Just Watched: Kataomoi


WOWOW wow’d me once again! This network is brilliant and Kataomoi is a masterpiece. Leave it to a daring network to once again giving us an outstanding performance, a high-quality storytelling and the most compelling sensitive issue in today’s world. Transgender. Furthermore, you can’t help but respect Miki Nakatani as her portrayal as a she-man. She is brilliant! Being this is my second time seeing her, first was IQ246, I think I am a fan!

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Just Watched: Hirugao


I got drawn into this drama because of my good friend, Maki. Yes, we squee regularly on Saito and she loves spamming me with (illegal) photos of this hawt man! She recently spammed me with Hirugao (the movie) trailers and I knew that it is time to start watching the drama. I heard the movie is independent of the drama but I think it is worth understanding the history of the main OTP. I mean… c’mon, I will do whatever I could to have sultry Saito on my screen. Saito Saito Saito! I hate sharing but he’s worth sharing *wink*. He is juicy like that *giggle*.

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