Currently Watching: Ossan’s Love


So here’s the thing… I do not recall I have seen BL theme drama before. Ever. Wait, does Bromance counts? Anyway, I must be having a memory relapse but omg if it’s true, I think my BL cherry just burst with Ossan’s Love. I finally got a chance to start it after weeks of hating and bickering with my TL for enjoying the show without me. Yes, I was THAT cranky! But yesterday I got to dance like a maniac because I was able to marathon all five episodes in one sitting! Thankfully the episode was 40 minutes long and they were funny!

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Just Watched: Tokyo Tarareba Musume


Sex & the City Japanese style! Except there are only three main ladies in this drama. Tokyo Tarareba Musume was on my radar ever since Bel blogged about it. I love watching dramas with female leads. It’s the different perspective and opinion from women that I fascinated about. Besides, I am biased. I adore my species very much! *laughs*. I completed the drama last week and I just want to say I’m glad I waited until it is done to blog it. Why do you say? The ending was as I expected but the journey to this happy ending was rough.

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Just Watched: Good Morning Call

20160121-goodmorningcall04Oh my god, the synopsis for Good Morning Call sounded very similar to LD<3K! Have you seen the movie? It’s a very cute one! So when I realized this drama is similar to the movie, I jump on the wagon right away! I just knew this storyline is my kind of romance! Plus, with my recent hectic lifestyle, I need something bubbly to cheer me up. Originally, I intend to blog it as I watch it. And then my trip took place and I ended up finishing it yesterday. I can’t help it since I quite adore the OTP even though the chemistry can be a tiny rough.


Good Morning Call, in my opinion, is a marriage between LD<3K and Itazura Na Kiss. I found the story a bit ridiculous but I went with it anyway because of the cuteness. Clearly, you can’t have two underage kids living under the same roof unsupervised, right? Well, this drama defies all gravities and red flags. As a sound mind adult, I shut one eye and forgive the writer! *laughs* All for the cuteness, bubbly-ness, cliches and crinches! Hah! *giggle*


Good Morning Call is adapted from shoujo manga style of the same title. So watching it gives you the feeling as if you’re reading a live manga. Some parts are so cliche yet you can’t help but to continue watching it. Why? They got you hook on Yoshikawa’s cuteness and Uehara’s handsome yet cold dude. Even I fell for it!!! Now, I did not read the manga so I really can’t comment how closely this adaptation is against the manga. I’m sure there is some similarities. I don’t mind though. It’s not easy to adapt all. Good Morning Call itself is 17 episodes long. This is the longest Japanese drama I have seen in a while. I felt let down in the beginning but after episode 1, I knew I had to finish it!


This drama is quite easy to follow. Two teenage kids were conned by the landlord and now forced to live together. It is a blessing that it is a 2-bedroom apartment. Unlike in LD<3K, the kids were forced to share the room! And then the kids had to hide that they are living together to avoid embarrassment in school. Uehara is a straight A student. He’s handsome, popular and Godly! Well, Godly to girls, of course. Yoshikawa Nao, on the other hand, does not do well in school and she dreams a lot. And, oh, she’s extremely innocent and plain. Throughout the show, you will notice some Itazura Na Kiss moments like Uehara tutoring Nao, Uehara ignoring Nao’s silliness, Uehara wanting to hug her but didn’t, and many more. But what makes Nao better than Kotoko is that she is an independent girl. She can cook, clean the house, able to excel at work (after uncounted broken dishes!) and quite reliable.


Clearly, the episodes are not just on them. The first few episodes are mostly sorting out the differences between them. Among the differences are the kids went from sorting out their living quarters to their feelings for each other, to love crushes, to her parents, to love insecurity with each other (mainly hers), and to being the center of the attention. Nao’s friends, especially Marina, are gold! I love her relationship with all of them. Her friends later became his! *laughs* I guess being popular has its own disadavantage, eh? There are some episodes that feel like fillers but I didn’t mind at all. It felt at home. Nevertheless, I’m happy I saw this drama! Thanks Netflix for airing this show. I really hope we get to see more Japanese dramas here. Overall, even though I did not rate Good Morning Call high, I would still recommend you to watch it. It’s definitely an easy watch drama *wink*.



Currently Watching: 5-ji kara 9-ji made

From_Five_To_Nine-p1When Bel said Yamapi is back, I squeeeeeeed so hard! But wait, we still haven’t finished Flowers for Algernon! Oh well, it can wait. But another dose of Yamapi? Sign me up! And when I heard that he is playing a monk in love, *hands on cheeks* can I be in line??? Who doesn’t want to marry a handsome lookin’ monk, right? *giggle* This drama gets a lot of attention in my home now. Since my husband is a full time househusband, I made him watching it too. And of course, so is my son! We are all actually enjoying 5-ji kara 9-ji made. It is freaking hilarious!!!5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep01-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_17-21_2015-10-14_20-48-35Ooooh wait, did I tell you that this is a Japanese drama? Wow, I need to count how many Japanese dramas I have seen this year! So far, my love for Korean dramas is slowly decreasing. I don’t know if I am bored or what, none got my attention as much as Jdramas. Besides, Japanese dramas are way interesting and shorter in the number of episodes. Kinda like 5-ji kara! It’s only 10 episodes long and I just finished watching episode 9. This is my first time finding a Japanese drama frustrating, though. The story keeps going back and forth. I mean they managed to recycled the plots twice in the past 9 episodes. The only consolation: the OTPs are too cute to resist and hence why I’m still watching! It’s a mixed of modern and traditional romance world and the show itself is funny!5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep02-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_14-08_2015-11-01_22-23-tileThe concept of this drama is very unique. Who would have thought a Buddhist monk could fall in love!!! Well, it is happening here in 5-ji kara 9-ji made! I mean, it is a blasphemy for a Buddhist monk to have a wife. I know since my in-laws are dedicated Buddhist and both my sister in laws are Buddhist nuns! Takane is the monk’s name and he fell in love with Junko, an English language teacher. She made such a great impression on a funeral service when she flipped the burning ash from the burning incense onto Takane. At the time, Takane was leading the prayer service. Junko was embarrassed but felt that she won’t be meeting him again so she should just suffer a one time humiliation. Wrong! She was asked to go for a blind date by her family and it turns out that Takane is her date! *screams*tumblr_nw6j2cvavH1s8t96qo5_1280maxresdefaultFor Takane, it was love at first sight and since then he’s been working hard to get closer to her. The funny thing is that his style of getting to know Junko seems stalkerish, creepy and pushy. He did not give a room for her to breathe and think. I can’t blame him though… No one has thought him the art of dating *laugh*. Junko was never interested with Takane because she has her eyes on her sensei, Makoto, the man that made her became an English teacher. Takane is under pressure by his grandparents to marry as he is entrusted to lead the monastery as the next chief. Sadly, his grandmother chose Kaori as his bride and Takane prefers Junko. He brought Junko into his monastery by force and made her show to his grandmother that Junko is fit to be a monk’s wife. Junko was not ready and her mind is on her teaching work. 5-ji-kara-9-ji-made-ep01-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_42-00_2015-10-14_21-45-37Junko left but Takane did not give up. He persistently pursuing her until one day she realized his love for her is real. What happened to Makoto? She found out that he was married, too! Poor Junko but she was so happy that Takane loves her and she then loves him back. They both are determine to be together and face the challenges his grandmother throw to her. She moved in and failed again. Takane is at lost and by the end of episode 9, he told Junko that he will be marrying Kaori! I nearly exploded when he told Junko that! He had to marry Kaori in order to save the monastery from being teared down by his evil younger brother, Amane. What a sacrifice he made!CT_qvOdUcAEHSmfI was sad by the end of episode 9. Takane was pushed to the corner by evil Amane and selfish grandmother. Takane is the best thing had happened to Junko since Makoto and now she is left in a limbo. What would happened to her life next? We have one last episode to wrap up this entire mess. Could they do it though? I feel that the final episode will either give us a messy or breeze ending. Am I ready to see it ends? Hell yeah! Amane needs a kick in his butt! Takane’s grandmother needs a slap on her face! Takane and Junko needs to be happily married by the end of it! maxresdefault (2)

Currently Watching: I’m Home

I'm_Home-p1Ever since I finished Ando Lloyd, I have this Kimura Takuya craving again. I’ve seen lots of his dramas growing up which I couldn’t name any of it now and he was one of my favorite Japanese actors back then. He remains great actor until today. And when I saw on his profile that he is the main lead for I’m Home, without hesitation, I immediately said yes! Also, for the first time in many months, I read the synopsis and really intrigued by the plots. It almost got me curious with the mystery behind the masks. Don’t you?


Aaaah yes, another Japanese drama added to my list as well! *pats shoulder* I’m liking this challenge I put on to myself. I already have a theme for my 2016 drama watch resolution and I’m so excited to unveil it by the end of this year. But now, let’s focus on 2015 and my own success in keeping up with more Japanese dramas in general. Plus, now that I’ll be leaving for Tokyo in 3 days, I think I should pick up some Japanese for survival! So, back to I’m Home… Where do I begin? For a start, 6 episodes have aired and I have yet to watch episode 6. But I will soon! *wiggles brows* TV Asahi have yet to announce, or maybe they did *shrugs*, how many episodes are there for I’m Home but I suspect the typical number – about 11 to 12 episodes long.


The story line seems simple to follow in the beginning and it feels very straight forward. Hisashi was nearly killed on his way home from his site work. The explosion in an energy plant had caused him coma for days and lost his memories of everything, including his family. Hence, the masks on his wife and son on the poster. But as the drama progress, a layer of mystery is unveiled episode by episode by episode. Hisashi was able to go back to work but he was downgraded from the #1 team to the last team in the company . Now, we don’t know how his lives were prior to the accident but it is intriguing that among things given to Hisashi after he was released from the hospital is a set of 10 keys. Hisashi doesn’t remember which doors these keys belong to… But the minute he’s at a door, he somehow knows which key to use. Interesting, right? He remembers some of his past life before his current marriage to Megumi. He discovered that he divorced his first wife 5 years ago to marry his current wife. How? He was in his ex-home doing the house chores (cleaning, cooking and ironing clothes) and his daughter walked in from school and told him about the divorce. *facepalm* Another day, he came to his best friend’s studio only to find out later that he stole Megumi from his bff! Well, that’s awkward! He also found himself one day sleeping in his old apartment which is now belongs to a new owner. Yikes! But one thing I like about Hisashi is that he doesn’t waste any time. He rather address the situation right away or seek out the truth instead of letting it slide. I like this attitude *thumbs up*. As  I’m Home progressing, I’m starting to feel suspicious on two characters. I’m curious to why these ladies are keeping their eyes so tightly on him. My first suspect is Megumi. She’s hiding something and I believe she’s the reason for his divorce. Another person is his colleague in his current (loser) department. She constantly reported Hisashi’s progress to the main boss. Why? *rubs chin* What do these people want from Hisashi?


Initially, I thought that this is a family drama but it turns out to be a one mysterious puzzling drama. I dig mystery drama. So many layers that I have yet to see and I’m certainly looking forward to know what is going on. And I want to know why Hisashi couldn’t see his family’s face. There are a lot going on in this “peaceful” drama. The mood of this drama is so calm that you won’t feel the tension at all. Well, maybe a little… *shrugs*. This drama has a lot of potential and even my Japanese girlfriend, Maki, said the same thing. Well, we shall see! I highly recommend this drama if you are into Nancy Drew kind – but not too deep.