Just Watched: Memorist


Y’all know I have to watch Memorist for Yoo Seung Ho. He is my boy. I love him forever! I am glad he is taking a more challenging role. But honestly, I almost dropped it. I did not like his character. It reminded me of Lee Ahn from He is Psychometric. I really hated that drama especially the second half of it. It went downhill. I thought Memorist would follow the same path. Lee Ahn was able to read a person’s mind simply by touching. And in this drama, Dong Baek has a telepathic ability to read a person’s memories just by touching. Eerily similar but as Memorist progressed, the show went from comedic to dark crime. This I like and hence, I did not drop it as I initially intended to.

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Currently Watching: A Piece of Your Mind



I am apparently way behind on A Piece of Your Mind. Working from home has taken a toll on my body and brain. I just want to watch something mindless – like Youn’s Kitchen 2 which I just completed. Part of me does not want to watch this drama as quickly as I should not only because of my tiredness, but it is a drama that touches deep into my heart. As someone who recently lost a good friend which is Bel of NewKdramaAddict, this drama makes me realize I wish I have the technology to preserve her well being. Her voice. Her mind. Her calmness. Her memory. I wish this high tech device is available now. I would like a piece of it. Her daughters would appreciate it, too.

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Currently Watching: Hi Bye, Mama!


I was scared of starting Hi Bye, Mama! I had four reasons to why I was feeling this way. The title itself hinted at a sad drama. It was tough starting this drama, especially after Bel’s passing. But I knew she would not want me to stop my watch because of her so I started this drama with an open heart. As the drama progressed, I found it less sad and more cheery. Come to think of it, I think made a good choice moving forward with Hi Bye, Mama! *pats shoulder*

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Just Dropped: Hospital Playlist


When I heard that this drama is directed by the same director for the Reply series and Prison Playbook, I immediately made up my mind that I must watch it. Forget that each episode is 1.5 hours long or the fact that it is a medical drama, I had an inclination that Hospital Playlist would be as awesome if not more than Playbook. Why I said this? The leads include Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok and Jo Jung Suk. I’m not familiar with the other two leads but my impression of them wasn’t bad when I saw them on screen. As I dig deeper into the show, the only difference I discovered was the writer. Playbook was written by a different writer.

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