Currently Watching: Lookout


I am currently hooked on Lookout aka The Guardians. Seriously, this show is captivating and is worthy of your time. Each episode is like a rollercoaster. The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat. To be honest, I keep thinking why aren’t many people watching this show. Is it because of the lack of romance? I don’t get it. There is much happiness in watching dramas and romance is one of them but romance can’t give you the satisfaction like a crime/thriller drama could give you. The kickass! One more thing! Lookout has action! And Lee Shi Young is giving us the action! Gold action!

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: Good Jive!


Hello, hello, HELLLLLLLLLLLLO!!!! It’s Wednesday! Are y’all ready for some good dance music??? I can’t hear ya!!!! Say it louder! That’s more like it! So remember how I was counting down for SHINee’s comeback? Their 4th album, Odd, was released recently with 11 tracks in total! Wow! I have yet to check it out but I certainly hope all 11 tracks are new – not recycled songs *fingers crossing tightly*. Amuden, the first song released as an MV is called View. Yeap, it certainly a view to me! *laughs*

Isn’t the song catchy and awesome? And it is not what I expected though but still great! I thought it would be 70s or 80s style song but nope, totally not at all. But still….. the song is wow! It makes me wanna get up and dance! So if you’re interested to hear the whole album, take a listen to this…

I am only able to listen to the first three songs due to timing issue… I must say these songs are very contemporary and mature! When they sang “my eyes on you”, I said my ears are for you! *smiles*. I love that they maintain their dance/futuristic/pop/jazzy/r&b/electro genre as they have in the past! I’m totally digging this album. Definitely worth buying it! The boys did it again, y’all!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: SHINEE’s back! 



Yeoreobun, jeom achim! And hello to the rest of the world! I hope you are having a blast today. This past weekend was my birthday and although I wish nothing but success in my future career, as oppose to tangible gifts, I also wish that I could remain younger even though the numbers are moving up quicker than I’d imagine. Could we slow down this aging process? *sticks her tongue out* But speaking of aging, or rather more mature hopefully… is SHINee!!! Yes, they are making a comeback!!! They released their first comeback trailer on my birthday!!! And the second trailer on May 11th. Awwwww, they really know how to love this noona!!!! I’m pleased and quite surprised!!! Check it out the trailers below…

So the trailers don’t give you any indication whatsoever and to be honest, I don’t really get it. *pouts* The music accompanied the first trailer is very hip 70s and the girl featured on the clip portrayed a very carefree lifestyle. The second trailer gives the same carefree atmosphere but with an 80s music vibe. Wow! I believe because we are nearly in summer, or shall we say we ARE in summer heat wave now*wipes sweat*, it makes a lotta sense that their comeback will be extremely happy-go-lucky and easy going. I’m extremely thrilled to have them back! Again, what a surprise news! Being a SHINee’s fan but psssstttt… not a really an avid fan, I have trust in these boys. Their songs are always the best! ALWAYS! I have no doubt that this comeback will be as good as their previous albums and hit songs! So while we wait for May 18th to come, that’s the release date, lets indulge ourselves with some of my favorites SHINee’s songs. Squeeeeeee!

And what appropriate way to start this SHINee party with none other than Sherlock! *whispers SHINee is back* This dance song is definitely… Oh my, words just can’t describe how I love this song so, so much! It’s one of my go-to dance songs! You ready? Hit the play button NOW!

The next song I chose for this post is called Why So Serious but really, can you take them really serious? However, you must take them very serious. They took a different route and nailed it! The song is totally rock or pop-rock genre but look at them, they made it pop and fun!

When I saw this MV, I had a feeling that they are making a comeback soon but didn’t expect to be this soon! *hands on cheek*. Your Number is not a new song but SM re-release the song in Japanese. But I think it is a great idea by bringing back their old hits and giving it a new breather. Why not, right? I’m sure their fandom are pleased *grins*

My final song for this party is another favorite of mine and my son as well. Hello, Hello! Seriously, this song is a mood lifter. Whenever my son is not in a good mood, Hello is the way to go! Yes, he’s been Kpop-ed by me!

Alright, that’s all from me for today! I hope you had a good time! Now remember, Keep Calm and Wait for SHINee Comeback 2015!!! And that’s 5 days from today…. *screams like a true fangirl*

Wednesday Eu-Mak: It’s Partaaaaaay Time!


Yeoreobun!!!! Good morning to ya!!! And good morning to me! *beams* By the time you’re reading this post, it’s night time in Dhaka! And guess what I will be doin’ tonight? Yeap, you guess it right! I’ll be attending King-Willem Alexander’s 47th birthday party tonight! Oh yeah, I’m going to be with all the Who’s Who of Dhaka! *doing my happy dance* My colleague and I got invited through our mutual friend, an expat living in this vibrant city. There is a catch though to enter this party: you need doooooong (money!) to get in! *screams* Why am I not surprised? Not too worry, my friend is paying for us *wink wink* Also, the theme of this birthday party is orange so we are requested to wear anything with orange. Where in the hell am I going to get an orange color shirt? Horror! Maybe I’ll look for orange scarf instead 🙂

Anyway, here are the songs for you to partaaaaay on this beautiful day! I hope you love my selections. Go dance, y’all!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: C’mon and Dance

Good morning and happy Wednesday, chingu! How is your week so far? I have been super busy with real life work and family. And also, I’m still trying to recover from my own sickness. Hence, the lacking of drama posts. I don’t forget, so please do not worry so much. I will soon catch up with all my pending posts. Promise! At the moment, I’m trying my hardest to finish all my pending work that is piling up at my work desk. In two weeks, I’ll be out of the country again and I don’t know how will I keep up with balancing my life (family, work, blog) for the next 3 months. I guess I will just let the nature do its course and go with the flow *shrugs*

Anywho, enough depression news for today. Let’s get happy with two of my favorite new releases! I guarantee you will want to dance to these songs. The MVs are Delicious by Toheart and Swing (Korean version) by Super Junior-M. So, what are we waiting for ladies and gentlemen? Let’s get up and dance!!!


Toheart is a new collaboration group made up by two singers from two different entertainment group. *snickers* I would never thought to see such collaboration would exist in this life of mine but guess what? It did! Toheart is represented by WooHyun of Infinite (woolliment) and Key of SHINee (SMTown). Is it too much to ask that maybe one day we will get to see such collab between woolliment, SMTown and YG? Hehehe it is a dream… *snaps fingers* Right, let’s get back to the music!

Delicious! Yes, it is kinda delicious! The hybrid duo, WoohyunKey, are no strangers to all kpop fans. Their voices are so awesome together. Key has a sharp, high (not pitchy) voice and WooHyun has this ballad-like voice. Together they made Delicious super delicious. Love the dance too! They really take this MV by storm… The colorful suits with the white background (and not to mention white suit backup dancers too) are darn too pretty to ignore. The English part of the lyrics are quite entertaining. I mean “c’mon girl love is so nutritious, c’mon girl love is so delicious?” I laugh so hard! Leave it to the Korean pop to entertain us the non-speaking Korean fans! It is funny as hell but I really enjoy it. The song is so catchy enough it makes me want to get up and dance! I hope you feel the same way too…


Next stop on this eu-mak post? Super Junior-M!!!! God I love these boys! Wait? Did I just say that out loud? *giggles* I have almost all Super Junior albums and all the songs are pretty entertaining. And this new addition to SuJu-M is so out loud entertaining too. The boys can never disappoint their fans. Swing is another catchy tune you simply can’t resists. I myself have been hearing it gazillion times. The group released two version of Swing. The first one was in Mandarin. The Korean version one was released 3 days ago. I gotta say, I prefer the mando pop more. I don’t know… It just sounds better? And plus, I heard the Mandarin version first so my hearing is more in tune with this version. But either way, the song is catchy good. The dance is pretty awesome. All the 8 members are looking ohemgeeeee hawt!!! I really can’t decide on which man I’d like to sleep with! I am so torn with SiWon’s stache, DongHae’s sleek sweep hair, Henry’s cute tiny face, Kyuhyun’s daebak voice, Ryeowook’s baby face, SungMin’s sweet sweet smile, Eunhyuk’s agile move, and Zhou Mi’s handsome face (LeeTuk’s lookalike?). Aaaaa these boys!

Do you notice that this is a trilingual song? My gal, kpopkolorado, pointed out to me just last week. So you don’t actually just hear English and Korean (Mandarin) anymore… You should also hear Spanish too! Although it’s only uno, duos, tres but it is enough to leave fabulous impression for their Spanish speaking fans. And plus, the mentioned of name Maria? Now that’s awesome! There are lots of Maria out there, I’m sure they are flattered. If you are interested in reading my review on the Chinese version with kpopkolorado, please click here.

Well, did you love the MVs? I know the songs are not for everyone and I can’t please everybody. I hope to go back to some old songs on my next post. I hope. I’ve been quite forgetful lately… Fingers crossing to that. Until then… Have a great day and have a wonderful April!