Just Watched: Because I Love You

xANkNfI was not expecting my flight to Sao Paulo to have amazing selections of Asian movies. I scrolled the list from A to Z over and over again. It was difficult to pick the perfect zzz movie because everything looks interesting. I finally decided on Because I Love You because the trailer was the funniest of the rest. Besides, Kim Yoo Jung is in it! I love this girl so much.

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Just Watched: Proof of Innocence

d4vWkyZ1_dce714_fThis movie has been on my to-watch list and thank goodness it’s available on my flight. I feel sad watching it because of Kim Young Ae. Her recent passing news due to cancer devastated the Korean industry. She was truly a dedicated actress and even worked to the end of her life. What an admirable actress. May she rest in peace.

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Currently Watching: Reply 1988


Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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Just Dropped: Hwarang 


KBS’s anticipated winter drama, Hwarang, started last year. I, along with the fangirls of the world, was really looking forward to this show. One of the reasons why this show got so many raves was the cast. They reminded me of Moon Lover, a group of handsome young (and hot) men in their mane of glory dressed in what appears to be Joseon-style pirate like. Also, the vibe that I got where modern music meets modern Joseon world certainly reminded me of The Knight’s Tale time even though the story lines are pretty much different.


Let me be frank. The reason I was drawn to Hwarang was because of Park Hyung Sik. Yup, he’s my one and only intention. I do like Park Seo Joon but he does nothing to my heart. Go Ara, no matter how pretty she is, is not my ideal babe. I don’t know; I just don’t feel her chemistry with the men. Furthermore, she annoyed me big time. I really despise her weak character. Now please, do not judge me because I only saw up to episode 10. She could be the weakest link in the beginning but who knows by now she is back stronger and more confident.


The story, too, weirded me out. When Park Seo Joon’s character, Moo Yung, pretended to be Ah Ro’s (Go Ara) brother when clearly he is not her long-lost, blood brother I sort of feeling uneasy. And then when the two developed some feelings yet suppress it because, ya know, they are “siblings” got me feeling really barfy. Ok, clearly Moo Yung knows they are not related. But Ah Ro though… she was attracted to him. Granted that she continuously reminded herself that her feeling is wrong, I still could not and would not accept it. *sigh* I am sure they have taken care of this misunderstanding. I am sure the two lovebirds feel relieved. But I wonder if Ah Ro felt cheated by her dad. It was her dad’s idea for Moo Yung to pretend to be her brother. They did it all to protect her. But really, she’s a big girl! I am sure she could take care of her own feeling…


Hyung Sik’s character as the snobbiest, arrogant, and blunt Maek Jong is really sad. He was forced to hide his identity as the next King. I don’t know why his mom refuses to acknowledge him. Is she power hunger? Why did he agree to her request? Maek Jong retaliated and joined Hwarang, an elite group of Knights. Maek Jong was not supposed to join but as he was so angry with his cuckoo’s mom, he entered the group as his way of revenge. Of course his mom was shocked! And she could not say anything out of fear leaking his, as well as hers, secret.


Now, the story itself is interesting. The drama, as I remember, is pretty funny. So why I dropped it? I don’t know… I just can’t past the cheesiness. For some reason, it feels as if I am watching Boys Over Flower. In addition, I have been so behind in my watch and decided to sacrifice Hwarang. I might watch the last two episodes just for my closure. But would I recommend it? Ya know, I can’t say I could. I had problems with Ah Ro so I most likely not recommend it. Sorry… (not sorry)

Just Watched: Legend of the Blue Sea


In the beginning, I hesitated to start this drama because… you know, I am just partial with Lee Min Ho. He is a good looking and handsome guy but he does nothing to my heart. Besides, I was a bit disappointed with his character in Heirs. Nevertheless, I went with my gut again this time and saw it anyway because I love mermaid! Well, not really but… the idea of a mermaid in a kdrama is interesting! *laughs* And I love Giana, she is so pretty! I also like her casual acting. I mean, she’s not the greatest actress but she is awesome and I adore her.


The first 6 episodes were torturous. I don’t know where to begin. I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP. The show itself was funny, though. I laughed so hard. And the story itself is extremely mystical and magical. What kept me going was the past lives of the OTP – how they met and how he reincarnated from one life to another looking very much the same and how she still able to remember him. Well, I guess she should… She’s a mermaid, so she should have good memories, right? The Legend of the Blue Sea did not only cover their present life, the show also gave us flashback scenes when they met in Joseon era. Their lives intertwined by chance and the writer continued to build the OTP’s relationship off of that. However, there is one thing that made this love story never gets its happy ending. The mermaid continuously erased his memories before she disappeared. And this is why every time they met, it feels like they are falling in love for the first time.


Magical? Yeah! Mystical? Absolutely. Tiring? Not really. In the past, the mermaid, Shim Chung, had a tough life living in the human world. But, in this modern world, she succeeded. She got closer to Joon Jae very quickly; Joon Jae is the love of her life. Joon Jae happened to like her for a fairly good reason, too. Being a professional illusionary and thief, he had his eyes on Chung’s jade bracelet. So this happenstance was very comical to me. I really enjoyed the troublesome and the meddlesome these two goofs encountered in Spain. The only problem is their twisty path reincarnated with them too. The villain from the Joseon era followed and haunted them in this life as well. And you know what this means, right? It is like a karma… If you don’t take care of the business now, it will continue to follow you in the next life. So Joon Jae and Chung finally took care of it.


As I said before, I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP in the first 6 episodes. I also kept going back and forth whether I should drop the show all while continuously watching it. I am so glad that I talked myself out of it because the OTP grew on me more and more. They are visually stunning together and they really carried the show beautifully. I became so in love with them more and more the minute she moved into his home. The drama did drag but by this time, I couldn’t care less anymore.



Legend of the Blue Sea has 20 episodes. When it is over, I was completely feeling down. My son and I really enjoyed the show. By all means, the show did not get the Descendants of the Sun popularity, but for whatever reason, I found a few of my tlist that I wouldn’t think would watch Legend watched it. And best of all? They all loved it! Surprise surprise! I highly recommend Legend of the Blue Sea. I also highly recommend for a rewatch too! *beam* Oooh, one last thing…. You can’t have a Min Ho drama without a catchy theme song, right? *sings* This is a love story……. *giggles*


Currently Watching: Reply 1994


*giggles* I can’t stop. No…! I won’t stop! Wait, wait… Let me shout this for at least once! Oppa! Oppa! Hm oppa!! Opppppppppppaaaaaa yaaaaah! Phew, I feel better now. I just have to get it out of my system, like everybody else too. This is the most basic reaction when watching Reply 1994 (it’s ending this weekend *pouts*) and I can assure you, oppa yah is not the only name you want to shout. Other names are Chilbong, Haitai, Binggrae and even Sam Chun Po! Yes, yes… these names are very important. And if you are watching it, you probably on either Team Oppa or Team ChilBong. Heck, a couple of my tweetple are on Team Haitai! The game is so on! *fist palm* It’s not the end so the writers can still twist our necks however they want and believe it or not, it is fun! I love puzzle like drama. They made you put the pieces together and sometimes, the clues can be either helpful or not! Are you with me so far?


Believe it or not, I have a few of friends that are still not watching Reply 1994. Waeeeeeeee? This is a must watch. Yes, I’m letting my judgement out this early! My god, this show is just to die for. I think it is my best comedy drama for 2013. It’ll make you snort so hard, laugh so loud, giggle every second of it. Not once do I felt frustrated or want to yell my heart out. Reply 1994 is the best way to end my 2013! Jjang jjang! I love the way this drama is written. It is quite nostalgic to see old stuffs such as old computer, old Adidas slippers, and many more I can’t think of. Another best part about this drama is the food that was put on the table! Oh my god, one best food porn sight right there *major drools*. I wish I live with them. Seriously, it is just tad fun!

So what is the puzzle about? Similar to Reply 1997, it started with a group of friends reminiscing down their memory lane through Na Jung’s wedding video. The groom is, of course, unknown *duh* and the only obvious clue I can name is Joon, as in the name Joon. The problem is all the bachelors, except Sam Chun Po (SCP), has Joon in their names *rubs chin* Hmmmmm, now that my brain is working, does Haitai has Joon in his name too? The first elimination of groom candidate is SCP. I was a little disappointed however. Even though he looks older than his age and the youngest of them all, he’s definitely a husband worthy. Too bad boooooooo…! The next bachelor that get sacked is Binggrae. At the very beginning, he was suspected to being gay by the rest of us watchers. That itself is the biggest elimination, ever! The look on his eyes, the puppy face he always make and the swoon look he gave to Trash oppa made us all think he is gay gay gay! He himself wasn’t sure either on his own sexuality and that, my chingus, why Binggrae is not Na Jung’s potential hubby.


The next in line is Haitai. He’s in the same major as Na Jung in the university. He does have feeling for her but poor soul had to push away his feeling knowing that both Trash oppa and ChilBong are in love with our girl. As of today, the mystery husband is still up in the air. It could be any one of these three boys. But the most obvious one is  between Trash and ChilBong now. I’d like to confirm that Haitai is also out of the game *cries*… So who is Na Jung’s husband? This is the question we’ve been trying to figure out among ourselves. I have been shipping on Trash oppa since the beginning. Yes, I’m oppa loyal and I don’t jump on another ship even though I’m tempted to do so, occasionally. He’s a medical student that has been part of Na Jung’s family member for a long time. As much as her parents, especially her dad, felt displease as they have been treating Trash as their own son, Na Jung though has her eyes on oppa and oppa only. But many people are on ChilBong ship as well! ChilBong is super sweet, fresh looking, handsome international baseball player. He fell for her slowly and slowly and the crush he had for her was very sweet.


Oppa and ChilBong are completely opposite of each other. Oppa is rude, obnoxious and simply cray cray. But deep, deep down he’s the sweetest man… ChilBong is a sad boy coming for a broken family. He’s gentle, polite, good looking and most of all, the guy you would want for a husband! At this point, I’m just happy with either one…*shrugs* Ok, ok I lied! I’m on Team Oppa and I’m positive Oppa will win this race!!! Watch it guys! This drama is great! And I can’t wait to watch the finale!