-certified FDA diet plan from a weight loss agency. When they both found out, they both accused each other for being insincere. They ended up breaking up because they both feel they couldn’t trust each other.

Rebound ep05 (704x396 x264).mp4_snapshot_28.13_[2011.06.12_22.03.09]

Rebound is a 10 episodes 2011 drama. Besides Taiichi and Nobuko, there are several supporting characters that made Rebound. Currently at episode 9, what would happen to Nobuko next? Will she take in charge of her life? Career, health and love wise? Will she continue to rely on pills to get the figure she wants? Will she listen to her heart and let her fate guide her future? Come and join me. Rebound is a light and fluffy drama and you and I can relate with her struggle.

Rebound ep04 (704x396 x264).mp4_snapshot_16.55_[2011.06.10_20.23.57]