Sisterhood Blogging Award!

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A sisterhood award! I have never heard such award until recently. But I’m truly honored. Thanks Kfangurl for nominating me. She said I’m a superwoman! I’m looking at all the toys all over the table and on my dirty floors, I am afraid I no longer am *cries*. But I have to give pats on my shoulder sometimes… I can be a superwoman again *wink*! Ok, I got my cape on… And the logo, designed by our superb Kfangurl is up! *rubs hands* I’m ready for her questions! Bring it!


But before I go on, here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions they have sent you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten people.

1. If you didn’t have a blog, how would you be spending your spare time?

There are several things I love to do on my spare time. Besides watching dramas and listening to music, I love to bake. I used to bake a lot and I can see myself baking like mad in my spare time.


2. Do your family, friends, and colleagues know about your blog? Why or why not? And if they do know about it, what do they think?

My  husband does. He is quite supportive of my blogging life. He never reads it and I certainly don’t want him to! But he encourage me to do more… I wish I could though. It is hard to juggle life as a career woman, a mom, a blogger and a fangirl. It is tough…!


3. Have you met blogosphere friends in Real Life? If yes, what was that like? If not, would you want to, given the chance?

I think I’m the most fortunate blogger around. I have met several bloggers all over the place. I’m so blessed and I really enjoyed meeting them in person. One blogger I hang out frequently is NewKdramaAddict. Since she’s only an hour drive away, we meet up more than twice now. And we will hang out again this month for some jjimjilbang experience *grins*. As the matter of fact, I’m meeting another blogger soon! I look forward to meet Snow, an India-based blogger for The Drama Corner. I’m excited! And hopefully one day I get to meet kfangurl as well!!!


4. If money were no object, what gift would you give to a loved one (significant other, family, friend; you pick), and why?


Heh, I will relocate my friend Michele to Seoul so that she can open an entertainment agency solely to serve our one and only truly love, MBLAQ G.O. She’s been telling me how she would like to help GO advance his career especially in musical theater and knowing how passionate she is, I am very sure she will do it beyond my imagination. This is Michele, you can always count on her. *beams*. Here… I leave you with oppa singing Wildflower… Raise your hand and feel the song with G.O!

5. Since this is a sisterhood type of award, who’s your favorite female celeb (actress, singer, comedienne, doesn’t matter), and what do you love about her?


Cate Blanchett! I admit I don’t watch all her movies but every time she’s on the screen, she owns it. She knows how to hold herself in every character she was in. Cate is a chameleon – you give her anything and she will do it and do it better than you expect her to be. And plus, she is one gorgeous Aussie woman. I love everything about her. She’s very elegant, poise and down to earth (hopefully she attempt nothing crazy as she’s aging).

Phew… Thanks kfangurl! I don’t think I can survive with 10 questions! And with that, I will follow her footsteps and keep the award short and sweet with 5 golden questions *flashes teeth*.

My questions are:

1. If you were lucky enough to win a lottery, what would you do?

2. If time is not an issue, name one thing you would like to do or give to yourself?

3. I am a fan of Gilmore Girls. Are you? If you are, are you a Lorelai or Rory? If not, why not?

4. Pick one: gold, silver or platinum. And why.

5. If you can choose a blogging partner, or add another blogger to your blog, who would you choose?

My nominees are:

Congratulations to my nominee! *claps*



Update as of March 21, 2015:

Well, what do you know, Michele turn the table and nominated me back. Oy… This is not fair but I have a feeling that she did it because she loves me so much! *grins* Can you feel the love tonight? I do, I do!! I certainly do! Thank you again. I’m honored! So let’s do this and here are my answers to her questions:

1. Which of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) best describes you and why?


Autumn – I have this fiery and passionate feeling yet I manage to put down this fire with my cool attitude. The combine of fire and cool is lukewarm feeling, in my dictionary of course. And therefore, this is why I’m an autumn person. And I also think I’m pretty *coughs* as autumn.

2.  Which western actor or actress would you like to see star opposite a Korean actor and actress and why do think the pairing would work?

I wish I could nominate Heath Ledger… Really, the man was so talented! But I also would like to see Eva Green with Lee Jin Wook. Why? He has this witty character which drives me crazy and she has this a bit snobbish princessy like which I adore. Of course, I would love to see them in a period drama. She is a daughter of a lord of some sort who is very adventurous and love to travel. She travels to the east to explore and meet up with a crown prince that happened to love exploring the Sahara dessert. Omo! I should stop! This could be a story!!!!! *laughs*


3.  How has your love for K-drama and/or K-pop changed your life – that is, if either have in fact changed it?

I do remember that I was told by hub to quit kdrama and kpop while I was pregnant because he didn’t want his kid to look very kpop-ish! *giggles* Well, it didn’t turn out exactly as what he wanted… The boy is certainly very kpop-ish! So, yeah, it kinda changed my life a bit but not too much.


I would like to take this opportunity to nominate a couple more bloggers that I did not get to nominate previously. The questions are the same as above so here they are randomly:

Congratulations you two!



I’ve Been Liebstered!

LiebsterAwardWell, well, well… Look what I received while I was far, far 13,000 miles away from home! I got nominated not once, or twice… but five times! Congratulations to me! *ruffles self* And I’d like to dedicate this award to my crazy self first and foremost for all the sleepless night I had to make this blog happening to the eye of my followers and readers. It’s not perfect, I have no sense of direction, my writings are horrible, and I write whatever. Basically, I’m a messy writer. I constantly emphasize to people that if I could write with numbers, I’ll excel in writing this blog. Ok enough about that, I also would like to bow and extend my thanks and gratitude to DDee from the Obsessive Compulsive K-Drama Watching Disorder, Snow White from the The Drama Corner,  Drama Fan & Gumi from the Stuck on Hyuk, Jaime from the The Drama Noona and NeeNee from Asian Addicts Anonymous for nominating me! Girls, saranghaeyo! Wait, did I get your gender right? *snickers* Amuden, this is my 2nd year blogging under My Myooz and so far, I’m still enjoying it!


So how this Liebster Award works? It is awarded by bloggers to other bloggers with 200 followers or less. Hey, that’s me! This is one pretty neat idea and it allows new bloggers to get their blogs read by others.

The Rules:

Official Rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them. Alright, let’s get it started! *insert Black Eyed Peas song in the background*

DDee’s Questions: ddee

I stumbled on DDee’s blog site one day and I remember liking and commenting couple of her posts, especially the Samsung web drama for Malaysians. We connect instantly ever since. Being Malaysian, we sort of speak the same language although her writing is way better than mine. I enjoy reading her unpredictable post. She’s unpredictable. Expect fun when you visit her blog. My mission this year with kfangurl is to get her on Twitter! Wish us luck!

1. If you could bankroll your dream drama, what genre would it be and who would you cast?

Romantic comedy, for sure. When it is acted, written and directed right, this genre drama can be extremely awesome and entertaining. With whom? *rubs chin* This is too much! I have too many actors in mind but for some reason, Kang Ji Hwan pops in my head. Well, he did pretty good in Lie to Me, Incarnation of Money and the movie My Girlfriend is an Agent. Sure, why not Ji Hwan-shi?

2. If you could travel back in time and be a fly on the wall in any drama shoot in the universe, which would you pick and why?

Rooftop Prince! Call me cheesy, who doesn’t want to be in a drama with 4 K-hotties, right? 

3. If you weren’t blogging about dramas, what would you be blogging about?

Well, I most probably will be blogging my daily life with my kid. I find him very interesting creature. He taught me a lot of things in the past 3 years than I have learned in my past 30+ years in life! LOL

4. How soon into your drama addiction did you want to start cooking and eating ramyun?

Soon! But then again, I pretty much grew up with ramyun and it is my staple food *wink* 

5. In what ways is your family similar to and different from the average K-drama family?

Similar enough: my husband is just like the typical Korean men! Mean, cold, dry humor and mannish. I still love him though hehehe. But that’s the only thing I can think of. Other than that, we live a normal life. No conglomerate family on my side, but yes on my hubby side which both of us are working hard to detach ourselves from them.

6. List 11 random facts about yourself. 11 random facts?

Hmmmmm, here we go:

  • I’m a vegetarian, but not a vegan – love eggs, cheese and milk too much to quit
  • I’m a Malaysian but have been away from the country since 1999
  • I have two cats I adopted back in 2008
  • I circle the globe every year (for work, of course)
  • I am licensed to drive on both right and left side of the road
  • I also enjoy driving stick shift (manual) car
  • I love to bake and I can bake all day long if I could
  • I dislike shopping – it stresses me out!
  • I am allergic to chocolate (cacao, cocoa, etc.) – but I’m stubborn so I take medicine daily so I can enjoy this sweetness 😉
  • I love spicy food even though my tummy said otherwise – i win, screw you tummy!
  • I have been with my husband almost 18 years – I can’t believe I spent half of my life with the same man! *thank God he doesn’t read my blog!*

SnowWhite’s Questions:

dcI visited Snow White’s The Drama Corner a lot. I don’t comment as much due to my busy schedule but her Picture Perfect post is my favorite. The picture post she posted speaks volume. And she’s not bias and stick to current airing dramas. It is one memorable post. She’s a true sunbae in kdrama blogging. She’s quit the popular Snow White 😉

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?

This is a tough question because I have so, so many actors and actresses I like and love. Just to name a few: Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Sung Joon, So Ji Sub, Song Hye Kyo, Kong Hyo-Jin, Kim Nam Gil, Ji Chang Wook… ok, you get the idea. I could go on forever! But to pick the best of the best? Here they are… coll

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, tv serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?

Oh geez, you got me… The last crazy tv serial I was into is Lost. Yes, I was extremely obsessed with the show. I have visited forum, I discussed every episode with my ex-colleagues at work all week long, and I even dreamed of it! As for actor and actress, I love Michael C Hall from Showtime network drama, Dexter and Rachel Griffiths from HBO’s Six Feet Under.

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

Wow, another tough question. I want to be treated like a lovable princess like Chae Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) from Goong. And an added bonus? To be married to a hottie Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon). *fans self* My dream! 

4. Dramas or novels? Why?

I love both. But I have to say, I prefer dramas nowadays so I don’t have to waste my time imagining the scenario in my head when reading novels. Call me lazy… but dramas are in my mind 24/7/365!

5. Which color you like the most and why?

Lately I’m into red and I don’t know why. It somewhat screams confident and beautiful! So when I was in the Philippines, I was attracted by the color red so much I bought myself a red skirt! One day I’m going to brave myself and wear a bright red lipstick!

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main lead as wells as second leads…

Joo Ji Hoon. Ji Chang Wook. Sung Joon. And my best hottie: Yoo Seung Ho. Wae? I can’t have all of them in one drama? Bite me 😛 As for the female actress, I’ll cast Shim Ming Ah and Song Hye Kyo. 

7 . What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

I get to share my opinion with my readers and be part of Kdrama community. They are the best people I know and having the same dream as theirs making my blogging experience even memorable.

Drama Fan and Gumi’s Questions: dfOh my goodness, Drama Fan and I bonded really well through Tweeter last year when I started watching Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots. The girl is an avid sageuk drama! And I’m not…! So she hold my hand entire time while I was watching Jang Hyuk’s best work ever. And the fact that we are on the same continental, same time zone, 4 hours driving apart, this friendship is getting better and better every day. Gumi, on the other hand, it’s hard to keep up with as she is based in our motherland! And I envy her for meeting the man, Jang Hyuk oppa, 6 to 7 times now!

1. If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why?

Playful Kiss, Goong and Operation Proposal. These dramas are my favorite of the bunch and a girl need her dose of romance all year round in order to survive in this desert island.

2. You are on the same desert island and you can make only 3 k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?)

Yoo Seung Ho to cuddle with, MBLAQ GO to serenade me with his beautiful voice and Yong Doo Joon to eat with!

3. What is the one Korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs?

You are asking the right person! My kpop boy toy, MBLAQ GO! I love all of his songs and it is hard to pick which song I want you to listen the most! Let’s start with O-IWI-O! You’re welcome 😀

4. The next time I go to Korean restaurant, what should I definitely order?

Sorry, I’m not helpful to you coz I’m a vegetarian. So my order is always sundubu jjigae and extra spicy juseyo!

5. What was your first K-drama crush?

Joo Ji Hoon! His character as Lee Shin in Goong did it! Last year alone (2013), I marathoned Goong 6 times because of him. 

6. What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day?

Hmmmm, I think 25 episodes? But in my defense, it was 30 minutes episode long. Yeah, what was I thinking? 

7. Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand?

When the female lead get kissed and all she can do is stood there with her eyes open! What the…?

8. Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy?

When the male lead try to put seat belt on the female lead… I so want to be in her shoe!

9. Who is your favorite Korean actress?

Song Hye Kyo! She’s a beautiful actress. She is very poised and love her voice too. If I’m a guy, she’s my ideal type! ^^

10. Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST The absolute best?

I’m thorn between Bad Guy OST and Marry Me, Mary OST. I listen to these soundtracks religiously. 

Jaime’s Questions: noona

I get to know Jaime recently when kfangurl introduced her to the Tweeter world. Since then, we bonded pretty much instantaneously. In addition, we share one common ground: we are both mothers. Jaime is my new favorite person in Tweeter land. She’s also dipping her feet into fiction kdrama writing which I dig. If you are interested her working novel progress, check her site under Heart Murmurs.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I just want to share my opinion with drama watchers, simple as that. I want to let people know if the drama they decided to watch is worth investing. Lately, I have been a little biased and said yes to almost every drama I saw. My only reason not to drop the drama I started is because every drama deserves a second chance regardless of bad acting, poorly written script or unorganized plot. I tend to be more patience than others and not to quit any drama I started watching. 

2. How did you come out with the name of your blog?

I was attracted by the word muse but too many people have muse or musing as part of their blog title. I googled it and found that muse is pronounced as myooz. Asa and that’s how it started!

3. Who is your favorite author?

I haven’t been reading lately… But I love Sophie Kinsella. I’m very girly and chick lit is my thing.

4. What type of show/movie is your guilty pleasure?

Anything with fighting scene and the actor must be super cool at it! Example: Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. They are the bomb!

5. Do you have someone to watch dramas with?

Yes! ADGirl! I came to know her last year through Operation KDrama Chat and we have been kdrama BFF ever since. We pretty much talk about everything now, and not just dramas anymore. 

6. What is your favorite drama genre?

Rom-com. Jjang jjang! Isn’t it obvious though? My love for chick lit novel shapes me for anything romance and romantic comedy drama. 

7. Do you watch dramas from multiple countries?

Yes. I also watch dramas from Japan and Taiwan but I mainly focus on Korean dramas. 

8. If you could meet any actor, from any country, who would you meet?

Easy. Yoo Seung Ho. He’s my favorite actor. I even convinced myself that despite our big age gap, we can still work this noona-deongsaeng relationship *giggles*

9. Who is your current drama crush?

Sung Joon. He’s currently in I Need Romance 3. That face, that well build body, that smile, that height… Wow! I pronounced him as my new boy toy of 2014! 

10. Have you ever been nominated for a blogging award before?

Yes, I believed I was nominated 6 times last year. Nope, I’m still unpopular… *pouts*


Wow, I bonded with NeeNee last year through Crazy Love. That drama…. Let’s not go there but NeeNee’s posts for Crazy Love led me to know her more. We are also on the Twitter a lot so we exchange notes just about everything too. And also, we both love C-Clown! How cool is that?

1. What made you start blogging?

I decided to blog because I couldn’t find any partial reviews. Most of the reviews out there give out spoilers. I don’t mind spoilers but I know most people do. So I’m trying my best to review any drama once I hit the middle of the series. 

2. What keeps you blogging?

The kdrama community. I enjoy exchanging my views with kdrama fans, be it on my blog and in Twitter land. I love it. 

3. Future goals (in our outside the blogging/drama-watching sphere)?

Eeeeee, I  never thought of this before. I don’t want to think about it… But if you insists, I want to be a baker. I want to sell my cookies and cakes.

4. Profession (out of curiousity, what do you do in your real life)?

Hehehe, I deal with numbers. Lots of numbers. 

5. Gateway addition in the drama realm?

Wow, tough. It all started with Hong Kong drama. I’ve been watching Cantonese dramas since I was 6 years old. Yes, I’m truly an addict. There is no medicine for this. Hence, back to your question #3, that’s why I never thought of any future goal outside of drama-watching *wink*

6. Favorite quote?

get lost

7. Coffee? Tea? Neither?

Tea, all kind of tea except with mint. Yuck, mint should stay in toothpaste only.

8. Have you ever tried Calpis water (or something like it)?

Yes, but I haven’t had it in awhile. Hmmm… thanks. I should get a bottle for myself.

9. Are you proficient in more than one language? If so, which?

I speak Malay and Indonesian. I also self taught myself Chinese (because my MIL doesn’t speak English) and Korean. 

10. Favorite OST.

Too many! And I’m thorn between Bad Guy and Marry Me, Mary OST. 

Here are my nominees:

Special shout out to kfangurl – she’s my truly #1 girl. I joke all the time that I will fly to get her autograph personally before she start charging fees *snicker*. Saranghae, kfangurl!

My questions:

1. How long do you think you will blog for kdrama? I always wonder how long will I blog and I’m curious if you ever thought of it…

2. If you could rewrite any drama, what drama would it be and why?

3. Who is your favorite senior actor or actress? (age 40 and above). Why do you pick him or her?

4. If you can pick any OST song that would represent you, what song it is? Any clip to share?

5. Who is your favorite kdrama blogger? Me? I love kfangurl the most!

6. If you can take any actor or actress to jjimjilbang (Korean spa), who would it be?

7. Who do you want to have conversation with over cofffee (or tea)? What topic would you discuss?

8. Are you a kpop fan? If yes, share your favorite group or singer.

9. What is your favorite Korean telly network? (tvN, SBS, MBC, jTBC, etc.)

10. Have you met with any of your Tweeter friend? If no, who do you want to meet?

You don’t have to answer all of my questions but it would be nice if you would… Hmmm, that came out like a threat *laughs*. Thanks for nominating me again! I’m touched! XOXO