Just Watched: Your Lie in April 


It took me forever to finish it. For some reason, I was not keen on watching it in the beginning even though I’m a huge Kento fan. I don’t know. My mood was all over the place with this one. Part of me wants a mature romance Japanese movie and Your Lie is circa high school students. I was expecting cheesy romance.

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Just Watched: Clone Baby


While I was busy researching, I came across Clone Baby. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I read the synopsis. It sounds sci-fi. While I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan, the cloning part got me intrigued. Another Japanese drama playing God. Well of course, now I am really intrigued! I sounded an alert to Bel and before I know it, she has all the episodes up and ready for our viewing. And we finished it! I saw the final episode today but Bel completed it yesterday. Yes, you can complete watching this drama in one sitting. Only 11 episodes with 22 minutes long per episode, Clone Baby is a drama designed to keep you on your toes from the beginning to the end.


The first four episodes were extremely, extremely confusing. I tried looking for clues but they were too hidden for me to discover. I kept tweeting Bel and she, too, was lost. Glad neither one of us drops the drama, though. Why? Because, no matter how lost we were, it was still fascinating to watch. Our interests were piqued. On top of that, this is my second time watching Tori Matsuzaka’s work. I really liked him in Siren and enjoyed watching him playing a semi-antagonist character in Clone Baby. But his existence in this drama was hard to judge in the beginning. He certainly appeared as a disguised angel. Not until episode 8 until I realized his purpose.


Clone Baby is somewhat unique. It also reminds me of Never Let Me Go. This drama is all about survival. I finally figured out that in order to survive, the clones will need to kill to live. On top of that, they are programmed to kill and get certain body parts for the master clone. It’s like a barter trade. Master clone relies on this new body parts to continue to live. But does the master clone really plan it herself? NO! She herself is under hostage. So who is the mastermind behind all this? At the beginning, I suspected the sensei since he was introduced to us as pro-cloning. But it turns out, he was used as well! When the show revealed the culprit, I was in shocked. I never suspected this person at all!


Clone Baby is an extremely fantastic drama. It was never draggy and it got me addicted (like a good novel) from the beginning until the end. I’m surprised not many people have seen it. The acting can be somewhat choppy since most of the actors were young. The ending was hard to predict. I dislike an open-end ending. I knew it needs a sequel but this is a 2010 drama. I don’t see any sequel 6 years later so… But to conclude, I highly recommend Clone Baby. It is interesting with full of suspense. The twists on each episode will get into you badly… Hence, I finished it in a day! *laughs*


Currently Watching: Suki na Hito ga iru koto



Like I said in my previous post, the title keeps getting longer and longer. Do I remember all of them? Heck no. And character names? Nope, either. Thanks to MDL; otherwise, I would have gone mad!!!! So what is the meaning behind the title? A Girl & Three Sweethearts by literally it means There’s Someone I Like. Hmmmmm *rubs chin* who likes who now? As my other Japanese dramas, Suki na is another weekly drama. It airs every Monday and slated to end on September 12. I’m not sure the final date is still standing. I think this drama is another Olympic’s victims. I’m still waiting for Aquarium Girl final two episodes… *sigh*


The reason I’m watching this drama, besides Bel‘s strong influence on me *giggle*, is because of Yamazaki Kento. I have been falling in love with this boy since Suikyuu Yankees. And then I fell for him again in movie L<3DK. And then I realized, Kento once acted next to Kiritani Mirei in Heroine Disqualified! Omo, perfect combo! I love these two together in big screen! Their chemistries were tight!  Omo, I’m in love already with the cast! Furthermore, we got Miura Shohei!!!! The man is twice more desirable here than he was in Please Love The Useless Me! And last, but not least, is Nomura Shuhei. I saw him in Koinaka. He didn’t leave any bold impression on me. He didn’t leave any good one in this show, too. His character is very teen so I see him like a little brother.


Anyway, the title gives it all! A girl and three sweethearts. She’s lucky! Can we trade places, Misaki??? *giggles* But who would she choose, right? 6 episodes in, we can certainly eliminate Touma. Misaki sees him the same way I see him. A younger brother.  So we can now focus on Chiaki, the eldest, and Kanata, the milder one. The brothers live in Shonan and run a family restaurant. Chiaki is the restaurant manager and Kanata is the chef. Misaki was offered to work at Chiaki’s restaurant as the pastry chef when she stumbled on him one night.


So long story short, Chiaki was Misaki’s first love. Misaki accepted a challenge from her girlfriend that she will be kissed by a man by the end of summer (is it summer?). So Chiaki’s offer came at the right time. When she moved to the town, Misaki buttheaded with Kanata. But, on that very same week, she was kissed by him! *gasp* I know!!!! But I immediately knew that Misaki and Kanata should be together forever. The only problem is… Misaki can’t take Chiaki off her mind! So it is like Kanaka wants Misaki but gets turn off because of her heart, mind, and soul is with Chiaki. And then we have Kaede, Chiaki’s ex. They are friends now but after she found out Misaki is interested in Chiaki, she became possessive and started announcing that they are a couple.


This drama is a very summery and darling romance. I treasure it so much. I love the feeling Mirei portrays as Misaki. She’s girlish, childish, yet dedicated. I love the way she sees life mostly. Suki na Hito ga iru koto is definitely a sweet drama everyone should watch. That pitter patter feeling you get from watching romance? You’ll definitely get it here. If not, either you’re heartless or I am easily pleased! *wink*


Here’s a sweet fanvid made by Lee JJang. The song is just so appropriate!!! I’m sorry, by this time I already have my pick for Misaki! Do you? *raises a brow*



Just Watched: The Himalayas & Orange

Yeap, I was able to squeeze a couple more movies during my flight! I was on a roll! So here are my reviews:

The Himalayas


This movie really touches me to the core. I cried a lot! The men bonded over their mutual interest! To hike the Himalaya! This is a courage citizen stories of a different kind. The goal is one! To get on that peak! And another peak. And another! But I loved it. Based on true story, The Himalayas is definitely a movie you need to prepare your heart. This is a hearty movie that everyone should watch it!



I was contemplating whether I should watch Orange. But I did and quite liked it. My only beef with this movie? It was a bit too long. Too many fillers, I really couldn’t stand sitting for too long. But overall, it was a great movie concept. Naho and Hiroto are both married. They decided to write letters to their younger selves to save their depressed friend, Kakeru. Basically, their letters are meant to change the world. But I didn’t get the ending. They were able to save Kakeru but what happened to their future? Naho and Kakeru dated prior. Did their lives change too? The acting was great. The emotional part was extremely strong especially by Kento as Kakeru. I’m always drawn to his movies and this is another great one!

Just Watched: Heroine Disqualified & Vampire in Love

This is a rare thing. I saw these two movies NOT on the plane! Rare, isn’t it? I must have been drunk! *laughs*. But truly, my friends, I saw this movie for one person and one person only. I’ve been a big fan of Kiritani Mirei! There is something about her that I like. She is sweet looking yet strong. If you have seen her dramas (Ando Lloyd, Atelier and Sumika Sumire) and movies, she always plays sweet looking characters but with fire personality! I’m an avid fan of such characters and Mirei seems to be attracted to such characters as well.

In these movies, Mirei plays two very different roles. In Heroine Disqualified, she plays a high school girl whereas in Vampire In Love, she plays a vampire who happen to fall in love with a human. Two different roles, one was cute and daring and another is sweet and charming. So here are my quick reviews on the movies:

Heroine Disqualified


In this high-school theme movie, Mirei is Hatori. She has been friends with Rita for years and when they entered high school, Hatori feels it is time to confess. She believes her life is like in manga and that she and Rita will end up falling and living together to the end of their lives. Well, when you’re in love, you will wish for happiness, right?  Sadly, Rita fell for a different girl. Hatori tries to win him again. At the same time, another guy likes Hatori. But Hatori is so determined to get Rita back; she did not even notice Kosuke at all. That poor jerk *shakes head* tried so hard but… *shrugs*. Dude, your one sided love remains one-sided forever *laughs*. Now the question is, will Hatori gets to separate Rita and his girlfriend and confess her love to him? Watch it!

Overall, I had a great laugh with this movie. Don’t trust me? Ask Bel! *wink*. Oooh, before I move on, I highly recommend this movie if you are up to something cute and bubbly!

Vampire In Love


The title says it all. Kiira looks like another ordinary girl but she is not. She is the third generation vampire in her family. Her mother was a human but since she was in love with her vampire dad, she became one. When she was young, she met Tetsu but had to disappear when she found herself drawn to him and wanted to bite him. Years later, she works in a bakery own by her family. One day, a salesperson walked into the bakery and tried to sell a breast enhancement crème. *laughs* awkward, right? But Kiira recognized him immediately. The salesperson is Tetsu and she is once again drawn to him. They dated and he even admitted that he will be a caring vampire when she turns him into one. But instead of doing that, she wiped his memory off! Why did she do that? I’m not gonna tell you what happen… go watch it! *wink*

The movie is sweet. Very sweet. But it lacks oomph, in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed it. If you have time to kill, I think you will enjoy it too.

Currently Watching: Suikyuu Yankees


Yes, I’m back with another Jdrama! I’m starting to lean towards jdrama more and more lately. Thanks Bel for plexing this drama for me. And I must say, what a great drama Suikyuu Yankees is. I don’t want to sound too pervy even though I am one *laughs*, I must say it is refreshing to watch half naked boys fighting healthily to prove that they can do whatever they put their mind into. This drama supposedly to inspire people that you can do and excel in it if you put your mind into it.


The reason I said half naked boys is that the story is about two water polo teams trying to prove they are simply the best! Naoya just recently moved to Karo High, a once famous school for everything but now is the lowest tier in the town. Saoru is currently the famous school in town with their water polo team to be the best of the best. Naoyo started to recruit some kids to be in the team. It took him 6 episodes to convince the kids and one of them is Ryuuji. He was the best water polo player in Suiran High but left the school after losing his ace position to Tsuyoshi. So the next four episodes to come, I expect this show to be full of training action on Naoya’s team and how they regroup to be the best in town! I also expect to see some tiny romance between the characters (Nagisa and Naoya and Nagisa and Ryuuji) but I don’t put that much hope. The goal of Suikyuu Yankees is to prove themselves that they can win the game!


Suikyuu Yankees is a short 10 episode drama with each episode is 35 minutes long. I don’t expect this drama to wow me as long as it is entertaining. And so far it is! I look forward to the ending! I hope they clear up the misunderstanding, the so-called love triangle, the dignity for Kasu High and get their pride again. By the way, for all those you crazy boys out there, I am a little worried. Please ladies, hold yourself together! *wink* And yes, this drama is silly but worth watching!