Currently Watching: I Am Not A Robot


It is a romcom! My boy in a rom-com! So excited when the news broke. I started to miss him terribly. I really enjoyed watching him in Ruler – Master of the Mask. He was phenomenal as a king. It was his greatest drama since his comeback from his military service and I could not be more proud of his choice.  Thankfully, I do not have to wait so long to see him back on my screen! So happy that he is in I Am Not A Robot. A character so cute that I want to squeeze the life of him! Wait, no… I still want him to live! *laughs* Especially when his next drama is with Kim So Hyun again!

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Currently Watching: Ruler – Master of the Mask


I have not been watching sageuk dramas for months and I purposely saving it for the best! For my Yoo Seung Ho *wink*. And the wait is worth my time! I am enjoying this drama from the beginning until now. I have been on top of it and seriously, I just can’t get enough of it. I do notice a few people dropping this show because they found it frustrating, tiresome and disappointing. Putting my bias aside, I just can’t find Ruler to be tiresome and disappointing. Frustrating? Perhaps. I would blame the writer for going around in circles. Also, it rocks people’s interest differently.

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Just Watched: Erased, Seondal & Never Said Goodbye

Yeap, I’m on movie marathon again. Seriously, if not for Bel, I wouldn’t be watching these many movies. I have another movie to watch but currently, my son and I are too absorbed into Indiana Jones series. It will come later… But for now, here are my quick thoughts on the movie I just saw this week.


w3rprqm1_68a104_fErased feels like a time-traveled movie. This 2-hour show tells a story of Satoru, a manga artist by day with a part-time job as a pizza delivery guy. Satoru has this magnificent ability that I wish I have. He’s able to see what is going to happen and turn back the clock to prevent the incident from happening. Literally. Within seconds. But one day, he came home and found his mom was stabbed. He went back 18 years back to figure out who the killer that kills children in which one of the victims, Kayo, was his friend. When he thought he saved Kayo, he realized Kayo remains dead in the present life. He then went back again to figure out what happened. Would his second attempt of saving Kayo eventually saved his mom? This thriller movie is not suspenseful enough but brilliantly acted by Fujiwara Tatsuya, to my opinion. The children scenes were the best part of all. I wish I have the time to read the manga because I am sure not all of the stories get adapted to the movie. I’m a bit hesitant to recommend this drama, to be honest.



I can’t believe what I saw. This movie was hilarious from start to finish! Kudos to the person who wrote the novel that sparks the making of Seondal. I truly enjoyed it! My son and I laughed so hard this morning. This movie is about Seondal – Kim Seon Dal, that is. He cheated life once. With his good looks and partnered with few friends, he became the infamous swindler in the country. He’s able to steal many things and disguise himself as a eunuch, a king, a monk and even as a woman! Trust me, Seung Ho was beautiful as a woman! One day, he and his team decided to steal tobacco from a powerful and notorious merchant, Sung Dae Ryeon. This gets dirtier when on top of that, Chinese is involved in this corrupted trade. Seondal is no hero but being caught in between Dae Ryeon and the Chinese, he indirectly saved his country. The movie was predictable yet enjoyable. I highly recommend this movie!

Never Said Goodbye


Lee Joon Gi in a Chinese movie? Sign me up! And he sounds good in Chinese! I could understand what he said, and not just mumbling the words. Never Said Goodbye was never on my radar until Bel put it up for me to watch. I did not know that Joon Gi would do Chinese movie. Since he’s currently famous as Scarface in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, I don’t mind watching him in a different setting. And truly, Never Said Goodbye is different. Unlike the first two movies I saw, this love story is somewhat confusing. I’m not a fan of a flashback-style movie. The movie is about a Korean exchange student played by Joon Gi, who fell in love with Xiao You, a Shanghainese. The story started with how deeply in love they are but then something happened that prompted them to break up. It was his decision to do so and she could not understand why and her life went spiraling down since he left. And then the movie started to tell us the story of how they met, his life before her, her life before him, and also answered to why he wanted this breakup. It’s hard for me to recommend it since I’m not a fan of back-and-forth plots. Another odd thing is in the beginning, Joon Gi was speaking in Chinese. Later on, he speaks in Korean and the actress in Chinese. It reminds me of Love Me If You Dare. That’s a no-no for me… *sigh*


Just Dropped: Remember – War of the Son

02042716_2Yeap, this is rare. I’m dropping the show. I don’t think I have the heart to continue it anymore. The moments have passed. I have no desire to go back and watch it. I saw up to episode 7 and that’s it. Please don’t get me wrong, I think the show was intense and awesome. But I couldn’t handle Nam Goong Min’s evil character! What a pain in the azz! I’ve seen too many evilness but coming out from him, I was a bit upset. I kinda like his acting. Kinda. He pretty much diversified his acting gig. Good guy. Bad guy. Funny guy. Awesome lead. Not too shabby second lead. You name it. He has played such characters. And many, many more. But really, this is it. I have to part with him and Remember – War of the Son.


In the beginning, I was still trying to convince myself that I should continue watching it. Do it for Yoo Seung Ho, I said. Do it as a fan. But deep, deep down… I started watching it not for him nor Goong Min. I wanted to watch it for the stories. But the brutality was something that I can’t tolerate. The murder part by Goong Min’s character Gyu Man, for instance, gave me chills. And Yoo Seung Ho’s character as Jin Woo is too pitiful. I just can’t stomach to see him like that.


This drama is extremely sadistic. It plays with my emotional terribly. I remember not willing to get hurt and decided to watch it later. But now… I just don’t feel like watching it anymore. Maybe I’ll pick it up again at a later date… Just not now. Bye bye, Remember – War of the Son. *cries with Seung Ho*


Breaking News: But I Do Love You!


Hehehe, don’t mind me! I was just responding to Urban Zakapa’s latest release single called I Don’t Love You. I have been waiting for this MV to be out for days! Well, yes, I do love Urban Zakapa. I’m a fan! But another part of me dying to see this MV is because of Yoo Seung Ho! My love boy!!! Arrrgghhhh he is so handsome! SO, SO, INCREDIBLY HANDSOME!!!!! The man dressed in white shirt and blue-grey suit. Hawwwtttt! And do I care what the story behind this MV? NOPE. I don’t want to know. Fine, I do want to know a bit. It is pretty obvious, though. He moved on! No big deal *wink*. It is his ex’s lost and his new girlfriend’s gain.


The song is absolutely stunning! Beautiful! And it is pack with powerful vocals! I don’t expect any less from Urban Zakapa anyway. So you can imagine if I Don’t Love You is already this good, imagine the entire Still album! I’m stoked! I can’t wait to hear it now! I hope you enjoy this song and this pretty much yet another dramatic Korean drama MV *laughs*.

Currently Watching: Imaginary Cat

b3EgQjy1_1c5717_fIt’s Yoo Seung Ho!!!! I have no choice but to watch it even though the drama is moving at a snail pace! The only winner in this web drama is Bok Gil. She’s the most adorable kitty and the fact that she’s so cooperative (wait, how many kitties they have to play Bok Gil?), I feel like they make this show 10 times more worth it. Bok Gil ahhhh… Meow! ImaginaryCat4The only downside to Imaginary Cat? It’s 35 minutes long! I’m also disappointed with the love story Imaginary Cat is portraying. I think it is unnecessary. I’m here to watch Seung Ho and his kitty, that’s all. The show is heartwarming and cute. Seung Ho as Jong Hyun is pretty much a very calm character. I like him and understand his frustration as a webtoon writer. The way they develop this drama is pretty refreshing even though story wise, it is another typical kdrama style. I really don’t mind. But I do mind the lead girl. She is cute and all but her character can be super annoying. And sometimes pushy. Na Woo really pushes Jong Hyun’s button and sort of, unapologetic and does things her way. So to really ship them together is definitely a no no from me *sad face*ImaginaryCat02-00212Anyway, Imaginary Cat is still worth watching. Jong Hyun found Bok Gil on a rainy day and adopted her immediately. They are such a good pairing together. Jong Hyun loves his cat so much that he tells her everything but it is harder for him to open up his mind and heart to another human. He came to know Na Woo one day through an unfortunate incident. She was browsing in a book store where Jong Hyun works and a thief put a book in her bag. He eventually had to chase her when she left the bookstore and caught up with her later and accuse of such bad behavior. But he was late, she already knew about the book and returned it to the bookstore. He was ashamed. ImaginaryCat03-00246aBut later on their conversation led to cats in which she found out later that he has a cat. She showed up at his apartment one night and he was startled. She told him Bok Gil looks like her cat. She lost her cat and found peace through other cats, including street cats. Her eagerness to meet Bok Gil was turned down by Jong Hyun and when she found out that his kitty was sick, she paid all her medical fees. It bothered Jong Hyun so much but has no way of pushing her around.CUT2Op-UkAAEQksI somehow figure out how this show will end. Wait, not somehow. I think I already know how it will end. I’m sure by now you have figured it out too. But the question to ponder is… Would I recommend Imaginary Cat? Of course! A drama with kitty and my handsome bias? Totally! Besides, it is only an 8-episode drama. You have nothing to lose *giggle*. And it is great to watch with kids… *wink*fullsizephoto661442

Breaking News: Imaginary Cat


And I quoted from Erl, praise the Drama Gods!!!!!! Yoo Seung Ho, my drama bias, is making a comeback on an MBC webdrama called Imaginary Cat!!! Oh my God, oh my God….! Can someone hold my hands, please??? Yoo Seung Ho and a cat??? *gasping for air* Two of my favorite things in the whole wide world!!! Goodness gracious! My world is spinning! I just can’t! This is so unreal! *hands on cheeks*. Pinch me, please! So what I know is that Imaginary Cat is scheduled to air this November. There is no mentioned of the number of episodes – the more the merrier!!! And what the show is about? Seung Ho will play a character as a stubborn webtoon writer and has a cat name Boggil. And I guess we will be following the story of the two of them… I can’t wait to meet Boggil!!!! And I can’t wait to see Seung Ho back on my screen! Imaginary Cat is based on Kim Gyung’s 2014 webcomic called. Sangsanggoyangi. I must check the comic now… *giggle*. Is November here???? Palli palli! *looks at her calendar impatiently*