Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year, 2017! Every new year I will wonder what the next year will bring me? 2016 has been rough. I don’t even know where to begin… but all in the past. I would like to bury my past and move on. 

If you notice, I don’t watch as many dramas as I wanted in 2016. I simply lost my appetite and saw a few I thought was worth my time and mood. I believe I was having a slump. This feeling will continue to flow this year, sadly. I will not be watching as many anymore. But the again, who knows… *shrugs*

This year, I will continue to watch as many dramas as I could. I would like to focus more on Chinese dramas, if I could. I have a love hate relationship with the Chinese dramas, particularly the period and fantasy ones. This is my resolution. I hope I could watch at least 5 in the next 12 months. Will I succeed? We shall see *winks*

Before I leave, I would like to thank all my viewers, readers and commentators for stopping by and making My Myooz a success. I have never thought this blog will take off. Thank you so much, all! THANK YOU! Have an excellent 2017 to you and me! 

Just Dropped: Prince of Wolf


In the beginning, Bel and me (and my kiddo A, too!) were excited to start Prince of Wolf. The sort of Tarzan-like story got us intrigued. A and me look forward every weekend to catch up on this Taiwanese drama. I was skeptical. Too good to be true, to be honest. I’m never a Taiwanese drama fan. Never at all. It’s hard for me to complete one. My most recent one was Bromance. Even that, I was so close to dropping it. Bromance is lucky to have Baron, the only element that made me stay to the end.


Right now, the fate of Prince of Wolf is ending at episode 8. I just can’t move on any further. The juvenile acting by the female lead, played by An Amber as Mimi, got me turn off big time. On top of that, her character was written poorly. I refuse to go on with this show. Prince of Wolf was so entertaining, cheesy and fun in the beginning. 2 episodes later, it is no longer fun. The show gets painful with numerous misunderstanding and with Mimi believes in every rumor she heard. I mean… The WTFuckery is beyond your imagination. What a disappointing series. The only part I enjoyed the most was the kid scene. That’s all. In the beginning, I wanted to put this on hold and continue later. But now, I’m more hesitant to even look at it. Prince of Wolf is going down the hell hole. To the drop list it go!


Back to 1989: Series Review 

Produced by SETTV

Taiwanese drama with 21 episode

My rating: 7 out of 10

The year is 2016 and we meet a handsome young man. This is 26 year old Chen Che a fairly successful stockbroker with a reputation of being cold & unfriendly. He is the only child of Chen Ya Juan a beautiful woman in her  late 40’s that gives “sad & angry waves” from a mile away. Chen Che loves his mother but has never been ok with not knowing who his father is. Every time he has asked he is meet with an angry mother that refuses to give him any answers.

Recently Chen Che & his mother were reunited  with his maternal grandfather. Unfortunately the man is very sick and in the hospital. During a visit to his grandfather, Chen Che gets a clue as to who could be his father. Grandfather keeps apologizing to Ya Juan, saying he is sorry she had a baby alone & that her mom was always sorry for not letting her marry Li Jin Qin. When Chen Chen ask his mother who Li Jin Qin is, is he his father? Ya Juan goes into hysterics and tells him to if he continues to ask these questions she will never speak to him again. He angrily says that’s completely ok with him & leaves the hospital.

He gets on his bike and starts driving and when he enters a tunnel he loses control of the bike and wipes out. When he wakes up he gets up, and does not notice his surroundings look a bit different. He tries his cell phone but it has no signal & he starts walking to look for help.

He flags down a girl in an adorable motor bike.  While trying to convince her to give him a ride, he saves her from a car that was driving erratically but also messes up her bike.

They end up on a mechanics shop and that’s were Chen Che realizes something is off. When he asks what the year is he is told its 1989!

So our story begins. The girl on the Motor bike  is Yi Zhen Zhen. She’s in her 20’s and works at a stockbroker firm. She is also best friends with a beautiful and very happy girl named Chen Ya Juan. Yes the same Ya Juan that in 2016 is Chen Che’s mother.  Chen Che is in shocked when he meets the younger version of his mom. He also realizes that he will be born the following summer in 1990. What happen to his mom that made she leave  her family & friends? where is his dad? Who is his dad?

Wanting answers Chen Chen somehow worms his way into their lives. That’s how we meet the guitar club, a group of very close friends.

Li Yi Qin is a graduate student with a humble background and a musian that often sings at the restaurant the group frequents. He is also madly in love with Chen Yu Juan. Chen Yu Juan who I’m still not sure why she was in this club. I never saw her touch a guitar. Yi Zhen Zhen, she’s adorable and she does touch the guitar. Lin Xiao Long a very tall young man with a huge crush on Zhen Zhen. Lastly we have Wang Zhong En the owner of the restaurant they all hang in, who has a secret crush on Chen Yu Juan.

With knowledge of the future Chen Che must navigate the past & find out what happened. There’s  two men that could be his father & he must decide how much he can intervene in the past. How much will change & can he handle the consequences.

Another hurdle in his trip to 1989 in Yi Zhen Zhen. He never counted on falling in love with her. How can their romance work if she’s from 1989 & he is from 2016.

I don’t want to give spoilers because finding out the answers makes this story more enjoyable. So give it a try! I’ll confess to loving 2/3 of this show & wanting to desperate fast forward the other 1/3. The otp was the big seller! Chen Che & Yi Zhen Zhen were adorable together. Their constant arguing in the beginning and then watching their feelings grow as the show progress made the show. Chen Che turning her down when she first confessed to liking him broke my heart. Their meetings in the hallway made me giddy. I loved them! I think I even fangirl when she got him a turtle. Every time they were together just made me happy.

How do I talk about the end without giving spoilers? I can’t. I’ll just say that I wanted more. So let’s leave it this way. My heart was happy but my brain demanded an explanation.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Love Magic


Happy Wednesday! Bii’s Love Magic is my preferred song for today. A and I are hooked on the song ever since we started watching cheesy Prince of Wolf. The song is sweet and addictive. And I have been a quiet fan of Bii and loving all his songs. The MV is super cheesy cute. Bii looks ridiculously cute but sadly appearing thinner than ever!

Anyway, I’m not gonna pick on his weight. Love Magic is quite addictive. Bii really knows how to grab our attention. He did incorporate some Korean lyrics too. It is as expected since we know he is half Korean. I actually hope he will release a Korean album one day. It is my dream to see him break the Korean market… Some day.

 Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 26 to 31!

30 day challenge

Day 26: Drama character you’d actually want to be.

Me: Call me crazy but I wanted to be as cool as paksa’s son from Cruel City. I don’t mind the beat up as long as I get 9 lives and still looks good *giggle*. Another character as cool cucumber as paksa’s son is Kim Do Hyeong from My Beautiful Bride. Yes, I’m drawn to these calm, cool, badazz, and collective characters!

Mari: ahh this is hard!! I want to responsible with this choice…. But honestly, I have to go with Cheng You Qing from In Time with you. She had amazing fashion taste, a good job, a great family (sometimes) and she had the best man ever in Li Da Ren! He was her best friend & the one person that was never afraid to tell her the truth! We all need a Li Da Ren in our life 

Erl: Kim Hang-ah from The King 2 Hearts. She’s so badass but she’s also vulnerable and she has a cute puppy for a hubby.

Sada: Do I wanna be smart as Choi Seo Yeon, capable as  Miss Kim, fangirl as Sung Shi Won, unstoppable as Kim Hang Ah, devoted as Yuan Xiang Qin, lovable as  Chun Song Yi or just Makino Tsukushi? Hmmm…

Day 27: Your top three bromances in dramas.


Me: Dae Gil and Jun Choi in Chuno, Ki Tae and Yeo Reum in Marriage Not Dating, AND Dong Soo and Yeo Woon from Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

Mari: all the Reply series had excellent forms of guy friendships but 1988 had my favorite. Those kids adored each other so much. 

Erl: Yoon Yoon-jae and Kang Joon-hee in Reply 1997, Samcheonpo and Haitai in Reply 1994 and Yoon Dong-ha and Yong Soo-cheol in A Witch’s Romance.

Sada: Hana Yori Dango, Flower boy ramyun shop-Shut up flower boy band, Cruel City, School 2013, Bad guys…it’s easy to name boys.

Day 28: Your top three sisterhoods in dramas.

Me: Shi Won and Yoo Jung from Reply 1997, Bong Seon and Sun Ae from Oh My Ghost, AND Soo Kyung and Jin Yi from Let’s Eat

Mari: The 3 girls in The woman that still wants to Marry. I don’t remember them ever fighting over anything major. The first I need romance, also had 3 good friends. It’s sad that I can’t think of more. Female friendships are so rare in dramaland 

Erl: Park Gae-in and Lee Young-sun from Personal Taste, Na Bong-sun and Shin Soon-ae from Oh My Ghost, Sung Shi-won and Mo Yoo-jung from Reply 1997.

Sada: Protect the boss, Wild romance, Marriage plot…hmmmm…why is this difficult.

Day 29: Drama that everyone else absolutely loved and you absolutely did not.

Me: Descendants of the Sun. Seriously? *shrugs* Don’t shoot me, I’m just following my heart.

Mari: I don’t know how well loved it was while it aired but I constantly hear people praise it and I hate it with such a passion I want to throw stuff at it What Happened in Bali, then Full House

Erl: My Love From Another Star and no, I seriously do not want to explain myself.

Sada: I can’t say I hate it..but I never saw City Hunter. I was loved, I was indifferent towards, Blade Man as well. The list goes on…

Day 30: Caption a screencap from a drama you’re currently watching.

Me: Good Morning Call. A 2016 Japanese drama I’m currently watching from Netflix. *wink*VLQ2zWN3_77a84e_f

Mari: I’m currently watching Back to 1989 and this is the most adorable girl in the planet Zhen Zhen

Erl: Doctors. So far, still interesting in my opinion. Although I suggest a new title – Irresistible Hye-Jung or Guy Magnet Hye-Jung. It’s apropos.


Sada: The Good Wife – K version


Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 16 to 20!

30 day challenge

Day 16: Drama that ruined your fondness for an actor/actress you previously liked.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Two dramas. Healer with Ji Chang Wook and Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki. They didn’t do anything wrong, to be honest. BUT too many of them on my screen, social media (Instagram especially) really turn me off. Right now, I tend to avoid Joong Ki since his stock is still hot. But once the crowd slow down their fondness on him, I believe I’ll be back to appreciate him more. Just like when Chang Wook slows down on his appearance on tv, magazines, etc.

Mari: I’ll continue to drool for that man because he is Sex on legs but I’m not very excited about anything with Hyun Bin since Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I dropped it after 3 episodes and this was a first for me! I usually stick around if I like an actor ( Yes, Warm & Cozy, I did finish you!)

Erl: Descendants of the Sun – Song Joong-ki. It’s unbearably overwhelming seeing him almost every-freaking-where! One of the reasons that I can’t even finish the “stalking” post I promised to a sweet, sweet, friend. He’s no fun to stalk to anymore, the rarity is gone. And I adore this actor so much before the whole Descendants of the Sun craze. In my heart, I know I still adore him to pieces, but I can’t stand one more photo. I’m sorry Joong-ki, I still love you, but I just need to be free of you for now.

Day 17: Your favorite sidekick character in a drama.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Haitai from Reply 1994! How can’t you not like him?

Mari: the whole cast of “Reply 1988” including the parents! Yes, they were technically not all sidekicks but I love them all so much I love their stories. This also goes for all the characters in “High Kick through the roof: Revenge of the short-legged” every single character in the show was love!

Erl: Yong Soo-Cheol (Yoon Hyun-min) – A Witch’s Romance. He’s soooo cute and I was really envious of his relationship with Yoon Dong-ha. They’re just completely goofballs together.

Day 18: Your favorite second female lead character in a drama.

BeFunky Collage

Me: I really can’t think of any… They are mostly evil!

Mari: Bai Xue Fen from “In a good Way” she was pretty, popular, and genuinely a nice person. She was madly in love with Shan Feng but quickly accepted it was not going to happen and moved on. She also never hated Jian En and the two girls became best friends .

Erl: Shin Soon-ae from Oh My Ghostess. I love how Kim Seul-Gi portrayed that character. I mean who wouldn’t love a perverted ghost? 

Day 19: Drama that started your obsession towards a particular actor/actress.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Operation: Proposal. This drama should take responsible for my obsession with Yoo Seung Ho. I saw the drama many times and since then on, I’ve been a hypnotized by this boy. Glad he’s no longer under 21! Otherwise, this noona is in truuuhble!

Mari: “The Devil Beside You”  After watching this show I fell in love with both Mike He & Rainie Yang. Mostly with her, I went on a binge of all her dramas “Why Why Love” “TogetHer” “Sunny Girl” and my favorite of hers “Drunken to love you“. I also watched that movie where she plays a girl that does show online/lesbian. In other words, I love her in anything! Mike He, I love but I can only watch Devil & “Sunny Happiness” with him since his other dramas are not that great.

Erl: Baker King Tak-Gu, the drama that started my Yoon Shi Yoon obsession. I’ve watched it about 4 times already and still, it never fails to make me cry.. That puppy.. And after his stint as a Marine.. Oh la la, come to noona! Anybody watching Mirror of the Witch would know what I’m talking about.

Day 20: Your favorite drama from a non-romance genre.


Me: Hmmm… Signal, My Beautiful Bride, Cruel City, Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, Siren, Warrior Baek Soo Dong. I know there are a lot more but these are my current favorites.

Mari: Signal, Cruel City, Pied Piper, Mawang,  The village: Achiara’s Secret

Erl: Nirvana in Fire. I can’t even put into words the love I have for this drama. I was completely satisfied with it. I loved everything about it.