Currently Watching: Hotel del Luna


I was not keen on starting Hotel del Luna at first. Maybe because at the time, I was still recovering from my illness. And when I started watching the first episode, I did not get a good vibe. Not only it is because of Hong sisters’ drama, I feared that the drama reminded me of Goblin even though it was not written by them. Mimi from The Talking Cupboard pointed out to me of Master’s Sun instead and I immediately cannot deny the similarity. The glamorous set. The richness. The beautiful cast. The luxurious brands. Yup, I can’t deny this drama won my heart now. Either way, I feel that it is a marriage of two dramas which to be honest resulted in a very interesting and engaging fantasy drama.

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Just Watched: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


It just so happened that Scarlet Heart Ryeo was aired around the same time Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Because it started airing two weeks later, my focus was mainly on the other drama. But to be honest, I usually don’t do this. Last time when Kill Me, Heal Me was aired, Jekyll, Hide and Me was airing too. I’m not a big fan when two similar genre or theme drama airing at the same time slot. Almost always one will get neglected. Fortunately for Scarlet Heart, I decided to pick it up because it has different story plots than Moonlight.


The show ended in early November. It ended with a bang! I was stunned. The ending was not as I imagined it to be. It feels incomplete. Someone told me to draw my own conclusion. I usually am good at that but for some reason, I was being stubborn and refuse to do so. I mean the show, despite the flaws which I really did not mind, ended abruptly as if it was edited by a newbie! The certain loopholes got me really frustrated and disappointed. The writer ran out of time! How could you run out of time? Certainly bad planning! If she wants me to watch her next work, she better work on planning and coordinating her writings well!


One thing to adapt from the original Scarlet Heart, but as a writer, she should have challenged herself and determined to outbid the original! Geez, this is just a lazy work. She wasted good talents’ time and effort! Prop to the PD for giving us beautiful cinematography; but his direction can be a bit choppy. His editors definitely should have done a better job in editing. Some scenes seemed choppy. Prop to the costume designer for giving us such beautiful costumes, though. I really adore them. I really love UI’s earrings. I wish I could keep them! Prop to the musical director for giving us a beautiful soundtrack! Till this day, I still listen to the OST.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo suffered a lot! I blame the writer and some would blame her and the PD for bad editing. Either way, this show was once the most anticipated drama is now the most disappointing drama of the year. So glad none of the actors and actresses are newbies. Or else it’d be tougher for them to sell out on their next role. Sigh.. what a mess. Though I enjoy the pretty and the stories, I don’t enjoy what the writer did. I wouldn’t recommend this show if you have the eyes for every little flaw. If you are able to see through it, I don’t mind you watching it. It’s watchable but please keep your expectations closed to nothing.

Currently Watching: Pretty Boy aka Bel Ami

Bel_Ami_(Pretty_Boy)-cpI like Jan Geun Seuk. He’s pretty. Prettier than me! Dang it! I am jealous! Pfh. How can a guy be possibly prettier than me and the rest of my species? Then again, plenty of Korean actors and male singers are prettier than me! What’s up with these 80’s and 90’s born kids? If only I was born 10 years later, I could be part of this beautiful generation. Don’t worry, I have high self esteem *snickers* I think I am pretty pretty *giggles*. Have you seen my child? Well, good look is definitely in his gene. Okay, okay… I better stop right here before someone thinks I’m full of myself *winks* and start vomiting all over my post! *laughs*


Amuden, I originally was extremely excited with Pretty Boy. I was jumping in joy, slapping everybody’s butts (I lied but pretend that I did, ok?) and hi5’s with any human that walks to me! But when the show started airing, I lost my complete interest. I don’t know why… I was the one that got extremely excited and even told everyone to watch it. Yes, they are all watching it but me. I didn’t start it until 3 weeks later… I somehow had this fear of IFs. What if it didn’t turn out to be awesome? What if it isn’t funny? What if this? What if that? You know? I was worry sick to my stomach. I thought maybe if I wait a little longer, I could get some good vibes from my tweetple. Well, needless to say, their reaction were great! I was still skeptical but decided to push forward with my plan. Did I regret it? At the beginning, I was… Now, at episode 12, I am not anymore! I’m curious and I want to know more! *fist pump*


Bel Ami, as I would tweet it, is a drama based on comic book Yebbeun Namja by Chon Kye Kyung. Hong Yoo Ra, an ex daughter-in-law to a rich family saw DokGo Ma Te’s ambitious (male version of goal in life and decided to be his mentor. The mission she assigned to him is to seduce 10 different, very influential women of various backgrounds and tittles, and in return he would gain experiences and knowledge to succeed in his life. Ma Te, being all confident with the challenge he was given, loves to use his beautiful appearance to lure these women but come to find out that all of them did not fall for his looks. In your face, sucker! While busy pursuing his goal in hope to get rich easy faster, Kim Bo Tong, Ma Te’s mom’s friend’s daughter (oh boy, it should not sounded this complicate but I made it sound that way *pouts*) he got to know but never has much desire to befriend her, has a huge crush on him since the first time they met (or she met)! Her happy-go-lucky personality however attracted Choi David, an assistant merchandising director for one major home network broadcast channel. Both David and Bo Tong have this unrequited love for another person. *face palm* how is this going to turn out in the end?


Well… Bel Ami started pretty sloooooooow for me. I wasn’t laughing when everybody else were. I was quite nervous! Is something wrong with me? Why didn’t I like it? *forces claps* *forced smile* I would recommend this drama as it, on my account at least, the pace and the story picked up starting episode 6. I know it’s a bit late for some of us who prefer to drop the show if they see no progress after episode 3, but you need to practice your ohm a little more with Bel Ami. My vote is to marathon it… You will feel better than simulcast it. It’s neither yay or nay however… just my opinion. *shrugs*