Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek


It was Erl that introduced me to The Bride of the Water God and I was quite taken by the story. I read it religiously before and I am still not done with it. While I was reading it, I even fantasized who should play Habaek. Obviously, I have forgotten all about it when the production cast Nam Joo Hyuk. I was unhappy with the news. I really liked him in Weightlifting Fairy but I simply could not see him as Habaek. Furthermore, I  have no faith with Shin Se Kyung. I am currently watching Six Flying Dragons and she’s doing well in this show but I don’t know what happened… She is back to being meh. As I expected, her colleagues and the director play a huge role in her character delivery.

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Currently Watching: Tomorrow Victory


Seriously *facepalm* I really don’t know why am I watching this show. It has been on my nerve since I started it. Now that Tomorrow Victory has ended, I really have no choice but to finish it. Well, I’m not far from the ending. Currently, I’m on episode 93. The show originally scheduled for 120 episodes received additional 10 episodes. Yeah, that’s 40 episodes altogether and another 20 hours to burn. Must I really do this? YES! Yes, I must! Why? I really need to see the redemption and revenge from the OTP. They are the most humble OTP around and yet treated like doormats! We finally saw them rising against the evil OTP and this, THIS I must watch! Geurae, I’m a glutton like that, peeps! *evil laugh*


Once again, please do not be fool by the drama poster. *rolls eyes* Sure it looks so rosy and happy, but there is no happiness in here. It seems that the writer continued to give green lights for the OTP to get run over by trucks of doom! Seriously, the show is filled with insane and out-of-this-world storylines. I constantly struggle to keep my sanity whenever I’m watching Tomorrow Victory. I keep looking for the victory but it is far from reach. This show, despite the craziness, is one of the best makjang dramas I’ve seen in awhile! Yes, you heard me right! Do I sound conflicting? *sticks her tongue out* It’s a love-hate relationship. You won’t understand unless if you are watching it.


I’m quite surprised that MBC is capable of producing a makjang drama. The show can really raise your BP! I really need to lay low on watching dailies once I’m done with Tomorrow Victory and Heaven’s Promise (review will up soon!). I just can’t. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My BRAIN hurts! The evil OTP continuously fighting for something that never theirs! They are selfish, greedy, thoughtless, immature, stupid, childish and cruel! The humble OTP, on the other hand, is too kind! They wanted to do the right thing all the time. Well, it’s not that I against it, but really sometimes I wish they are tiny evil. It is necessary to survive in this Tomorrow Victory world! Fortunately, there are people that want to do the right thing. So justice is within the sight…!


Okay, enough blabbering. Let see if I can shorten up my synopsis of this trainwreck show! I’ll focus on Na Hong Joo, the male lead of this drama. He was once an aspiring doctor but lost his opportunity when he was framed by his peers. At the time, he was left with a baby (his girlfriend ran away to the US) and a dementia grandmother. His mom passed away and he was told that his dad was dead as well. But later on, he found out who his dad is and you would not believe who he is! However, if you are a seasoned drama watcher, you probably have figured it out sooner! Anyway, Hong Joo chose a weird career path after getting expelled from his medical internship. He became a gigolo! I guess it is a fast money to support him and his family. Would you go for this route?


One day, his proposal to one of the girls he was seeing ended up not so rosy. But don’t worry, he planned this. He later dumped the bouquet on his way out. Seung Ri happened to pass by and found the bouquet. She took it and gave it to her mom. Unbeknown to her, a diamond ring was inside it. Hong Jo finally realized and started to search for Seung Ri (whom he saw her through CCTV) but when he met her, she said she did not have the ring. Guess who has it? *drums roll* Her MOM! But that’s how our OTP met. From mishap to misfortune, they later helped each other and eventually were able to climb up the ladder working in Seondong Group. Their hurdle? Seung Ri’s ex, Sung Woo, who is now married to Seondong’s heiress, Jae Kyung. But his marriage to Jae Kyung was for a purpose. Hong Joo continuously defending Seung Ri from Sung Woo’s and Jae Kyung’s attack not knowing what their relationship was.


There are a lot more to this. I just don’t want to reveal it all. It is so makjang that I could write a novel if I write it all on this post. For now, this is enough. Notice that I touched only the main characters. The supporting characters are important, too! They play heavy roles in this drama as well. But for now, my synopsis is enough. I don’t want to give you a headache *giggle*. IF you decide to watch it, be prepare to cuss. Your BP will definitely go up. And the extension is one thing I dislike the most. For once, this writer is on my dead list. My advice is not to watch it. Those who rated this show high must be as gluttonous as me *laughs*. Really, don’t watch it if you have a weak heart!


Currently Watching: Apgujeong Midnight Sun


Jja jja jja… I told myself no more daily dramas from now on but really I think I should just put my feet into my mouth! I really can’t help it, especially when the drama is so calm and well written. And I’m slightly addicted (it’s an understatement, really!) to this show! In the beginning, it was hard for me to watch Apgujeong Midnight Sun (AMS). I can only watch it via OnDemandKorea and it is only view-able via computer and laptop. But for some reason, I finally able to watch it from my tablet. Ooooh the joy of watching via portable device! Oy, first world problem. Am I spoiled or what? *giggles* *crosses her arms* I don’t care, the technology has taught me a lot so I refuse to butt down!


Heh, let’s forget this bratty girl and focus on AMS. It is an MBC Network production drama at 149 episodes long (it got extended by 29 episodes). Yeah, AMS just wrapped up the series yesterday (Friday May 15) so I can’t wait to marathon the rest of the drama now. So what do I like about it? I don’t know how to say it specifically… The fact that there were no screaming and yelling (so far) and that every dilemma that crosses path was handle with manners and dignity, I actually wonder whether this drama is for real. I constantly waiting for them to explode. I have seen 70 episodes and I’ve yet to see those. Wait. I’ve cried. Yes, I cried due to death of one character. That’s about it. I thought daily dramas are full of revenge plots but where is it?


The story is simple. Yaya and her brother were left behind by their mom and one day, while her brother on job duty he accidentally found out that she is alive and happily living as a rich woman to a surgeon with her two step kids. On the day Yaya’s oppa met their mom, he forgot to turn off his phone after spoken with Yaya. That is how she found out that her mom is still alive and heard every conversations between him and her mom. Yaya’s oppa was distraught after the meeting and not realized that he crossed the road without looking. Yeap, that was the end of his life! I cried big time over this! It was totally unexpected! His death was a total shocked to Yaya as well! There and then she decided to take revenge for her brother’s death and for her sister and her newborn child! My take on her revenge? Smooooooooth!


The story is pretty simple. The angst is not what I quite imagine it to be. But lately, I have heard AMS has gone out of control. Oh boy *slaps head* am I ready for this? I heard it has gone totally lunatic that MBC is officially banning this writer, Im Seong-Han, from writing for them! Good lord, really??? I can’t imagine! It’s all good so far…! Now, as for my recommendation, would I really recommend it? Heh, I’m in love with the main character, Hwa Uhm so I’m going to say YES!!!! He’s so handsome I’m totally drawn to him! *laughs hysterically* Hey, at least I know where to anchor my eyes at! *giggles*