Just Watched: Hot Stove League



Yes, I am a bit late with posting Hot Stove League. I was behind on my watch but I was able to catch up with everyone. The only thing I could not catch up was posting it under Currently Watching segment. I heard so much raving about this show which prompted me to pick it up. I knew it was a baseball drama. I am never a fan of Korean sports drama. I have dropped a few. I had a good time watching Prison Playbook with minimal baseball exposure. I thought it would not hurt watching Stove League, too. I started with zero expectation but by the end of it, I reached maximum satisfaction!

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Currently Watching: Doctor John


I spent my weekend marathoning Doctor John! I started the first four episodes in Malaysia but did not get to continue. It felt good to continue watching this drama. Ji Sung never fails me and he is the reason I am watching Doctor John. I guess he is the reason I can handle this medical drama. There were not many bloody scenes as I thought it would be; thank goodness I survive. Now before this drama, I know nothing about pain management. But now, I am very curious. Even got me google for it!

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Currently Watching: My Absolute Boyfriend


I went back and forth before starting My Absolute Boyfriend. On one hand, this drama offers Yeo Jin Goo. Yes, I said “offer” because I have seen clips of pure fan service to fan girls like me! But, on the other hand, this is a Japanese remake. I’ve seen the original version and the idea stuck in my head. I guess what I want to say is I’m afraid of the show getting butchered. Also, rarely would I read comments on MDL but I did this time. Some says the ex-boyfriend character is extremely annoying and his over-and-over stalking mode turns people off.

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Currently Watching: The Nokdu Flower


I just had to add The Nokdu Flower to my watch list. The cast line is so stellar I cannot miss the opportunity of not picking up this epic sageuk drama. Why do I say epic? It is directed by Six Flying Dragons‘ director. I am a big fan of Yoon Shi Yoon but not a huge fan of Jo Jung Suk. But I am fully aware how talented Jung Suk is and I believe this is his first period drama – correct me if I am wrong coz I am too lazy to dig into his bio at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, though. Just because I am not a fan it does not mean I won’t watch it. I always go for the story regardless of the actors.

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Currently Watching: The Secret Life of My Secretary


I am glad I have this drama to fall back because I knew I would be miserable if I have no romcom to watch after Her Private Life. I am so smitten by this drama. It is so darn cute! I am also happy that Kim Young Kwang is back on my screen. The last time I saw him was in The Guardians. He was great in that drama. His role was definitely different and refreshing but in The Secret Life of My Secretary, he is back doing what he is great for. A handsome chaebol. And to be paired with Jin Ki Joo, it is a match made in drama heaven. She is super cute! Her deep-dimple smile is so contagious! I wish I am as cute as her!

Image result for the secret life of my secretary

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Currently Watching: The Last Empress


Yup, I am watching 2018’s messiest, train wreck makjang drama of the year! *rolls on the floor laughing* The Last Empress is truly one of the most addictive drama I am currently watching. The cast is awesome and the story is makjang you cannot help but wishing death threats to each and every one of the characters in this drama. Obviously not when comes to Sunny, Jang Na Ra’s bubbly character. She is truly cute and awesome. But when this show gets extended for another episode, I got really angry and frustrated. Why? While the show is funny, it is emotionally drained. One roller coaster ride after another. When will I see the light?

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Just Watched: My Strange Hero


I really need to move away from high school dramas. I don’t think I fit for this genre anymore. I had high hopes for My Strange Hero. Nothing wrong with the execution of this drama nor the acting. Everyone was great! But I really dislike the story. It was extremely boring. Nothing special about the plots. I wanted to drop this drama so many times. I kept hoping that the snail pace will pick up. I kept hoping that the drama will get intense. Nada. Nope. So disappointed.

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