Just Watched: Tokyo Tarareba Musume


Sex & the City Japanese style! Except there are only three main ladies in this drama. Tokyo Tarareba Musume was on my radar ever since Bel blogged about it. I love watching dramas with female leads. It’s the different perspective and opinion from women that I fascinated about. Besides, I am biased. I adore my species very much! *laughs*. I completed the drama last week and I just want to say I’m glad I waited until it is done to blog it. Why do you say? The ending was as I expected but the journey to this happy ending was rough.

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Just Watched: Bakuman, Grasshopper & My Love Story

Yeap, Nelly has been very consistent with her movie watching lately. Something must have gone wrong with her. It is very unusual for her to watch three movies within 24 hours. There is only one thing why she did what she did. She must have been bored with her dramas. Well, who can blame her, right? *giggles*. Anyway, here are her quick review on the movies she saw. And coincidentally, all were Japanese movies! So go figure!



Saiko and Shujin are two besties in high school. Shujin is creative in writing and Saiko is great at drawing. One day, Shujin asked Saiko his future plan. Saiko told him that he would need to study hard  to earn a seat in a college. Shujin thought that it is too late to turn their fate around. He proposed to Saiko that they should team up and produce a manga. Saiko would draw and Shujin would write. The intense part of this movie is the process of drawing characters and writing plots. This movie really opens up my eyes. I have never seen a manga series done before. It was done in very detail. On top of that, they have to compete with other manga writers. Bakuman tells a journey of the boys from drawing and writing to getting their work publish and competing with published manga series. I highly recommend this movie. It makes you appreciate them more.



This movie was bloody for my taste. I did not expect it to be this way. The storyline is simple. Suzuki resigned from his job to find who murdered his fiancee. What it seems to be a simple death by accident, Suzuki ended up being in an underworld yakuza organization. His journey to find and take revenge of his fiancee was not easy. He met with different assassins and their lives seem to be overlap or intermingle. I wouldn’t recommend Grasshopper, though. It was poorly written. BUT, the acting and directing were not bad. Sadly this movie left me a bad taste in mouth…

My Love Story!!


I’m so glad I saw this movie! Saran wrap kiss is the best!!!! You just have to watch this anime-adapted movie!  Because of this movie, I even saw the anime! Thanks, Bel for hooking me up! I’m not going to write long since she wrote a fabulous post! What I can quickly summarize about My Love Story is that Takeo, a high-school freshman student who looks like he can be your dad fell in love with the cutest girl in town. And the best part is the girl is head over heel with him, too!!!! This is a true beauty and the beast story with no third wheel but Takeo’s only confidence. In the beginning, I thought the actress playing Yamato would be awkward playing next to a leading actor twice her age. Nope, she was natural. They both were. And they made this movie really, really fun to watch!  I highly recommend this movie!





Just Watched: Heroine Disqualified & Vampire in Love

This is a rare thing. I saw these two movies NOT on the plane! Rare, isn’t it? I must have been drunk! *laughs*. But truly, my friends, I saw this movie for one person and one person only. I’ve been a big fan of Kiritani Mirei! There is something about her that I like. She is sweet looking yet strong. If you have seen her dramas (Ando Lloyd, Atelier and Sumika Sumire) and movies, she always plays sweet looking characters but with fire personality! I’m an avid fan of such characters and Mirei seems to be attracted to such characters as well.

In these movies, Mirei plays two very different roles. In Heroine Disqualified, she plays a high school girl whereas in Vampire In Love, she plays a vampire who happen to fall in love with a human. Two different roles, one was cute and daring and another is sweet and charming. So here are my quick reviews on the movies:

Heroine Disqualified


In this high-school theme movie, Mirei is Hatori. She has been friends with Rita for years and when they entered high school, Hatori feels it is time to confess. She believes her life is like in manga and that she and Rita will end up falling and living together to the end of their lives. Well, when you’re in love, you will wish for happiness, right?  Sadly, Rita fell for a different girl. Hatori tries to win him again. At the same time, another guy likes Hatori. But Hatori is so determined to get Rita back; she did not even notice Kosuke at all. That poor jerk *shakes head* tried so hard but… *shrugs*. Dude, your one sided love remains one-sided forever *laughs*. Now the question is, will Hatori gets to separate Rita and his girlfriend and confess her love to him? Watch it!

Overall, I had a great laugh with this movie. Don’t trust me? Ask Bel! *wink*. Oooh, before I move on, I highly recommend this movie if you are up to something cute and bubbly!

Vampire In Love


The title says it all. Kiira looks like another ordinary girl but she is not. She is the third generation vampire in her family. Her mother was a human but since she was in love with her vampire dad, she became one. When she was young, she met Tetsu but had to disappear when she found herself drawn to him and wanted to bite him. Years later, she works in a bakery own by her family. One day, a salesperson walked into the bakery and tried to sell a breast enhancement crème. *laughs* awkward, right? But Kiira recognized him immediately. The salesperson is Tetsu and she is once again drawn to him. They dated and he even admitted that he will be a caring vampire when she turns him into one. But instead of doing that, she wiped his memory off! Why did she do that? I’m not gonna tell you what happen… go watch it! *wink*

The movie is sweet. Very sweet. But it lacks oomph, in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed it. If you have time to kill, I think you will enjoy it too.

Currently Watching: Love That Makes You Cry


My dear readers, you guessed it right! I’m watching another Japanese drama once again. I don’t know why… Bel is partial to blame for this *giggles*. Yes, I’m playing victim! *sticks tongue out*  The short episode, the short series… What is not too like? Imagine if we could get two episodes per week. Hmmmm, wishful thinking *wink*. So yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Love That Makes You Cry. They need to rename this show to Love That Frustrates You. Really, I’m not joking! The series frustrates me but at the same time, I’m addicted to it. I just can’t help it. I guess I should accept the fact that it was written the way as it is to get the audience engage with the show. But if they let it resolve quicker, we won’t have a drama, wouldn’t we? *laughs* I know, I know. I should be more understanding since I’m a seasoned drama watcher, right? Nope, I’m only human, y’all. *giggle*


So what can I say with Love That Makes You Cry? Let me tell you the story life of Oto. She is one bubbly girl that you’d enjoy being with. Sadly, her mother passed away too soon. Oto was then adopted by an older couple. The man is a grumpy whereas the mom is bed rested (from sickness). It seems that Oto was adopted to care for her adoptive aging parents and to take care of the household. Poor child, I tell you. But she decided to escape them when they arranged her marriage with a man 20 years her senior! What on earth are they thinking? There’s only one reason to this. The family is poor and marrying Oto to a wealthy old man would takes care of her, dowry and her aging family. *sigh* I didn’t know such practice exist in Japan.


Before her escape, Oto met with Ren aka Mr. Mover. Ren works as a mover, from one house to another. The two made some connections but never went far due to their responsibilities to their elders. Like Oto, Ren is an orphan as well and living with his grandpa. And Ren had to make a living to not only support himself and his grandpa, but to claim back the life the two were robbed when his grandpa was cheated on. Money all gone so Ren decided to move to Tokyo. Oto moves to Tokyo as well and work as an assistant in an old folks home. One day, Oto and Ren coincidently met with while in Tokyo. To be honest, Oto has been keeping her eyes wider and hoping to bump into Ren. But the unspoken love has its own limitation. Ren has someone in love with him dearly and it gives cue to Oto to back off. Meanwhile, Ren is in dilemma. Kihoko, a friend he met in Tokyo, is in love with him; Konatsu, the girl from his hometown, is deeply in love with him; and he doesn’t know how to turn them down and just let them know that he is in love with Oto. Well, good luck, Ren!


7 episodes has aired so far; we have 3 episodes to go before the series ends. Ren moves back in with his grandpa but left again; Ibuki asked Oto to go steady while dealing with ; Konatsu finally gets it that Ren doesn’t like her; Haruta is willing to do anything for Konatsu; and Oto just trying her best to live her life. Oy, the madness of love triangle. Will Oto and Ren able to stand up for the right to love one another? Do they have to continue to sacrifice their lives for other’s happiness? Yeap, either way… this is the Love That Makes You Cry.