Just Dropped: Different Dreams


Yeah, Different Dreams and I have different dreams. I don’t see it eye to eye with this show anymore. I try my best to give it another chance but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure what it is that makes me lose hope. I get bored most of the time. Every time I see an opportunity for a story to reach climax, it did no go the way I wanted it to be. I get deflated too many times. Even though the story is based on true event and with some true real characters, the stupidity in some scenes got me frustrated. I feel that the show could have been better told. And better direct.

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Currently Watching: Come and Hug Me



Contrary to the title which makes one believe it would be a romance drama, there is no romance at all from watching Come and Hug Me. It’s the most deceiving title ever! I fell for it and now slowly finishing this masterpiece. This tragic thriller melodrama got my attention immediately. As you all know, I love anything serial killer and copycat killer kind of drama. But when the writer(s) also added family and romance elements, the drama became layers of complications. But surprisingly, a very complex yet superbly interesting layers. I’m fine, actually. The deeper the layers, the merrier.

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Currently Watching: The Royal Gambler aka Jackpot


So I started my post and I forgot all about it… And since it was saved on my work laptop, I am not going to complain and decided to rewrite it. This post is definitely overdue. The Royal Gambler (aka Jackpot) has done airing and I placed this drama on hold because I wanted to finish blogging it before enjoying the last 5 episodes. I noticed that there are not many people on my Twitter timeline watching it. I wonder why… Is it because of Jang Geun Seuk? Or no one is interested in this drama? Hmmm… *rubs chin*


Jackpot has been on my radar ever since I found out that Jang Geun Seuk is in it. I’m fond of his acting so I wanted to watch this because of him. I have never seen him  in sageuk drama and I thought this is my chance to see him before he gets enlisted. Seriously, I’m so thankful that I am because the story is captivating and awesome. I’m not a history buff so what I saw, sadly, I believe in it. I should check the fact but too lazy to do so *shrugs*. Anyway, I’m entertained by Jackpot. Every time I watch the show, I pray that the show will not end. I find it so amusing and interesting. Plus, I have never seen this side of Geun Seuk before. He really put his pretty face aside and not afraid to dive down into dirt and mud.


This 24 episodes drama received an average rating of 8/10 on MDL. I am quite happy with that. The show did go a bit crazy and unrealistic midway but the performances by the casts remain top notch. Well, except for Im Ji Yeon. Her performance isn’t bad. I nicknamed her the second Jin Se Yeon *giggle*. Anyway, what I dislike about Jackpot is the repetitive plots. I know this is common among period drama but you know what, these directors need a wake-up call. Why? Repetitive plots bore us to death and it is not only waste our time, it resulted to some of us to drop the show! C’mon, PD-nim… Learn from it!


*clears throat* now that’s out of my system, let’s focus a bit on the story. It was sad in the beginning. Dae Gil had a tough life. He was born premature and got thrown out of the palace because the King believe he was the cause of drought and believed that the boy is not his child. The Queen’s ex-husband took Dae Gil and raised him as his own thinking that Dae-Gil IS his own son. Pardon me if you got confused a bit because I totally skip the history between the Queen, the King, and the Queen’s ex-husband. Dae Gil life went mayhem as he was raised by his dad as a gambler. He won a few but lost too many. Dae Gil continuously challenged by Lee In Jwa. Dae Gil had to gamble his life and realized that In Jwa is correct all along. But deep down, he doubts In Jwa’s intention but unable to dodge him. For now.


Meanwhile, In Jwa resented the King. Why? He believes the throne is his after what happened to his family. He uses Dam Seo and brainwashed her into thinking that the King caused the death of her father. In Jwa has a purpose. He keeps Dae Gil closer to him because he knows the boy’s royalty background. Right now, the combination of raising Dam Seo as an assassin, starting a fire between Dae Gil and Prince Yeo Ning, and keeping Dae Gil under the dark is In Jwa’s weapon to achieve his dream. To kill the King Suk Jong.


See? What did I tell you? This show is fascinating had the writer and PD did not screw it up with repetitive and silly plots. But I would still recommend Jackpot. The story is very engaging. The performance is superb. The OST is wonderful! The cinematography is beautiful. To hear this from a saguek hater, Jackpot really is amazing. Again, I have to emphasize that Jang Geun Seuk’s performance is unbelievably great! The show may make no sense to you, so please be prepare if you decided to watch it. Overall, I highly recommend The Royal Gambler. *wipes sweat* Now if you excuse me, I’m going to finish this show. If you don’t hear from by Wednesday, you know I’m somewhere in the corner crying… T____T


Currently Watching: High Society

Upcoming Drama “High Society” Releases First Set of Posters

Whoa! An upgrade version of Heirs? Sign me up! And with Sung Joon as the main lead? Hello, I am so in! *licks* *giggles*. Plus, ZE:A’s Hyungsik is back. *smiles*. Great cast, eh? But the title gives me the impression that we are in it for the young, bold, beautiful and rich! Urgh, I hate dramas with nothing but featuring the rich lifestyles. But after watching several episodes, High Society defies the lifestyles. Somewhat. But I do like the idea of a chaebol girl working her hardest to have a normal life like us. The idea is kinda fresh and different. Plus, I don’t recall seeing girl shower scenes in life. Well, maybe I have but High Society gave a great fan service for Uee’s fans as they did with Sung Joon’s fans. Ahhhh… it is definitely balance.


I had a hard time blogging this drama due to several reasons. I know majority of watchers love this show. Most of them are for the second lead, which I completely get it. My reason is for the first lead. Prior to the latest episodes, I was extremely disappointed with the lead. I feel that the sparks between the two were rather boring. The feelings I crave for I only found it with the second lead. *sigh* Really, the second lead stole the thunder completely! The chemistry between Ji Yi and Chang Soo are much more interesting than Joon Ki and Yoon Ha. But I found the table has turned recently. Yoon Ha finally snapped out of her fantasy but Ji Yi sunk in deeper and sounded too shallow to me. Oy, I despise shallow character so, so much. But hey, I’m not shooting the messenger… I will shoot the writer for making Ji Yi’s character shallow and childish.


High Society describes the life of young, rich and beautiful still in search for their own identity in this twisted world. Yoon Ha despised her status as a rich girl and feels that she should make her own living. But to live in disguise is difficult. She is constantly trying to run away from her status but somehow, it is difficult. It is funny that she wanted to make her own living but still driving her luxury car and living in her mansion home. *scratches head* Well, so much for being independent, eh? Anywho, being rich came with a prize. Being the last child in the family, she is not only the rebel one but also the better one among her sisters. She is loved dearly by her brother but her mom hated her so much. Yoon Ha questioned her existence but eventually was shut by the same DNA she shared with her mom. This is truly the worse case I have ever seen in a rich kdrama land. She was arranged to meet Chang Soo not knowing that he is the Director in the supermarket she currently working in.


Joon Ki met and fell for Yoon Ha for the first time the minute he saw her in a hotel elevator. When he found out that she is a chaebol daughter, he started to pursue her. Well, we can call him a gold digger all we want but to him, he has his own reason. This is a survival. A stepping stone so to speak. But I do have a beef with him. Even though he is proud of his family, he was ashamed of his father’s occupation. Pathetic, really. Since then, he is determined to make a better living for himself but his intention for a better life is a bit selfish. Prior to meeting Yoon Ha, he was dating another rich chaebol. Coincident or not, we all know where he is heading with his current life.


Yoon Ha and Joon Ki met and it was a love of a different kind. She saw him as a man that would accept her regardless of her background. Sadly, unknowing to her, Joon Ki already know her background and was just playing along as she madly in love with him. We could see him developing love for her but his intention trumped his feeling. When she caught on to him, her furious was unbearable that she is now willing to use her status to get on him. But how far is she willing to do that? Will she understand if she is in his shoe? Joon Ki never shy to admit what he did to her and my feeling is that the reason he was frank was because he is genuinely falling for her. *shrugs* I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know… I’m not sure if I want to recommend High Society. It was a hard watch for me but not for others. Just go by the ears if you think you want to watch it. For me, I do not see a happy ending for this show but who knows, I could be wrong…

Currently Watching: Que Sera, Sera


Whatever will be, will be… Yeah, whatever. I’ve been putting this drama on hold for the looooooooongest time! I don’t know why. There are many factors that cause this delay. First, I’m not a fan of Eric. He is just a meh. Second, it is the title. It sounds so cheesy to my ears. Third, I don’t like Yoon Ji Hye. She’s not attractive to my eyes. Hmmmmm, I sounded very picky and personal, right? Sorry, I can’t help it. This is just who I am. If the poster is not a picture perfect to my sight, I won’t be watching it. But sigh… I finally decided to watch it because I’m in this depression state and I thought a melodrama would heal me. I’ve heard many mixed reviews on Que Sera, Sera. But  *shrugs* that does not stop me from watching it. It is time to put my bias opinion aside and witness it myself…Aja!


This drama was aired in 2007. So if you decided to watch this drama, it will feel old and everything you see (fashion, technology and style) are old-fashioned. But really, it gives some sweet memories especially with the flip phones. The hairstyles weren’t bad at all; in fact, they all looked pretty classy and they could go well with today’s world. And for all I know, their acting is quite professional and way better than some of the actors today. But the plots are typical of kdrama style. If you decide to watch Que Sera, Sera, you would recognize some of the typical scenes… To purposely kiss another person to make their love one jealous, to pull the car to the side of the street unexpectedly, to ask the person leave the car in the middle of nowhere, OR to act cold to the person you love *giggles*. See? Nothing we haven’t seen it before, right?


So what is so special with Que Sera, Sera? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve watched too many angst-like daily dramas and melos to feel angsty with this one. I guess I’m extremely immune to melodrama. Or perhaps I’m too depressed to feel angry and frustrated. Overall, I like it. If I was asked to describe Que Sera, Sera in one word, I would say it is very toxic! Yeah, the relationships are so toxic that I just can see where they will take me too. Wait, can I add another? *laughs* It is also very twisted! It’s been awhile since I saw such dramas like this… I believe the last drama with similar twisty plot but not necessarily the same was Thorn Birds. Thorn Birds drove me up to the wall! Urgh… Never, again!


Anywho, Que Sera, Sera is a drama full of dramas! This show is about taking advantage of one’s wealth to get another person jealous by involving a third party into his/her own game. Does it sound complicated? Easy, it is a jealousy drama that led to a triangle love. Wait, make that times two! Madness and twisted, I tell you! *shakes my head* But I love it, regardless! They keep pressing my button with crazy conversations that if I could get into my screen and slap them, I would! I want to slap Kang Tae Joo mostly; he keeps pressing the button just to show how superior he is against Eun Soo, Hye Lin and Joon Hyuk. This love and hate relationship that started cold remain cold throughout the series. I blame Tae Joo for this misery. He is a player that loves to date rich women. But now that he is officially used by Hye Lin to get back to Joon Hyuk, who is actually her oppa (adopted) that she madly in love with, Tae Joo finally realized how miserable he is. A player that, once, used to get what he wants now is finally in love but with a girl that he once despised and realized money does nothing to him now. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Can we tame this money beast?


I’m currently watching episode 11 out of 17 episodes all together. I’m curious where Que Sera, Sera will take me on this dark romance drama. Will it have a happy or crazy ending? Will all OTPs ended up dead? Who knows, right? Bahhhhhhh… I just want to know how the ending will be. If you can stomach this love/hate drama, give it a watch. It is peculiar and really get your heart boiling, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. Plus, this drama has great OST! Take a listen to Moonlight, one of my favorite songs from this drama *wink*