Currently Watching: My Golden Life


I have to admit now that KBS does great weekend dramas. I thought nothing would beat Father is Strange but they got me wrong again! Looks like I can never leave the weekend drama behind. It is time-consuming but I love investing my life watching family dramas no matter how stupid they are. I love the build-up stories for each character. I am nosy like that so I always want to be in the know of everything. And My Golden Life is no different. Many characters in this drama – some heartbroken, some greedy, some overwhelmingly nosy, some juvenile, some mature, some ambitious, some coward, and some just downright egoist.

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Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek


It was Erl that introduced me to The Bride of the Water God and I was quite taken by the story. I read it religiously before and I am still not done with it. While I was reading it, I even fantasized who should play Habaek. Obviously, I have forgotten all about it when the production cast Nam Joo Hyuk. I was unhappy with the news. I really liked him in Weightlifting Fairy but I simply could not see him as Habaek. Furthermore, I  have no faith with Shin Se Kyung. I am currently watching Six Flying Dragons and she’s doing well in this show but I don’t know what happened… She is back to being meh. As I expected, her colleagues and the director play a huge role in her character delivery.

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Currently Watching: Oh My Venus


I felt pressured when so many people are watching Oh My Venus and I was not. I really wanna be in the crowd. I wanted the attention too *giggles*. Plus, the anticipated pairing of Shin Min Ah with So Ji Sub is something that no one should missed. But I think it got a bit out of hands. I’m surprised that there are some that are not a fan of this pairing. Some finds Shin Min Ah boring. *hands on cheeks* Oh my God, really? I never thought I would hear this. Min Ah boring? Wow, I did not see that coming! And then I met a few that flat out told me that they don’t find gangsta oppa Ji Sub attractive. Whoa whoa, say that again? That is so not ganji, people! Really? Sure, oppa can be a bit….. older but to find him unattractive? Hmmmm…. *rubs chin*x6hxqRBOh_My_Venus-SJSBut, but… if you don’t like them, there are SuJu’s adorableness Henry who constantly referring Min Ah’s character Kang Joo Eun as ma’am (now I really want a cute adorableness to follow me around and call me ma’am too!) and hunky Noble, My Love Sung Hoon *bats lashes*. Yoo In Young is back as well though I never like in any of her so called “villain” characters. I don’t get why she’s drawn to such foolish and weak second lead. And of course, Jung Gyu Woon is back. I think the show has solid cast but all depends on the presentation and story plots, right? RIGHT!so-ji-sub-super-junior-ms-henry-and-sung-joon-prepare-to-train-shin-min-ah-in-oh-my-venusWhen I started Oh My Venus, I thought to myself, what is this? Why am I not drawn to it one bit? If not because of Henry’s ma’am here and ma’am there, I think I would have quit this show. Jjinja, I was not hooked. Even until now, I’m not so into it. I’m fed up with the OTP playing rookie in love for the past 10 years… I mean 10 episodes. Seriously, the writer should know better. These actors are not in their cute teens anymore, so to act cheesy cute at this age can be awkward. Thankfully these two are darling to me so I found them terribly attractive. But at some point though, enough is enough. “Your body is mine” can be translated into numerous meanings in your head, depending on the time of day or month!CVWtJocU8AAoA-Ofullsizephoto653262

Do I sound harsh? I guess I am because I’m a bit disappointed with the ruckus the writer is throwing at us. We have been waiting for the OTP to be on the same screen for gazillion years and what we got? Blahhhhh. Don’t get me wrong, we got great chemistry with the OTP and the men! I’m just… I should shut up before someone smack me in the face. But anyway, what Oh My Venus is all about? So we got So Ji Sub as Kim Yeong Ho or aka John Kim. He lives in the US,  *rolls eyes* and a well-known Hollywood trainer. He and his minions escaped the US one day due to a cruel rumor that he was dating a famous actress. On his way back to Seoul, he met Kang Joo Eun in an awful situation. Kang Joo Eun happened to be in the US on her work assignment. One her way home, she took a strong alcohol with medicine and she suffered a massive illness that made her suffered a massive chest attack. So who came to rescue our damsel in distress? None other than our knight in shining armor! *giggle*8672f53dd858c15b23f9dccb5a3c94a4Kang Joo Eun is in an off-and-on relationship with Im Woo Sik. Joo Eun has put on weight since they started and now in dire need of losing those weight. Woo Sik officially and finally left her for Soo Jin, a once overweight gal she’s now super slender and thin, and also Joo Eun’s new boss. So you can imagine how much her ego is hurting! Just coincidentally, she keeps bumping to John Kim. She doesn’t know his identity and nor him to her. But one day she found his card and thought Ji Woong is John Kim. She went to his place and beg him to help her lose her weight. To revenge against Woo Sik, of course! But what she ended finding was Yeong Ho is the real John Kim!12232832_1668178280096346_8573876116105751732_oThe encounter between the two are funny and he had helped her big time. Along with getting her on a diet, they both developed a healthy relationship as well. But… BUT there is a catch! Yeong Ho never disclosed to Joo Eun his real identity and when she found out, she immediately feel that she is not his match. The money gap is too big and Joo Eun knows her place well. shin-min-ah-and-so-ji-sub-become-unlikely-fitness-partners-in-oh-my-venusHow would Oh My Venus ends? I just started episode 11 and 5 episodes away to the ending. Would these two able to go through their differences in health, wealth and status gap and survive their relationship? I think they will, don’t you think? I can’t wait to see the ending but I really hope that the writer will stop toying with us and treat us with dignity. I would watch Oh My Venus as my fluffy filler drama or marathon it on my day off. It is painful to watch it live. I feel that my time is wasted. Sorry chingu, I blame the writer *shrugs*Oh My Venus

Currently Watching: Mask


When I heard Joo Ji Hoon is in this drama, boy oh boy, the excitement in me is beyond words! I screamed like a school girl! I’m a fan of his acting. The last time I saw him was in Five Fingers and I was head over heel with him. Well, that’s one half of the story. The fact that he is incredibly talented and super duper handsome, can you blame me for being this giddy? You can’t! Because I know you are squee-ing as loud as I am too! The man is just… a walking sex symbol! There, I said that! Too much? Ehhh, who cares! It is my post and I’m entitled to say whatever I want! The canvas is white and I’m painting it with red lips kisses all over it! *giggles*. Okay *breathe*, let’s stop fangirling and focus on Mask, my current obsession drama *wink*NISI20150528_0010989593_web

Yes, I admit I was very excited to watch this drama. Joo Ji Hoon is a driving factor, of course! And sure, we can throw Yeon Jung Hoon and Hoya into it as well. Why not! A cast with full of sophisticated and handsome looking men? I’m in! Sadly, I’m not fond of both female leads. Soo Ae looks very depressing whereas Yoo In Young looks very bitchy! Well, we can just expect this drama will go as melo as we want it to be. Will it reprise the melo-ness of Secret? *giggles* I was shut down completely on the first episode already. Mask is more comedy than melo, to be honest! Waeeeeeeeeee? *stomps her feet* This girl want melo!


So Mask is a story of doppelganger. Seo Eun Ha is a daughter from a wealthy family. Her family arranged her marriage to Choi Min Woo, a chaebol heir of a large conglomerate company. Min Woo has OCD and mistrust issue and he was not happy to be married of to Eun Ha. Eun Ha agreed to this marriage only because but she warned Min Woo that he will not have her heart as she has given it away to another man. That another man is none other that Min Woo’s brother in law, Min Seok Hoon. Seok Hoon is married to Min Woo’s eonnie, Choi Mi Yeon. So noticed that I’m telling a story from Eun Ha’s perspective whereas in the drama, it is from Eun Ha’s doppleganger side Byun Ji Sook. Ji Sook assumed Eun Ha’s identity when Ji Sook was given a life or death choice by Seok Hoon. Before Eun Ha’s death, she and Seok Hoon were planning on framing Min Woo but it didn’t turn out to how it should be. Now, Seok Hoon is making Ji Sook to step in as Eun Ha and planning his seeds into Ji Sook. The problem is Ji Sook is forever feeling guilty. And of course, in my feeling, she is the most stupidest character in this drama. *shakes head*


From Ji Sook’s perspective, she dreams of becoming rich. Her family is poor and in debt. She tries her hardest to pay out the debt by partying with who’s who of the block but constantly getting humiliated. This opportunity offerd by Seok Hoon is a bitter sweet for her. She gets to be play a rich girl but had to die in her family’s eyes. But Ji Sook constantly feeling guilty and trying her hardest to reach out to her family even though she knows her family had accepted her death. This stupidity going on and on from one episode to another. Frankly, I’m getting tired by her stupidity and carelessness. She was caught by her younger brother (that she’s alive and well) and now, even the gangster is on her tail. Yeah, I told ya she is stupid. Min Woo, who was once suspicious and wary of Eun Ha is now curious that she’s different before the marriage.


The question is because Ji Sook is so stupid and trying hard to get away under Seok Hoon’s influence, would she able to get herself away and figure out the reasons what Seok Hoon with Choi Min Woo’s household? 10 episodes have aired and we have another 10 episodes to go. As much as the madness and chaotic this drama can be, I will still watch it. I am frustrated that I spent the past 5 episodes watching Ji Sook continuously making poor and stupid decision. By the end of episode 10, I thought I saw some light. I really hope Ji Sook is really accepting her role as Eun Ha and turns the table around with Seok Hoon. I also hope that she could convince Min Woo to quit taking his medication, one of the reasons that constantly made him unreliable and fragile as Director in his own company. Do you think Ji Sook can now put on the mask and save herself, Min Woo and the company? What do you think Seok Hoon wants so badly from the Choi’s household? Do you have any theory you want to share with me? My theory is that Choi’s dad must have ruined his family and now taking revenge alone since the real Eun Ha is dead. His goal is now to continuously poison Min Woo and once the board kicks him out, Seok Hoon will step in and eventually take it all as his! *laughs* Yes, I have my own evil plots too! Hehehe… If you haven’t seen the drama, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Watch for the craziness, people!


Currently Watching: The Three Musketeers


Oh my god, I’m so very nervous now. The year is almost ending and I am only on my fourth sageuk! Would I be able to complete my kdrama mission? *wipes sweat* The chosen one for my fourth sageuk is The Three Musketeers. I actually hesitated to start it. It’s a saga drama and this is the first part of three. I thought if I wanna watch it, I might as well starts it when all three parts have been aired. But hell, I got influenced by Mawie. Her chat with Jules  got me real good so I decided to screw the saga part and watch it. Whatever… I need to keep up with my kdrama resolution anyway and I’m behind.


But okay, to be really honest, I’m so glad I am watching The Three Musketeers. It’s so funny and witty, yet it’s rich in story. Well, my kinda rich may be a meh to you but I do like it. Since I started the first episode, I was extremely happy and the story intrigued me so much I keep wanting for more and more. I have completed 9 episodes thus far and I have three episodes to go to finish the first saga. Yes, I’m glad I have this much patient to write my review. Really, it kills me to write this review right now coz I really , really dying to know and finish it. Well, before I do that, let me give ya a snippet, my own version of course, of The Three Musketeers.


The story of The Three Musketeers, as you would have thought as well, is a story of spies. But in this case, the spies came from inside the palace! Hah! Okay, okay… Let’s start. The story began with Park Dal Hyang, played by the famous CNBlue singer, Jung Yong Hwa. Ever since his girlfriend and her family left for the city, he vowed to get back to her when he is older. While waiting, he’s been studying very hard to be a government officer. He has the looks, he is smart, polite and caring. He is the yangban of the day, the only downside is he came from a poor family. But that did not stop his ambition and his parents are extremely grateful and proud of their one and only child. When the time came, Dal Hyang rode on his horse and they both galloped to the city, a 2 months ride, to take the exam. So many obstacles he had to face on his way, he nearly missed the exam by few hours! Thank God he made it but he barely passed (even though he aced in all the exams prior but) his final exam! Wae? The Crown Prince incident the night before his final exam day. Bloooooody hell!


Now back to the Crown Prince. He and two bodyguards, one is his childhood friend and another one was a recruited monk, are the unofficial Joseon spies, protecting the country from borders. Dal Hyang met the Three Musketeers on the last night before his final exam. He made them spies chased after the thugs who slayed his roommate (the roomie was rumored to be the smartest candidate and the thugs were hired by a higher minister as his son is also taking the exam and does not want to be humiliated) and they were caught. Dal Hyang was shocked to find that these men took care of things quite fast and wondered who they are. Upon leaving, his letter, given by his dad so that he can use it to receive help, accidentally were left tucked in on the monk’s horse seat. The bodyguards read them and were shocked. They handed it over to the Crown Prince and he, too, was shocked. Ooooh, what was written in that letter that made all of them this way? *rubbing chin* From then on, the Crown Prince decided to make Dal Hyang his man but him showing up on the final day of the exam shocked Dal Hyang so much he missed the shot and created a chaos scene. Crown Prince felt bad, without showing emotionally though, and begged them to award Dal Hyang the last spot.


What connected Dal Hyang and Crown Prince? The Princess. It turns out the Princess is Dal Hyang’s girlfriend. Sadly, the Prince is playing hard to get with her, even after years of marriage. His reason being? He is still in love with the first wife candidate, Mi Ryeong. Mi Ryeong died and the Prince was devastated. Now, I’m not going into the detail with her death coz as you progress, you will know why. But right now, let’s focus on the Princess. She replaced Mi Ryeong and now stuck in a love triangle between Dal Hyang and Crown Prince. But after watching the first four episodes, I realized the so-called love triangle are pretty much non-existence. Dal Hyang accepted the fact and moved on. And we all know she moved on the minute she married Crown Prince, even though we know the marriage was arranged. But at this point, she has moved on and love the Crown Prince. But the Crown Prince is wishy washy about the relationship between her and Dal Hyang. So we can pretty much guess he’s jelly. His jealousy though is so cute. He is playing hard to get with her and try not to show so much that he is slowly falling for her. This can annoyed and frustrated you a bit…


The first saga has its own cliffhanger. Mi Ryeong, which we thought she’s dead, came back to take a revenge on the Crown Prince. She is his enemy as well. How? You gotta watch it to know the details *wiggles brows* I don’t want to waste anytime now. I need to see the cliffhanger ending that got everybody talking about… So you can tell I like it very, very much, right? *nods* Neh, maja… And you should watch it too!