Currently Watching: Avengers Social Club


Well, this is a drama I unexpectedly enjoy from the beginning. I don’t know… sisterhood and friendship genre drama is so awesome and I’m always drawn to it. Like Girls’ Generation 1979, I binge marathon this drama up to episode 9. It was the greatest feeling ever to watch sisterhood of a different kind unite for a revenge. Now, even though I mentioned sisterhood, this drama made an exception – the group accepted a young man to be a part of their club. It makes it more interesting because now the revenge is mutual.

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Currently Watching: Because This is My First Life


When I heard the first lead pairing for Because This is My First Life, I simply could not accept it. I love Jung So Min so much especially from her recent weekend drama, My Father is Strange. But I was way on top of my head and I just could not picture sweet So Min with Lee Min Ki. I may have judged him by his looks. To me, his rough feature does not fit the rom-com genre. Also, this is my first time watching him as a lead. I was first introduced to him in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band but his presence was too short for me to like or dislike. I have never seen his other works, especially in movies.

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Just Watched: Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo


Okay… Kim Nam Gil is a romcom King! Hands down! He should have done romcom a long time ago. It was a pure joy watching him laughing, smiling, giggling and goofing around in Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo. This is seriously a new side of Nam Gil I have never seen. In fact, it is so refreshing watching him as Heo Im. He makes me love him even more!

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Currently Watching: Secret Forest


I finally able to start this glorious drama everyone has been raving about. I was either getting ready or already started my traveling when it first began airing. I was full of envy and jealousy that my Twitter friends could watch it and I couldn’t. But now the show has ended and they all are in withdrawal stage while me, enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I even spamming and tweeting madness whenever I get a chance. Some friend I am, huh? *laughs*

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Just Watched: Circle


Circle was the most complicated drama I have seen this year. The reason I said it was that this drama was difficult to predict. Really drove me insane! I really could not piece out the puzzle until the last three episodes. Yeah, I think my brain was not able to keep up especially that in each episode, the story was told in two different years. The first 30 minutes focused on the present world while the last 30 minutes on the year 2037. It felt like watching two different stories in a drama. Thankfully, Orion and Drama Panda were available to explain exactly the story was.

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Currently Watching: Oh Hae Young Again


Omg, y’all… Words can describe how much I love this show! I mean Seo Hyun Jin, my girl, and sister from another parent is in it!!! She’s the perfect babe!!! I fell in love for the first time in King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. And then I fell for her again in The Three Musketeers. I did not watch her Let’s Eat season 2 drama sadly… *pouts*. But I might change my mind after this drama! I might even check out Feast of the Gods, too! *giggle* but please, before you ooh and aah… Please keep it to yourself until I actually watch them! You know, I can be over greedy and say yes to everything! I have trouble with saying no, you see… But we shall see, okay? *wink*


Back to Oh Hae Young Again. Oh Hae Young is not the girl you want to rave about. She is seriously a mean chic! Her words can be tough to swallow even though she meant well. I would feel offended even if we have been friends for years. Yeah, she’s that kind of mean girl. Mean yet genuine. But for some reason, I empathized with her. Imagine growing up with another girl that has the same name as you are… I’ve seen a few cases during my elementary years. However, the girls I grew up with were not bullied. In fact, they were fine and we made them comfortable in their own skin albeit their names. In Oh Hae Young case though, she was treated badly by her school mates. She was completely ignored because the other Oh Hae Young got all the attention in the class. Well, she is beautiful, smart and friendly. Yeah, she has all the brownies for the perfect popular in school. And she’s sweet!


Oh Hae Young Again started when her fiancee dumped her days before their wedding ceremony. Yeah, ouch! But, due to her ego and with his permission, she made it sound like he is the bad guy and told her parents that she broke up with him instead. To be honest, he did it because he didn’t want to her to know that he’s going to jail. But the way he said it… Like “the way you chew your food turn me off” or something like that makes her think she is undesirable. Oh, gawd. Way to go, Han Tae Jin. You just killed her ego *shakes head*. But the girl was able to move on… Except her parents. They kicked her out and she had to move into a studio apartment. While busy arranging her furniture, she accidentally knocked the wall and left a big hole. Behind that cheap wall, apparently, is a door to a room in the house. And then she met Do Kyeong – the owner of the room; the man of the house! Eeeep!


The other Oh Hae Young aka yippeo Oh Hae Young got hired in the same company as the mean Oh Hae Young. What a coincident, huh? They just happened to work in the same industry, huh? Anyway… When she found out about yippeo, she tried to avoid her. And here we go again, our mean girl is back into how she was in school. But, she pretty much has moved on from her painful past and refused to step down. I know she tried. She confronted yippeo! Well, obviously, she was able to do it with alcohol in her system. Trust me, it was a sad feeling for her. But she swallowed her pride and made amend with yippeo. And the world is happily ever after! Except one thing!!! Oh Hae Young started to fall for Do Kyeong not knowing that Do Kyeong and his bestie, Ji Sang, were responsible for breaking her wedding apart! Why did they do that? Do Kyeong and Ji Sang thought Tae Jin is marrying yippeo Oh Hae Young, which was Do Kyeong’s runaway bride! Yikes!!! And now what? How are they going to solve all the mess?


Again, I did not disclose a lot of things. Do Kyeong, for once, always has a nanosecond vision of Oh Hae Young. It’s like a premonition and no one else in it but her. It is weird. He wondered that, too. But why does he only see her? The ending for episode 10 was a bit cliffhanger to me. I was panicking. Is Do Kyeong dead and all that we saw are nothing but a dream? I really don’t know and am curious to know it on the next episode. I really hope not! By the way, for all Oh Hae Young Again fans, this show received additional two episodes. I dislike extension but I’m making an exception once again, like I did for Heaven’s Promise, because I love Oh Hae Young Again. Even though I am not Eric’s fan, I’m willing to watch it. Besides, the chemistry between Eric and Hyun Jin are undeniably hot! A big applause to the casting director for selecting these two!





Currently Watching: Signal

1010You know how I somewhat partial with cop dramas, right? Some are good, some are just pure action. And those corrupt police drama ones… *shakes head* But Signal is above and beyond. It somewhat gives me God’s Gift and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel combo vibes. That butterfly effect… I love this element in a drama. But I didn’t expect Signal would go this route at all. In fact, I am surprised that it did. It really solidify my believe that this show has met my expectations. What else would Signal bring to the table as I catching up with episode 12? dd7ns75785ae3jrdu912This detective drama keeps me up to my toes. It continuously pushing me to think as hard as the characters. When past and present world collide, when the writer is forcing you as watchers to witness the parallel life between a character’s past and present… Wahhhh I just can’t help but noticing this growing envy of such awesome drama plot. How does one able to think it through and project it into a moving story? Yeah, I hear you. I am putting too much thought into this. Let me live this awesome Signal life, chingu *wink* IE001916557_STDAs I said earlier, Signal is unlike any other cop dramas you have seen. The color scheme is colorful only in Detective Cha’s home. The rest of the scenes are gloomy and grey but certainly meet the mood of this drama. Signal started with rookie Park Hae Young discovering an old police transmitter used by the late Detective Lee Jae Han. Hae Young uses the transmitter to communicate with Detective Lee. There is only one catch; the transmitter only works at 11:23 pm. Why? Is it the time when Detective Lee went missing?  Anyway, the cases that Park Hae Young is working on are unsolved cold cases and directly related with the work of Detective Lee. Detective Cha was the maknae of the office when she began working in the police unit. She received guidance and ultimately support by Detective Lee. 20 years later, Detective Cha is the team leader for the cold case and Hae Young reports to her. IE001920278_STDCha does not know that Hae Young has been in “contact” with Lee. When she was notified by Section Chief Ahn Chi Soo that Hae Young has been digging on Lee, she started to feel alert. The truth is she herself is looking for the missing Lee. She and Ahn wonder why a rookie like Park would be interested in Lee’s case? They both calculated the time and thought Park and Lee never cross path. However, they are both wrong. Park and Lee did cross path and the two are tied through the very first case Park worked on under Cha’s team. Now, although it sounds pretty direct and interesting, but what a cop drama will be without corruption, political influence and murder within the system, right? *wiggles brows* 20160118010010263000426910Signal touches all aspects of crime. From kidnap and revenge to serial killer and gang-rape crimes, the show has yet to fail me. It grips me so hard. It is edgy. It is hearty. It is compelling. It is emotional. And if you are watching this show, let’s take a moment and acknowledge all the characters in Signal. As I was in awe with all characters in Cruel City, I am having this deja vu with all characters in this drama. They are absolutely brilliant and together made Signal a really fantastic drama! I can’t help but saying this but Signal is one of the best dramas of 2016! I just know it!