Currently Watching: Rakuen


Another WOWOW production drama! I am a fan! They are master of producing crime dramas, in my opinion. I have yet to be disappointed so far. And Rakuen is the latest installment. I just can’t help but add it to my long last currently watching list! Seriously, how do I make rooms for these dramas? Thankfully, this drama is only 6 episodes long. But 6 episodes feels longer! As usual, the network airs it once a week. I don’t know why they do this. Why can’t they be like the Chinese network and air it daily? I could have been done by now!


Anywho, this drama requires your mental attention. Every single episode gives you clues. And you are not able to tie it as the writer works the story like a maze. Bel and I tried so hard to piece the puzzle together. You would, too. It is so amazing how this writer introduces the show to us. An old couple home was caught on fire. This is common, right? You immediately sympathize with them. Then, they drop the bomb right away! “I killed my daughter 15 years ago and she is buried underneath the house. Please dig her out.” Oh gawd, what the…?


The story then became very fragmented. We then met Shigeko who works in a small publishing company. She used to be famous for writing her prediction in a serial case news. But she quit when her prediction turned out wrong and caused death in the victim’s sister. Shigeko is now trying to investigate why Hajime killed his daughter, why Toshiko’s son was able to draw another person’s memories, and why Harumi hid Hajime away from his other daughter. So many questions to answer. All from the death of one daughter.

The pacing of this drama is slow. If you are impatient, this drama is not for you. There is a lot of layers in Rakuen and I’m not sure the next three episodes could do the justice. I hope the ending is not rushed. I really want to know the relationship of all the characters and what exactly we will get at the end of it. I know, everything sounds so vague coz really I am still searching the tangent as well! Rakuen is a mysterious, psychological crime drama that keeps you wondering what the heck is it and yet you can’t and won’t quit! Good luck if you wish to watch it coz really, you need luck!


Currently Watching: Kenja no Ai


Forbidden love. Yes, I love a forbidden love theme drama. Knowing that what I am watching is wrong excites me more. Do I sound narcissist to you? But I bet you would be curious, too! It’s a human nature to be curious and busy body when comes to forbidden love. Kenja no Ai not only explores this issue from one angle, but this drama explores it with revenge in mind. Well, come to think of it, not just any revenge. It’s a payback time for one person did to another. Only fair, don’t you think?


Kenja no Ai is a story of two women. To conclude that they are destined BFF, it’s a bit harsh. But it is what it is. Life is cruel. And so is their relationship. Yuri and Mayu are their names. Yuri moved in next to Mayu’s beautiful beach mansion and had always been envy with what Mayu had as a child. She envies her crush. She envies her dad. She envies her relationship with her parents. She envies her home. She envies her money. She envies everything Mayu has. When Yuri realized that Mayu is ladylike, sweet and gentle, she took this opportunity to get what she wants. And guess who win? Yuri, of course!


She started with Mayu’s crush. Yuri knew Mayu loved him so much. But knowing how reserve Mayu is, she took this opportunity and seduced him. It’s a working progress for Yuri because she was new on the block. Her possessive behavior started to take over her body when she saw him kissing Mayu. She knew she must have him no matter what and she did. Years later. And Mayu left alone. As a spinster.Poor Mayu for living in a dark. Yuri is definitely scheming the life she wanted since young. Look where she is right now! A winner! She got a husband, a handsome son, a life that Mayu wants.


This drama has a lot of flashbacks. You know I hate flashbacks. But the flashbacks are necessary to understand Mayu’s current situation. So what happened to her now? Yuri had a child and her son, Naomi, has been in close relationship with Mayu. They are so closed that a loveship took place between the two. Naomi hides it from his parents. Mayu felt guilty over their big gap but at the same time, it is the perfect revenge to get back at Yuri. I actually feel very nervous for the two. It is not a healthy kind. Mayu noticed it too. She tried hooking Naomi with a girl. Her intention is genuine. It is true. Love will fade after awhile and she worried Naomi will move on one day… Considering their age. But Naomi is persistence. So what now?


Kenja no Ai is only 4 episodes long. I have seen 3 episodes and currently waiting for the final episode to get subbed. I am curious what the final episode will take us. Is Yuri going to accept Naomi’s choice? Will Mayu continues her relationship with Naomi? How Yuri’s family, especially her ex-boyfriend-now-Yuri’s husband will take? This drama is taking us to walk on a grey line. I would not know how to react. I believe Mayu is on the wrong side for allowing Naomi to love her and for seducing a child. *throws towel* now I’m nervous. For both of them. If you can stand this type of romance drama, I recommend you to watch it. I’m just glad someone finally subbing the show!