Currently Watching: Love Affairs in the Afternoon


It is 3 pm somewhere, right? If you have seen Hirugao, I am sure you know what I mean. The Koreans aka Channel A decided to do a remake of Hirugao with the same title: Love Affairs in the Afternoon. Yup, a forbidden love drama that can be so romantic, so innocent, so naive yet so nerve-racking. I feel so nervous as if I am in this affairs with them as well. So far, 12 episodes have aired and I have been nervous watching it ever since especially episode 6, 7 and 8. I had to take a breather because my heart was palpitating so hard for them.

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Just Watched: The Crowned Clown


Yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSS I completed The Crowned Clown last week! Finally! And it really satisfied my hunger for a masterpiece! Believe me, I was tormented in India. Living a gypsy life really did not give me a room to squeeze in one episode. But you know what, it was worth the wait. This masterpiece demand my 100% view. The acting is absolutely brilliant! Yeo Jin Goo did an impressive job playing two characters as Ha Seon the clown and King Lee Hun. This chameleon made me hate yet love him at the same time. And as Ha Seon pretending to be King Lee Hun, Jin Goo did a fabulous job. Surely, one could tell that the King is suddenly mellow but it wasn’t the case in this drama. The only unrealistic part in The Crowned Clown.

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Just Watched: Encounter aka Boyfriend


Yes, I finished Boyfriend and I am glad I did not drop it. To be honest, I really liked it. It was such a sweet drama and it was delightful to watch Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo together. The slow pace is bothersome to some. I know that. Many drops because they could not see the chemistry between the pairing. I had my reservation as well with this pairing. Bo Gum did not disappoint me although I feel like he smiles way loads in this drama. Sometimes, I feel his character is a bit stalkerish but I get it. When you are in love, you want to be with the person you’re in love with 24/7. However, I also felt that he wasted his time in this drama even though I regretted saying it now when I saw his peak performance in episode 15. I can’t help but cheer for his awesome performance for a heartbroken man and son.

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Currently Watching: Mr. Sunshine


Believe it or not, this is the only drama I am currently watching! Yes, my life has gone nuts with all the travels I have been doing it since June! It is not over yet! I am flying out in the next three weeks. At this point, if I want to start any, I must start ongoing dramas that close to be done. I really do not have the time to squee with my Tlists and it sadden me. I never thought my life would end up this way. I might pick up short Japanese dramas to watch soon.

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Currently Watching: Come! Jang Bo Ri

Come!_Jang_Bo-Ri-p1So, it’s been awhile since I saw long episode weekend dramas. I’ve been avoiding it like plagues lately simply because I have too many daily dramas on my plate. Plus, long weekend dramas are usually angsty! I can’t handle angsty much, and if you are the type of watchers that need hand holding, this drama isn’t for you. I need hand holding in this drama. I have been cussing like a mad soldier, chingus! This drama is not good for my health and emotional being, yet…. YET I’m so addicted to it! Why kdrama Lords, whyyyyy? If I’m to describe it as a metaphor, it is as delicious as bitter gourd! Ya, exactly! I have been paying this drama closed attention when it was airing. I was partial to even begin coz I just don’t like the poster drama! Yeah, I judge book by its cover… So what? *sneers*


Guess who influenced me to watch Come! Jang Bo Ri? Who else but none other my daily sisters, Bel and Lena! But guess what? They are done and left me hanging alone! T_____T Fine, fine, I’ll gather up all my fats and energies for this show. I’m dying to know the ending anyway even though, somehow, it is predictable. But the journey to the end will not be smooth. I will remain a flipping cussing girl throughout the show. My only buckle that keeps me from cussing out loud? My son, A. Yeah, I can’t do it in front of him. When I do feel like it, I will make a fist and flip a finger on my back! Yeah, this show is nasty and be prepare for it, chingus!


Come! Jang Bo Ri is a 52 episode drama. Yikes, they extended it by 2 more episodes? I guess it was THAT good, eh?  I’m impressed but this means I have 30 episodes to go! *rolls eyes*. Fine, fine… I’ll watch. So what’s Come! Jang Bo Ri is about? It’s about Bo Ri, of course! She went missing one night after caught in a fight between her mom’s selfish drive to be the next heir to Bo Ri’s grandmother’s imperial Korean traditional tailor and designer hanbok center. Bo Ri was adopted unwillingly by Min Jung’s mom. Min Jung on the other hand grew up poorly but with great ambitious to remove herself from poverty by getting adopted by, unexpectedly and coincidentally, Bo Ri’s parents. Min Jung is one vicious girl, she will do nothing to pursue her goal. Basically, she’s the mastermind of pathological liar! But to be honest though, nothing is wrong her goal. We all need to be ambitious, right? But Min Jung is a little bit nasty though. She was so determined to get what she wants that she willingly cut her ties with her own mother. Bo Ri was brought up well prior to being adopted by Min Jung’s mom. Before she went missing, she was hit by Min Jung’s mom’s truck and caused her a permanent damage to her head including losing her memories of her past.


The time jump brought us to the adult Min Jung and Bo Ri. Min Jung became crazier and will do anything to stop Bo Ri from rising above her. Bo Ri was trained by Ok Soo in making hanbok. Because of her memory loss, she doesn’t know that Ok Soo is her aunt and Ok Soo couldn’t recognize her own niece. Min Jung was trained in clothes designing by but her wish is to replace the missing daughter for her sponsor, Bo Ri’s real parents. In turn, she switched her focus to be hanbok maker. She successfully convinced her sponsor to accept her to become hanbok student. Though it was too late and they hesitant to accept her, Min Jung’s twisted words was so convincing even her sponsor parents couldn’t say no to her.

1401069405-Jang-Bo-Ri-Is-Here-ep12-590by330 (1)

Come! Jang Bo Ri is definitely makjang. It has been awhile since I saw makjang dramas and this show have all the makjang cliches from birth secret to amnesia to revenge and to whatever that will come to my plate. Yes, I have seen 22 episodes but so far, despite the makjang-ness, the show can be super funny and romantic too. You heard me, right! When it is funny, it sure IS really, really funny. But heh, there are some stoooooopid moments too. *shrugs* It can’t be perfect, right? For those who love nitty gritty, cuss induced drama, Come! Jang Bo Ri is the one for you!