Just Watched: Okja


We have been hearing about this movie for a while. Each time we started it, something came up. But finally, today my son and I were able to sit through the entire movie. But this show uses foul lingo which I continuously reminding my kiddo to not use it since I don’t use it. *coughs* Bel knows I only use it in private *giggles*. Anywho, this movie is available on Netflix if you are interested in watching. Ahn Seo Hyun plays Mija and she was wonderful as the lead.

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Just Watched: The Last Princess


When I first saw the trailer, I knew I must watch this movie no matter what. I fell in love right away with Son Ye Jin’s portrayal as Princess Dok Hye. Her stunning beauty and her elegant and poised character struck me immediately. The trailer got me into tears. And when I finally saw the movie, my heart and soul were moved by it. Wait, I was also angry! Angry at how the Japanese treated the Princess and angry at how the citizens were treated.

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Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 11 to 15!

30 day challenge

Day 11: Drama pairing that you would thought have great chemistry, but they didn’t.


Me: Hmmmmm, let me see… Jang Na-Ra and Choi Daniel in Baby-Faced Beauty. I know I’m going to offend a lot of people but this is what I believed. I just cannot see them having the chemistry at all. It was God awful; they both seemed to be pushing the envelope too hard! Another pairing gone wrong is Ji Hyun Woo and Nam Sang Mi in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang. It was a decent drama. That’s all; these two did not have a great chemistry. I’d rather seem them as friends. Nothing more.

Mari: Hyun Bin & Ha Jin Min from “Hyde Jekyll, me” I think Hyun Bin is one of the sexiest men around and she was adorable in “Rooftop Prince” and is praised for her acting. So I was prepared to love them together. It could have been the bad script but I never got anything from them. 

Erl: Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min in Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I was not completely convinced of the pairing. It’s a crazy drama but… Yeah, it’s not so believable for me.

Sada: Heartstrings (PSH&JYH), Empress Ki (HJW&JJM), Take Care of the Young Lady (YEH&YSH), The Heirs …some of the OTPs.

Day 12: Actor or actress you dislike for reasons you can’t explain.

PicMonkey Collage

Me: Han Ye Seul! She’s a pretty actress BUT…. I don’t know. I dislike her acting style. I dislike her shaky voice. I dislike everything about her except her beauty. And her diva-ish character when she walked out on Spy Myeong Wol really turn me off. That behavior is unacceptable no matter how legit her reasons were. I dislike her immediately after that!

Mari: I honestly don’t have one, because I always have a reason to dislike them. Maybe Jin Se Yeon. Yet I do have a reason for not liking her. She can’t ACT!!!! 

Erl: This is difficult, can’t really think of any… Oh wait, Kim Yoo-Ri, there’s something about her that I can’t point out. So there’s this “dislike” but it’s really “subtle.” 

Sada: Koo Hye Sun and Kim Sun Ah, I really gave her tons of chances and still nothing. Lee Jin Wook is a hit and miss, Han Ye Seul, Wannes Wu and Joo Won, we just can’t click.

Day 13: Western series (or a movie) you think you could be adapted into a drama.


Me: I really loved the Minority Report! I heard there’s a drama version of the said movie. I really hope some akdrama or jdrama PDs would take up this challenge. It would be awesome!

Mari: none? I don’t think western shows would translate well to Asia. The same way Japan shows are never good when made into Kdramas. They loose a lot in the translation.

Erl: I would love to see Yo soy Betty, la fea, that one’s awesome. Also 24 or Alias. I can almost picture Alias, with Ha Ji-Won.

Sada: Los  Serrano, La Reina del Sur, Yo soy Betty, la fea, Un Paso Adelante, Binbir Gece.
Yes, yes, yes watched a lot of telenovelas in my youth.

Day 14: Drama villain that you loved to hate or sympathized with.

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Me: Bae Su Bin’s character as Ahn Do Hoon in Secret Love. He frustrates me big time. He sent his pregnant girlfriend to prison for something he did!!!! I am livid with his selfish greed! He killed her father so that his secret will be buried forever. That A-hole was horrendous. I have no pity for him. He remains one of the characters I loved to hate forever! Another character I loved to hate is Hong Se Na from Rooftop Prince. She made me furious!!! If I could get into my screen and pull her out and abuse her (abuse is a gentle word you see), I would!!!!!

Mari: Yoon Ji Sook from “The Village: Achiara’s Secret*SPOILERS!! Skip if you haven’t watched this show* Ji Sook was insane, she was evil, she hated her sister, hated her daughter, and only cared for her husband & pretended to care for her older adopted son. So by all accounts, she was a hateful person. Then slowly you start finding out what made her this way, what drove her to both murder & insanity. You start to think that while no, she can’t be forgiven. If she would have had a better family she would had been ok. 

Erl: Namgung Min’s Chef Kwon Jae-hee in The Girl Who Sees Smells. He’s twisted, he’s absolutely off his rocker but I completely pity him. He’s completely convinced that he owns the lives of those he murdered. If only he ever considered that there’s a thing called an “interview..” 

Sada: Yoon Je Moon character  in The King 2 Heart,  Lee JoonHyuk in the Equator Man, Bae So Bin in Secret, if Kim Woo-Hyung was a villain in I. Generation eh I liked her, liked  dark Jang Geum Suk in Hong Gil Dong, I always love to hate Eom KJ. PARK WON-SUK in 100  YEAR INHERITANCE is a piece of art.

Day 15: Drama you watched in full, but it was a waste your time in retrospect.

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Me: Thorn Birds. It was just stupid. Stupid! I’m still angry thinking it! The second lead, Yoo Kyung, was stupid and evil. The male lead, Yeong Jo, was stupid. The revenge was super awful! But it was so addictive I finished it anyway. But really, don’t ever watch it if you haven’t seen it. It was a waste of my time… And anger! Lots of anger!

Mari: *laughs* ahhhhhh! Till this day I can’t get over how much I hated this writer for I Summon You, Gold. You made us hate the wife with a passion because she was a selfish heartless witch. Then you introduced us to this lovely girl, you made us & him fall in love with her. Then for the next 3/4 of the drama, you ignore the fact that his wife is alive & could come back. Then you give us a big “f$&@ you” by bringing said wife back and guess what she’s nice now & wants her husband back. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about this! I still see red when I picture the end with all the brothers happy with their wives camping  our poor lovely lead as the 3rd wheel alone just watching then be happy! 

Erl: Marry Him If You Dare. I still ask myself what the hell was I thinking and high on when I watched that drama. It was such a waste. And then there’s Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I believe I hypnotized myself into sticking to this drama. In my head, I was chanting “it’s Oppa, you’re watching it for Oppa!” 

Sada: Birth of the Beauty…marathon it, total waste of time. Dream high 2, Emergency Couple, Hyde, Jekyll ,Me, Marry Him If You Dare, Warm and Cozy, When A Man Loves, among much more.

Just Watched: Boomerang Family


Boomerang Family cracks me up really good and occasionally, bad way too. I saw it on my way to Manila two weeks ago. I laughed so hard the person sat next to me got so curious and asked “jaemi isseoyo?” I said yes and told him to watch it too. And I find it so funny that with my broken Korean and his almost non-existence English vocabulary, we somehow bonded through this movie. Oh yeah, that ahjusshi and I were completely plane buddies! Kidding *sticks her tongue out*! But we bonded so much I even helped him and his friends with their immigration paperwork. *pats on shoulder* It felt good to help these men coz if you have experienced traveling with Korean men, they are mostly unfriendly.


Amuden, back to the movie. As I said earlier, this movie cracks me up. Ahjusshi and I laughed so hard. The movie is interesting and funny. It told a story of a middle age mother with her three immature grown children. The first child started to live with her for awhile. He’s one thoughtless and jobless eldest son, who does nothing but eat and sleep his fat ass out. The second child is a pathetic and failure film director. His feels he is living a hopeless life he decided to take his own life. But as he was about to hang himself, due to being penniless and painful separation with his wife, his mom called and he decided to head back to his village. And the last child, the three time divorced daughter with her carbon copy daughter came home after another unsuccessful marriage. So the three of them gather up in their mother’s tiny shack and the rest is history.


What I liked about this movie is the genuinely life of a regular family. And this not necessarily applicable to Korean family, but family in general. The fight. The snort. The fart. The yell. The curse. Eeeeermagewd, simply hilarious. The best scene between the two brothers? The jjimjilbang part at the very beginning. Classic and beautiful! I laughed the hardest. But what makes the family together? Just them being together. Despite the fact that the children hated each other, they also genuinely cared each other too.


Boomerang Family should be rated mature. The jobless older child is in gang business while the second child, desperate for work, lured to be a porn director. The third child found her fourth victim, an insurance man who has is willing to marry her. Like I said, this movie should be rated mature. There are too many smoking scenes which I disapprove. But overall, I love this dysfunctional family movie. Heck, I love it so much I’m watching it now for the second time! Go watch it… And, you’re welcome!