Currently Watching: Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is my current crack drama! I never thought that this drama would be so good and so funny! At episode 15, I still found myself enjoying it a lot! Yes, I may say that as it has been smooth sailing so far but I know the sh*t is about to hit the fan soon. It is impossible to watch a drama without a storm, right? And as usual, when I started watching a drama, I did not know what exactly the show is about. I saw Mr. Queen‘s trailers and thought they were funny. However, when I started watching the first episode, I got really confused because the drama is set in the present time. You can imagine my confusion. Where is my Shin Hye Sun? Why is Choi Jin Hyuk on my screen? Yup, I was confused and panicked. I looked at the title. It says, Mr. Queen! What is going on?

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Just Watched: Start Up

I started the show for Suzy and I ended it for Suzy. I love her despite her flaws. It is her sweetness that charmed me. Other than that, I think I was robbed by Start-Up. I was hoping for that young blood energetic feels and driven energies from the characters. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to feel it. But my disappointment was larger than that. I got some mediocre storyline that is superficial and unrealistic. It got my hopes high for a minute. I was sold by the beautiful skyline, beautiful cast, beautiful color scheme, and beautiful energy that this drama wants you to see. As a finance person, I enjoyed it for the bidding, the planning, and the dog-eat-dog world – even that, it was not brutal enough. You want all that? Try Akira to Akira and Midas. Continue reading

End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 16

Uhm, today’s challenge is a bit controversial. Best actor of 2020? This is hard. I know some will disagree with my choice. We all have our own opinion and here is mine. A list of actors *laughs* because I cannot pick one.

Park Seo Joon as Park Sae Ro Yi (Itaewon Class)

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Currently Watching: Birthcare Center

So right after I completed Search, I wanted to watch something light and different from my usual watch. I saw Birthcare Center on Viki and wondered if I should pick it up since it’s only 8 episodes long. Well, my decision moved up quickly when I realized Yoon Park is also in it. I wanted to show A how versatile his acting is. I enjoy him mostly in weekend family dramas so seeing him in prime time dramas once a while is refreshing.

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: Running

As y’all know, I used to blog a lot about music but life is moving too fast for me to keep up. I had to boot out my Wednesday Eu-Mak post but lately, I have this urge to get back to it. Now, please, I do not encourage you to get cozy here because I still cannot commit. I will try my best to keep up as much as I could. Continue reading